Minutes of Community Council Meeting

held in the Burgh Chambers on

Friday, 8 April 2011 at 7 p.m.




                           PRESENT:               Bob Smith (Vice Chairman) 

                                                           Isabel Smith (Secretary)

                                                           John Russell (Treasurer)

                                                           Christine Dewar

                                                           Peter George

                                                           Morag Douglas

                                                           Tim Hailey

                                                           Cllr Ron Edwards (FC)

                                                           Cllr George Kay (FC)

                                                           PC Keith Gibb


                            ATTENDING:       8 Members of the Public


                            APOLOGIES:       Alex MacDonald

                                                           Brian Partridge

                                                           Neil Millsop

                                                           PS Scott Murray

                                                           Zoe Williamson

                                                           Cllr Susan Leslie

                                                            Bill Kirkhope (Editor of Burgh Buzz)






          The Acting Chairman reported that there have been three resignations recently creating three vacancies on the Community Council.  Two new nominations have been received and these will be discussed later in the Agenda.


          Exxon Mobil have delivered 84 boxes of chocolates for distribution to those who had planned to attend the pantomime in December, which was cancelled due to adverse weather.  These were delivered to Christine Dewar and have all been distributed.


          Apologies were reported as noted above.


          Cllr Kay made reference to the 32 Items on the Agenda which could present difficulty covering all these Items within the time available.  The Acting Chairman suggested that this increasing number of items was due to the Awaiting Update category.




         The Minutes of the previous meeting were adopted, proposed by Christine Dewar and seconded by Peter    George.




          3.1.   Scottish Local TV Request for Support.

          3.2.   Swing Park East End of Links.




          PC Gibb had volunteered to act as liaison between members of the public and Robbie Blythe (Beach and Coastal Officer with Fife Council) at the previous meeting, in an effort to clamp down on dog fouling in public places.


          PC Gibb distributed a report committing to address this problem over the spring and summer months, but reminded the meeting that success in this is heavily reliant on information from the public.


          PC Gibb also reported that speeding on Aberdour Road has been addressed and 17 tickets issued since the last meeting.


          Youth disorder in the town has seen an upturn, particularly at the Blue Shed, Lammerlaws and Beach Areas.  An assault on the Links has been dealt with.


          Sam Purvis highlighted that some of the speed detectors at the entrances to the town were not working.  This is being rectified.




          5.1.   Recycling Point Piper Crescent – Cllr R. Edwards


                   Cllr Edwards reported that the request for a recycling point at Piper Crescent had been investigated in September/October 2010.  All possible locations considered had been ruled out.


          Cllr Edwards requested that any other suggestions for a location should be forwarded by the public.


          5.2.   Sam Purvis Letter


                    Sam Purvis had submitted a letter to the Secretary detailing a significant number of issues requiring attention by Fife Council.  Cllrs Edwards, Kay and Leslie have committed to address these issues directly with Sam Purvis.


          Action:  Cllrs Edwards/Kay/Leslie


          5.3.   Other Issues – Peter George


          The Acting Chairman reported that the Secretary had addressed the issue of Fly Tipping at the top of Cowdenbeath Road with Damien Woods, as actioned at the previous meeting.  The area has now been cleared but this is likely to be an ongoing problem.  The Rural Squad are visiting the site every 2 – 3 weeks to clear any debris.


          Peter George informed the Meeting the following Items have been addressed:-


·    Dip in drain has been fixed at Lothian Road

·    Overhanging tree on the Palais Steps had been trimmed back

·    Overhanging thorny bushes at Silverbarton Terrace had been clipped


          Cllr Leslie had submitted a report that the following Items had also been addressed:-


·    The sign for the Car Park at the High Street/Lothian Road has been agreed, but may take some time to be installed

·    The sign to the beach at the Railway Station will come down and a request to look at appropriate signage for pedestrians coming off the train to local attractions will be requested

·    The benches for the Links have been refurbished and will be installed soon


          Peter George raised the following new items for attention:-


·    Litter bins for Broomhill Avenue   -  Cllr Edwards

·    Weeds on Grange Road to be sprayed  -  Cllr Edwards

·    Dog Warden requested for Burntisland  - PC Gibb to pursue

·    Half-Moon overgrown, glass on stairs and general debris to be cleaned up

Cllr Kay highlighted that some Community involvement would be necessary.  Tim Hailey highlighted that a previous study to develop the Half-Moon/Monks Walk area had been carried out by Hurd Rolland with an indicative cost of £200K. 

