(For amendments, please see the minutes of the next meeting when available.)


Minutes of Community Council Meeting held in the Burgh Chambers on Friday 9th March 2012 at 7pm.



Alex MacDonald (Chair)

Bob Smith (Vice Chair)

Isabel Smith (Secretary)

John Russell (Treasurer)

Ed Pybus (Minutes Secretary)

John Bruce

Morag Douglas

Peter George

Tim Hailey
Neil Milsop

Paul Briscoe (Burgh Buzz)

Cllr Ron Edwards

Cllr George Kay

Cllr Susan Leslie

PS Scott Murray


10 members of the public


Gary Cummins
Christine Dewar

Martin McDonald

Zoe Williamson



 1 Chairman’s Opening Remarks
The chair opened the meeting and explained that, due to a prior commitment, Cllr Susan Leslie would have to leave early. She would therefore report on several outstanding actions under item 7.1 before departing. 

 2 Minutes of Previous Meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted, proposed by Bob Smith, seconded by Peter George. It was agreed to circulate action points immediately after each meeting with full minutes to be circulated at a later date.
Action: Ed Pybus/Zoe Williamson to circulate Action Points.

 3 Notification of Community Concerns for A.O.B. Item 12 – none intimated.

 4 Police Report – PS Scott Murray/PC Keith Gibb
PC Scott Murray noted that there had been no noticeable crime trends over recent months. Thanks to combined work by the schools, social work and the community policing team levels of youth disorder had reduced.
The next community engagement meeting was due to be held 14th March in Kinghorn Community Centre.
As yet the mobile speed camera had not been in place on the Kinghorn Loch road due to a lack of staff. It was hoped that it would be in place in the near future as speeding was a problem on the road. They were looking for additional volunteers for the community speed watch programme. They were looking for around 12 volunteers. The question of insurance for the volunteers was raise. PS Scott Murray would look into the issue.
A 3rd community safety officer was now stationed in Kinghorn/Burntisland meaning there should usually be an officer on duty during both the day and the back shift.
A traffic warden had been on duty in Burntisland and 9 tickets were issued in 4 hours. PS Scott Murray would support a full time traffic warden in Burntisland but this wasn't currently an option.
After a discussion of traffic offences it was noted that a report from one member of the public of a driving offence was not sufficient for police to attend. This was policy across the force.
Action: PS Scott Murray to investigate insurance issues relating to the community speed watch.

 5 Presentation – Wind Turbines at Longloch Farm – Alan Hobbett
This was deferred to the April meeting.

 6 Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Reports

 6.1 Secretary's Report
Nothing to report

 6.2 Treasurers Report
Full report attached [available on request]. The accounts currently showed a deficit due to the additional cost of the Christmas lights.
Action: John Russell to chase up payment from Fife Council.

 7 Environment

 7.1 Susan Leslie noted that several issues from the previous meeting had been followed up:
The hut on the links had been inspected by the area parks manager. A full assessment would now be carried out and raised with the elected members.
The Shipyard Football Club and Fife Council were currently in discussion regarding the lease of the pitch site including the provision for the community.
Fife Council had been having fruitful discussions with Burntisland Heritage Trust regarding the Burntisland Museum currently housed in the library. No final decision had been taken but it was hoped that the ship models would remain displayed in the library.

 7.2 Peter George reported that the telephone box on Aberdour road and the Handrail on the Palais steps had been repaired. Thanks were passed to Alex Macdonald and Susan Leslie for actioning these points.

 7.3 The problem of seagulls was noted particular during the nesting and hatching period. There were reports of several incidents of 'seagull attack' at points in the town including Broomhill Avenue, Dick Crescent and Kirkbank Road. Whilst it was agreed that something should be done it was pointed out that £14K had been spent on flats in West Leven Street ensuring seagulls couldn't nest there – this had merely moved the problem to Somerville Square. Fife Council could apply for a license to destroy nests but this would only be granted of a clear threat to public health was demonstrated. The most effective way of dealing with gulls was not to feed them. Whilst they often feed on litter it was noted that they were also being fed. This information was to be disseminated. There would be a piece in the Burgh Buzz and Fife Council would be approached to see if additional lamppost signs could be provided.
George Kay to see if Fife Council can provide lamppost notices advising people not to feed the gulls.
Paul Briscoe to include a piece in the Burgh Buzz.

 8 Burgh Buzz
An editorial meeting was to be held next week. Deadline for the next issue was 12th April.

 9 Ongoing Business Items

 9.1 Review of Local Planning Applications
The only applications were for domestic alterations. There was no concern from the community council.

 9.2 Strategic Projects Group
It was noted that the Strategic Projects group meetings aren't open to the public but are attended by members of the Community Council and the elected members. No decisions are taken at these meetings they are a forum for discussions that are then brought to the Community Council for decision.

 9.2.1 War Memorial
A grant of £5000 had been made from the Common Good fund. This meant a third of the total funding was now in place. A cheque from the Burntisland Development Trust had now been received and Holland Rolland and Jim Murphy had now been paid. There was concern about the amount of time it had taken to receive the cheque, this was due to the fact that the Trust had now been dismantled and cheques need to be sent to London to be signed by an Alcan representative. This could cause a problem when paying contractors.
Fife Council Transportation had expressed concern about moving the bus shelter as repairs to the pavement were due to be undertaken. It was agreed that repairs would go ahead as planned and the shelter would be moved as part of the development.
The tenders that had been received were now out of date and Jim Murphy would ask the lowest two tenders to resubmit and extend the time scale. This may lead to an increase in price.
Hurd Rolland reported that consents 'were going in the right direction'. There had been a draft report submitted to Historic Scotland from Fife Council Planning Department and they were awaiting responses. Planning was due to go to the Area Committee. Due to the upcoming elections the next area committee meeting had not yet been scheduled.

 9.2.2 Haugh Road
Monitoring forms had been distributed to record any leaks/smells. It was agreed to circulate the monitor forms via the website and facebook.
Action: Alex MacDonald to circulate monitoring forms. Ed Pybus/Zoe Williamson to add to website etc.

 9.3 New Primary School Public Meeting/Consultation
Morag Douglas and Neil Milsop attended the latest stakeholders group meeting. A planning application in principle would be submitted in April. Full planning would be applied for in the 2nd quarter of the year. At present work was scheduled to start in January 2013 due for completion in August 2014. The Community Council members had been invited to visit the new Carnegie school to get an idea of the proposed design.
The building of the School would entail a transfer of land from the Common Good Fund and Widows Land Trust. 40% of the land earmarked for the school was from the Widows Trust and the remainder from the Common Good Fund. Lawyers had been appointed to act for the Widowsland Trust and had instructed the independent district valuer to value the Widowsland Trust Land. The Common Good fund land had also been valued by the district valuer. The Widowsland Trust land had been valued at £16000 and the Common Good land at £33000. The area committee had agreed to the transfer of the land in principle but a final decision had been deferred until after the planning application when a further valuation may be made. This recommendation was being passed to Fife Council's PFAM committee who are due meet 29th March.  If the transfer were to go ahead the agreed valuation would be paid into the Common Good Fund/Windowsland Trust from the budget for the new school. BCC's position on the transfer of land would depend on the final terms and conditions offered. It was agreed that a letter would be written to Fife Council to seek clarification on the terms and conditions for the transfer and BCC role in any discussions re: the Common Good Fund.
It was noted that the Widowsland Trust currently had a balance of c£200. The terms of the trust stated that it should be used only for the benefit of the widows of two families in Burntisland. Fife Council had discussed the issue with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) and it may be desirable to widen the scope of the trust in some way, possible to benefit all the senior citizens of Burntisland.
It was questioned whether they would accept another bid for the land, if the offer was in excess of the valuation. This was considered unlikely as the land was being transferred for a specific reason rather than being offered for general sale.
The valuation of the current school buildings was raised. Fife Council were currently looking at various possible options
BCC had received detailed questions regarding the proposed new school and BCC's role in the development. It was agreed that these points would be responded to email which would be circulated to the council members. It was noted that the BCC does, and always has, supported a new school in Burntisland. It was noted that the site of the new school was of interest to both parents and carers and the wider Burntisland community. It was noted the the Fife Council Education committee had made a unanimous decision to build the new school on the Toll Park. It was noted that this has become a divisive issue in the town and the BCC has a duty to both represent all members of the community and to help bring the community together.
MD and NM to attend Carnegie School visit.
AM to draft a letter to Fife Council to confirm what the conditions of sale of the Toll Park to the Council will be.
MD to draft an article for the Burgh Buzz on the BCC position on the new school.

 9.4 Christmas Lights/Christmas Lights Switch-On
Ed Pybus met with Ken Halley of Fife Council to seek clarification on the issue of the Christmas Lights. The central Fife Council contract for the Christmas Lights had been extended to June 2013. The elected members were unaware of this and it had not been mentioned at the recent ward meeting when the lights were discussed, It was agreed that this would be discussed at the next ward meeting.
The supplier would collect the current lights and assess any damage that had been done due to the high winds. A quote for repairs would be given and then a decision could be taken as the whether or not new lights should be purchased or the existing lights repaired. It was noted that the current lights were unsuitable for some parts of the high street.
Actions: George Kay to bring the issue of the extension of the central lights contact to the next ward meeting.

 9.5 Burntisland/Kinghorn Parish Churches Malawi Visit Funding.
A letter had been sent to Fife Council regarding the decision to award funding to Burntisland and Kinghorn Parish Churches from the Common Good Fund. No response had yet been received. Concern was expressed that not all Common Good Fund applications were received in good time to be reviewed by the BCC. It was noted that the decision of the area committee was unanimous in support of the application as the members had been convinced of the community benefits.

 10 Awaiting Update

 10.1   Burntisland Sports Group
The project at the beacon has been split into two separate projects. One project will be the construction of two 5-A-Side pitches, this will be taken forward by Fife Council Community Services. The other project will be a MUGA pitch, this will be taken forward by the Sports Group. Funding of £125K has so far been secured. £10-£15K will go towards the MUGA the rest towards the 5-A-Side. Additional funding is being sought for both projects. The next step is to make a planning application. The question as to whether or not there would be a public display of the planning application. It was indicated that FC would undertake community consultation.

 10.2   Clock Chimes

 10.3   Links Community Trust
The links accounts had still not been finalised.
Actions: George Kay to chase up Links Accounts.

 10.4   Burgh Chambers Furniture

 10.5   Draft Common Good Fund Property Review Report
Actions: Alex MacDonald to chase up copy of the report from Fife Council

 10.6   BCC Membership
An application to join the BCC had been received from Ian McKenzie. It was agreed to co-opt him onto the council.
Actions: Isabel Smith to contact Ian McKenzie

 10.7   Burntisland Floral Enhancement
A coffee morning is due to be held 10th March to raise funds and volunteers, and a meeting for anyone interested will be held 20th March at 7pm at the Burntisland Heritage Centre. George Kay indicated that he had received an email from Scott Clelland at Fife Council regarding the floral enhancement.
Actions: George Kay to forward email from Scott Clelland to EP and MD.

 10.8   Burgh Chambers Clock Tower Repair
It was noted that there was no damage to the building it was a case of ongoing wear and tear. A survey of the building had yet to be done. 104 High Street was to be made wind and water tight. The property could potentially be disposed of if there was no community use for it.

 10.9   Community Clean-Ups
The community clean up was due to be held on the 22nd April. Gary Cummins is coordinating the event with Fife Council.

 11 New Business Items

 11.1   High Street

 11.1.1 Repair to buildings on High Street
Fife Council will be undertaking cosmetic repair work on Burntisland High Street. They will be carrying out basic roof maintenance. They will be no cost to the building owners.

 11.1.2 Traders Initiative
A meeting was due to be held of High Street traders to discuss the formation of a traders association. The meeting was only open to traders.

 11.2   Toll Park Land Transfer Proposal
See 9.3

 11.3   Plans for Public Toilet Closures
Concern was raised over the plans for Fife Council to close the public toilets in Burntisland. The proposal was that toilets would be provided by local businesses, however it seems that the scheme to provide money for this service was very limited and only 1 business in Burntisland had signed up. It was noted that despite the fact that the public toilets cost money to run the Links earns considerable money for Fife Council. Concern was also raised as to what would become of the public toilet building if they were closed.
Actions: John Bruce to draft letter to Fife Council regarding Public Toilet closures

 11.4   Burntisland Funfair 2012 – Music
A request had been made for an extension to the music at the shows during the summer. At present there is no music on a Sunday night, there was a request for music from 6 – 9 pm on a Sunday this summer. It was agreed not to support this request.

 12 Any Other Business

 12.1   Binn Path
Concern was raised regarding the closure of both the path and the track that lead from the Cowdenbeath Road to the Binn. Both these were closed due to problems with drainage. It was unclear if either path was an official right of way but one at least should be opened again before April. Alison Irvine was liaising with the land owners.

 13 Date of Next Meeting

            B.C.C. Meeting - Friday, 13 April 2012 at 7 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers