Minutes of Community Council Meeting held in the

Burgh Chambers on

Friday 11th March 2011 at 7 p.m.


Present             A. MacDonald (Chair)               B. Smith (Vice Chair)                   I. Smith (Secretary)


                         J. Russell (Treasurer)                G. Cummins                                P. George

                         M. Douglas                              C. Dewar                                    Z. Williamson

                         B. Partridge                             N. Millsop

                         Councillors:  R. Edwards and S. Leslie

Attending          PC Keith Gibb, Robbie Blyth (Green Dog Walkers), P. Briscoe (Dep. Editor Burgh Buzz),

                         14 members of the public


Apologies         H. Leuchars, G. McGregor, S. McGregor, T. Hailey, Cllr G. Kay, PS S. Murray


1.       Chairman’s Opening Remarks


After welcoming everyone the Chairman made reference to some deterioration in effectiveness of administration within Fife Council, which was causing frustration and which would become apparent late in the agenda.


Apologies for absence were read as noted.


2.       Minute of Previous Meeting (11 February 2011)                                                                                                                                                                            


·      item 11.5 – Bicycle Parking/Burntisland High Street – to read “ outside the Co-op. 4 stands = 8 bikes”

·      a change was advised to Fife Council’s contact name for community trust advice, for publication in the Burgh Buzz


          Minutes adopted. Proposed – R. Smith   Seconded C. Dewar


3.       Notification of Community Concerns for Any Other Business - Item 13     


          13.1   Lothian Road Signage to Car Park

          13.2   Beacon Centre

          13.3.  Toll Centre Management Arrangements

          13.4   World Challenge Project                                                                                                                                      


4.       Police Report - PC Keith Gibb (in place of PS S. Murray)                                                                                                        


PC Gibb reported that youth disorders were presently stable but, in anticipation of lighter nights escalating disorders, the police were monitoring social networking groups such as Facebook etc.                                    


There has been a rise in thefts from gardens and sheds for scrap metal. People are asked to report the registration number of any suspicious vehicle. Kirkcaldy Police presently pursuing the culprits.                                          

          Recent thefts from houses in January are unrelated.                                   

Speeding – Police have been out on foot in pairs with speed gun issuing tickets. Kirkcaldy Road, Cowdenbeath Road, Kirkton Road.

 PC Gibb noted requests to speed check Aberdour Road and Roundabout at entrance to Alcan site.

Road markings on High Street, including ‘Disabled’ in need of re-painting.


5.              Green Dog Walkers Campaign – Robbie Blyth                                                                                                                               


An employee of Fife Council, Robbie Blyth’s presentation was about reducing dog fouling. He began by pointing out that Blue Flag status can be lost by poor water quality resulting from dog fouling.  He listed the few times within the Act when dog waste did not require to be lifted and urged ‘the public’ to be pro-active in reporting instances they witness of dog fouling. Towards that goal he described how effective it can be for one witness to effect this, concluding “You can do more than you think”. Leaflets, arm bands, pet waste disposal bags were all displayed as part of the initiative to get dog owners to ‘sign a pledge’ of responsible dog ownership behaviour.


A question asked about the policing of fairground dogs was answered by Cllr Leslie to the effect that fairground stewards deal with this.


PC Gibb agreed to be the contact point for further co-ordination of a Green Dog Walkers campaign in Burntisland.


6.        Environment – P. George


A letter was read out from a householder concerned about overhanging vegetation in Dunearn Bank / Silverbarton Terrace.

Cllr Leslie to contact Gavin Gray/FC


   Unsuitable waste being left at recycling point on Haugh Road.


   Fly tipping reported in lay-by at top of Cowdenbeath Road.

Damien Woods to be emailed by Secretary


   Recycling bins still not in place top end of Grange Road.  Cllr Edwards requested twice.

Cllr Edwards will request again


   The question of when the Community Skip would return was asked.

   Cllr Edwards thought by the end of March.


A meeting is scheduled for Monday 14 March 2011 with Councillors and Community Councillors, to assess fly tipping and spurious refuse in Castle area.


7.       Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Report


The Secretary confirmed that the additional induction session for new Community Councillors would be on a Saturday morning.  When the date is known she will inform everyone concerned.