Cllr Kay will request Community payback to clean-up the area.




          6.1.   Secretary Report


          Nothing further to report.


          6.2.   Treasurer’s Report


          The Treasurer issued a written report highlighting a balance of £3,691.24 in the account to 8 April 2011, but with current commitments outstanding, the balance available to the Community Council is £1,341.97.


          The Treasurer queried the refund for Data Protection Act Insurance and will check with the Chairman if BCC are registered to qualify for this refund.  The Treasurer also queried the recent increase in charges for Burgh Chambers, which are considered excessive, and will follow this up for challenge with the Chairman.


          Cllr Kay indicated that any money raised for hire of Common Good Facilities goes into the Common Good Fund.


          Action:  J. Russell/Alex MacDonald


7.       BURGH BUZZ


          Paul Briscoe reported that the next issue is progressing well and due to the large number of articles received an additional four pages will be added.




          8.1.   Review of Local Planning Applications


                   Tim Hailey reported on a proposed Care Home at Geds Mill on the Alcan Estate, replacing the planned apartment block, and which may provide local employment.  Sam Purvis highlighted a concern about additional pressure on the Medical Practices in Burntisland.  Tim responded that the development was a Care Home and would not be creating additional medical pressure.  Peter George enquired if the development would have any effect on Dollar House to which Tim advised that the development would not have any impact.  There were no objections to the development.


          8.2.   War Memorial


          The Acting Chairman reported that the application for funding from the Awards For All had been rejected.  The Chairman will now be focusing on the Heritage Lottery Fund and has submitted a pre-application.  It is, therefore, imperative that the educational content of the application is finalised as soon as possible.


          Action:  Cllr Leslie/Z. Williamson


          The Acting Chairman also advised that he had submitted the first quarterly progress report to the Burntisland Development Trust required to support the funding award from BDT. 


          In the report the Acting Chairman had highlighted that the project had been split into two phases and that the schedule has slipped significantly due to the longer than expected funding process.  The Acting Chairman has submitted the final design to the BDT and the elected members to satisfy the conditions of the BDT Award.  The Treasurer has submitted details confirming that BCC hold a Bank Account again to satisfy a condition of the Award.


          As a result of the delay it will now not be possible to obtain the required consents and execute the work prior to the Remembrance Day Parade in November 2011.  Consequently, physical work will not commence until after the Remembrance Day Parade, but should be completed in advance of the event in 2012.


          Action:   A. MacDonald/B. Smith to arrange a further Strategic Project Group Meeting to focus on Funding Applications


          8.3.   Clock Chimes


          The Acting chairman reported that at the last meeting two options were still under consideration i.e.:-


·      Directional Baffling of the Clock Tower

·      Legal action against Fife Council


          It is understood that the acoustic study to determine the extent of directional baffling required has been carried out, but to date no report has been received from Fife Council.  Cllr Edwards advised that Environmental Services have the report which was deficient in certain aspects.  The Consultant has been requested to come back with additional information. 


          Cllr Kay advised that a further meeting with the elected members has been arranged for Friday, 15 April 2011, without BCC representation, to discuss the way forward.  Cllr Kay has refused to attend this meeting unless the BCC team are present.


          Cllr Kay tabled a proposal that could be a possible compromise to have the chimes reinstated i.e. to have the chimes operating as before between the hours of 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and to have a recording of the chimes operating within the EPA Nuisance Level between the hours of 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.  This was initially considered to be a reasonable suggestion but would need the support of the Community.


          Cllr Kay will push for the BCC Team to attend the next meeting.


          Action:  Cllr Kay


          8.4.   Links Community Trust


                    John Russell is to meet with Alan Smart who has pursued the idea of   setting up a Community Trust previously and suggested that the Trust could perhaps go beyond the Links and encompass all the Common Good Assets.


          Cllr Kay committed to find out what was the outcome of the Common Good Property Review.


