Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of Meeting

 7pm  Friday 11th June 2010






Alex MacDonald (Chair)

Bob Smith (Vice Chair)

Isabel Smith (Secretary)          

Aneris Grant (Treasurer)

Tim Hailey

Gordon McGregor

Sheila McGregor

Gillian Lowe

Christine Dewar


Cllr George Kay, Cllr Susan Leslie, Cllr Ron Edwards


Attending: Bill Kirkhope, Editor – Burgh Buzz and members of the public.


1.      Chairman’s Opening Remarks and Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Heather Leuchars, Sam Purvis, Morag Douglas, Gordon Ritchie, Ron Blanchard, Ken Halley. The Chairman advised that the Locality Manager did not normally attend other Community Council meetings so when he was able to attend Burntisland it was a benefit for all concerned. Although he was not present at this meeting a report had been submitted.


2.         Minutes of Previous Meeting (14 May 2010)

            Approved by S McGregor and seconded by A Grant


3.         Notification of Community Concerns for A.O.B. refer to Item 9 for details


4.         Locality Manager’s Report


Report for Burntisland Community Council – 11th June 2010


A921 Burntisland /Aberdour Road Closure Update


The road was opened as programmed on Monday 1st June.  Works are progressing on placing the pre-cast coping stones under a temporary 30mph speed limit through the site to enable 2-way traffic - this has removed the need for temporary traffic lights and further disruption on the route.  It is anticipated that - weather permitting - the works to the wall will be finished for Monday 14th June.


Burntisland Christmas Lights


Aaron Andrews from Blachere met with Gordon McGregor on-site on Friday 14th May following which the existing lights were uplifted and taken into Ladybank for inspection.  Following this inspection Aaron then intended to start on the project plans and has indicated that new proposals/costs should be available this month.  To date I have not received these proposals but I have e-mailed Aaron and am awaiting his response.


Burntisland Primary School


Alastair Drummond, Asset and Facilities Management Services been appointed as the Fife Council Project Manager to deliver the Burntisland Primary School Project as part of the Building Fife's Future Capital Investment Programme.  He has arranged to visit 5 of the sites that were considered for the New Burntisland Primary School on the morning of Monday 14th June along with the Local Elected Members and representatives of the Community Council and Parent’s Council.  The site visits are intended to raise awareness of the process so far, enable everyone to see the topography of the sites first hand and discuss the benefits and issues of each.


A drop in event will also be held on Thursday 17th June in Burntisland Library where information will be on display with regard to the site options appraisal. This informative event will be on from 9:00 until 19:00 and staff from Property and Education Services will be on hand to answer any queries or just for informal discussions.


Area Budget


Morning Mayhem Event

A successful bid has been made to the Area Budget for a contribution of £500 towards the ‘Morning Mayhem’ Event.  This is a Brand New amateur ‘skate park jam’ competition for young people at Burntisland Skate Park.  This project was initiated, planned and will be organised by the young people who use this park and the event on the day will be staffed by Fife Council Youth Work Staff and young volunteers.


The event is aimed to be inclusive and will incorporate:

·    Skate Boarding / Blading and BMX users

·    A range of age groups (under 12s, 12-14s, 14-16 and 17+)

·    Although targeting young people from the Kirkcaldy Area young people from throughout Fife can enter

·    The registration fee has been kept to a minimum to allow maximum participation and ensure the event is accessible financially


Professional skaters and boarders, celebrities in their field will be giving displays and advice to young people.  There will be a DJ and PA at the event along with information stalls promoting local services for young people.


Burntisland Sea Wall


A contribution of £560 Has been made towards the cost of painting the sea wall at Burntisland.  This covers the cost of the materials and the labour is being provided by Community Service clients through the Community Pay Back Scheme.  The project is approximately 50% complete and the initial feedback on the work is very positive.


Celebrating Fife 2010


The undernoted Groups have been successful in obtaining various amounts of funding from Celebrating Fife 2010:-


Name of Organisation

Name of Event


Burntisland over 70’s Christmas Treat

Christmas Treat

This Year’s Christmas Treat to be enhanced by professional entertainment, the re-introduction of Santa and transport to the event


Burntisland Out of School Service

Art Project

This project will explore with the children who attend BOSS what’s good about Fife/Burntisland and what it means to come from Fife.  The children will express their views through art workshops and will collect materials and ideas from visits to the Museum, Library and local beach.


Burntisland Playgroup

Maisie’s Mystery Tour

Recreating Maisie’s Mystery Tour, children from Burntisland Playgroup will explore Fife and create maps of the Kingdom.


Skatepark Users and FC Detached Youth Work Team

Morning Mayhem

See Area Budget Item for details


Ken Halley

Locality Manager

11th June 2010



5.         Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Reports


The Secretary asked to be advised of the e-mail address of any person who wished to be included on mailing lists for general-interest topics. A reminder was given that some material – e.g. which may be commercially or personally sensitive - is limited to members of the Community Council and would not be made available for general distribution.


The Treasurer reported that the accounts had now been audited and would be made available shortly (see Appendix). They showed a loss of £253 for the year, following substantial expenditure on, for example, new trophies and medals for the Scots Verse competition. The accumulated balance (over 32 years) is now £3,552, including funds which are reserved – for example, to under-write the publication costs of one issue of the Burgh Buzz. Funding for Community Councils is currently under review and might mean changes to the amount awarded to Burntisland and / or the amount which may be carried forward by a Community Council from one year to the next. Details are awaited.



6.         Burgh Buzz - Bill Kirkhope


Bill Kirkhope reported that Briggs Marine had donated £150 which would be used to fund prizes in a photography competition, as announced in the latest issue. The copy deadline for the next issue will be 21st July.



