Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of Meeting held in the Burgh Chambers

On Friday 9th October 2009 at 7.00 PM




            A MacDonald (Chair)

            R Smith (Vice Chair)

            A Grant (Treasurer)

            G Ritchie (Secretary)

            T Hailey, C Dewar, R Blanchard and S Purvis         

            Councillor S Leslie and Councillor Edwards

             Sergeant E Potter and Ken Halley, Locality Manager.


            10 Members of the public in attendance


            1 Apologies for Absence


            M Douglas, G Lowe, S Mc Gregor, G Mc Gregor and Councillor G Kay.


        2 Minutes of previous meeting (09/1/09)

Modification to minutes -Add attendance of K.Halley Locality Manager FC.

R.Smith proposed adoption of the minutes as a true and correct record and this was seconded A. Grant




          3 Matters arising

          All matters arising have been included in the agenda.



         4 Notification of Community Concerns for discussion under 'AOB' item11

          The following were noted and included for discussion if time permits:-

1 Local amenities and walks.

2 Vandalism and council services                

         3 Forth Ports Authority,

         4 Location for new primary school



5 Anne Marie Dewar – Regional Community Manager – Scottish Water.


A PowerPoint presentation gave an indication of a number of long term projects and aims within tight budgetary constraints, but with no commitments other than those already in the pipe-line.

Anne Marie and her colleague Willie Burnside were able to answer questions and hear directly the concerns of the people who live in Burntisland. Firstly it was stressed at the meeting that there are clear and long-standing concerns over the effectiveness of drainage and effluent pumping in the vicinity of Haugh Road and

Cromwell Road. No such problems were experienced before the substantial drainage and pumping works carried out some years ago by the then East of Scotland Water and that Scottish Water nevertheless inherited the responsibilities of ESW. Action is therefore expected and that the relevant works should be remediate urgently in order to restore an acceptable outcome.


It was also stressed that what appears to be temporary remedial work at Haugh Road has simply diverted the problem onto land which is not owned by Scottish Water. The result is an uncontrolled discharge which may compromise recent and significant investment by the local authority and other bodies and may expose all concerned not only to a health hazard but to a protracted and expensive legal dispute.


It was further pointed out to the Scottish Water representatives that we recognise that there are budgetary procedures to be undertaken and we would like to receive early confirmation that the resources required will be committed early in the next financial year.



    6 .Police report – Sergeant   E.Potter.

It was reported that over the summer months there were extra police staff available, but this had now decreased and anti-social behaviour had been targeted, focusing on Thursdays/Friday/Saturday 8 p.m.midnight; with dog patrols on the links area; speeding had also been successfully targeted; some initial problems had been experienced with the skate park.


Yellow lines at Rose Street/bottom Cromwell Road were not yet in –situ; B.C.C. to progress with Transportation Dept. also with alterations to Kinghorn Road.  Various parking concerns were discussed and decision made that these would be best dealt with by the Police.


7. Locality Manager’s report – as attached to Minutes.

Links income & expenditure again raised, but as no comparative figures for 2008/09 were available this matter to be carried forward.


8. (a) Secretaries Report.


Town Notice Board – design approved and ordered from: Leander Architectural: and Fife Council will erect – possibly end of 2009.


Scottish Water was holding a public meeting in Glenrothes on Tuesday 10th November 2009, re: expected investment programme if anyone is interested in attending.

Common Good Grant for re-painting of Young Hall approved - £2,190.00.


Forth Ports Authority had been in touch since recent visit, and promised to keep  close contact with the CC regarding any future plans for  the dock area.


8 (b) Treasurer’s Report


 The Treasurer reminded members of arrangements for Remembrance Day services on Sunday 8th November 2009.

Annual Grant had been received from Fife Council and all finances were in order


9. Business carried forward from previous meetings:


9.1. Burntisland Sports Group: Leaflets had been distributed, replies received and analysed: Further meeting will be held in mid November; until decision reached on new school nothing further will be decided on sports facilities.


9.2. Review of Local Planning – T.Hailey;

Domestic application 68 Kirkbank Road – approved.

Position of incubator units – no funding available at present – possibly February 2010.


9.3. Community Council’s Asset Register – Relevant assets have been identified and work is in hand to value the assets in terms of purchase price, excluding the associated cost of installation.


9.4. Christmas Lights:

Funding from Common Good fund being discussed – only one quotation for installation received so far.


