Minutes of meeting held in the Burgh Chambers

on Friday 9th May 2008
(Final version, as amended at meeting of 13 June)



Alex MacDonald (Chair) 

Bob Smith (Vice Chair)

Gordon Ritchie (Secretary)

Ron Blanchard

Tim Hailey

Sheila McGregor

Gordon McGregor

Christine Dewar

Gillian Lowe

Heather Leuchars (Minutes)


Councillor Ron Edwards, Councillor G Kay, Councillor S Leslie


In Attendance - 16 members of the public.


1. Apologies - were received from Sam Purves, Morag Douglas, Cheryl Spears and Aneris Grant.


2. Adoption of the Minutes for the April meeting -  was proposed by  Christine Dewar and seconded by Ron Blanchard


3. AOB - Topics requested for inclusion in 'Any Other Business' were noted.


4. Police Report - in the absence of Sgt Potter due to operational reasons there was no Police report.


5. Councillors Report


Ferries and hovercraft.

The proposal for a 76 seat ferry from Burntisland to Granton has passed its latest stage of viability testing.  It is likely to "land" at pontoons at both ends.  The group continues to work on the design and transport infrastructure but the ferry could be a reality by early 2010.  The model for the hovercraft between Kirkcaldy and Portobello (later Ocean Terminal) remains more problematic, but the viability case is being refined.  It is Stagecoach's intention that it will be operational before 2010.


Burntisland Primary School extension.

There are presently two proposals for Burntisland School.  There is already 3m allocated to bring the school "under one roof" and to upgrade it with some extra classrooms and hall and this could complete in 2010/11.  However, there is now a proposal to build a new school elsewhere in Burntisland to allow for growth in role.  The possible site and funding are not confirmed as yet, so both proposals are on the table.


Skate park.

The competition-level Skate park is now fully funded and design is being finalised with the aid of Skateboard Scotland and the local skateboarders.  It is understood that the contractor can start in July with a four month construction period.  This has been a very long time in the coming.  Hopefully, together with the Multi-Use Games Pitches (see below) that we are working towards, the recreational area around the Beacon, beach and the Links, will be a great benefit for our residents to exercise and enjoy, but also to bring more visitors in.


MUGA pitches, incubator units and the rest.

The proposed Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) pitches at the Beacon have been held up by deliberations on the construction of the Business Incubator Units in the same area; the whole being intended as one planning application.  It is understood that the developer now wishes to go forward with incubator office space at both the old Station House (with Fife Historic Buildings Trust) and the purpose built units at the Roundhouse Car Park (with Fife Council).  This is continuing to delay the MUGAs but a decision is expected soon.


Seamill Area scheme.

Very little progress continues to be made with this scheme since the community representatives could not continue, and Fife Coast & Countryside Trust (FCCT) took over in July 2007.



The flooding of the Haugh Road should become a thing of the past fairly soon.  Scottish Water has completed its modelling of the sewerage system in the town and is now starting an investigation of ground conditions in Duncan's Field (Cowhill) in Haugh Road.  The latest proposal is to build a huge underground storage tank 100 metres long by 13 metres wide at the edge of the field to control flow in the sewerage system.  This will be quite an undertaking and an expensive one, but will alleviate the misery of the sewage flooding and hopefully associated smells from manholes.


6. 'Plastic Bag Initiative'


A very interesting presentation was given by Jayne McDonald & Claire Reid, who asked that the community as a whole support the reduction on using plastic bags whilst shopping.


7. Heritage Trust  'up-date'


The Burntisland Heritage Trust has given funds to assist in the production of a new book and Trail trail leaflet. The leaflet is now being distributed and the new book has commenced and should be in the shops in 2009. The Institute of Civil Engineers are to erect a plaque to commemorate 150 yrs since the death of Wm Bald, who was born at foot of the High Street.  A 2nd plaque will be made for those historical names associated with the town i.e. Kings & Queens, Oliver Cromwell etc.


8. Other Matters Arising


a) Recreation facilities at east end the Links - carried forward to June Meeting due to lack of information being made available by Fife Council.


b) Sporting facilities - A  meeting is to be held on 16th May with the local councillors and a number of representatives from the Football  and others to explore the possibilities of creating improved sporting facilities in the town including indoor sports provisions.  Gordon Ritchie, Gillian Lowe & Tim Hailey to  represent BCC and report back.


c) Burntisland/Granton Ferry - as per Councillors report


d) Meeting with Forth Ports regarding development of East Dock - nothing to report and therefore carried forward


e) Common Good - await feedback/further information from Fife Council


9. New Business


a) It was agreed we support the 'Eureka' project which will provide Free Energy saving light bulbs quantity supplied to be distributed to OAP's in town.


b) Future of Culture in Fife-Public Meeting May/June to be held May 21st Rothes Halls.


c) Fife Health & Social care partnership - 4 year delivery plan available for inspection


d) Fife Access Seminar 12th June - Rothes Halls - Gordon & Sheila attending.


e) Sandy Road - contested 'right of way'.  The road that was has virtually vanished and gates are now locked.


f) CCTV - the intention is to expand the cover to monitor and take action on dog fouling and litter.


g)  Fife Licensing Board - renewal of premises licenses received for information and comment.


10. Planning Applications


Tim Hailey reported on those currently ongoing with the Planning Department. Anyone can go on-line to view Planning Applications.


11. Any Other Business


'Scotchem' are currently carrying out a market research project with a view seeking a pharmacy licence to open a facility within the David Sands Premises on Church Street.


12. Date of next meeting -  Friday 13th June 2008