          Action:  Cllr Kay


          Cllr Edwards will look at what is required to set up the Trust as a Charity to administer all of the Common Good Assets, but highlighted that it would be prudent to leave the Common Good Investments as they are currently invested by Fife Council.


          Action:  Cllr Edwards


          John Russell raised the issue of 104 High Street and the proposed visit to inspect the property – See Item 10.4.  The Acting Chairman suggested that this was another topic that should be considered at the next Strategic Project Group Meeting – See Item 8.2.


          8.5.   Burgh Chambers Furnishing


          Nothing to report.  The Acting Chairman committed to obtain two further quotes by the next meeting.


          Action:  B. Smith


          8.6.   Spring Bedding


          It was reported at the previous meeting that the Application for Common Good Fund support for Spring Bedding had been modified without the knowledge or consent of the Applicant.  Cllr Kay was requested to investigate how this could have happened.  This action to be carried over to the next meeting.


          Action:  Cllr Kay


          Cllr Kay reported that Fife Council will provide summer bedding for the borders and containers for this year only.  Plans need to be put in place for 2012 and for the 30 hanging baskets and 30 planters which are the property of BCC.


          John Russell queried why there are no plants in the garden at the entrance to the Links.  Cllr Kay replied that Fife Council money did not stretch to providing bedding plants at the links but would find out what the detail plans are for 2012.


          Action:  Cllr Kay


          There was considerable discussion on how floral enhancement of the town might be provided in the future.  The Acting Chairman suggested that this should be added to the Agenda for the next Strategic Project Group Meeting – See Item 8.2.


          Action:  A. MacDonald/B. Smith




          9.1.   World Challenge Project


          The Acting Chairman read out a letter from Morgan Wilcox, a resident of Burntisland and a fourth year pupil at Balwearie High School.  In 2012 Morgan, along with a group of fellow pupils, is going to Mongolia for a four week stay with an organisation called World Challenge.


          World Challenge is about having the life changing opportunity to learn new customs and cultures as well as delivering a project designed to help the local community.


          Morgan is aiming to raise £4,000 to cover the cost of the trip and is interested in the possible support via the Common Good Fund.


          The Acting Chairman requested the Secretary to arrange to have Common Good Fund Application documents sent to Morgan to complete an application.


          Action:  I. Smith




          10.1. / 11.3.  Haugh Road Flooding/Cromwell Road Smell


          These Items are linked so they were considered together on the Agenda.


          Cllr Edwards reported that Steve Knowles has pulled out of his liaison role but had requested Scottish Water to respond to the complaint about the smell in Cromwell Road, as a courtesy on 31 March 2011.  Scottish Water (Anne-Marie Dewar) committed to respond by the next day, but no response has as yet been forthcoming.


          This is typical of Scottish Water and our patience is wearing thin on this issue!


          Cllr Edwards volunteered to put together a paper detailing the history of this problem for possible National Media involvement to pressurise Scottish Water to take some action.


          Action:  Cllr Edwards


          10.2.   Common Good Fund Property Review


          See Item 8.4.


          10.3.   Common Good Accounts Discrepancy


          Cllr Edwards confirmed that this discrepancy has been rectified.


          10.4.   Proposed Visit to 104 High Street


          Fife Council offer to arrange this visit to inspect the property to be progressed.  BCC to be represented.


          Action:  Cllr Edwards


          10.5.   Litter Pick and Clean-Up


          Cllr Edwards advised that this initiative has been split into two i.e. housing and road clean-up.  Litter pick needs to be organised by the local community.


          Cllr Edwards will organise dates and issue a request for volunteer support.


          Action:  Cllr Edwards


          10.6.   Pathway at 147 Kinghorn Road


          Cllr Edwards reported that the Planning Application was continued at the last meeting and that the Access Officer is satisfied that there is a right of access.  BCC to contact Alison Irvine requesting the necessary forms to establish the path as a Right of Way.


          Action:  I. Smith


          10.7.   Palace Cinema Site


          The Chairman has written to Ken Halley on this issue and a response is awaited.


          Cllr Kay has requested reactivation of the Compulsory Purchase Order for this site and will consider whether or not to involve Building Control.  Cllr Kay will contact Arthur Whyte and inspect the problem at the back of his property.


