(For amendments, please see the minutes of the next meeting when available.)



Minutes of Community Council Meeting

held in the Burgh Chambers on

Friday, 9 December 2011 at 7 p.m.



PRESENT:                  Alex MacDonald (Chairman)                    

                                      Bob Smith (Vice Chairman)                                  

                                      Isabel Smith (Secretary)

                                      John Russell (Treasurer)

                                      Peter George                                                               

                                  Cllr George Kay

                                  Bill Kirkhope (Editor of Burgh Buzz)

 Zoè Williamson (minutes secretary)

 Christine Dewar

 Gary Cummins



ATTENDING:            14 Members of the Public


APOLOGIES:              Ed Pybus, Morag Douglas, Cllr Susan Leslie,

                                      Cllr Ron Edwards, Tim Hailey, Martin McDonald,

                                      Neil Millsop






1.             Chairman’s Opening Remarks


The chair opened the meeting and gave thanks to all for their work on various activities, in particular for the Remembrance Day events. He informed the meeting that the Scot’s verse competition award was very successful.


2.             Minutes of Previous Meeting


The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted, proposed by Bob Smith and seconded by Peter George.


3.             Notification of Community Concerns for A.O.B. (Item 12)



4.             Police Report

No police report available.


5.             Deveron Homes Presentation

Deveron Homes provided a brief presentation about the revised planning application. 37 units are being planned for and it was noted that 35 are required to ensured the project is financially viable. Deveron stated that they wished to create a sympathetic development and are doing as much as possible to engage and consult with the local community. Discussion followed with comments and questions from members of the public and Community Council.


                 Alex Macdonald summarised the discussion as follows:

                 It was acknowledged that the number of units were reduced and variety of house types given the smaller size of profile.

                 Concerns were raised about: density; south boundary density; road layout, junctions and traffic; full impact of landscape design on environment.



6.             Secretary’s and Treasurer's Report


6.1.          Secretary’s Report


                 Nothing further to report


6.2.          Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer issued a written report, and this is appended to the minutes [available on request].


7.             Environment


7.1.          Local Issues:

                 Handrail at Haddow Grove: Does not appear to have had any attention. Ron Edwards to follow this up.


                 Lights at links car park: Approx. 10 lights out at car park, Cllr Kay to follow up. It is assumed this is a technical fault needing minor repair.


                 Grit bins: Cllr Kay reported the bins he ordered have been delivered. Peter George to provide names of streets to Cllr Kay to review locations for further bins.


                 Toll Park: Peter George asked when we would be informed of the results form the on-site tests.


                 Cllr Leslie confirmed (by letter) the bench outside the library is in process of being refurbished. 



8.             Burgh Buzz

Bill Kirkhope stated the deadline is 11th January and to be aware this deadline is before the next community council meeting.



9.             Ongoing Business Items


9.1.          Review of Local Planning Applications:

                 Domestic Garage at 5 Lammerlaws Road

                 Two storey house at 63-65 Aberdour Rd.


                 Change of use of Rossend Castle: change of use to domestic dwelling with erection of garage. As this is a listed building the garage must be sympathetic to fit with the building. Concerns were raised regarding public access.

          Alex Macdonald stated that in any comment to Fife Council regarding the application would include a statement regarding the public access to Rossend Castle.



     Grange Holiday Park

There was some discussion over the plans for the Grange Holiday park and a number of concerns were raised and discussed. These included the timescale and lapse in time since original consultation; layout and design of park and location and quality of lodges; phases of development and commitment to complete the project; scale, complexity and environmental impact of development; transport links, roads and infrastructure, including the drains on the A909.

The Community Council agreed with Tim’s proposal to submit a draft response refer back to the original concerns raised (as noted above).



9.2.          Strategic Projects Group – War Memorial

Bob Smith provided an update:

HurdRolland confirmed planning and listed building applications have been lodged.

Local residents have been notified

Second invoice has been received from HurdRolland – this will be sent on to Burntisland Development Trust to be paid

There has been a difficulty in obtaining tenders. BDT have been asked if the would consider a selection if only 2 tenders rather than 3 tenders stipulated. However, now had two tenders submitted in addition, now totalling 4 submitted tenders.


The community Council were provided with details of tenders and advice from Jim Murphy. After discussion a preferred bidder was selected and Strategic Projects Group will act accordingly.


9.3.      Floral Enhancement:


Planters have been vandalised

A grant application has been submitted.

            Joyce wished to recognise how good the planters were looking.


9.4.          Sixth Review of UK Parliamentary Constituencies:

                 There are proposed changes to Westminster constituencies with a reduction in MPs. Scotland will from 59 to 52.

                 Fife has 4. The composition of the 4 may be changed to include Clackmannashire.

The proposal is potential for Burntisland to be moved to Dunfermline East. Cllr Kay explained to the Community Council the discrepancies in the constituency borders with this as Wards would be kept together. This would mean parts of Kirkcaldy town would then become part of Dunfermline East Constituency. The Community Council agreed that Kirkcaldy is most appropriate Constituency for Burntisland.

9.5.          Remembrance Day 2011

                 Thanks were given to various oragnistaions and individuals including:

Youth organistaions; Fife Council and Police; attendance from BCC members; help form all individuals on the day with food and dishes.


Need BCC members to be as involved as possible and encourage more members to be actively involved next year.



10.           Awaiting Updates


10.1.        Scottish Water – Haugh Road Flooding

                 Strategic Projects Group will be meeting prior to January BCC meeting.


10.2.        Palace Cinema Site

Nothing Further to Update – to be removed from future agendas


10.3.        Burntisland Sports Group

Meeting on Monday with representatives from Fife Council Economic Development section. There is an issue with ground space being provided. The training pitch might need to be reduced which will then accommodate only 2 rather than 3 pitches. Gillian Low has stated that the MUGA is priority.


Discussion took place about possible funding for securing pitches and a MUGA. Further options will need to be explored.



10.4.        104 High Street/Library


No further news other than building is to be made water-tight.


10.5.        Clock Chimes


Meeting with Fife council to address issue of lack of noise of chimes. Proposed way forward has been agreed. Probably no final resolution until Jan or Feb 2012.


10.6.        Links Community Trust


No update


10.7.        Burgh Chambers Furniture


Bob reported that there was still no response form Esa Mcintosh.

It was agreed that a decision would be deferred and make an application to common good fund in next financial year.


10.8.        Draft Common Good Fund Property Review Report


Carried forward.


10.9.        Christmas Lights

Ed Pybus as contact re Christmas lights. Everything appears to have gone smoothly

Christmas lights damaged in strong winds from the storm. One light looked like it was faulty. These will be checked. 6 lights removed and rest have been checked and re-secured.

There is a cost involved in calling out the contractor for repairs. It is unknown at this point if the cash allocated for contingency planning is sufficient. It was suggested that weak brackets could be the issue. Alex Macdonald to liaise with Ken Halley regarding responsibility of repairs.


10.10.   BCC Membership

                 Expression of interest for 2 vacancies. John Bruce (who won community award in 2002). John was a special constable and is semi-retired. BCC agreed his membership.


10.11       New Primary School Public Meeting/Consultation

                 Alex Macdonald met with Doug Marr, HMIe from Education Scotland. HMIe stated he can only comment on educational impact. He received copy of numerical feedback from Fife Council and questioned some of the data provided. This related in particular to respondents declaring whether they were residents or not of Burntisland and the relationship with school.

He noted in his report the fact of the division in the community. He reviewed comments from individuals and noted concern over management of road safety was a concern raised by those both in favour or otherwise of the planned site.  He was not aware of the proposal for a holiday park, or the industrial estate being only part occupied.


A meeting was held of stakeholder group of primary school project. Morag attended instead of AM. She reported that it would appear everything going ahead. There was no mention of consultation or views of community etc. So far testing has produced no surprises. A Council architect has been appointed. Final decision will be taken on 12th January and any objections must be made within 6 weeks.


Cllr Kay stated that a report will be published on 21st Dec from Fife Council and this will include Doug Marr’s report.



11.           Community award – Closed Business

                 Nominations were discussed and winner agreed.


New Business Items


12.           Any Other Business



13.           Date of Next Meeting


B.C.C Meeting - Friday 13th January 2012 at 7 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers