Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of Meeting

 7pm Friday, 9 April 2010





 A MacDonald (Chair)

 R Smith (Vice Chair)

 I Smith (Secretary)

 A Grant (Treasurer)

 Tim Hailey, Gordon McGregor, Sheila McGregor, Sam Purvis, Morag Douglas Heather Leuchars (Minutes)


 Cllr George Kay, Cllr Ron Edwards both offered apologies for late arrival

 Bill Kirkhope (Editor Burgh Buzz)


Attending; 8 members of the public


Chairman’s Opening Remarks and Apologies for Absence


Apologies: Cllr S Leslie, Gordon Ritchie, Gillian Low, Ron Blanchard,

 Ken Halley Locality Manger


2. Minutes of Previous Meeting (12 March 2010)

 Approved by T Hailey and seconded by A Grant


3. Notification of Community Concerns for A.O.B. refer to Item 9 for details


4. Locality Manager’s Report:- Ken Halley absent - no report submitted


5. Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Reports


 The Secretary requested that in future reports/ items to be included in the Agenda be submitted, where possible, the Monday prior to BCC meeting thereby allowing time for distribution and perusal by other members of Community Council prior to meeting.


 The Treasurer reported that the Financial Audited accounts shall be ready for May meeting of BCC. Payments and grants for town Notice Board have been received.


6. Burgh Buzz - Bill Kirkhope


 The next issue of the Burgh Buzz shall be ready for end April with deadline for submissions of adverts and articles being 16th April. Presently 14 people have volunteered their services for distributing the paper.


7. Ongoing Business Items


7.1. Burntisland Sports Group:- Gillian Lowe absent – no report available


7.2. Review of Local Planning Applications - Tim Hailey

 Building warrant costs have risen. Satellite installation of Police Radio equipment at Craigkelly. Domestic alterations to property.


7.3. Strategic Projects Group - Alex MacDonald


a) War Memorial – it will be necessary to ascertain whether 20/20 have secured the funding to proceed with required work – c/fwd to May meeting.


b) Storm Damage -


 Lochies View Point – Wall at the house on the beach has been severely damaged. The lime stone pier by and large has been demolished. The issue of ownership is vague and requires to be clarified. A request was made 3 years ago for a survey to be conducted on the effect of removing this pier completely and subsequent impact of doing so. BCC now ask that this be brought forward for assessment asap.


 Beacon Pool – It is hoped that the pool will be fully operational in 2-3 weeks time after recent flooding. Cnllr Kay gave credit to the efforts extended by Fife Cncl dept in trying to avert flooding by building a sand bag wall.


 Haugh Road – Following an earlier meeting with Scottish Water the Secretary of BCC wrote requesting notification of a date when a decision would be made by Scottish Water in respect of capital spend for the current financial year. The letter also pointed out the recent adverse weather had given rise to even further damage to road surface and drainage infrastructure. This also gave rise to a vehicle being badly damaged.


 c) A921 – Burntisland/Aberdour Road Closure – regular updates to be requested from Tim Masters on progress of works.


d) Youngs Square –Legal constraints established’


e) New Primary School Focus Group – Morag Douglas

 Report from meeting held 26/4/10


 Finance - There will be no movement in the Fife Council financial Plan until after the election

 Current Situation - The school currently rates a C on an A-D scale of suitability. Next year there will be 90 pupils in primary one requiring a fourth class which will put further strain on an already overcrowded school.

 There is to be a school inspection during the first week after the Easter holidays. There are plans for a wider public consultation after the Easter holidays which will possibly take place on a drop in basis.

 Points arising - The Group felt that rather than focusing on one site, other sites should be revisited and properly considered. In addition, the Group felt that some pressure should be applied to Fife Council to retain focus and attempt to speed things up. The Group also felt that as part of the wider public consultation, people should be asked what other facilities they would like

 Actions -The parent council is to write to the Councillors and Fife council stressing the schools current C rating and problems and ask that the business case for the new school is produced as early as possible.Councillor Kay has contacted Fife Council and suggested that a site visit is arranged to include Toll Park, Haugh Rd, Roundhouse Car Park, refurbishment, land to the west of Bendameer and Seamill, followed by an appraisal meeting. A further meeting of the Focus Group was set for 30th April.


7.4 Organisation Day – Toll Centre – Alex MacDonald


Due to the influx of residents into the town it was decided that Adult organisations should be given opportunities to show case their organisation to all local youngsters. A timescale to canvas opinion regarding this objective is planned for 21 or 28 August.