          Action: Cllr Kay


          10.8.   Erosion of Footpaths


          The Acting Chairman raised the issue from Neil Millsop concerning the erosion of the foot/cycle path from the Binn Hill to Kinghorn Loch.  Cllr Edwards advised that this footpath has been removed from the millennium cycleway route.  Cllr Edwards had suggested that Community Payback take on the repair as a project but nothing came of it.  Transportation have taken on the issue of erosion on the West Side of the Binn and Cowdenbeath Road.  Cllr Edwards reported that the A909 road issue is a drainage capacity problem and is being investigated.  Awaiting further response.


          Action:  Cllr Edwards


          10.9.   Local Community Planning Consultation Document


          Tim Hailey reported that he had read the document and was in complete agreement with the principles.  Further information to follow.


          Action:  T. Hailey


          10.10. Fife Direct Website – Your Town Update


          Item carried forward to next meeting.


          Action:  P. Briscoe


          10.11. Yellow Metal Housing for Seasonal Lifeguards


          Cllr Edwards reported that a temporary hut will be in place for the lifeguards when they start in July, and that the Yellow Metal Housing belongs to Fife Council.




          11.1.   Community Council Elections Resignations/Nominations


          Following the recent resignation of Heather Leuchars as Minutes Secretary, this role will be taken over by Brian Partridge at the next meeting.


          Since the last meeting we have also received resignations from Gordon and Sheila McGregor who previously organised the Christmas Lights and Burntisland Blooms in addition to their role as Community Councillors.


          The Christmas Lights will be undertaken by Fife Council in the future but a successor will be required to co-ordinate the hanging baskets and planters.


          It was suggested that an approach should be made to the Fife Diet/Allotment Group to consider taking on this activity in the future.  Funding is in place for 2011.


          Action:  I. Smith to contact the Organisations


          There are now three vacancies on the Community Council.  The Acting Chairman read out the personal statements of two volunteers for co-option – Lorraine Simpson and Martin McDonald.  However, under the ASCC National Policy for Community Council elections the proportion of members co-opted to fill vacancies should never exceed one third of the total membership allowed.  Where more vacancies than this exist, a by-election should be held.  BCC have already co-opted three new members this term, and with three new vacancies, co-option would compromise this rule.  The Acting Chairman deferred a decision on this issue pending further discussion with the Chairman.


          Action:  B. Smith/A. MacDonald


          11.2.   Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils


                     The Acting Chairman advised the meeting that the amended scheme for Community Councils   was adopted by Fife Council at its meeting on 3 March 2011.  Copies of the new scheme are available.  The most significant changes are around elections and the eligibility criteria as follows:-


·        The minimum age for standing or voting in CC elections reduced to 16

·        Candidates must now reside in the area of the CC AND be included in the Register of Electors for the area

·        Elections will be held every four years (next one in 2014)


          11.3.   Cromwell Road Smell


          See Item 10.1.


          11.4.   Fife Licensing Board – Application for Variation – Londis, High Street


          There were no objections to this Application.


          11.5.   ASCC Mid Scotland and Fife Regional Meeting


          The Acting Chairman advised that this meeting, which had been cancelled at the end of last year due to adverse weather, has been rescheduled for 4 June 2011.  Further details and Agenda will be issued in due course.




          12.1.   Scottish Local TV – Request for Support


          The Acting Chairman read out an email from FifeScreen, the screen office for Fife Council who are co-ordinating the Local TV Working Group for Fife and Tayside.  They advised that the UK Government are developing plans for Local TV in the UK and FifeScreen are requesting support for a distinctive Local TV Service in Scotland.  The deadline for making comment is 13 April 2011 on the Local Media Action Plan Consultation.  Brian Partridge attended and reported on the recent Scottish Local TV Forum in Perth.  This email to be forwarded to Brian for possible action.


          Action:  B. Partridge


          12.2.   Swing Park at the Links


          John Russell reported at the request of Eleanor Day that there are two swings missing and a dangerous hole in the ground at the swing park at the far end of the Links.  Cllr Kay volunteered to deal with this issue.


          Action:  Cllr Kay




          BCC Meeting – Friday, 13 May 2011 at 7 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers.




Treasurers Report – 8 April 2011 [Available on request]