Burntisland Community Council minutes - 9 March 2007

Burntisland Community Council

Minutes of meeting
7.00 pm Friday 9 March 2007

Present : A MacDonald Chair

D Plant Vice chair

Mrs A Grant Treasurer

R Blanchard Secretary

Mrs C Dewar R Smith Mrs S McGregor Mr G McGregor Mrs D Reid Mrs H Leuchars R Leuchars T Hailey


Councillor Ron Edwards Councillor George Kay

15 members of the public attended

Apologies :

A Smart B Stuart

Sgt. Johnston

Minutes Minutes of meeting 9 February 2007 approved, adoption proposed by Bob Smith seconded by Tim Hailey.

Police Report It was reported that there had been 33 incidents, 18 in Burntisland and 23 crimes, including vandalism, theft, breach of the peace and shoplifting, of which 16 were detected giving a 70% success rate. Work was continuing on curbing off-licence sales to under age purchasers.

Councillors Reports :

Councillor Edwards Per typed report.

Cllr. Kay Per typed report plus water feature phase 2 likely to be carried forward to next year due to delayed possible commencement date. Work on the beach has been suspended until April on instructions from Scottish Natural Heritage.

Fife Council Annual Report Available to interested parties.

96 High Street Lease 20 – 20 are to continue the lease to the end of this year then re assess their position. Money allocated from Common Good Fund for heating installation now appears available for other community use.

Burntisland Bay A response has been received from Fife Council indicating that beach lifeguards will be asked to assist control the water craft this season. Fife Council may proceed with a byelaw for next year.

Scouts A letter has been received acknowledging the contribution agreed at last month’s meeting.

Planning Guidance : Retail Secretary has circulated by hand copies to all traders. 28 forms issued of which there have been 6 replies which have been copied to Development Services. Only 4 replies had been fully completed.

Limestone Pier Several members are to meet with Cllr. Kay to consider the available options.

Sustainable Communities Vice chair reported on his visit to the earthship project.

Scottish Executive : Guidance to Community Councils Letter received with next proposal which is to establish a review group. Fife already has this!

Network Rail Network Rail proposes to erect a 29 metre high aerial mast at Burntisland station in close proximity to the Parish Church. As the mast will be on railway land no planning consent or application is required. This is not a ‘phone mast and will apparently have low powered unidirectional transmitters. The position is to maximise a clear “path” to Kinghorn. Secretary to write to Railtrack and Historic Scotland expressing concerns about height and location affecting setting of Parish Church.

Alcohol In Public Places Letter received from Fife Council regarding amendment of byelaw to possession of an open container rather than previous requirement that consumption be observed. Adoption supported.

Planning :

Skate Park Plans circulated, supported and no objections.

Inchview Hotel Conversion to flats strongly opposed on grounds of loss of amenity to town and loss of employment. Change of use not acceptable. There is a need for more hotel accommodation not less.

Moss Morran & Braefoot Bay Liason Chair has received an Energy Efficiency Challenge information pack. Community service volunteers are being sought to train as advisors targeting “energy poverty”.

Toll Park / Shipyard Park The area behind Meadowfield Court is in need of tidying as road spoil has been left there. There is flooding at the Toll Park burn leaving an area waterlogged. The problem is increased by unauthorised driving of vehicles on park land damaging field drains and compacting the ground.

Young Hall Car Park Better Building is stated to be in course of removing from the land owned by Fife Council.

Town Clock Engineer awaited to effect repairs

Low Road / Coastal Path Area is presently a mud bath. The problem appears to be largely due to surface water run off . It is reported that the situation will improve as the Alcan site development progresses and drainage is installed. There is currently a dispute between the developer and Fife Council but the developer is expected to effect some temporary improvement of the problem.

Burntisland Blooms Due to lack of volunteers the High Street planters are to be stocked with evergreen and hardy plants. The traders have shown no interest at all in assisting or even commenting on the project! Burntisland Beavers are to be involved in planting shrubs on the Aberdour Road entrance to the town.

Meeting closed 9.05 pm

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7pm Friday 13 April 2007 Burgh Chambers Normal meeting