Minutes of Community Council Meeting held in the Burgh Chambers on Friday,10th August 2012 at 7 p.m.





Alex MacDonald (Chair)

Bob Smith (Vice Chair)

Isabel Smith (Secretary)

John Russell (Treasurer)

Zoe Williamson (Minutes Secretary)

Gary Cummins

Morag Douglas

Tim Hailey

Christine Dewar

Neil Milsop

John Bruce

Ed Pybus

Ian McKenzie

Gordon Langlands

Paul Briscoe

Cllr Peter George

Cllr Susan Leslie

PC Tony Kinsell



6 members of the public



PS Ross Davidson

Martin Macdonald

Cllr George Kay



1.         Chairman’s Opening Remarks and Apologies for Absence

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and informed the meeting that John Bruce has taken over responsibility for ‘Environment’.


2.         Minutes of Previous Meeting (11 May 2012)

            Minutes agreed, proposed by Bob Smith and seconded by Tim Hailey.


3.         Notification of Community Concerns for A.O.B.  (Item 8)



4.         Police Report – PS Ross Davidson

            PS Ross Davidson has been relocated to Kirkcaldy. There are still 3 community officers stationed at Burntisland. There are proposals to cease Community Officer attendance at the CC meetings altogether.


A report was provided giving details of the recent speeding survey and focus on parking issues following concerns raised. The meeting was informed of crime figures and police action regarding Drug Searches, Youth Disorder and Test Purchases.


A brief discussion was held regarding the reduction in police community officers and the relocation of PS Davidson and the ending of police reports at the CC meeting. The Police Community Meetings are being seen as a replacement for attendance at CC meetings.


Action Point: Christine Dewar and John Bruce volunteered to attend Policy Community Meetings and report these back to BCC as appropriate.



5.         Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Reports


Secretary’s report:   nothing to report

Treasurer’s report [available on request]:  report includes audited accounts. The formal adoption of the accounts was proposed by Tim Hailey and seconded by Christine Dewar. John will now apply for the Community Council Grant.


Bob enquired about the need to retain such a large figure as a contingency for the Burgh Buzz. Tim suggested to retain a smaller amount as a ‘working capital’ rather than a contingency.


Action Point: John Russell to apply to for Community Council Grant.

                        Paul Briscoe to speak with Bill Kirkhope regarding the need for the contingency fund.


6.         Environment

6.1.      Footpath to Binn –Cllr Kay. Cllr Leslie reported that the funding and the permissions were agreed and the work could now go ahead.  In light of that the Community Council may wish to take this item off the agenda.


6.2       Disrepair of the old Post Office building. There is a suggestion that it has been sold.

            Various Other issues were raised and discussed:

Crazy Golf area at the Links – the hut at the East End is to be removed – Cllr George will raise this issue.

Beach – various concerns raised re the beach, including weeds. Beach Cllr Leslie had arranged a clean up after recent unexpected good weather and was investigating refurbishment of the benches.


The status of Burntisland as a Royal Burgh: a request was made re getting a new sign stating this at the town limits. Cllr Leslie stated that Fife do not issue Royal Burgh signs and some Community Councils are pursuing this


Inchview – becoming very overgrown.  Cllr Leslie informed the meeting that there were 2 planning applications approved for the property.


Cllr George raised an issue re the timing of street cleaning, particularly during the summer months.


Bird-proofing the bins: The Seagulls create a significant mess in town and simple bird-proofing will solve this issue.


Action Point: Cllr George to raise issue re building at East End of Links

Cllr Leslie is investigating the refurbishment of benches

Cllr George to find out if timings of cleaning team can be changed to early in morning, at least during the summer months and look into providing bird-proofing bins.


7.         Burgh Buzz – B. Kirkhope

The Buzz is just out. There have been some issues with distribution but they should all be out now.


8.         Any Other Business

            8.1 Floral Action Burntisland – Scott Sweaton

FAB has now been established comprising 12 volunteers. Scott is Chair of the group. Plan to develop what has already been established. FAB have had discussion with Fife Council to discuss ways to further enhance the floral displays, including expanding the hanging baskets on the high street, supported by local businesses. The first development next year will be the enhancement of the town entrances with floral displays and planters. There is a possibility of getting ‘community payback’ teams involved. The War Memorial could be another floral development for the future.

They will be looking at fundraising opportunities and other grants that may be available. They have already established some sponsorship form local businesses.

FAB are looking to increase the volunteer base to support all the future developments.


Bob Smith confirmed that at present there is no design for floral beddings at War Memorial but the placement of troughs or baskets could be looked ta for future.


9.         New Business Items



10.       Ongoing Business Items

10.1.    Review of Local Planning Applications – T. Hailey

Only 1 application for12 units and Bunk House Eco Village at Widows Land. Paula Cowie was going to attend tonight but is ill.

Tim summarised possible issues for consideration:


AM invited comments from the meeting. After some discussion it was agreed an objection be noted on the following grounds:


-          location

-          safety of access on and off road

-          stability of ground

-          applicants preference was brownfield and this is not brownfield

-          visual impact


Action Point: TH and AM to draft response to state Objection to application.



10.2.    Strategic Projects Group: War Memorial/Haugh Road – A. MacDonald/B. Smith

HLF did not support our application for funding. The application did meet the criteria but HLF budget was depleted and other applications were a greater priority.

As a result the War Memorial will be delayed and not completed in this calendar year.

There is now planning consent from Listed Buildings. It might be necessary to also get a building warrant. Condition to submit approval of all materials to be used so this will need to be fulfilled.

We also now need to extend quotation for the work.


Options to be considered:

-          just conserve War memorial - approx £50k.

-          look at alternative landscaping options

-          submit an application to Fife Environment Trust (Deadline September)



10.3.    New Primary School Public Meeting/Consultation – A. MacDonald

10.4.    Improving Communications – J. Russell/Z. Williamson/E. Pybus

            Nothing further to report. A working group is needed to take things on.

ZW to send Isabel original paper re Communications to be circulated.

Group volunteered: Neil, Morag, Ed, Zoè, Alex, Gordon, Gary. Meeting to be arranged before next BCC meeting and report back then.

Action Point: ZW resend document with proposals. Communications Strategy Group to meet prior to next full BCC meeting in September.


10.5.    Exiles Day 2012 – J. Russell.

Bob reported on the event – it was well attended and Jim Leishman, the newly elected Provost, was in attendance..

Bob extended his thanks to all the helpers who helped out and made the event a success.

Cllr George conveyed thanks from the Provost for a successful day and he would like to attend next year also.


            10.6.    Parking on Links – Cllr Kay.

Brief discussion re possible solutions to this issue.  The issue appears to be on occasion rather than a daily issue. Cllr Leslie suggested it could be brought up at the wash-up meeting after the Shows.


Cllr George raised issue that there was no entry on to the Links for Fire Brigade on Games Day.

AM explained that the fire lanes were not marked out this year. There was space but the lanes were not physically marked. This is a possible issue as at present we rely on the retained Fire Crew from Burntisland knowing where the access points are. If a unit had to be deployed from Kirkcaldy access points may not be clear.


Action Point: AM to speak with Showmen and see if there is a way forward.



11.       Awaiting Update

11.1.    Clock Chimes – Cllr S. Leslie/B. Smith/J. Russell

11.2.    Links Community Trust/Links Accounts – J. Russell/A. MacDonald

11.3.    Burgh Chambers Furniture – B. Smith

11.4.    Draft Common Good Fund Property Review Report – A. MacDonald

11.5.    Burgh Chambers Clock Tower Repair – Cllr G. Kay

11.6.    Access to Rossend Castle and relocation of Antiquities – A. MacDonald

No further updates on the above.


Essential repairs are being carried out at the Tower. A full survey will be carried out in the future.


12.       Date of Next Meeting

            B.C.C. Meeting - Friday, 14 September 2012 at 7 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers              


13.       Private Session: BCC Members Only


            A complaint was raised by one of the Community Councillors against another of the Community Councillors. A discussion was held to attempt to mediate and reconcile the issue.