FRIDAY, 10 JUNE 2011

7 P.M.




                            PRESENT:            Alex MacDonald (Chairman)

                                                          Bob Smith (Vice Chairman) 

                                                           Isabel Smith (Secretary)

                                                           John Russell (Treasurer)

                                                           Brian Partridge (Minutes Secretary)

                                                             Peter George

                                                             Lorraine Simpson

                                                     Cllr Susan Leslie

                                                           Cllr George Kay

                                                     PS Martin McGovern

                                                     Bill Kirkhope (Editor of Burgh Buzz)


                             ATTENDING:        16 Members of the Public


                            APOLOGIES:        Gary Cummins

                                                     Morag Douglas

                                                     Christine Dewar

                                                     Neil Millsop

                                                     Tim Hailey

                                                     Martin McDonald

                                                               Zoe Williamson

                                                     Cllr Ron Edwards







          The Chairman welcomed the attendees and reported apologies as noted above.





         An amendment to the minutes was noted, in which the fourth bullet on Page 4 should read as follows: “… Cllr Kay reported that the Community Payback team would begin work which will continue ….” The Minutes of the previous meeting were adopted, proposed by Peter George and seconded by John Russell.




          11.1  Braefoot Bay expansion


4.       POLICE REPORT – PS Martin McGovern


          PS McGovern highlighted antisocial behaviour as a priority for attention.


         He commented on a crime that had fatal consequences and expressed a concern that there were still some tensions around the incident, given that the associated funeral had taken place today.


          Cllr Susan Leslie reported that the fencing next to the railway had been repaired.     





    Items addressed:-


·    Weed Spraying

·    Question on dog warden - Cllr Susan Leslie responded one was in place

   But with a large area to cover another one was in training

·    Recycling Bins

·    Suitability of road crossing at Entrance to Braehead – Cllr Kay offered to

    check the response from Transportation officials to earlier comments and report back.

·    Question on whether the school crossing patrols were to be removed.

Cllr Leslie said this was not the case





          6.1.   Secretary Report


          Nothing further to report.


          6.2.   Treasurer’s Report


          The Treasurer issued a written report highlighting a balance of £4,162.89 in the account to 10 June 201, but with current commitments the balance available to the Community Council is £1,291.52


          Bill Kirkhope asked a question about the Burgh Buzz finances and was advised that some advertising revenues had not yet been received by the Treasurer.


        The Treasurer reported that Fife Council increases in rent for the Burgh Chambers are prohibitive and recommended that provision should be made for volunteer groups to use rooms free of charge, with all costs met from the Common Good Fund.

        The Chair proposed that he and the Treasurer would seek an appropriate concession from Fife Council.

          Action:  Alex MacDonald






          Bill Kirkhope reported that the copy deadline for the next issue is 15th July. The next issue would include the Highland Games. During civic week the Buzz would be out & about taking photos for articles. Bill commented that greater participation would be required over the months to come in order to fill the next issues.


         Bill was keen to acknowledge the work done by volunteers and proposed a social function for all the volunteers, funded by the advertising revenue.


          Action:  Bill Kirkhope




          8.1.    Review of Local Planning Applications


          See SCI Eco village agenda item 10.1.


          8.2.   War Memorial


          The Vice Chairman reported that the Heritage Lottery Fund was unlikely to grant funding until the definitive costs have been identified. To assist that process, Burntisland Development Trust have agreed to release £7,200 of the grant which was awarded, so that a detailed feasibility study can be completed.


        The Chairman reported that the Strategic Projects Group met to review priorities and have reduced the number of open projects from 29 to 23. The revised list will be circulated before the next meeting. 

Action: Alex MacDonald.


          8.3.   Clock Chimes


                    The date for the street party to celebrate the reinstatement of the chimes will be 27th Aug 2.00pm – 6.00pm.  The proposal was to switch on the chimes, parade on the High Street, Radio lollypop & Highland dancing.  A meeting will be held 20th June

          Action:  M. Douglas/B. Smith


         8.4.    Links Community Trust


                    John Russell is preparing a draft business plan to form a Scottish Charitable Trust to manage the Common Good Assets in Burntisland. He will e-mail for comment


          Action:  J. Russell


          8.5.   Burgh Chambers Furniture


          The Vice Chairman reported that two quotations (£7,200 & £4,000) for refurbishment of the Burgh Chambers furniture have been obtained.  A third quotation is awaited.  Neil Millsop suggested that he has contacts that could assist in the evaluation of the quotations when all have been received.


          Action:  B. Smith

8.6        Spring Bedding


                    Cllr Kay reported that the details of an earlier Common Good Fund application had been changed by officials with the intention of reducing by half the sum requested from that source. Although done with the best of intentions the change had not been communicated, giving rise to understandable disq uiet.  A response on Fife Council’s detail plans for the provision of bedding in 2012 is still to be determined.


                   Action:  Meeting arranged for 15th June Cllr Kay


          8.7    Burntisland Floral Enhancement


          Sponsorship found from local businesses for hanging baskets. Requirement to provide watering.


          Action:  J.I.M. Smith and Bob Smith to arrange a subcommittee Fri 24th June 4.00pm


8.8.   New Primary school Consultation Document


         The Chairman met the Executive Director (Education) who acknowledged less than perfect engagement in the consultation process to date. It was confirmed that there will be another round, albeit brief, of statutory consultation, in which Fife Council will be required to respond to all inputs and which is subject to review by HM Inspectorate of Education.  This will take place sometime between mid September and October. It was confirmed that there was no proposal in hand for subsequent use or disposal of the Ferguson Place site. Further information is awaited from the Education Service.


Action: Alex MacDonald




          9.1.   Haugh Road Flooding/Cromwell Road Smell


                    A meeting took place with Fife Council and Scottish Water on 27 May 2011. Informal notes of the agreed actions had been prepared by Cllr Susan Leslie and included the following:


·          Regular cleaning and treatment of the Links Car Park pumping station.

·          Review alternative pumping arrangements with SEPA.

·          Log flooding incidents by street name rather than postcode.

·          Scottish Water to prepare an article for the Burgh Buzz.

·          Complete extensive root cutting of outfall pipe at Haugh Road.

·          Improve performance of storm pumps.

·          Request capital spend to reline the outfall pipe at Haugh Road.

·          Create an external flooding register to help understand the scale of the



          9.2.   Common Good Fund Property Review


          Cllr Kay handed out a draft report for consultation & comment. It was suggested that Community Council should take time to read the report and then compile Questions and Comments via email in time for the next meeting


Action: Secretary to circulate copies by e-mail.


          9.3.   Proposed Visit to 104 High Street/Library


          Still no access to date. Cllr Edwards to arrange a meeting that includes access to the premises to assess the property’s condition for possible future use.


          Action:  Ongoing until date set Cllr Edwards

          9.4.   Palace Cinema Site


          Cllr Kay has met with various departments within Fife Council and is considering 3 options.

                   Action: Cllr Kay


          9.5.   Local Community Planning Consultation Document



          Action:  T. Hailey


          9.6.   Fife Council Local Plan Additional Sites for House Building –   T. Hailey


          The developer Deveron Homes met Alex MacDonald, Bob Smith, Tim Hailey and Neil Millsop to learn about the community’s aspirations for a site at Grange Road, for which planning consent had been refused. At the same time, the Community Council had been asked by the Scottish Government to comment on potential sites for housing in that vicinity. Members of the public submitted a petition which had circulated among residents of Colinswell Road and Kilmundy Drive and which sought to protect against excessive development.


          After discussion, it was noted that the possible sites were environmentally sensitive and might be constrained by being in multiple ownership. It was agreed to support the earlier recommendation of an Inquiry Reporter that housing was an appropriate use of the sites in question but that the density should be limited.


Action: Alex MacDonald to advise Scottish Government accordingly.



        9.7      Burntisland Sports Group- Gillian Lowe


Gillian distributed a paper which summarised recent desktop analyses of various options. From the perspective of the Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, the only viable option at the Beacon was a 60m by 40m pitch in 2 surfaces, with 1 as a MUGA surface suitable for tennis and a separate synthetic surface suitable for football. Current proposals for a new school on the Toll Park are not sufficiently advanced for a comparable assessment of alternative facilities to be made and assume a grass surface, rather than synthetic. It is therefore not yet possible to decide which of the options is preferred on financial, management or community grounds.



  9.8     ACoRP Community Rail Awards 2011 – Gary Cummins



Action: G. Cummins



10.   Any Other business



10.1.   SCI – Eco Village at Widow’s Land Burntisland – Cllr Edwards


          It was agreed to invite SCI to address the next meeting


Action: Isabel Smith to invite SCI accordingly


         10.2  Braefoot Bay Expansion


         Plans are in hand for an expansion of the ExxonMobil capacity at Braefoot Bay. The proposal is within the terms of the existing Permitted Development Rights so is not the subject of a planning application. The current maximum permitted capacity is 533 ships per year (both Shell and ExxonMobil), with an actual maximum to date of 310 ships per year. The increase in capacity will allow up to 325 ships per year, through the prevention of bottlenecks. Consultants AD Little (who prepared the original hazard contours both onshore and offshore) have completed a safety risk assessment and concluded that the resulting change in risks is not significant.





          BCC Meeting – Friday 12 August 2011 at 7 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers.





Treasurers Report – [available on request]