Suggestions included using both inside and outside facilities for groups to display information or show off their talents. For example


·         First Aid demonstration

·         Wednesday Club Choir

·         Martial Arts display

·         Local bands performing

·         Local businesses promoting local goods

·         Buses to Air Training Corps on Links Place to view the facilities there.

·         Bus to Craigencalt Ecology centre possibly on their open day 28th August.

·         Bar b que


7.4 Burntisland Blooms – Sheila McGregor


High Street Project: 3 grant applications have been made to fund the baskets and brackets. Celebrating Fife has made a generous contribution, a condition of which is that the Celebrating Fife logo should be included in all promotional literature and that photographic record of the baskets should be maintained. Awaiting formal authority from the 2 other grant sources.

Sponsors: Sponsors from the shops & businesses in the High Street have increased from 10 in 2009 to 23. They will be sponsoring a total of 27 hanging baskets as some premises have requested 2 baskets. This sponsorship will pay for planting up the baskets.

We have received a promise of 6 larger baskets which will be located at the Burgh Chambers, Local Office and Police Station. These baskets will be part of the Community Council’s Floral Enhancement containers & funded from the FE Grant.

Councillor Kay’s suggestion for assistance with watering the hanging baskets will be followed up.

FE containers now total 22. Linwell container moved to outside Library. Hanging baskets at Linwell, Kirkcaldy Road and Cowdenbeath Road will be moved to the railings in front of the Erskine Church.

160 spring bedding and bulbs planted. Only 1 has gone missing.

7.5. Community Council Support Working Group – Minutes of Meeting

(11 March 2010) The next Meeting will cover funding for Community Councils.


Finance would cover funding for Community Councils.


7.6. Sustainable Communities Initiative – Widows Land Proposal – Alex MacDonald


 Andrew Ferguson (Solicitor and Team Leader, Fife Council) has advised by e-mail to Cllr Ron Edwards that Fife Council has inherited legal responsibility for the Trust which owns the Widow’s Land.


8. New Business Items


 8.1. Microgeneration Manifesto – no action required.


8.2. Mary Somerville Recognition – Alex MacDonald


 We were aware that Tricia Marwick had made this nomination and are delighted with the news that one of the committee rooms in the Scottish Parliament is to be named after Mary Somerville. It is well deserved recognition and long overdue!


 Coincidentally the main theme for this Summer’s heritage exhibition is Mary Somerville. A full report will appear in the next edition of the Burgh Buzz.


 It is perhaps worth mentioning now however that over the past few months Mary Somerville has been used as an inspiration to young people at Burntisland Primary school and the heritage project has directly involved pupils from Primary five, six and seven.


 Members of the heritage group have been working with talks and science workshops at the school in partnership with Edinburgh University and the Museum of Communication. The classroom activity has led to the pupils making their own contribution to the exhibition. Several panels in the exhibition this year have been dedicated to their work.


 Two DVD's have also been produced on the project and the school work and these will be on constant show at the exhibition.


 By way of a thank you for their involvement and contribution the Trust will be inviting the pupils to visit the Royal Observatory ‘Skylab’. The mobile planetarium will be brought to the town in May and housed in the Young Community Hall for the day.


 Other news ... later this year the Trust are working in partnership with the East of Scotland 4mm group to bring the award winning railway model of 'Burntisland in 1883' back for display in the town. The plan is to have the model on show over two weekends and arrange a series of school trips to see this splendid layout during the week."


      8.3. Sea damage to Kinghorn and Burntisland – covered in 7.3b

 Surrounding area;

 Kirkcaldy Esplade – part of sea wall will require replacing.

 Coastal Path – path is currently closed and meeting to be held to ascertain work required.

 Network Rail - repairs to wall required.


8.4. Furniture Re-use Campaign – leaflets distributed within the town


8.5. Water Play Cleaning – now carried out and ready for the new season


8.6. Campaign Against Charges Group – no action required.


9. Any Other Business


 9.1. Burntisland’s Environment – Peter George


 War Memorial (already covered).

 Various points raised which were duly noted by Cnlr Kay to address.

 Overgrown shrubs Melville Gardens/Shepherd Crescent.

 Dog fouling on links. Highland Games day more toilet facilities requested.

 Gap site on High Street request hoarding be erected to hide rubble.


 9.2. Numerous house break-ins within Burntisland - person apprehended.


 9.3. Broomhill – Garden allotments – speaker has been invited to attend BCC May meeting.


 9.4 Play Area West Leven Street – in need of upgrade or removal of remaining equipment. Cllr Kay to report back


 9.5 Somerville Street – look into removing grass to assist parking. Cllr Kay to report back.


 9.6 Christmas Lights – report May meeting.



10. Date of Next Meeting


Friday, 14 May 2010 at 7 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers.