Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of meeting       7.00 pm  Friday  10 August 2007


Present :                     A MacDonald                                      Chair

D Plant                                                Vice chair           

R Blanchard                                          Secretary

Mrs A Grant                                               Treasurer

T Hailey                              Mrs D Reid                        Mrs C Dewar                        A Smart             

                                     Mrs S MacGregor               G MacGregor                  R Smith


Councillor Ron Edwards            Councillor G Kay             Councillor  Susan Leslie                             

PC Coombes                                    10 members of the public attended 


Apologies :                 B Stuart               Mrs H Leuchars              R Leuchars        

Sgt. Johnston


Minutes :                    Minutes of the meeting of 8 June 2007 were proposed for adoption by Mrs A Grant seconded by Tim Hailey.



Councillors Reports :

Councillor Edwards                      Per typed report.


Councillor Kay                 Limestone Pier : meeting took place with Peter Dickson.  Still questions over ownership!!   Cowdenbeath Road to have speed restriction measures introduced.  High Street slabs, drains and beach remedial works all noted with Bob Fenton.  Repairs expected over next 4 to 6 weeks.  Path behind Dick Crescent to re open probably next week but it may be November before the wall is repaired.  Recycling centre to open soon at Church Street.


Councillor Leslie  Per typed report.


Police Report            

PC Coombes reported that the murder case is still working.  Vandalism, speeding, theft from and damage to planters have taken up police time.  Fixed penalty tickets have been issued for public drinking and minor disorders.  The traffic warden has been on sick leave.  Sunday enforcement stated to be because the regulations are there to be enforced despite general BCC and public opinion that it creates a poor impression of police working and deters visitors.   Fife Council to be approached to relax Sunday restrictions if such a move is supported by public consultation.


New Business

Burntisland Blooms            Mrs MacGregor reported that judging took place on 9 July.  Burntisland won its local round but came second to Cupar for the area.   The negative aspects of the town were touched upon but it was noted that action was already underway on most of them.  More input from traders was recommended and more public participation would be well received.  A vote of congratulations was made to Sheila for her excellent sustained input this year and previous years.


Christmas Lighting            Considerable damage had occurred to units during dismantling and storage.  The erection and dismantling contract last season cost £6,300.00.  A new contractor has quoted around one half of this cost for the current year.  Out of 58 businesses approached in the town only 8 made a contribution last season. 


Police Operations Support Department             A visit is to be arranged soon.  5 members have expressed interest.


Forth Ports / East Dock            Forth Ports has now agreed to a meeting but a date is still to be arranged.  Cllrs Kay and Leslie are meeting with Forth Ports Monday next week.


Community Council Elections            Linda Purdie is the first point of contact.

Timetable                                           Election date is Thursday 11 October 2007.  Public announcement will be made on Friday 31 August 2007 after which two weeks are allowed for lodgement of nominations.  4pm Thursday 13 September 2007 is the final deadline for lodging.  Withdrawal may take place after that date.  Forms can be obtained from Town House or Locality offices.  14 places are available.


Fife Structure Plan                 There are proposals for a further 350 houses in 11 areas around the town between now and 2026.  Already approved are Grange Distillery, Greenmount Hotel and Grange area.  Possible sites are Grange Farm (Holiday Park), land South of railway station and the dock area.  It is estimated that 150 houses would be possible between the station and dock areas.

Possible future areas :            North side of Cowdenbeath Road opposite Craig Court, this would  require a roundabout plus other infrastructure adjustments.

                                                Newbigging Farm, north of Aberdour Road.

                                                Grange Farm, south of Cowdenbeath Road.

It would be possible to build around 900 homes on these sites.


Planners have already rejected Red Pond due to potential flooding and a small area off Kinghorn Road.


There will be public consultation drop-in events, the nearest one being Wednesday 15 August 2007,

2 to 8 pm at Town House Kirkcaldy.


St Andrew’s Day            Proposals are in place for a public holiday to be made of this day.  Options are to replace an existing public holiday or add a new one.  The latter option was favoured by BCC.  It was explained that this did not add to employees entitlement to annual paid holidays.


Dodhead Golf Club Development            Support was not favoured by BCC on the grounds that this is development of a commercial venture and therefore not a BCC issue.


Scottish Water  A letter has been received from the commercial manager providing his contact details.


Remembrance Parade            This will be on Sunday 11 November.  Mrs Grant will make the arrangements.


Planning Applications            Copy plans for the Grange Holiday Village are to be requested and Secretary will seek extension to period for representations.


Next meeting                         Friday 14 September 2007 Burgh Chambers 7pm.



The public meeting was followed by a private meeting of BCC members only at which honoraria were agreed to be awarded to various members to take account of out of pocket expenses incurred in carrying out duties as Community Councillors.