Annie Christie's Binn Village Photos

The late Annie Christie grew up in the Binn Village. She died in March 2009. These four photographs from her collection date from about 1930, and come to us courtesy of members of Annie's family, Clark Christie and Chic Hepburn. There are two other photos from Annie's collection on this website, one of Burntisland laundry and one of the aluminium works. Both can be found on the 'Old Photographs' page.

Clark Christie has supplied the following notes about the four photos below:
Photo 1 - a view of the community gathered up at Binnend.
Photo 2 - the schoolkids of Binnend. Annie is second from the left on the front row of 5 girls.
Photo 3 - outside the shop at Binnend. Annie is the taller of the two little girls.
Photo 4 - a family shot of Annie and her mum Babs (maiden surname Ness) outside their home at Binnend.

1 - Binn Village people.jpg
1 - Binn Village people
2 - Schoolchildren at the Binn Village.jpg
2 - Schoolchildren at the Binn Village
3 - Binn Village shop.jpg
3 - Binn Village shop
4 - Babs Christie (ms Ness) and daughter Annie.jpg
4 - Babs Christie (ms Ness) and daughter Annie

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