Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of meeting       7.00 pm  Friday  8 June 2007       


Present :                       A MacDonald                                               Chair

D Plant                                                   Vice chair           

R Blanchard                                                 Secretary

Mrs A Grant                                         Treasurer

T Hailey                          Mrs D Reid                      A Smart             


Councillor Ron Edwards           Councillor Susan Leslie                             

PC A Donne                                   13 members of the public attended 


Apologies :                      R Smith              Mrs S McGregor           Mr G McGregor            

        B Stuart              Mrs C Dewar          

Cllr. Kay                                                         Sgt. Johnston


Minutes :                     Mrs Reid asked that it be noted that she had tendered her apology for absence last meeting but this was not reflected in the minutes.  Subject to this amendment the minutes of meeting  11 May 2007  were approved, adoption proposed by Tim Hailey  seconded by Ron Blanchard. 

Police Report                It was reported that there had been a murder enquiry at Rossend Terrace on 4 June with three men taken into custody.  On 18 May a man was seriously injured in an assault featuring a knife and a bottle resulting in two non Burntisland residents being taken into custody.  A man is in custody for break ins at Kinghorn caravan park.


Councillors Reports :

Councillor Edwards                   Per typed report plus there have been four recent incidents of flooding at Haugh Road, two due to flap valve problems at the outfall and one due to a rainstorm.  The High Street / Lothian Street junction cannot be closed for resurfacing until the Lammerlaws bridge is operational as a route must remain available to Fire Service vehicles.  War Memorial renovation is under enquiry with Ron Peat of Community Services to source funding as well as for the adjoining area under the trees.


Councillor Leslie          Per typed report plus reported public concerns expressed over the level of demand  made upon the public by Fife Council’s recycling policy.  Little seems to be done by Fife Council to reduce impact upon households.  Public opinion is that the public are made to pay for services then Fife Council makes households do the work.


Councillors have agreed to focus on interests from previous administration.  Cllr Leslie will adopt speeding issues.  New issues will be subject to agreement between the councillors.


Wind & Energy Planning        Secretary wrote to Jim Hendry regarding our local classification and an acknowledgement has been received.  The matter is to be debated by the W&E P committee.  Cllr Edwards has submitted a very substantial report backed with photographic evidence to support not only upgrading but also a more detailed classification of the area.  Again this submission has been acknowledged but no more heard to date.


Burntisland Blooms

Best Kept Town 2007               The defective large planters have been inspected, new parts ordered and plants have been organised for use as soon as repairs are effected.  Volunteers are again sought to keep an eye on planters for theft, vandalism or need for attention.  The application prepared by Sheila as circulated to members has been sent to the judges.


Accounts           Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2007 have been circulated to members.  These are more detailed than in previous years reflecting our more extensive and diverse undertakings.  There were four main projects last year  :                                                                                                                                                                 Income                Expenditure

                                                                           Burgh Buzz                                                     £  2,270              £  2,439

                                                                           Floral Enhancement                                    £  4,273              £  4,469

                                                                           Christmas Lighting                                      £  6,863              £  7,130

                                                                           Water Feature                                               £35,282              £35,993

In all cases outgoings exceeded receipts and Treasurer stressed that all future projects must be self financing.


Civic Week      As the big marquee is on site all week extra assistance is required for daytime security cover.  Both Civic Week and Summer Queen Committees are desperately in need of new members to ensure continuity of the traditional annual events.


David Danskin Plaque                             Event details were announced.


Limestone Pier             The proposed meeting was postponed due to the Fife Council representative calling off.  Meeting to be rescheduled ASAP.


Planning            No objections were raised



High Street Issues       Some six weeks ago it was reported to Fife Council that the door of the binholder near Cameron Butchers was in need of repair but still nothing done.  This is a transportation matter and will be referred to Tim Masters.


There remain problems with raised and cracked slabs possibly due to unauthorised vehicle movements on surfaces intended to be pedestrian only.  Also bollards still missing near map panel.  Police and traffic wardens need to monitor such abuses.  Can CCTV footage assist?  Traffic warden to be asked to be on High Street in mornings to assist traffic flow during loading & unloading by supply vehicles.  Why do we only have a traffic warden on Sundays to discourage what few visitors we have?


Bus Shelter At Library            Due to its design and the prevailing wind no shelter is actually provided.


Dropped Kerb At Lothian Street / East Broomhill Road    This is too steep and badly finished, the finish possibly due to vandalism.


Sewage Smell At Co-op          The foul smell in this area is offensive.  Colin Dickson has reported this three times but no action has been taken.  Cllr Edwards will pursue action.


Fencing On Links                       Are Showmen’s vehicles spreading too far towards Kinghorn Road?  The Councillors will check with Fife Council the site layout map.  Cllr. Edwards will try to arrange a meeting with Brian Shand (Fife Council) and Showmen’s Guild representatives.


Kirkton Road Crossing            Colinswell Land built this to Fife Council’s measurements which are now agreed by Transportation to be wrong!  Remedial work may take place in October.


It was agreed to take a Summer recess during July.  Chair will contact members should anything of great importance or urgency arises.


Next Meeting                                              Friday 10 August 2007  Burgh Chambers 7pm.