(For amendments, please see the minutes of the next meeting when available.)



Minutes of Community Council Meeting held in the Burgh Chambers
on Friday, 11th May 2012 at 7 p.m.




Bob Smith (Vice Chair)

Isabel Smith (Secretary)

John Russell (Treasurer)

Zoe Williamson (Minutes Secretary)

Gary Cummins

Morag Douglas

Peter George

Tim Hailey

Christine Dewar

Ian McKenzie

Cllr George Kay

Martin McDonald

Cllr Susan Leslie

PS Scott Murray

Martin Macdonald




10 members of the public



Neil Millsop

Alex MacDonald (Chair)

John Bruce

Ed Pybus



1.         Chairman’s Opening Remarks and Apologies for Absence

Bob Smith, Acting Chair, welcomed everyone to the meeting and issued apologies. He congratulated the newly elected local Councillors and read a letter of thanks from Ron Edwards. He extended thanks to him for his diligent service


BS read an email from Ian Archibald concerning the events group. There is a concern over the future of the events group. A new chair, vice chair and secretary are urgently required. There is a meeting at the Heritage Centre on 21st May.


The Chair informed the meeting that there was a further vacancy on the BCC due to the appointment of Peter George as a Local Councillor.  There have been two expressions of interest. BS requested we defer a decision until he spoke with the Chair re appointing another co-opted member to the BCC.

2.         Minutes of Previous Meeting (13 April 2012)

            Minutes agreed, proposed by John Russell and seconded by Morag Douglas.


3.         Notification of Community Concerns for A.O.B. Item 11

            3.1 Question re Tree planting

3.2 The Noticeboard – pressure of space on noticeboard – please keep to A4 or smaller.

3.3 17th June – George Kay


4.         Police Report – PS Scott Murray/PC Keith Gibb

There was a Community engagement meeting at Toll Centre. A number of minor concerns have been raised in relation to inappropriate driving and antisocial behaviour. The police are dealing with these.


There was a low turnout at the community engagement meeting and PS Murray encouraged people to attend and would like to advertise the next meeting. The next community engagement meeting is on 11th July at Kinghorn Community Centre. This meeting serves Kinghorn and Burntisland and Auchtertool. 

Action Points: IS to circulate the details of community engagement meeting:

ZW an SM to liaise re updating info on FB page.


A concern has been raised re parking on the high street and disrupting access. This is being dealt with and 6 tickets issued in last 5 days.


The meeting was informed that 5 warrants have been executed in last month in town; these have predominantly been for cannabis offences.


Summer Events are in the early stage of planning, people should contact police ASAP to help plan for support for any summer events.


5.         Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Reports


Secretary’s Report:     Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report:     Attached [Online version - available on request]

We have received £600 for floral enhancement and now returned it so FAB can apply for these funds.

Books are nearly ready for audit and should be ready by end of the month.


6.         Environment – P. George

            6.1.      Mobility Scooter Access – A. MacDonald

                        PS Scott Murray addressed this item – see above

6.2.      Loose Scottish Water Cover – A. MacDonald

            This has been fixed

6.3.      Footpath to Binn –Cllr Kay

            Still to be confirmed. Cllr Kay has raised the issue


Cllr Leslie confirmed a demolition request has gone through for hut at beach.


Seagulls – this is an on going issue. Cllr Kay stated notices have been ordered.


Peter George thanked everyone for their support during his time on BCC and hopes Environment issues will be continued.


7.         Burgh Buzz – B. Kirkhope

- Buzz has been published and delivered. Some minor delivery hiccups.

- If anyone not received BB please let Bill know.

- Website – new issue not posted as yet. Website is being completely reviewed.

- Healthy financial balance at Burgh Buzz. The aim is to reach balance of £2k at which point BCC will not need to keep a contingency for the Burgh Buzz.


Action Point: Burgh Buzz will put notice in re size of posters on noticeboard. (see item 3.2)


8.         New Business Items

            8.1.      Improving Communications – J. Russell/Z. Williamson/E. Pybus

John Russell provided a summary of his initial ideas and concerns (seeattached) [Online version - available on request].

He referred to the Association of community councils and the good practice guidance on what makes good Community Council.


Zoe Williamson shared some main points from the starter paper for discussion. (See attached) [Online version - available on request]


Other CC are interested in collaborating over certain issues. In particular Chris Mitchell from Kinghorn CC has expressed an interest. Also Dalgety Bay and North Queensferry as coastal CCs.  Opportunity to explore these potential relationships


Cllr Leslie Public informed the meeting that the Council Question Time for Kirkcaldy Area Committee is open to public. Cllr Kay stated that other CCs are often represented there.


The meeting discussed what the key issues and concerns are and possible ways forward. These included:


Issues/perceived issues:

·         Content and focus of BCC meeting: need to know we are addressing the concerns and issues of the community (and not just assuming)


·         Apathy – people not wishing/willing/interested in becoming involved


·         Better engagement and communication is a priority – as a CC we need to reach out in our own community and engage better.


·         Openness and Inclusiveness of meetings: perception that the meetings were more exclusive and not open/relevant to all. Not an environment that everyone feels able to contribute.


·         Accessibility: the location is not accessible and this is problematic. It also acts to exclude certain groups


·         Timings: the date and timings of meeting may not be serving to encourage maximum participation


·         Age Profile: need to encourage a more diverse age profile both serving on BCC but also participating and attending community meetings. In particular the younger generation of the community does not appear to be well represented.


