Minutes of meeting held in the Burgh Chambers

on Friday 11th January 2008




Alex MacDonald (Chair)

Bob Smith (Vice Chair)

Ron Blanchard (Secretary)

Tim Hailey; Gordon McGregor; Christine Dewar; Gillian Lowe; Aneris Grant; Sam Purvis; Gordon Ritchie; Sheila McGregor; Morag Douglas; Ramsay Leuchars; Heather Leuchars


Councillor George Kay

Councillor Susan Leslie


Apologies:        Councillor Ron Edwards


Attending:        12 members of the public


1.         Apologies: none required


2.         Minutes of the previous meeting were approved on a motion by Bob Smith             and seconded by Tim Hailey.


3.         Topics requested for inclusion in Any Other Business were noted.


4.         Police Report.


Various instances of crime were noted covering a period of 4-6 wks. A serious assault in Kinghorn resulted in a Burntisland person being charged. Police are making positive headway with an instance of a sexual offence on Burntisland Links. Three breaches of the peace resulted in arrests. Other domestic instances reported of festive period many due to consumption of alcohol. The Police are looking for information from the public in relation to vandalism to the following; smashing car windows and Aberdour Road area; boat at the Lammerlaws; theft of electrical items from a car – if approached by someone selling items please contact the Police. A youth has been charged for setting light to wheelie bins.  A female Officer PC Hay shall be joining Burntisland station.


5.         Combined report from Councillors.


 The combined Councillors reports were presented and discussed – Items of note being:-


Burntisland  ’Area of Great Landscape Value’

View  under New Business

Burntisland currently holds this title and it safeguards most of our area from significant development.  Fife Council is carrying out a review (finishes March) which could see an end to this. There is a link to www.fifedirect.org.uk or via an easy direct link on www.kinghorncommunity.org.uk. It is important as many people as possible respond as this could see an end to the current ’Area of Great Landscape Value’ which Burntisland holds.

Core Path Consultation

Rothes Halls room 10 on 19th January 10.am – 4pm hosting a drop in session.  This offers the final opportunity for members of the public to go along to put forward their views prior to adoption of the Core Path


Finalised Fife Structure Plan – Re-appraisal for the House Land Requirement.

This document was approved by Fife Council before Christmas and will inform Local Plans currently in development, including the Kirkcaldy & Mid Fife Local Plan.  Agreed strategic housing land allocations are 1000 units for south west Kirkcaldy and 300 units for Burntisland.


Traffic order;

James Park –a temporary ‘No waiting at any time’ restriction on Tuesdays between 10am-12noon at corner James Park/Craigkennochie Terrace in an attempt to solve difficulties of access for the bin lorries.


Traffic calming measures for the following roads;

Cowdenbeath Road –– work to start this week.

Kinghorn Road &

Cromwell Road – proposed start date early in new financial year


Dick Crescent – Repairs to wall due to commence this week.


6.                              Presentation by Cala homes – Kirkclady SW - Invertiel & Tyrie Farms


Derek Lawson (Strategic Land Director of Cala) addressed the meeting to present the Master Plan Proposals & Benefits regards developing the above farms.  The aim was to see what impact if any this could have on Burntisland & Kinghorn.  Concerns ranged from transport and road safety to impact on schooling and health care. It is said the bus route will not have a defamatory effect on those who use public transport.  A new build primary school would be incorporated within the site to accommodate the needs of the project & surrounding area (i.e. Seafield).  Also, at this time an undisclosed sum of money would be donated by Cala to Fife Council going towards a 3rd  secondary school already proposed by Fife Council. Cala Homes can be contacted direct for a leaflet which gives a fuller account of their proposals.



7.         Matters arising from Minutes not otherwise covered in the agenda.


     a)    Parking restriction (due to presentation this has been carried forward to next          meeting)


b)      Burntisland Primary – Scots Verse Presentation to be held on  Friday 25th January 2008 at 7pm within the Town Hall Burgh Chambers.  Family and friends of the children are invited to attend the presentation with a finger buffet to follow.


c)      Community award winner presentation yet to be confirmed as 15th February.







8                    New  Business


a)          Volunteer for Community Council service – Cheryl Spears appointed

b)          Young Hall – urgent need for repairs – meeting to be held Tuesday 15th Jan with Fife Council on site.

c)          Proposal to commemorate significant local people with a plaque given approval

d)          Heritage trail leaflets to be printed and distributed at location within the town

e)          Fife’s Local Landscape Designation Review – Fife Council review as Councillors report. It is important that people make their views known to safeguard our area.

f)            Core Path network – Rothes Halls meeting as Councillors report.

g)          Inchview Hotel – site visit with Planning – update next meeting

h)          Statement of Gambling Policy by Fife Council – this is currently being adhered to locally.

i)             Publication of National framework – update next meeting


 9         Planning Applications – no objections rose.


10.              Any Other Business


a)       Coastal Path – flooded area – BCC will pursue this with Fife Council

b)       Xmas Lights – due to high winds light could not be removed when scheduled.   Subsequent damage resulted to a fitting. Costing for a restraint to prevent damage in future to be looked at.

c)      Post Box – request for a ‘local mail’ box to be provided.  BCC will enquire with the Post Office.

d)      Bus Stop- Far east end of Kinghorn Road approaching the town. Concerns as to the size and visual safety of this platform. Councillors noted concerns.

e)      Links Street – Missing drain cover - A request for a metal cover to be re-instated has been made to replace the inadequate temporary cover.  Councillors noted concerns.


11.      Date of next meeting - Friday 8th February 2008