Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of Community Council Meeting held in the Burgh Chambers on

Friday 10th September 2010 at 7 p.m.



Present:                                                                            Alex MacDonald (Chairman)        Cllr Ron Edwards

            Bob Smith (Vice Chairman)                                 Cllr Susan Leslie (Part-Time)

            Isabel Smith (Secretary)                                      Bill Kirkhope (Editor Burgh Buzz)

            Aneris Grant (Treasurer)                                      PS S. Murray

            Christine Dewar

            Gordon McGregor                                                    

            Sheila McGregor

            Sam Purvis

            Gordon Ritchie

            Morag Douglas


Attending:        10 Members of the Public


Apologies:       Ron Blanchard, Tim Hailey, Heather Leuchars, Gillian Lowe





1.         Chairman’s Opening Remarks and Apologies for Absence


            The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting and gave apologies for absence:-


H. Leuchars, T. Hailey, G. Lowe, R. Blanchard, Councillor G. Kay and K. Halley (Locality Manager).


2.         Minutes of Meeting held on 13th August 2010


            Minutes approved on motion of R. Smith and seconded by G. Ritchie.


3.         Notification of Community Concerns for A.O.B. – Item 10


            10.3.    Update Mossmorran

            10.4.    Burntisland Environment.


4.         Fife Council Locality Manager’s Report


In absence of K. Halley the Chairman gave his report on Burntisland Local Services Centre. The basis of this report was the proposed strategy for maintaining/improving service levels in face of significant budget cuts. It is proposed that the entrance to the local services centre will be closed to the public and all local services will be integrated through the library entrance. There will be alterations within the library and considerable staff training. Thereafter, access to local services will be extended to include Thursday evenings and Saturdays.


There was considerable discussion on this item regarding space available and privacy, and also the need for assurance that the book aspect of the premises will not suffer loss of space. Councillors Edwards and Leslie said they were aware of the generality of the proposed improvement and the detailed questions which arose would be the subject of further discussion.


5.         Amended Agenda – Police Report


            Sergeant Murray gave a report stating that anti-social behaviour was lower at present than anticipated.  Community management model for Burntisland area would continue and it was hoped attendance at meetings would improve.  Items such as road safety, dog fouling, and parking at primary school had received attention with police/traffic wardens dealing with parking and joint police/dog wardens at links.


            Speeding on Kinghorn Loch Road was cause for concern and this was constantly under review.


            Regarding car parked partially on pavement (Kinghorn Road) legally there was nothing police could do as it was not causing an obstruction.


            Another Duty Community Officer would be in place in October 2010.


            Other Traffic Problems – Councillor Edwards


            Proposal to move position of traffic lights at top of Kirkton Road, Fife Council would be responsible for moving lights.  Presently awaiting Scottish Government Consultation on speed limits (due October).


Traffic Lights – Haugh Road still awaiting resolution.  Bollards had been placed at Golf Tavern to prevent pavement parking.


6.         Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Report


            Secretary reported all in order.


            Treasurer reported all accounts paid and audit will be done before new B.C.C. takes over in November.


7.         Burgh Buzz


            Mr Kirkhope stated that deadline for next issue would be 16th October.  Website problems being dealt with.  Distribution going well.  Social gathering for volunteers to be held on 3rd October.


8.         Ongoing Business


8.1.      No new planning applications.

Vacant site at Palace Cinema – plans for redevelopment agreed subject to thirteen conditions.


8.2.      Strategic Projects Group – War Memorial


            Basic proposal and layout, revised estimate approximately £110,000 for overall costs, includes paving, re-siting bus stop etc.  Consent to proceed with fund raising given in principle.  Landscaping of surrounding area to be looked at later.

8.3.      Scottish Water – Haugh Road Flooding


            This topic again was considered with a growing anger and frustration that despite so many consultations with Scottish Water, nine flooding events had occurred this year and sewage was a continuing health hazard.


            Before recourse to possible legal action it was agreed to refer matter to Marilyn Livingstone (MSP) and seek discussions at higher level with Scottish Water/Fife Council/B.C.C.


8.4.      Common Good Fund – Property Review


            Confirmation relevant documents available in Library – input from local persons would be helpful – information posters ready.


