Burntisland Community Council Meeting

Friday 9th January 2009




 A MacDonald (Chair)

 R Smith (Vice Chair)

 A Grant (Treasurer)

 R Blanchard (acting Secretary in absence of G Ritchie)

 C Dewar, T Hailey, M Douglas, G McGregor, H Leuchars, S. Purves

 C. Spears,

 9 Members of the public


 The Chair opened the meeting by Wishing those present a Happy New Year.


1) Apologies for Absence

 Councillor S Leslie, Sgt E Potter, Gordon Ritchie and S McGregor


2) Minutes of Previous meeting (12.12.08)

 Approved by R Smith & seconded by A Grant


3) Community concerns for discussion - refer to Item 5 Locality Managers Report and Item 9 Any Other Business


4) Police Report – Apologies received from Sgt Potter


5) Fife Council Locality Managers Report presented by

 Ken Halley, Locality Manager – in answer to those issues raised at Meeting of

 14th November and 12th December 2008


 Palace Picture House Site – Damaged slabs – Transportation have written to the demolition contractor and advised that they will be billing him for the cost of repair. They have also conducted a walked survey over the rest of the High St and identified other locations where the slabs are broken/loose etc.

 Replacement slabs have been ordered and are being stored in advance of programming the repair works. They are currently holding back on the start until they can identify what is to happen with the vacant site at the cinema. It is understand that there is a planning application submitted for flats and shops and they would not want to repair the footway in front of the vacant site for it to be dug up or damaged in the near future due to construction works.


 High Street/Kirkgate pavements and walkways – Jim Carroll, Environmental Services confirmed that there is a crew in this area with manual sweeping as part of their workload to supplement the mechanical sweeping.


 Bonfire Site – Community Services undertook to repair this area as in previous years.



 Wall renewal at A909 Cowdenbeath Rd / Craig Court, Burntisland

 These works were priced by private contractors in competition using rates for individual items of work and each item included labour, materials and plant charges.


 While the wall supports the adjacent footway, it also has to support the road and the traffic on it. The original wall had failed and was leaning over. It had to be re-built and considerably strengthened to meet national current design standards, i.e. using modern carriageway loadings and designing for the possibility of a vehicle collision with the parapet/accidental wheel loads from a vehicle on the footway. The existing masonry was reused to be in keeping with the area and concrete backing was added to strengthen the wall. This was a cost effective design for this height of wall. Progress of the works was admittedly slow and the Council’s dissatisfaction was made clear to the contractor in this regard. However, as stated previously, the work was done to bill rates so the contractor was paid the same amount regardless of how long the work took.


 Gritting in Burntisland.

 Transportation only pre-grit for ice & snow those roads which are main traffic distributors and bus routes (Priority 1 & Priority 2). As a result of the extensive number of bus routes, as a percentage of the road network in Burntisland, the service provided is probably better than other similar towns in Fife. Lower priority roads (Priority 3) will only be treated once those higher priority roads have been dealt with. It is true to say that when we have snow or extensive periods of ice and snow that most of the available resources are concentrated on the higher parts of the road network - mainly the top end of Glenrothes which can often have several centimeters of snow whilst the rest of the area has none.


 Footways are not pre-treated for ice and snow. When snow has fallen or frost has been on the ground for a few days then footpaths we will gritted/ploughed. The resources are prioritised and directed by the priority of the footway in terms of usage and importance. So the High St and accesses to schools, clinics etc will be treated before little used residential or rural footpaths.


 Grit Bin at the Barns

 Transportation have a list of approx 100+ locations in Mid -Fife which are being considered for grit bins. Most of the locations are new developments. There are over 1000 bins currently located on the streets of Mid-Fife and after this winter Transportation will be considering the effectiveness of the existing locations and redistributing the bins according to need. Not all the bins are used, some are continually being vandalised and others subject of complaint etc. The Barns is on the list for consideration.


 Core Path, Cowdenbeath Road (West)

 Alison Irvine, Access Officer is aware of this path but has not been on it for a number of years. She agrees it is steep and inclined to be slippery but pointed out that people using rights of way (and core paths) do so at their own risk and no-one is legally responsible for maintaining rights of way.


 For core paths the aim is to gradually improve the quality of routes, but the ones which are completely impassable for one reason or another are being given priority.


 The Fife Council Countryside maintenance team (now in Fife Coast and Countryside Trust) did the last bit of work on that stile many years ago, so Alison may be able to ask them to sort it out again. It will never be an easy route - Burntisland is just too steep, but Alison will see what she can do.

 (Councillor Leslie to clarify with the Access Officer that it is the hazard of metal spikes

 sticking out of ground that is of main concern not directly the state of the path itself. Craigkennochie Terrace

 The yellow ‘stop, look and listen’ has not been painted at the end of this street because it is not on the safer route to school.


 Kirkton Road – Pedestrian Crossing


 Colinswell Land Ltd are in contact with Stewart Milne Homes, who were carrying out the infrastructure works at the Alcan site on their behalf, to complete remedial and outstanding works at Kirkton Rd, Aberdour Rd and within the site.


 Seamill Playpark


 The bow top fencing has now been installed around the Seamill Pond and park continues to be well used by local youngsters.


 Skate Park


 Scottish Power has completed the cable diversion work and the Contractor, Thomas Menzies, will be on-site early January 09 to commence work on the skate park.



Current Items of Business Carried Forward


 6.1 Christmas Lighting


 Lights to be removed Tuesday 13th January. Broken lights & design of support brackets to be looked at and costs submitted.


 6.2 Docks Clean-up


 Consultation with Forth Ports ongoing but now more hopeful of finding a solution.


6.3 Scottish Water – Drains on Cromwell Road & Links


 Update from Service Manager indicates that the wells at Links pumping station are adequate size to accommodate town. The machine has been set to capacity and the wells are being cleaned out more frequently. The designs of tanks for Haugh Road have to be approved by Capex 1 level and these were rejected in November. The updated design shall be resubmitted in March and once approved Capex 2 funding then has to be found to carry out the work.


6.4 Pavements – refer to Locality Managers Report.


6.5 Common Good Fund - carry forward to February Meeting for report


6.6 Dalgety Bay Pantomime Volunteers now found to commute people to Pantomime.


 7.0 New Business


 7.1 Locality Manager – as above report


 7.2 Fife Structure Plan – no changes relating to Burntisland


 7.3 Community Award Winner -


 7.4 Scots Verse Award Presentation – await notification from school as to when this can go ahead.


 7.5 Town Hall Bells - A request has been received for information on the Burgh

 Chambers Bells (Year and manufacturer) Heritage centre will act as contact.


 8. Planning - roundabout at Colinswell & Palace Cinema not yet with planning


 9. Any other business


 9a) Roundabout at Colinswell – Stewart Milne & Transportation are responsible for completion and maintenance.


 9b) Bus Shelters – It was suggested that there should be more bus shelters made available however others indicated not everyone was of the same opinion since may just end up vandalised


9c) Shipyard Park – lack of street lighting

 Clarification required as to whether this is an official safe route to school and whether lights are required.



10. Date of next meeting Friday 13th February 2009 at 7pm. In the Burgh Chambers