7.         Ongoing Business Items



7.1       Review of Local Planning Applications - Tim Hailey

Three domestic planning applications were noted without comment.


7.2       2020 Vision Fife Community Meeting  - Tim Hailey apologised that due to unforeseen family commitments he had been unable to attend this meeting.


7.3      Strategic Projects Group - Alex MacDonald 


War Memorial – Alex MacDonald and Bob Smith had had one meeting with John Burnett and would be meeting Jim Murphy (quantity surveyor) the following morning. Thereafter, action will be taken to ensure that the cost estimates are robust enough to secure the necessary funding (about £120,000). Example sources of funds include Burntisland Development Trust, Fife Environment Trust, the War memorials Trust and Heritage Lottery Fund.


7.4       Scottish Water


The Community Council noted a letter from the Chief Executive of Scottish Water, placing responsibility with the Scottish Ministers for the continuing refusal to invest in Haugh Road. In the light of the letter Cllr Kay has written to the Minister concerned, Roseanna Cunningham, to seek her comments. Her reply will determine the next steps for the Community Council.


7.5       Burntisland Blooms – Sheila McGregor


Hanging baskets are in the process of being filled, for delivery between 18th and 25th June. Small troughs formerly located at Kirkcaldy Road, Cowdenbeath Road and Kinghorn Road have been re-located to the railings near the Erskine Church.


7.6       Civic Pride in your Community seminar – Sheila McGregor


Sheila, Frank Park and Gordon McGregor attended the seminar, which included speakers on such topics as allotments, composting, wild gardens and poly tunnels.


7.7       Sports Group – Gillian Lowe


Potential sites for a multi-use games arena are currently being investigated, with a potential contribution from Fife Council of £120k.


7.8       Christmas lightsGililan Lowe / Gordon McGregor


No further information is available at present.


7.9       Widow’s Land: Proposal by SCI Scotland – Cllr Ron Edwards


No further information or action is known at present.


7.10    New primary school – site visits


A schedule had been received for visits to the 5 sites which are currently short-listed. It was agreed that the Community Council representatives should be Alex MacDonald, Morag Douglas and Tim Hailey. It was noted that a drop-in consultation would be organised for the Library in a few days’ time, and agreed that there had been inadequate notice of the date and location. Cllr Kay undertook to ensure that officials were made aware of the concerns regarding publicity and timing for the drop-ion event.



8          New Business Items


            8.1       Fife Housing Partnership: Scenario Planning Day – Kirkcaldy 16 June


            Tim Hailey confirmed he would attend on behalf of BCC.


            8.2       SES Plan


Strategic planning issues covering South East Scotland over the next 20 years have been summarised in a CD, copies of which are available from Fife Council. Public consultation sessions are scheduled for the City Chambers in Dunfermline on 10th June and St Bryce church in Kirkcaldy on 12th August. Opening times will be 2:00pm to 8:00pm. The consultation period will close on 27th August.


            8.3       Burntisland’s environment – Peter George


The Chairman explained that this item had been carried over from the previous meeting as the Community Council had a hard stop at 9:30pm, regardless of the business remaining. Peter George sought clarification of how relevant matters could be aired and it was explained that single topics could be referred to individual elected members or to the Fife Council office in the High Street. Topics which required wider discussion were appropriate for a full meeting of the Community Council.


After discussion, the following points were noted and agreed:


·         An additional re-cycling point should be explored to serve the residents in the vicinity of Piper Crescent / Grange Road, as the nearest one (at Haugh Road) was not convenient for people without cars.


·         Additional seats should be provided on the main path at the Links.


·         Overgrowth to be cut back at Shepherd’s Crescent / Rossend Terrace.


            8.4       Wheelie bins – Sam Purvis


In the absence of Sam Purvis, it was believed his concerns related to wheelie bins in the vicinity of Somerville Street / Somerville Square, which were causing an obstruction as they were not being removed by householders. The matter had been reported to Fife Council without apparent result. Cllr Kay undertook to raise the matter with officials.


            8.5       Toll Centre AGM


It was noted that the Toll Centre AGM was scheduled for Wednesday 30th June at 7:30pm.


8.6       Burntisland’s Big Day Out


A planning meeting is scheduled for Thursday 17th June at 7:30pm in the Toll Centre.


8.7       Orrock Hill SSSI – proposed de-notification


Orrick Hill is currently designated by Scottish Natural Heritage as a Site of Special Scientific interest, on the grounds of geology and plant species. After discussion, it was agreed that the designation was no longer appropriate on grounds of plant species but the geological interest remained. Rather than removing the designation completely, it was agreed that SNH should be advised of our view that the scope of the SSSI should be modified to include the geological features only.


9.         Any Other Business


            9.1       Arts & Crafts group – annual exhibition


It was noted, with concern, that the Arts & Crafts group had for the first time been told they would be charged a fee for their use of the Upper Library Hall for the annual exhibition. The proposed fee was £11.20 per hour for 15 days. It was agreed that the charge was excessive, given that the exhibition brings a wider benefit to the community. The three Councillors agreed to pursue matters with the Locality Manager to see whether a solution was possible in time for this year’s exhibition, due to be held in July.


            9.2       Miscellaneous items


Councillor Kay gave an update on remedial action in respect of the recent storm damage, including an outline of works at the Beacon leisure centre. He also reported that the work by Fife Historic Buildings trust at the former Station building was nearing completion, with the official opening imminent.


10.       Date of Next Meeting


Friday, 13th August 2010 at 7.00 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers.


Appendix: Community Council accounts