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Community and General

Burntisland Community Council

Lists the members of the Community Council, describes its role in the community and how local people can get involved, and includes details of meetings and information about consultation exercises. The Community Council also has a Facebook page.

Burntisland Burgh Buzz

Burntisland's quarterly community newspaper (from January 2006), plus some additional photos and video clips. (Back numbers from April 2001 to February 2005 are available here.) The Buzz also has a Facebook page.

What's on in Burntisland

Fife Council's directory of events in Burntisland and some other local information. Scope is patchy. Also please see Heritage Trust, Toll Centre, Beacon Leisure Centre, and Museum of Communication.

Burntisland Primary School

Comprehensive information about the School and Nursery, including pages for the individual classes and the minutes of the Parent Council.

Burntisland School Parent Council

Facebook page.

The Toll Centre

Burntisland's community centre, with a full programme of activities including courses, classes and youth clubs. It also provides a venue for a number of local organisations.

Beacon Leisure Centre

Burntisland's leisure centre and swimming pool.

Burntisland & Kinghorn Community Sports Hub

The Community Sport Hub supports and promotes physical activity and sport in the area.

Burntisland Out of School Service

Activities for children. Facebook page.

Totally Locally Burntisland

The Facebook page of the Burntisland group of the national Totally Locally campaign, which aims to stimulate local economies by promoting local shopping and other activities.

The Fife Diet

Based in Burntisland, The Fife Diet was a successful campaigning organisation. The main project has ended, but the informative website remains in place. It also has a Facebook page.

Burntisland on Facebook

The Burntisland Group on Facebook, created by Mark Kisby. General chat.

Positive Burntisland on Facebook

A Facebook group for "healthy discussion and debate".

Burntisland Legends

Tribute Facebook page for local folk who have passed away.

Heritage and History

Burntisland Heritage Trust - Annual Exhibition etc

This link is to the Heritage Trust's main page on this website.

Nick Brand's Burntisland Pages

A good selection of assorted information on Burntisland's history, including transcripts of some of the late Robert Livingstone's Fife Free Press articles.

Kirkton Church Conservation Project

Details of the project, led by Burntisland Heritage Trust, to conserve Burntisland's medieval Kirkton Church and Churchyard. Includes information on burials in the Churchyard. There is also a Facebook page.

Museum of Communication

Comprehensive information about Scotland's Museum of Communication, whose home is at 131 High Street, Burntisland.

Burntisland on Historypin

'Burntisland Places and Spaces', created by Robert Wills. Photos of some of Burntisland's buildings and other features, with notes on their history.

Photo Collections

Ian McCracken's photos

Ian's site has many striking images of Burntisland. There are also galleries with photos and video clips of the former aluminium works.

Allan C. Hutchison's photos on Flickr

A collection of 80 imaginative photos of Burntisland and the surrounding area by a creative local photographer.

1. Burntisland Photos
2. Burntisland Photo archive
3. Old Photos Burntisland
4. Burntisland School Photos

Four Facebook groups with old and new photos of Burntisland.

Local Organisations and Events (including churches and sports)

Floral Action Burntisland

Facebook page for the group which provides public floral displays in the town. There are also photos of the group's activities in 2012 on this website

Burntisland & District Pipe Band

Facebook page.

Burntisland Town Twinning Committee

Facebook page. There is also a town twinning page on this website.

Collinswell Park Residents Association

Facebook page.

Burntisland Parish Church

News and comprehensive information about the Church and its work today. The Church also has a Facebook page.

St Joseph's Catholic Church

Comprehensive information on the Church and its upgraded building, newsletters, history etc.

St Serf's Scottish Episcopal Church

Information about the Church and its people.

Erskine United Free Church

Facebook page.

Burntisland Golf House Club

This Club owns and runs the course at Dodhead. It also has a Facebook page.

Burntisland Golf Club

This Club is the town's original one, also now playing at Dodhead. Their website has information about the history of golf in the town.

Burntisland Amateur Swimming Club

Comprehensive information about the club, including its history. The club also has a Facebook page.

Burntisland Ju-Jitsu Club

Information about the club.

Burntisland Sailing Club

Includes details of events and of facilities available.

Burntisland Shipyard AFC

Includes match reports, photos, history, and details of the club's youth development scheme.

Burntisland Playgroup

A well established group which quality childcare The Playgroup also has a Facebook page.

Burntisland First Aid Services Trust Information about the Trust, a registered charity which provides ambulance services at events in Fife and beyond and runs first aid courses. The Trust also has a Facebook page.

Rotary Club of Burntisland & Kinghorn

Information about the local Rotary Club. Includes route cards and maps for 'Rotary Rambles', a series of eight walks in the Burntisland and Kinghorn area.

Aberdour Kinghorn Burntisland Probus

No website, but President John Bradshaw has supplied the following information:
Aberdour Kinghorn Burntisland Probus is a charitable organisation for semi-retired, retired, professional businessmen. Meetings are held every two weeks throughout the year at the Kingswood Hotel. A guest speaker is invited to give a presentation to the members each meeting. Topics vary from Knights Templar, the Palestine Campaign, Stars of the silver screen. ABK Probus also has a bowling and snooker section and has visits to places of interest. Each meeting starts off with tea or coffee and a general talk-in. Should you be interested in becoming a member please contact the President on 01592872228.

Lodge Dunearn 400

The website of Burntisland's Masonic Lodge. Includes a detailed and interesting history.

Burntisland Civic Week Committee

A week of festivities held annually in June. Facebook page.

Burntisland Summer Fairground

Facebook page.

Burntisland & District Darts League

Facebook page.

Cancer Research UK - Burntisland Local Committee

Facebook page.

Burntisland Youth Theatre

Facebook page.

Accommodation etc

I've taken a conscious decision not to include links to local commercial sites. However, the Burntisland Burgh Buzz carries several pages of local adverts. Accommodation lists can also be found in the following online directories:

TripAdvisor (scroll down for guest houses etc)
Smooth Hound
Camp Sites and Caravan Sites in Fife

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