[This copy has been amended to take account of a correction agreed at the meeting on 14 November 2008.]



Minutes of Meeting held on Friday 10th October 2008 at 7pm



A MacDonald (Chair)

R Smith (Vice Chair)

G Ritchie (Secy)

A Grant (Treas)

C. Dewar

T. Hailey

M. Douglas

Cllrs. S. Leslie and R. Edwards.


1 Apologies were received from H. Leuchars, S & G. McGregor, G. Lowe and Councillor G. Kay.


2 Minutes of meeting held on 12 September 2008 - were approved proposed by R. Smith and seconded by M. Douglas. In the absence of the minutes secretary, the treasurer Aneris Grant kindly agreed to take notes and produce the Minutes of the meeting.


3 Notification of Community concerns for discussion under Item 10 - No additions.


4 Police Report:

The chairman reported that Sgt. Potter was unable to attend, but had indicated that there was nothing pressing to report. Chairman agreed to write Police authority re continued attendance of Police representative at meeting - this was very much appreciated by the community.


5 Fife Council Locality Manager's report:

Bus shelter- Cowdenbeath road - replaced.

Manhole covers - Cromwell road - further details required.

Broomhill Avenue - requires immediate attention.

Jet skiers - Burntisland Bay - suitable safety guidance notices to be erected as appropriate.

Kirkton Road - position being progressed.

Christmas Lights - funding has been agreed.

New school project- this is progressing.

Skate Park - awaiting Scottish Power cable diversion - 4/5weeks.

Bollards - Allan Court - completed.


6 Correspondence

Secretary advised re Fife Elderly Forum Advocacy Service - information to be circulated.


7. Current items of business carried forward:

7.1 Consultative Draft Fife core paths plan:

Mr. B. Davidson, Chairman of the Burntisland Public Access Committee gave a very comprehensive report on all the problems, recommendations and solutions to this proposed plan - and noted the concerns expressed by the public re crossing points, disabled access and maintenance of these paths.

7.2. Pathways - care and maintenance: Longer term responsibility for these paths may lie with Fife Council - B.C.C. to make enquiries; Concern was expressed re dog-litter on certain paths and the non-availabiliy of bins.

7.3. Burntisland Sports - report: in the absence of Councillor Kay - the Secretary indicated that the nucleus of a steering committee had been formed and a draft Constitution has been prepared; A 'seed corn' grants applications was in hand. A further Meeting is to be held on 22/10/08 at 7 p.m and it is hoped for a good turnout to enable a committee to be formed .

7.4.Christmas Lights - up-date: Full funding has been put in place - totalling 4,450.00.

7.5. Events Committee/Civic week up-date: It was reported that the A.G.M. had been held and it appeared that if Office bearers could not be found to carry this forward that there would be no future for this event; the present office bearers would only stay in post until new persons volunteered - the deadline for this was Christmas 2008.

7.6. Armistice Day Service and Parade - Sunday 9 November 2008. Arrangements for this were in hand - Community Council members attending should join the parade at 10.10 a.m. at Harbour Place.

7.7. Report on Group visit to Mossmorran Petro-Chemical plant 3rd Oct.: The Chairman reported that this had been a very useful visit; and very Informative in regard to flaring and other Community concerns

7.8 Planning Applications review: Tim Hailey, the Planning Convenor advised that there were no significant application submitted to the planning committee this month.

7.9 Report on Common Good consultation meeting - 19th September: This meeting had been well received and Fife Council representatives had proved receptive to community concerns; 15 action points as per attached list had been carried forward for action - Secretary to ask that time-limits be appended to each item.

7.10 Common Good - public suggestion session report: Up-date amended detail from Fife Council - no members of public Had attended but further meeting would be held on 14/11/08.

7.11 Burntisland Blooms: S McGregor reported that she had collected the Best Kept Town in Centre Fife Award on behalf of the burgh for the second year running. A new discretionary award was also received for Best Community Floral Award in Central Fife. Congratulations to Sheila and Gordon on this achievement.

7.12 Burgh Buzz - The Chairman advised that we should be in a position to look at producing an issue early in 2009. but before this could happen help was required in regard of advertising issues, and anyone interest in helping should contact the Secretary - await developments.


8. New Business

8.1 Byelaws prohibiting consumption of Alcoholic liquor in designated public places. Confirmation by Fife Council that these would be enforced from 31/10/08.

8.2. Community Council Support working group proposal. It was agreed we support the re-establishment of this proposed working group.

8.3. ASCG Conference 22nd November in the Scottish Parliament: T. Hailey and Bob Smith nominated to attend this meeting.


9 Any Other Business - Nil.


10. Date of next meeting - Friday 14 November 2008 at 7.00 pm.