Friday, 9th September 2011


Burgh Chambers




PRESENT:                  Alex MacDonald (Chair)

                                     Bob Smith (Vice Chair)

                                     Isabel Smith (Secretary)

                                     John Russell (Treasurer)

                                     Gary Cummins

                                     Christine Dewar

                                     Morag Douglas

                                     Peter George

                                     Tim Hailey

                                     Martin McDonald

                                     Ed Pybus

                                     Zoe Williamson


                                     Bill Kirkhope (Editor Burgh Buzz)

                                     Cllr Susan Leslie (FC)

                                     Cllr George Kay (FC)

                                     PC Keith Gibb


APOLOGIES:             Neil Millsop

                                     Lorraine Simpson

                                     Cllr Ron Edwards (FC)

                                     PS Scott Murray (PC Keith Gibb substituted)


1.         Chair's Opening Remarks
The Chair noted that the damage to the paint on the magistrates picture had been repaired and the painting is now available to be viewed.
Brian Partridge is unable to continue as Minutes Secretary or as a member of the Community Council due to other commitments.  Ed Pybus agreed to take minutes for this meeting and Ed Pybus and Zoe Williamson will take minutes for future meetings.  There is, therefore, one vacancy for a new member.

2.                    Minutes of Previous Meeting
The Minutes of the previous meeting were adopted, proposed by Christine Dewar  and seconded by Peter George.

3.                    Notification Of Community Concerns for A.O.B. (Item 12)
None were notified

4.                    Police Report
PC Gibb indicated there were no major issues.
A drugs warrant had been served and prosecutions were likely.
There had been trouble in Kirkcaldy on previous weekends and some of the suspected trouble makers were now hanging around in Kinghorn. There was concern they may move into the Burntisland area. Police were keeping an eye on bus and train services at the weekend to spot any known trouble makers. It was noted that there had been some disturbances at the top of the Kirkgate and at Potter About and Solid Rock generally at weekends. The police were aware of these incidents.
A group of travellers had set up a camp in the East Docks. No criminal offences had occurred. A liaison officer had spoken to the group and it was believed that it was only a temporary camp. If further issues arose Forth Ports would be dealing with it as a civil matter.
There had been a number of volunteers for the community speed watch scheme and they would be trained over the coming months.

5.                    Shows Extensions Complaint
One complaint had been received by BCC about the lack of consultation regarding the extension to the period the shows were present on the links. It was made clear that the complaint was mainly due to the lack of consultation rather than the reason for the extension. An unfortunate chain of events had lead to this year
s extension and lessons have been learned. It was agreed this was partly the fault of Fife Council and BCC.
It was noted that there is annual 'wash up' meeting in October between various interested parties to discuss the way the shows had worked and how things may be changed in future years. This year
s extension would be discussed further at this meeting. The 'wash up' meeting was not open to the public but residents could make their views heard via their elected representatives.  Cllr George Kay noted that he had received several other complaints regarding this issue. The Chair noted that it wasn't felt necessary to have a separate stakeholders group representing residents who lived adjacent to the show site as previous extensive research undertaken by BCC had shown that, broadly, their opinions were analogous to the residents of Burntisland as a whole, with some favouring the shows, some against and some ambivalent. The current arrangements that had been in place for the last ten years were the result of extensive discussions and compromise.

6.         Secretary's and Treasurer's Report

            6.1.      Secretary's Report
Nothing further to report

6.2.     Treasurer's Report
The treasurer issued a written report indicating a balance of 1,913. There was a surplus from the Showmen
s donation to cover the cost of the chimes parade. The conditions stated that this was to be used where it was needed for the benefit of the town. It was agreed a separate fund did not need to be set up to use this money.

7.         Environment    

7.1.      Local Issues                                                                                                                   Several issues had been raised with Peter George including damaged drain covers, over-hanging bushes and untidy grassland areas. One of the areas identified was on private land that had been kept 'wild' as a haven for wildlife. The rest were Fife Council matters and would be dealt with by the councillors present.  Cllr George Kay noted that the speediest way for issues to be dealt with was for residents to either contact their elected representatives or report them to the Local Office.