9.5. Scots Verse Competition Trophies: It was advised that nickel plated Trophies would be the best option, possibly supplemented by individual medals – suppliers to be decided at private meeting.


9.6. Burntisland Blooms – In the absence of S. McGregor, it was reported the Town had been awarded a Silver Medal in recent competition, but as there was no judging criteria available, it was not possible to give any further opinion on this at present. Forward planning will go ahead, and recognition in some way of helpers’ assistance was agreed not only for the Blooms project but also for others whose work helped to enhance the town.


9.7. Common Good Funds Auditors report – Bob Smith

This report has been thoroughly scrutinized and nothing specific to Burntisland has been identified, applicable to Fife Council in general.

LASAAC: consulting on accounting details for Common Good Funds.  Fife Council appears to have overall responsibility for management of Common Good Fund.  Audit report shows eight points of action which are priorities for Fife Council – up-date of these has been requested for November meeting. The report included a comment that moveable assets were very poorly recorded throughout Fife. It was agreed to ask whether Burntisland Heritage Trust would take the lead in recording moveable assets which might form part of Burntisland’s Common Good Fund.


9.8. Links Facilities Franchise – Information response:

Letter had been received from Councillor Kay explaining that the advertising charges being asked about, did not just cover the fair but other items such as Games Day and dismantling of area – surcharge levy applied to all members of the Guild and the Guild returned any surplus, and the Christmas Lights have benefited from this in recent years.


Total parking charges had amounted to £4,000.00 on Games Day and income from this helped with attendants and various relating items – dismantling etc.


9.9 Burgh Buzz– Bill Kirkhope would be willing to act as our Co-ordinating  editor and this offer was unanimously accepted. A meeting would be set up to form an initial editorial and advertising teams and those who had previously expressed interest would be invited to attend.


9.8 Exiles Reception – Community Services will no longer be providing this function; the Showmen’s Guild will sponsor the event, and perhaps Community Council could now take on the organisational responsibility.


10.  New Business:


10.1. Fife Community Council Support Working Group:

Representatives required for Kirkcaldy area – nomination forms available, to be returned by Friday 13 November 2009.


10.2. Changes to Scottish Planning System; This item to be carried forward.


10.3. Fife Community Council SeminarSaturday 7th November 2009.

Attendees – T. Hailey, S.McGregor and G.McGregor


10.4. ASCC Annual National ConferenceSaturday 14th November 2009.

R. Smith and T. Hailey will attend – anyone else interested contact Secretary.


10.5. Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland:

Information available on countryside planning matters – publication.


10.6. Mossmorran and Braefoot Liaison Committee:

Sponsoring pantomime again this year at the Alhambra, Dunfermline: tickets will be distributed when available (9th or 10th December)


Burns Lunch will take place provisionally on 26th/27th/28th January 2010.


Air quality control – passed inspection – no problems experienced.


Donations from Shell – application system has been changed and forms are now required to be completed.


11.0 Any other business:


The following concerns were raised: conditions of Monks Walk/Rossend Point.

Handrails at Lammerlaws stairs: crossing at Porte corner, this being used but not official and causing traffic problems – School crossing patrol - could maybe be re-sited:

Christmas tree re-site to give better presentation: skate park lighting.

Ken Halley agreed to look at these problems and report action to be taken..


Palais steps – hand rails missing and wall broken – Hurd Rolland/Fife Council presently considering this work.


The meeting open to the public closed at 9:30pm.


In Private Session:

 Scots Verse competition:


After discussion on the various options and sources it was agreed to buy a matching set of 6 nickel-plated trophies to replace the existing 4 trophies and include Primaries 1 and 2. It was suggested that individual trophies might be named after local people. It was also agreed to commission custom-made medals for presentation to the individual winners, instead of the books which had been given previously. After noting indicative costs, a total budget of £1,000 was agreed, which would be sufficient to cover all costs except annual engraving for many years ahead? 


Date of next meeting Friday 13th November 2009 at 7 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers.



Annex: Fife Council Locality Manager's Report for Burntisland Community Council - 9th October 2009 Burntisland Links


You will be aware that the recreations on the Links are now operated under license and the undernoted conditions must be met by the Licensee. It should be noted that the Licensee has signed up to this agreement: ­


·        An inventory took place of all equipment at the start of the license and an annual inventory must thereafter take place. All equipment to be to the minimum standard highlighted in the initial inventory, i.e. all damaged and worn equipment should be replaced on a regular basis at the expense of Licensee.

·        The Licensee, at their expense, will be allowed to introduce new equipment by agreement with Fife Council. The charges for existing services, i.e. putting, crazy golf etc. will be in line with Fife Council's pricing policy. Any additional equipment provided by the Licensee shall be agreed with Fife Council prior to installation.

·        All income received for the existing and new facilities shall be deemed as income to the Licensee. Audited accounts must be available by the Licensee.

·        The running costs for the subjects will be metered separately from Fife Council's required services.

·        Any vandalism or damage encountered within the vicinity should be reported to the Area Parks Officer.

·        The Licensee shall indemnify the Council against all claims.

·        The Licensee will keep the immediate area around the recreation

Facilities reasonably clear of litter to the standard required for a zone 1

In Fife Council's LEAMS standard.

·        The Licensee will be required to open the recreation facilities from Easter until the start of the Burntisland Fair, as a minimum, of weekends only during fair weather. The facility shall be open during fair weather during the full period the Burntisland Fair is in operation from 11.00 hours not extending beyond the those hours during which the fair is open. After the close of the Burntisland fair the facility will open, as minimum, weekends only until at least the end of September.

·        The shelters on the Links will be opened and closed by the Licensee, on a daily basis, during the summer period including periods of poor weather.

·        The toilets at the east side of the Links adjacent to the facilities will be opened and closed during periods when the recreations are open to the public. The toilets shall be kept in clean condition and regularly stocked with materials.

·         Accidents will be recorded on the appropriate Fife Council documentation and returned in line with the policy.

Income/Expenditure Breakdown - 2007/08


Please find attached a breakdown of the Income and Expenditure incurred for the Links for the Financial Year 2007/08. The figures are not yet available for the last Financial Year 2008/09.


The 2007/08 Financial Year shows a net loss of £34,061. However assuming similar amounts of income and expenditure in 2008/09 the Links would run at a loss of £9,290 as there would be a saving on the Recreation Attendants Costs (£17,554), additional income from the traders market and car parking on games day (£11,000 approx.) but the Income from the concessions would be lost as these go to the Licensee (£3,983).


Burntisland Primary School


A review of future pupil rolls and maximum capacities has been completed by Education Service.


At this stage a new school, with a maximum capacity of 534, has been projected.


A site selection exercise is currently being set up with a view to reporting a preferred school site at the end of October 2009. This exercise will involve a cross-service group reviewing all feasible options against a set of weighted criteria, as previously carried out at Dunfermline East and St Andrews. The physical aspects of any given site including ownership, location, transport and development constraints will be considered.


A similar exercise was carried out during 2008 and this data will be reviewed as well as considering any available new information. Local members and stakeholders will be briefed appropriately.



Ken Halley Locality Manager 9th October 2009



Attachment to Report: Burntisland Links Income/Expenditure 2007/08


Premises Related

Highland games Re-instatement

£     14,131



Dry Sports

Public Toilet Income

£           56

Waterplay Feature Charges

£       2,929


Putting Income

£         321


£       3,563


Trampoline Income

£         566

Rental for Links (Historical Cost)

£         500


Crazy Golf Income

£      3,040

Metered Water

£       1,464




Building Works

£       5,579




Upkeep of Grounds

Litter Picking

£ 28,048

£       5,214


Recovery of Electricity from Showmen


Recreation Attendants Costs

Other Projects

Clear tunnels/walkways - £6,334

Pageant                           £ 887

Bonfire                             £ 2,301

£ 17,754

£       9,522

£ 88,704

Rent - Burntisland Highland Games Days -


(06/07 income 7.7k - Refunds made 07/08 due

to cancellation of games day)


Supplies 8 Services



Rent - Burntisland Summer Fair

Commercial Concessions


Highland Games Float

Repair/Maintenance of Equipment

Hire of Equipment

£         300

£         227

£         395





Grass Seed/Chemicals

£         427




Fencing/Cleaning Materials

£       1,551




Misc. Equipment/Fence Posts

£         430




First Aid for Highland Games

£         240




Events Promotion

£         200




Printing Costs

£           23




Advertising for Burntisland Fair

£       9,233





£         104




Exiles Buffet/Showmen Mtgs (Town

House, Kdy)

£         793




Parking Permits/Property Works

£         972





£            6




Centrally Generated Fees

£       1,850




Bedding Plants

£      5,054

£ 21,805





£ 110,509