Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of Meeting Held on

Friday 8th August 2008 at 7.00p.m.



                             Alex MacDonald (Chair)

                             Gordon Ritchie (Secretary)

                             Aneris Grant (Treasurer)

                             Sam Purvis

                             Cheryl Spears

                             Morag Douglas

                             Ron Blanchard

                             Heather Leuchars (minutes Secretary)


                             Councillor George Kay,    9 members of the public


1. Apologies  Received from Bob Smith (Vice Chair) Tim Hailey, Gordon McGregor Sheila McGregor, Gillian Lowe, Christine Dewar

                        And Councillors Susan Leslie and Ron Edwards


2. Minutes of previous meetings

Ron Blanchard proposed adoption of the minutes of the meeting 13/06/08

as a true and correct record and this was seconded by Aneris Grant.


3. Notification of topics for any other business:

A number of local issues were raised and noted for discussion later.


4. Police Report - Sgt. Edith Potter


Three extra Police Officers have been seconded to Burntisland from Kirkcaldy covering July – August and it is hoped this period may be extended.


Games Day went well with a large turnout of visitors and no real problems to report. A quantity of drugs was recovered during Police searches.  The Police suggestion to the town’s licensees that they close their premises for an hour should they feel this would assist in controlling behaviour was deemed a success.


Numerous complaints were made regarding irresponsible Jet Skiers at the Beach.  The offenders refused to take advice from the Life Guards who asked them to stay outside a line from the limestone pier to the pool slipway and they had no alternative but to call the Police and the Coastguard.


Discarded fishing lines within the dock area is causing problems resulting in injury and the subsequent death of a dog. Coastal Rangers, Forth Ports and Police are being encouraged to work together in trying to solve the problem of litter being left by fishermen and others visiting the docks.


5. Financial Report


Audited accounts have now been submitted Fife Council. The reserve set aside for publication of the ‘Burgh Buzz’ to be reviewed. The Chairman Alex MacDonald agreed to contact the BCC editorial group specially set up to try to establish the future of this extremely popular journal.


6 Councillors Report                                                                                                   


No Combined Councillors report was submitted this month and the Chairman advised that a summary report would be channelled via the locality manager in future.


7. Items of business carried forward


7.1 'Eureka' project -

The scheme for the distribution of free light bulbs has been discontinued


7.2.1 Maintenance of new core pathways -

The Secretary advised that there had been complaints received regarding the overgrown condition of some of the core pathways to the west of the town.  It was agreed that we seek clarification from the government agencies involved to establish who is responsible for care and maintenance now and in the future . To be discussed further at September 12th meeting.


7.2.2 Draft Core Paths Plan

After considerable discussion on the overall network of paths in and around Burntisland ,called Core Paths for the public to use for walking, cycling, horse riding

and for the use of disabled people. It was agreed we should circulate all available  background information to members to promote community discussion  and consider further at the September and October meetings. 

The Secretary  reminded the meeting that the closing date for objections/comments was 31st October and that the Burntisland Public Access Committee was in the process of finalising their report for BCC which would be available in a draft form for the September meeting and ready for finalising in October to thus ensure BCC take appropriate action in good time.

For further information about core paths and see the maps online just visit :-

www.fifedirect.org.uk/corepaths or ask at the Library to view the Core Path Proposals


7.3 Burntisland Common Good discussion -

 It was agreed that we request the team of Council officials make this a special Meeting to be held on 19th September.


7.4 Cowdenbeath Road -

Work should be complete 3-4 weeks, 100 yds of wall demolished and footpath base reinforced stone wall raised 1 metre with handrail to be re-instated.


7.5 Joint Sports Group Report -

The Secretary gave a brief summary of the group meeting on 20th June to the effect that there is a need for Burntisland to start planning and campaigning for an indoor sports facility.  Various locations were discussed e.g. adjacent to the Toll Centre or beside the Beacon Centre. A Minimum hall size of 37 x 16 metres with additional cage pitches outside.