Ways forward:

·         Other CCs: Look to better practice, initiatives, specific projects initiated by other CCs; Initiate collaborative projects where appropriate,


·         Stall at Jubilee street party to generate interest and share info re who we are/what we do: Morag volunteered to organise a stall and Gary Cummins and Bob Smith potentially volunteered to be there.


·         Agenda: The Agenda has been amended to move Notification of Community Concerns to start of the Agenda. Ensuring the most current issues are addressed as a priority in the meeting.


·         Promoting Who the BCC members are: create profiles and bios of all BCC to be placed on website/facebook and noticeboard.


·         Holding more regular ‘surgeries’ where community member s can meet Community Councillors and raise concerns, issues or become involved.


Action Points:

MD to organise BCC stall for the Jubilee Street Party;

BS & GC to confirm and organise manning the stall.

ZW to circulate starter paper for discussion re strategy to improve communications and engagement.

Small group to be identified to take lead in developing this initiative (ZW, EP & JR as initial group?)

All: Need photos and mini bios from everyone. (ZW/EP to collate and prepare for website?)



9.         Ongoing Business Items

9.1.      Review of Local Planning Applications – T. Hailey

New rules - On receiving planning applications BCC must inform Council within 7 days that they wish to be Consulted. If done then BCC must be treated as Statutory Consultee.

Tim to draft guidelines and include no comment on domestic property or domestic properties such as greenhouses, windows etc. or internal changes on commercial property so long as not changes to use.

We would request to be consulted in any change of use of property, any new build, any external modification to commercial property. Suggested inclusion of listed buildings also.


Power to exercise discretion over to Tim.

Action Point: TH to write draft guidelines


9.2.      Planning Applications, Statutory Objections and Priority List – T. Hailey

9.3.      Strategic Projects Group: War Memorial/Haugh Road – A. MacDonald/B. Smith


Nothing to report on Haugh Rd


War Memorial: HLF have responded with further guidance. Full application with milestones to be submitted. Schedule for contractor is 9 weeks very tight timescale now for remembrance this year.

Action Point: ZW to contact Brenda McCormack at Burntisland Primary School re letter of support


9.4.      New Primary School Public Meeting/Consultation – A. MacDonald


T&Cs for Toll Park transfer of land are still to be drafted.

Meeting with Parent Council: AM has met with Andrea Stark. They had a good discussion. Parent council are passionately in favour of new school. AM explained that BCC are looking at impact in future and longer term and not just immediate concerns over accommodation.

The Stakeholder group met recently. The Common good interest will be protected – plan to include clause saying land will revert to common good if any issue with planning/building.


10.       Awaiting Update

10.1.    Clock Chimes – Cllr S. Leslie/B. Smith/J. Russell

Re-testing has now been completed. Chimes measured at 11pm and midnight. Retest has found Westminster chimes at 45db. Clock hour chimes at 50db – which is now 5db higher than legal limit. There cannot be any further increase. No further option for progress.

John Russell expressed his concern with data collection.


Action Point: BS to investigate obtaining an independent noise analysis.


MD raised concern over the use of the money from the Showmen.

Action Point: BS to check with showmen re the use of this money from chimes event to be used for independent evaluation



10.2.    Links Community Trust/Links Accounts – J. Russell

Meeting to look at getting trust created. £500 per year for Links – question whether this should be increased. Chair of BCC was to approach Fife Council re this.

Action Point: AM to approach Fife Council re Links account


10.3.    Burgh Chambers Furniture – B. Smith


10.4.    Draft Common Good Fund Property Review Report – A. MacDonald


10.5.    Burgh Chambers Clock Tower Repair

Clock tower update re repair – to be discussed at first meeting of Ward


10.6.    Community Clean-Ups – G. Cummins

Successful clean up. Would like to clean up pond but issues re access and safety.

Action Point: GC to confirm it is council owned and investigate access for a future clean up activity.


10.7.    Plans for Public Toilet Closures – J. Bruce

John has written to Fife Council re this issue.

However, Cllr Kay stated that apparently there are now no plans to close toilets on the Links. The ‘strategy’ has changed.



10.8.    Access to Rossend Castle and relocation of Antiquities – A. MacDonald

This issue is on hold until clarification of sale has been sought.



11.       Any Other Business

11.1     Tree planting on links to Commemorate Jubilee as part of street fair. Morag spoke to Council and this is ok so long as no one objects.

11.2     Noticeboard – addressed (see above)

11.3.    17th June – Cllr Kay informed the meeting that there is an application for a parade. A special train with 1000 schoolchildren from Shotts and Silver Band to lead children and parents form station to Links and have an old fashioned picnic. He has alerted traders association, links, Showmen’s Guild etc.

11.4     Roundhouse Car Park: A For Sale sign has been erected. Queries from the community re this. Question re whether it will affect the site of the new pitches?

Cllr Kay stated it has always been for always for economic development.


12.       Date of Next Meeting

            B.C.C. Meeting - Friday, 8 June 2012 at 7 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers        


13.       Private Session: Domestic Land Acquisition


This session was held in private due to the sensitive nature of this as a commercial issue.

The issue concerned two potential buyers interest in a piece of Land and associated requests for applications to extend/acquire further land. The land in question included some Common Good Land.

The meeting agreed that further information was required before any informed decision could be made.

Action Points: AM to circulate further details and check currency and status of this land sale.