8.5.      Burntisland Blooms


            S. McGregor reported that this year vandalism etc had been negligible, but if floral projects were to expand extra volunteers are required.  Community garden site being cleared and recycled, compost will be used on this area.  School children have been involved in bulb planting.  2011 project enhancement Cromwell Road roundabout.


            Boat” Floral Display – Cromwell Road


            It appears that in accepting the “Boat” offer, B.C.C. unknowingly became involved in a dispute of ownership between Angling Club and a third party.  In view of this B.C.C. would co-operate in return of boat.


9.         New Business Items


9.1.      Burntisland’s Big Day Out


Very successful with many organisations taking part.  The Ecology Centre and ATC at Unity Hall were also involved.


9.2.      Applications for Licence Variations -  Golf Tavern (Approved), The Crown, The Star


                                    Morag Douglas declared an interest and left the room during discussion of this item. Although B.C.C. and Local Residents had lodged objections to the Application by the Golf Tavern for extension of opening hours and access for children and young persons, the Application has been approved by the Licensing Board.  Concern was expressed at the encouragement of access for children to local licenced premises and the extension of drinking time.  Two further Applications for the Crown Tavern and the Star were reviewed, and based on satisfactory Operating Plans, no objections were recorded by the Council.


9.3.      Remembrance Day


            Arrangements were ongoing.


9.4.      B.C.C. Elections


The election will take place on 14 October 2010 and nomination papers have to be submitted by 16th September 2010.


9.5.      Links Accounts


There is still a good deal of clarification required on these accounts and further information should be available at October meeting.


9.6.      Common Good Fund – Fife Council Maintenance Work


            No response yet received re open windows at premises at rear of B.C.C. Councillor Edwards will respond.


9.7.      Forth Estuary Forum Membership


            Agreement to pay £10 yearly affiliation fee.


9.8.      Review of Polling Places


            Consideration should be given to disabled access at Polling places.


9.9.      Burntisland Cemetery Works, Toll Park Roundabout, Bus Route Alterations


            Cemetery:   Water meter in place.  Sand at gravestones being reviewed.


            Toll Park Roundabout:   Cllr Edwards to respond.


Bus Route Alterations:  Stagecoach state there is bus to Leven but (6) and (6A) will go by Victoria Hospital.


9.10.    Focus on Crocus Project – G. Ritchie


Burntisland/Kinghorn Rotary Project to plant 10,000 bulbs (Purple) at different sites in Burntisland, Kinghorn, Aberdour and Auchtertool to highlight a project to eradicate worldwide Polio.


9.11.    Common Good Fund Application – Fife Financial Project


            Application for £4,628 for Fife Financial Project in Kirkcaldy area rejected as there was no evidence of benefit for the community in Burntisland.


9.12.    Independent Custody Visiting in Fife


            Request to public re this noted.


9.13.    Children’s Panel - Recruitment Campaign 2010


            Volunteers required noted.


9.14.    Review of Supplementary Guidance on Affordable Housing


            Consultation document carried forward to October meeting.


10.       Any Other Business


10.1.    Burntisland Film Society – Ellen Morris


Constitution and Membership in place. Equipment ready and open day film show will be held at Inchview Hotel, Sunday, 26th September and thereafter Wednesday/Sunday 3rd week of month during winter.


10.2.    Update Mossmorran


            The Chairman gave a brief summary of the previous evening’s meeting of the Mossmorran and Braefoot Bay liaison committee.  Open evenings at Braefoot Bay had been outstandingly successful, with some people being turned away because of capacity limits.  ExxonMobil had now completed 15 years at Mossmorran without a Lost Time Injury.  ExxonMobil would again be sponsoring a pantomime for senior citizens, which will be held in early December at the Carnegie Theatre in Dunfermline.  Shell will again be sponsoring the highly-respected “Safe Drive – Stay Alive” roadshow at the Rothes halls, on 2nd November.  Throughput at the Shell plant is expected to increase by 25% with the addition of a new supply source, but it can be accommodated within the existing capacity of the plant.


10.3.    Burntisland Environment


State of shrubbery’s and trees.  Councillor Edwards will check Fife Council Winter schedule.



11.       Date of Next Meeting


                        Friday, 8th October 2000 at 7 p.m. in Burgh Chambers.


                        Presentation – Drug and Alcohol Project (carried forward).