 Councillor Kay and the Secretary visited the Kirkliston Centre recently and were extremely impressed.  The population of the town is smaller than Burntisland and has indoor facilities for Badminton / Tennis / Football and many other sports and pastimes. Councillor Kay advised the next meeting of the group would be arranged for 29th August and he hoped to invite along all interested members of the public.



7.6 Dare to Care Project -

Cheryl Spears updated the meeting on progress with her 'Dare to Care' publication and confirmed she had received funds from the Rotary Club to help with printing costs for the leaflets in Burntisland Youth Action activities


7.7 Christmas Lights Report -

Gillian Lowe's report indicated that 2 quotes had been received to erect the lights for 2008 All damaged lights have now been repaired. All necessary funding had been confirmed from Locality Fund and Rotary. A decision will be taken in private with respect to which of the quotes should be accepted.


7.8 Events Committee -

Morag Douglas and Ron Blanchard confirmed that arrangements were in hand for the Bonfire to be held on the Links on 5th November start 7.00p.m. Bonfire lit 7.15p.m. Fireworks 7.45 p.m.  


The date of Street Party and switching on of the lights is 29th November - Volunteers are required on both nights.


7.9 Reception Monday 11th August 2008 -

Ron Blanchard reminded the meeting about the reception being organised for the Team of Puppeteers on a cultural exchange to Burntisland from Pennsylvania USA as guests of the Erskine and Parish Church congregations.


7.10 Burntisland Blooms -

Sheila McGregor's report intimated that Burntisland won the Best Kept Small Town in Central Fife award for the second year running.   A full briefing will be given at September meeting.


7.11 Training Seminars for Community Councillors.

 A series of networking sessions are being organised by Fife Council for office bearers and new members - Please see Secretary for booking details.


7.12 National Consultation of Community Councils proposed new constitution. 

The chairman to study documentation and respond as necessary by 30th September.


8 New Business


8.1 Recommended Local Holidays -

Monday 6th April, Mon 4th May Mon 20th July agreed. - Proposed new additional dated Autumn Holiday 15th October and there was a preference for St. Andrew's Day 30th November instead of Victoria Day.


8.2  Jet Skiers and Speed Boats -

It was agreed Ron Blanchard co-ordinate with Councillors a request previously made in 2007 for a Bye-law to be raised to protect the public as well as appropriate warning notices at the beach area.


8.3  Presentation by Arsenal F.C. -

Gordon Ritchie to accept on behalf of the Community Council a Crystal Ball trophy in memory of David Danskin which is to be presented to the town by Arsenal F.C. on 9th August at the Kingswood Hotel.


8.4 Proposed re-organisation of Trust Funds -

This to be carried forward to the Special meeting on 19th September. - Proposals to be circulated.


8.5 Applications for Premises Licences -

Renewals were noted  for the Kingswood Hotel, Sands Supermarket and the Golf Tavern.


8.6 Forth Estuary Forum Consultation meeting -

Ron Blanchard to attend meeting on 15th August at Kinghorn.


8.7 Planning Applications - 

In the absence of a report from Tim Hailey the chairman indicated that there were no significant  approvals in the pipeline this month - only domestic improvements.


8.8 - 8.13 Community Concerns / Any other Business -


Councillor Kay agreed to process the following items with the various Fife Council departments.


8.8   Haugh Road trees demolished - take action to stop further cutting down


8.9    Slabs in High Street cause for safety concern.


8.10   Shows on Links -

Complaints received regarding parking of cars and HGV's

And Dogs roaming unattended and fouling Links area.


8.11  Palais steps slippery with leaves etc.


8.12  Somerville Square -

Mary Somerville House weeds growing from building.


8.13  West Leven Street

Turning circle at station (top entrance) requires to be a no parking zone to enable cars to manoeuvre.


8.14  Old Burgh Coup at Haugh Road -

Concern was expressed at the excessive tree cutting in this area and urgent enquiries are being made with a view to curtailment of the environmental damage.


9. Date of next meeting/s

12th September 2008  at 7.00 pm

A Special Meeting has been arranged on 19th September 2008 at 7.00 pm to

 discuss Common Good Assets/ Links and the Proposed Reorganisation of Trusts