Minutes of Community Council Meeting held in the

Burgh Chambers on

Friday 8th October 2010 at 7 p.m.



                        Alex MacDonald (Chairman)                              

                        Bob Smith (Vice Chairman)                                

                        Isabel Smith (Secretary)

                        Heather Leuchars (Minutes Secretary)                                       

                        Aneris Grant (Treasurer)                                     

                        Christine Dewar

                        Tim Hailey

                        Gordon McGregor                                                   

                        Sheila McGregor

                        Sam Purvis

                        Gordon Ritchie

                        Bill Kirkhope (Editor Burgh Buzz)

                        Diarmuid Cotter


Attending:        11 Members of the Public


Apologies:       Cllr Ron Edwards, Cllr Susan Leslie, Cllr George Kay, Morag Douglas,

                        Ken Halley, PS Scott Murray




1.         Chairman’s Opening Remarks and Apologies for Absence


The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting and gave apologies for absence:-

Cllr Ron Edwards, Cllr Susan Leslie, Cllr Edwards, Morag Douglas, K. Halley.


2.         Minutes of Meeting held on 10th September 2010


            Minutes approved on motion of R. Smith and seconded by T. Hailey.


3.         Notification of Community Concerns for A.O.B. – Item 10


            11.3.    Burntisland Environment.

            11.4.    Palais Stair

            11.5     Car Parking Survey

            11.6     Blooms

            11.7.    Common Good Property


4          Police Report – PS Scott Murray


            Apologies from PS Murray and no police report available.


5          Fife Council Locality Manager’s Report


In the absence of K. Halley, Mr.Diarmuid Cotter attended the meeting to give an update on proposed closure and relocation of Burntisland High Street Council Office.


Reasons for move;   

In face of significant budget cuts Mr Cotter explained that 27 offices were due for closure throughout Fife and staffing levels had also diminished. Due to current levels of usage mainly due to other methods of collecting rent etc. only 8 main offices are required in Fife and the decision has been made to integrate remaining offices into existing buildings.



It is therefore proposed that the entrance to the local services centre be closed to the public and all local services be integrated through the library entrance with the front desk to cover both council and librarian services.  There was considerable discussion on this item regarding space available and privacy, but assurances were given that actual library shelf aspect of the premises will not suffer loss of space although the meeting was not told how this could be prevented. 


Public enquiries;

General enquiries are to be addressed with a member of staff at the main desk. 

For anything considered to be of a ‘private nature’ an appointment system will be available. Where these ‘private’ meeting are to take place is still to be decided. 



Views were expressed that all aspects of the proposed changes from layout of the building to privacy issues and disabled access had not been fully thought through. This fact concerned the meeting especially since a feasibility study had not been carried out and brought to the meeting.



BCC do not want the local office to close until such time as an acceptable alternative is in place. It was suggested that Fife Council look at the larger picture for e.g. the buildings and rooms adjacent to the Town Hall and Library.  These are currently not in use or in disrepair however could be incorporated into any new proposal thereby continuing to look after property and contributing to the long term benefit of the town. Mr Cotter indicated that funds were unlikely to be available for such a venture and a report will be available in the New Year showing changes to be made. BCC will reserve judgement.


6.         Presentation – The Drug and Alcohol Project – Graham Taylor


            Deferred – 2 new dates have been suggested and we await Mr Taylor’s response


7.         Secretary’s & Treasurer’s Report


            Secretary – nothing to report.


            Treasurer – Accounts have been independently Audited and reconciled.    


8.         Burgh Buzz – Bill Kirkhope


Deadline date for items to be included in the next issue of Burgh Buzz is 15th October for distribution in early November.


9.         Ongoing Business Items


            9.1       Review of Local Planning Applications – T Hailey


                        Two domestic applications – no comment.


            9.2       Strategic Projects Group – War Memorial – A MacDonald/Bob Smith


                        There will be a meeting 28th October to discuss further the proposed plans,

                        cost for repairs and enhancing the surrounding area.

                        (S. Clelland, J. Murphy, A. MacDonald, R. Smith, S. McGregor)


            9.3       Scottish Water– Haugh Road Flooding

                        A MacDonald/Cllr Edwards/Cllr Kay


BCC wrote to M Livingston MSP to request that the issue of flooding be raised in Parliament.  Concerns that Scottish Water only prioritises internal flooding and do not take into account the health hazard of flooding on roads.


                        Haugh Road - Tree roots have been removed from drainage and it is hoped                      that this will assist in resolving the problem.


            9.4       Common Good Fund – Property Review – T Hailey


                        Whilst many areas are agreed with Fife Council as being Common Good                           some are still under investigation and require confirmation.  An article will be              placed in the Burgh Buzz asking for the public’s assistance in identifying                                 buildings etc.  Anyone interested may view plans prior to commencement of                 the next Community Council meeting i.e. 6pm 12th November in the Burgh                        Chambers.


            9.5       Burntisland Community Council Elections

                        Inaugural Meeting – A MacDonald


                        A vote of thanks was extended from the Chair to those members of the                             Community Council who have chosen to stand down i.e. R. Blanchard,                          A. Grant, G. Lowe, G. Purvis, and G. Ritchie.


                        The Inaugural meeting will be held on Friday 29th October 7pm to elect the                        new Office Bearers for the next 3year term of office.  At present there are 12               persons already nominated for the next term however there are still three                               places open and available to those interested in putting their name                           forward.


                        Statement as to 12 Persons Nominated;


                        C. Dewar, M. Douglas, P. George, T. Hailey, H. Leuchars, A. MacDonald,

                        G McGregor, S. McGregor, J. Murdoch, J. Russell, I. Smith, R. Smith


            9.6       Remembrance Day


                        Invites have been sent out to local organisations to attend parade.

                        The Deputy Chief Constable and Chief Fire Officer have already indicated                        their intention to attend. Insurance is in place with catering still to be                                organised.      

            9.7       Common Good Fund – Fife Maintenance Work


Cllr Edwards reported that a line has been issued to carry out repairs to office at the rear of the Burgh Chambers. 

                        Estimated cost is £25K. 


9.8       Burntisland Cemetery Works – Work has been carried out to stabilise gravestones by removing sand and extending grass to the gravestones.  Water supply is now operating


Toll Park – The roundabout that was removed from the Toll Park for repair has now been returned.


                        Route Alterations – Dunfermline/Leven bus terminates Kirkcaldy and                              requires people to alight from bus and to simply join a queue and go back on                       the same bus to continue journey to         Victoria Hospital. To seek clarification as

                        to why getting off the bus is necessary.


                        MacDonald Place – Roundabout now repaired


                        Bonfire Night – Volunteers are still required for stewarding and collections.


                        Beacon Centre – The centre shall be closed from the Christmas holiday                           period until February to enable essential maintenance works to be carried out.


            9.9       Review of Supplementary Guidance on Affordable Housing


                        No comment.


10.       New Business Items


            10.1     Model Scheme of Community Councils

                        – Third Stage Statutory Consultations


                        Members of any subcommittee formed will have to be named and whilst                           discussions may be held in private any subsequent decision making will be                    held in public i.e. Community Council meetings.


            10.2     Fife Local Housing Strategy 2010-2015

                        Consultation Questionnaire Document


                        No Comment


11        Any Other Business


            11.1     Winter pruning program


                        S. McGregor to arrange to go on walkabout with S.Clelland and pinpoint                            areas of concern.  Those already identified include Meldrum Cres., Monks               Walk, Somerville Street, Beacon car park, Aberdour Rd., Lonsdale Cres.                           garage area, East Broomhill, Palais steps, Kingswood Rd on route to                                    Kinghorn, Town signage.


            11.2     Home Insulation Callers


                        A Company is cold calling members of the public with a view to insulating                          homes under a grant scheme.  It is advised that these calls be treated with                         caution. Should there be any doubt contact authorities.


            11.3     Burntisland Environment


                        Links – It has been requested that seats be located throughout the links                             rather than just along Kinghorn Rd.


                        Kirkton Rd & Cowdenbeath Rd – Dips in road around drains to be                                   addressed


                        Signage – Road sign required for Forth Place.


                        Braehead Kirkton Rd – Loose boulders and cracks on wall.


                        Haddow Grove – Railings from Shepherd Crescent leaning over.


                        Promenade – Dangerous potholes opposite Beacon Centre


            11.4     Palais Stair – Lighting being restricted by overhanging bushes.


            11.5     Car Park Survey – Establish reason for car park survey being carried out by                    Fife Council in High Street and surrounding streets.


            11.6     Boat – Ownership to be established of the boat which had been                                          donated for use in floral enhancement on Cromwell Rd.


            11.7     Fife Free Press article - Establish the relevance of article in FFP in relation                      to selling off Common Goods Properties.



Date of next meeting;


Friday 12th November 2010 at 7pm in the Burgh Chambers.