7.2.      Starleyburn
An ongoing enquiry related to the gates blocking access to Starleyburn, which has historically been used by the young people of Burntisland.  Of the two points of access one was subject to civil litigation and the other was owned by British Rail and they had taken the decision to bar access. This was private land and neither Fife Council nor BCC had powers to force any parties involved to allow access to the burn.

7.3.      Stairs to Broomhill Viewpoint
Peter George pointed out that there was no stair rail for the upper portion of the stairs. Cllr Susan Leslie noted that the wall at that point was private property and so no rail could be attached by Fife Council.

8.                    Burgh Buzz
Bill Kirkhope noted that the current issue was being planned. All helpers with the Buzz were invited to a BBQ on the 2nd October. The modest cost of this event will be funded by the surplus in the Burgh Buzz account.

9.         Ongoing Business Items

9.1.     Review of Local Planning Applications
Tim Hailey reported that there were only domestic applications
nothing that would usually concern BCC.

9.2.      Strategic Projects Group War Memorial
Bob Smith reported that work was progressing on the project to refurbish the Burntisland War Memorial.  Burntisland Development Trust has awarded 30,000 towards the project, subject to satisfactory monitoring of the project and copies of the relevant contracts.  Hurd Rolland are the Architects for the project and Jim Murphy, the Quantity Surveyor, is obtaining and analysing the tenders for the project.  Three companies are expected to submit tenders to Jim Murphy by 16th September.  Jim Murphy will then assess the tenders.  The preference for the main part of the work is for a single contract with one main contractor, who will then sub-contract elements as required.  Hurd Rolland will apply for the relevant consents - planning, listed building consent and conservation area consent.  This could take up to four months.
The project will be managed by BCC.  BCC are awaiting formal permission for the project to proceed from Michael McArdle at Fife Council.  BCC have also requested confirmation that Fife Council will undertake the future maintenance of the site.  Cllr Ron Edwards is chasing this up.
Bob Smith reiterated the request for letters of support from the community to satisfy a condition of the Burntisland Development Trust  Award.  Helen Mabon agreed to write on behalf of Burntisland Heritage Trust.

9.3.      Clock Chimes
There had been several complaints about the bells, specifically that they were not chiming throughout the night, or were chiming at such a low level that they were practically inaudible.  Steve Quinn at Fife Council was aware of this, and further measurements of the noise level of the chimes would be undertaken by Fife Council. Cllr Susan Leslie pointed out that there was always intended to be a period of adjustment until a satisfactory level was found.

9.4.      Links Community Trust
The business plan had been passed to the Heritage Trust and would be discussed at the next Heritage Trust meeting

9.5.      Burgh Chambers Furniture
Bob Smith confirmed that three companies had been invited to submit proposals.  It was estimated that the cost of the renovation of the furniture would be in a region of 7,000.  ESA McIntosh had offered to do the work for a low cost, possibly for free.  This was a further offer to be followed up.  If they were to do the work they would need assistance with transporting the furniture to Kirkcaldy.

9.6.      Floral Enhancement
The hanging baskets for Watson Butchers and Cards and Flowers had not been possible to hang this year due to Archway Metals delay in repairing Watson
s bracket and erecting a new bracket at Cards and Flowers.  Both shops had paid their sponsorship for this year and have agreed that the fee paid should be retained until next year.                     The hanging baskets were to be removed at the end September/start of October weather permitting.
It was suggested that a floral sub-committee be set up to oversee the floral enhancement of Burntisland.  It was suggested that additional money could be raised or sponsorship could be obtained to pay for further enhancement of the roundabouts in the town.  Lee
s Taxis offered to sponsor a roundabout next year.  Scott Clelland at Fife Council may be able to assist with sponsorship if that was an avenue that BCC wished to pursue.

9.7.      New Primary School Consultation
Consultation, via the Stakeholders Group, was continuing. The availability of the minutes of the stakeholders meetings was raised. These are available to the public and it is the responsibility of the stakeholders at the meeting to report back to their constituencies. The minutes from the June meeting were only circulated just prior to the August meeting. The next meeting will be held in December.

The minutes of the August meetings had yet to be circulated.
The formal Fife Council consultation will take place the week starting 26th September. The current proposals will be displayed that week at the Heritage Centre and at the school. Representatives from Fife Council will be present at the Heritage Centre and Burntisland Primary School on 28th September. The Fife Council consultation would consist of a binary choice between the status quo or a new build on part of the Toll Park site. The other sites had been assessed and Fife Council was of the opinion that the Toll Park site was the most suitable.
BCC are one of the groups that feedback has been requested from. It was decided that BCC would hold a public meeting to gauge the feelings of the community. This was arranged for 7 p.m. on 7th October at the Parish Church Hall. It was decided that publicity material should encourage people to examine the current Fife Council proposals before attending the meeting.
Concerns were raised as to the safety of the site as it had been used as a rubbish tip in the 1920s.  Cllr George Kay confirmed that test boreholes and pits would be dug and the work was currently out to tender.  Peter George questioned whether or not a full sized football pitch would still be available for public use on the Toll Park site.  Cllr George Kay confirmed that the current proposal included a full sized football pitch outside the new school perimeter.

9.8.      Draft Common Good Fund Property Review
Nothing specific to report.  Alex MacDonald would find out when the rental levels of the council properties that were part of the common good fund were last reviewed.

9.9.      147 Kinghorn Road                                                                                                                                                    There was an ongoing appeal between Fife Council and the developer of 147 Kinghorn Road.  No further action could be taken until this appeal had been resolved.

9.10    SESplan Development Plan Scheme Number 3
There was an updated SES development plan that was available. It has been passed to Tim Hailey who will look for any relevant issues and flag them up to BCC.

9.11.    Public Toilets Burntisland Links
The condition of the toilets on the East Links was raised after complaints from visitors regarding the state of them. Cllr George Kay noted that the toilets were the responsibility of the concession holder, who also decided when they should be opened so there was no further action that Fife Council could take.

10.      Awaiting Update

10.1.   Scottish Water Haugh Road Flooding
The annual report from Scottish Water was now available online. The flooding of Haugh Road was continuing to be investigated, as was the flooding of the adjacent park. It was unclear at this stage if the incidents were connected. A CCTV examination of the sewers was on-going.
Cllr Susan Leslie will be attending a Scottish Water consultation on Wednesday,  28th September in Dunfermline and will raise the issue. Morag Douglas will accompany Cllr Susan Leslie to the meeting.

10.2.   Palace Cinema Site
Nothing further to report.

10.3.   Fife Council Local Plan Additional Sites for Housing
The site that had previously been considered by Deveron Homes has been approved for housing, but at a much lower density than they had planned to develop.

10.4.   Burntisland Sports Group
The location of the pitches has been agreed as the Beacon Centre. The preference of the sports group is for two Five-a-Side football pitches and one Multi User Games Area.

10.5.   104 High Street/Library
Nothing further to report

10.6.   Plans for Delivery Office Building
Nothing further to report

11.       New Business Items

11.1.    Kirkcaldy and Mid Fife Local Plan
A letter from Fife Council regarding the local plan was passed to Tim Hailey for review and action, if appropriate.

11.2.    Remembrance Day Arrangements
The Remembrance Day Parade will be held on 13th November at the Parish Church.  John Russell outlined a schedule for the morning and confirmed that the BCC wreath had been ordered.  BCC members are expected to attend the parade and the reception afterwards. The majority of BCC members confirmed their attendance.

11.3.    Scots Verse Competition Arrangements
The primary school is running the competition, which was originated to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of Alexander III.  Isabel Smith will contact the school to confirm when the result will be known.  Medals are available and a date for presentation will be agreed once competition date is known.

11.4.    Christmas Lights Street Party
The lights are due to be turned on 1st December.  An event to mark this, or nearer to Christmas, will be discussed further by the events group.

12.      Any Other Business
No other business notified.

13.      Date of Next Meeting
B.C.C Meeting - Friday 14th October at 7p.m. in the Burgh Chambers