Burntisland Community Council

Minutes of meeting 7.00 pm Friday 9 February 2007

Present :

A MacDonald Chair
D Plant Vice chair
Mrs A Grant Treasure
R Blanchard Secretary
R Smith
T Hailey
Mrs H Leuchars
R Leuchars


Councillor Ron Edwards
Sgt. Johnston
Chief Constable Peter Wilson

12 members of the public attended

Apologies : Mrs D Reid Mrs S McGregor Mr G McGregor Mrs C Dewar A Smart B Stuart

Councillor George Kay

Douglas G Kerr A minute of silence was observed in memory of the late Douglas G Kerr, former resident, local councillor and stalwart of the community.

Chief Constable Mr Wilson opened with an overview of Fife policing which is presently to be reviewed. Fife policing is community orientated which causes a loss of efficiency in terms of performance. The call centre response rate has improved from 60% to 94% with the national average being 92%. Working with Fife Council Environmental Services in tackling noise nuisance complaints has led to Environmental Services operating a 24 hour service which not only results in problems being more fully dealt with at the time of the problem but also reduces police involvement on follow through. The ambulance service now assesses drunks at the scene of the incident leading to some being hospitalised rather than taken into custody. The Pulling Together initiative started in this area and has been spread successfully over Fife. Liason officers are presently being organised for the new 23 ward council. There has been some increase in staffing in Central area due to workload. The demands for community policing have constantly to be balanced against overall performance. There are currently 1050 police officers and 500 support staff within Fife.

A lively question and answer session followed with the Chief Constable accepting that Policing did not meet the level wished by the public but neither was there political will to raise taxation to meet the cost of that desired level. Chief Constables everywhere had to make compromises to get the best value out of available funds and resources. It appeared that there was general agreement with Mr Wilson’s views and that Fife was doing its best within funding limitations.

Minutes Minutes of meeting 12 January 2007 approved, adoption proposed by Mrs H Leuchars seconded by Bob Smith.

AOCB Add : Scouts, High Street (Parking) and Burgh store per Cllr. Edwards report.

Police Report Sgt. Johnston reported that 39 crimes had been reported in the past month including serious assault, breach of the peace and theft of motor vehicles. Noise levels within the docks area are being monitored following complaints. The High Street signage including disabled parking bays has been completed and will be enforced as required. Mr Hibbert, reported as a missing person, has been found in good health living in another area. More signage is required that digging for bait is not permitted at Burntisland / Pettycur. Inspector Chatham or Sgt. Donnelly are alternative contacts if Sgt. Johnston not available.

Councillors Reports:
Councillor Edwards
Per typed report. Most discussion related the former Town Officers premises. Those in favour of disposal were in the minority and it was decided on a vote to retain the property but take steps to ensure that it is kept wind and watertight. Secretary stressed the importance of opposing the classification of our area as “ordinary quality” rather than “attractive quality”.
Cllr. Kay
Per typed report.

Rent Office As it appears likely that this will eventually close in its present form and be integrated with the Library there is a need now to identify specific individuals or groups which might be disadvantaged by this change. It is stated that any such change would be to improve efficiency of operations but this does not appear to stand up to scrutiny especially in the light of problems caused by withdrawing the cash handling facility.

Ship to Ship Transfers The environmental issues are being put to the European Court in view of Forth Ports conflicting interests.

Sustainable Communities Seminar Friday 9 March Craigencalt Kinghorn Vice chair to attend. Secretary will also be there representing the hosts.

Fife Council Annual Report Postponed to next meeting.

Lothian Street Seat This was replaced very soon after the last meeting.

Community Services Parks On further information becoming available it was agreed that Mr Shand had acted properly.

Community Council Seminar This has been postponed.

Burntisland Bay The need for exclusion of powered water craft from any area likely to be used by swimmers was stressed and agreed by the council. Secretary will seek advice from Fife Council Law & Admin as to how this could be achieved. The exclusion zone should cover the bay between the launch ramp and the limestone pier.

Distribution of Minutes Draft minutes are being posted on the Burntisland website. John Russell continues to offer his assistance to distribute physically or electronically.

96 High Street Lease Postponed to next meeting.

Scots Verse Presentation at special meeting on Friday 16 March

Planning The parking development at St Joseph’s church was seen as much more acceptable than parking within the Toll Park.

Concerns were expressed on item 10 (h), turning the Inchview Hotel into flats. Several members had been approached by members of the community opposed to the loss of this prominent facility. It was agreed that Secretary should write to Planning giving our support to the proposed extension and improvements but giving our total opposition to the loss of the hotel especially in the light of Burntisland’s efforts to re establish itself as a holiday destination plus the likely increased need for such facilities as the Alcan village development progresses.

Scouts An application has been received for financial assistance to attend the 21st World Scout Jamboree in Chelmsford later this year. It was agreed to grant the maximum funding available which was £220 being £20 per attendee.

Meeting closed 9.25 pm

Next Meetings : 7pm Friday 9 March 2007 Burgh Chambers Normal meeting

7pm Friday 16 March 2007 Burgh Chambers Scots Verse Awards