   The Treasurer circulated a full printed report.

   Account balance as at 14 March 2011, with all outstanding accounts paid - £1588.27.


John Russell agreed to do the additional duties Aneris had taken on, of Exiles Reception and Remembrance Sunday.  Aneris would assist John initially.


   Aneris advised that the Burgh Chambers needed to be booked now for the Exiles Reception.


8.       Burgh Buzz – P. Briscoe


   Paul Briscoe reported that all was well with the preparation for next issue of the Burgh Buzz.

   Distribution problems had been resolved.

9.       Ongoing Business Items


9.1     Review of local Planning Applications – T. Hailey had advised in his absence that there were no items requiring immediate discussion.


9.2     War Memorial – A. MacDonald/B. Smith

             Bob Smith informed that work could not proceed until all the funding was in place.

Alex MacDonald reported he should hear “anytime now” an answer to his application to Awards for All in respect of funding for a feasibility study to take the proposal up to the point of all statutory consents and fixed costs. Any possibility of subsequent funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund will require the project to include Educational content. Zoe Williamson outlined the ideas she and Cllr Leslie had developed to meet the criteria. This would involve P5 and P6’s in a ‘Why Remember’ project tailored to the present curriculum. Zoe will explore the potential further with the primary school.


          9.3     Clock Chimes – B. Smith/M. Douglas

On 12 Feb 2011 Councillors Leslie, Kay and Edwards with B. Smith, M. Douglas and

 J. Russell met with FC in a further attempt to reinstate the Town clock chimes.


There appear to be two options

·         Assess the deemed ‘nuisance’ after the noise abatement measure in place

i.e. fit a noise baffle to one side of the tower, and then take further noise level measurements

Morag pointed out that this had a major flaw in that future complaints could come from a side not fitted to reduce the noise.

·         Challenge the ‘nuisance’ case legally

It would cost £1,500 (inc. VAT) to seek the opinion of a Junior Council as to whether a case could be raised against FC and a further £15,000 to take it to court.


             Cllr Leslie explained what was involved in the baffle test. FC should have the results in approx. 2 weeks.


                         A decision would be taken by the Community Council at the next meeting. The Chairman explained that if the Community Council decided in principle to seek Counsel’s opinion then further discussion would be taken in private, in accordance with the Scheme for Community Councils in Fife.


                         Cllr Edwards appealed to people to add to public opinion by writing letters of complaint to Fife Council.


             9.4           Links Community Trust – J. Russell

                                                                        John updated everyone on his efforts to get answers from FC to his questions regarding the Links, listing dates and names of those he has contacted. He is continuing in this task to find someone in FC to supply the requested information.


             9.5 Somerville Street – M. McDonald

                              Neil Millsop made a request on behalf of Martin McDonald for £50 from the Community Council to fund a postcard drop to householders and businesses in Somerville Street. The aim is to improve the appearance of the street. The postcards would assess the willingness of people in the street to support this.


                         Cllr Leslie and John Russell put forward alternative suggestions for ways of informing residents. It was agreed that the Community Council would fund up to £50 worth of printing and related costs, subject to further discussion between Martin McDonald and John Russell on options for design, materials and production.


9.6     Scottish Local TV Forum – 21 Feb 2011 – B. Partridge

Brian Partridge reported on the forum he had attended in Perth, giving a full account of the content and explaining the Terrestrial and Broadband means of relaying digital TV.


          9.7     Spring Bedding – S. McGregor (Absent)

The Secretary opened this topic by explaining why she would have voted against the decision taken at the previous meeting had she been there. At no point had she the opportunity to disagree. The Chairman explained that a decision had been taken at the previous meeting and the topic would not be re-opened for discussion.


It was recognised that an application to the Common Good Fund to pay for bedding plants by the CC, approved by the CC at the previous meeting, has attracted some disquiet. Subsequent to the meeting it emerged that the application had been amended after submission and without Sheila’s knowledge or consent. Cllr Kay is investigating within FC.


   9.8      Common Good Fund Applications – J. Russell / I. Smith

In the light of the previous discussion, John Russell put forward the proposal that any future application by the CC to the Common Good Fund, should be approved by the CC in advance.


The Chairman advised of circumstances where time was genuinely of the essence and the Community Council should retain enough flexibility to cope in such situations.


It was agreed that evidence of support would be a pre-requisite for Common Good Fund applications, and that such evidence could be gathered outwith the normal cycle of meetings if that was appropriate to the circumstances.


John Russell and Alex MacDonald are to confer before asking FC for clarification of how plants on the Links are funded.


10.     Items Carried Forward from Feb Meeting


         10.1   Burgh Chambers Furniture


Bob Smith reported on discussions he had had with the Chairman regarding the condition of furniture in the Burgh Chambers. He has since sourced a quote from a French Polisher of £7,500, to refurbish the tables in the Council Chambers, the top of the table in the Court Room and the bench top in the Court room.


More quotes are to be sought with a view to applying to the Common Good Fund to finance.


11.     Awaiting Update

       11.1                                                     Scottish Water/Haugh Road Flooding  Carried Forward


       11.2                                                     Common Good Fund - Property Review  Carried Forward


       11.3                                                     Common Good Accounts Discrepancy – (Rossend Motel, Kinghorn)  Carried Forward


       11.4                                                     Signage to Beach – Cllr Leslie

Cllr Leslie informed that the 2 benches for the Links would be replaced within approximately a week.


She confirmed that under the ruling of Blue Flag status signage to the beach had to show the shortest route. Therefore the sign outside the station directing foot traffic along West Leven Street would stay as is.


A question was put from the floor, asking where the original yellow metal housing for the seasonal lifeguards was and why it could not be put back since the destruction of the 3 wooden huts.                                                                                     Cllr Edwards to find out


          11.5    Outcome of Proposed visit to 104 High Street – Cllr Edwards – Carried Forward


          11.6    Litter pick and clean up - Cllr Edwards – Carried Forward


12.     New Business Items


          12.1  Pathway at 147 Kinghorn Road

Subsequent to representations from Dr Ron Smith and others, FC will pursue as a ‘Right of Way’


          12.2   Palace Cinema – Arthur Whyte

               Arthur Whyte described the problems he is suffering as an adjoining property to the vacant site, of eyesore and encroaching growth, which could be negated by erecting boarding to protect his boundary.


               The CPO status needs to be reinstated on this site and a request to erect boarding where necessary.


               Alex MacDonald to email to Ken Halley requesting CPO re-activation and solid boarding.


     12.3   Closure of Links Toilets

               Cllr Leslie has done all to investigate a rumour that the Links toilets were to close and has found nothing to confirm it.  It is believed these toilets will remain open. 


     12.4.  Burntisland Scout Jamboree Funding – Common Good Fund Application.

     Request was supported.


          12.5.  Erosion of Footpath – Cowdenbeath Road to Binn Hill

                   Erosion due to Flooding was pinpointed at 3 locations


·         Path below Binn pond

·       Path adjacent to quarry

·         Culvert on Cowdenbeath Road

Cllr Edwards pursuing


          12.6.  Local Community Planning Consultation Document                 

 To be passed on to Tim Hailey


          12.7.  Fife Direct Web Site:  Your Town Update

          Paul Briscoe agreed to rewrite in more positive light


13.        Any Other Business


       13.1.                                                    Lothian Road Signage to Car Park

                                                                  It was agreed that this would be a sensible proposal.

Cllr Leslie pursuing


             13.2.                                                    Beacon Centre

      The Beacon is to reopen on 28 March 2011, much later than first mooted as more parts of the building were found needing attention.

      CC to ask if the ‘dry side’ i.e the gym could be opened now.


         13.3.  Toll Centre Management Arrangement

Jay Hipperson of the Toll Centre Management Committee informed everyone that, although the Toll Centre was nothing to do with Fife Council, being voluntarily administered, the post of supervisor to date had been funded by FC. In future this post will only be part funded for 3 months by FC. Jay was therefore putting out a desperate appeal for match funding and volunteers to help with this crisis.


The meeting closed at 9.35 p.m.


         13.4.  World Challenge Project – Carried Forward


14.     Date of Next Meeting


         The next meeting is scheduled for Friday 8 April 2011 at 7.00 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers