Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of Meeting held in the Burgh Chambers on

Friday 11th September 2009


Present:         A MacDonald (Chair)

                        R Smith (Vice Chair)

                        A Grant (Treasurer)

                        G Ritchie (Secretary

                        H Leuchars (Minutes)

                        M Douglas, C Spears

                        Councillor R Edwards, Councillor G Kay, Councillor S. Leslie


1          Apologies for Absence G Lowe, S, Purves, G McGregor, S McGregor, R Blanchard, C Dewar and Sgt E Potter


                        15 Members of public were in attendance


2    Minutes of Previous meeting held on 14th August 2009

      B Smith proposed adoption on the published minutes as a true and correct record & seconded by A Grant.


3    Notification of Community Concerns for discussion under ‘Any other Business’ - as per section 11.


4.   Michaela Sullivan Head of Planning – Forth Ports PLC


Forth Port Operations at Burntisland Docks

Various topics were highlighted within the presentation from Michaela Sullivan. Those included a review of the history associated with the famous deep water port and how it had evolved. She mentioned the two important tenants within the dock area being Briggs Marine & Burntisland Fabricators and that the port plays an important role as one of the Group’s key industrial assets. with cargo handling operations and the key tenants including important oil spill response capacity. .

  She also indicted Forth Port’s continued support for the proposed cross Forth ferry to operate out of Burntisland and indicated she was on the Steering Committee for the ferry along with Fife Council & Edinburgh Council. Ideally the ferry would go direct to Leith to Ocean Terminal connecting into the city centre.  The practicalities of this however, are not too realistic at present as the port of Leith would require additional locks to be created and funding for this would rest with government and the local councils.


Regards long term vision for Burntisland Dock area and port; - Forth Ports wish to safe guard the ports long term operational potential in the light of its location alongside the deepest water in the Forth Estuary.  The long term view is that very large ships could moor and smaller tenders/barges could take the cargo to other locations around the Forth.

Michaela went on to say that there were no immediate plans for change, or desire to promote part of the site for housing use. .A small area adjacent to the Beacon Centre had been identified as having potential for supermarket development, and a submission to the local plan had been made in this regard. This proposal would have to cross the normal planning hurdles, and would be pursued by a supermarket operator, who would take an optionover the site, work up the detail, and take the proposal through the planning process. This option would only be pursued if after further investigation this proved compatible with port use.

Councillors Kay, Edward and Leslie, present, indicated that this was the first they had heard of Forth Ports retraction and that they understood that the area was already included for 350 houses within the Structure plan for the area.  This item to be further investigated and a report given.

The question of this site at the east end would be considered as a location for a new primary school and although she thought it may be incompatible in terms of lighting and ventilation etc with port machinery operating nearby they would be happy to discuss this with the education department


Housekeeping within the dock area was generally considered to be an ongoing problem and it was suggested that Forth Ports should work in conjunction with Fife Council and the Police to clean up the area with a view towards improving the environment and in turn helping stamp out anti-social behaviour in the dock area. A member of the public pointed out that an area of dock wall collapsed and this was duly noted and Michaela agreed to have this investigated and respond soon.


The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to the speaker and thanked her for coming along to the meeting and assured her we would look forward to hearing her further Reponses to questions raised.


5    Police Report; Sergeant Potter not available for operational reasons and did not forward a report on this occasion. She did ask that any items of an urgent nature are to be emailed – Two members of the public raised the question of misuse of parking facilities on the High Street and Rose Street and asked that these be highlighted as ongoing issues of concern.



6    Fife Council Locality Manager’s Report – Ken Hailey reported on issues raised at June and August Meetings


Archway at entrance to Castle Area

The vegetation growing out of the archway has been removed.


Recreation Facilities at East end of the Links

Brian Shand has advised that no promise was made to put the Recreations out to Tender and that Fife Council Estates and Legal Services were involved in implementing the present arrangement. Brian is satisfied that this arrangement gives best value and points out that the alternative was to close the Toilets and Recreations. (Water feature/Putting green etc


He re-iterated that the concessionaire is complying with the franchise arrangement but is reluctant to invest in new equipment as issues relating to the franchise are continually being raised and this has generated a feeling of insecurity.


Grass Cutting on the Links

In response to the concerns about the grass being cut too short I have been advised that the grass should not be cut if it's not required as the Links a Burntisland are on sand and dries out and browns very easily.


High Street Slabs

Bill Liddle, Lead Officer, Roads and Lighting Response have advised that the High Street and Links Place are inspected on a 4 weekly basis as part of a programmed inspection regime. Any defects that are outwith the safety criteria of 20mm or greater are actioned and made safe within 5 working days.


At the inspection on 23rd June a number of defects were picked up along both the High St and Links Place. At the inspection on 22nd July only a couple of defects were identified. The most recent inspection resulted in 9 slabs requiring to be reset in the High Street at no's - 213 (butchers), 225/227 and 116 at the trees. There were no defects in Links Place.


Bill emphasized that these inspections are walked so they are detailed and the criteria for repair is that set by the Council and Burntisland has the same criteria for repair as other High Street areas e.g. Kirkcaldy, Leven etc.


Skate Park

All outstanding work on the skate park will be completed by next Tuesday evening (15th September) at which point the park will handed over. The security fence has already been removed as it was serving no useful purpose.


The Group (BASS) proposes to hold the "official" opening of the park during Youth Work Week (week beginning 2 November). Early indications are that the park has been well received and is already being well used.

Pelican Crossing, Kirkton Road

Transportation Service has been in correspondence with Collinswell Land over a period of time in an effort to obtain a works programmed for completion of the outstanding roadworks. Transportation replied to a letter from Collinswell Land at the beginning of the week advising them that if Stewart Milne Homes, the contractor, were not completing the works then an alternative contractor should be appointed to finish the outstanding work. Transportation is still awaiting the programme. The correspondence has been copied to the Council's Legal Services as it may be the matter will be referred to the Procurator Fiscal.


Christmas Lights

An application for a contribution towards the cost of the Christmas lights has been received and will be considered at a Ward Meeting on Wednesday 16th September 2009.


Allotments Proposal


A group interested in establishing allotments on the piece of ground in Manse Lane held a meeting on July 14th in St Serf's Church Hall to outline its proposals, seek the views of the public and gauge whether there was support for its proposals. Approximately 30 people attended and there was substantial interest in both allotment plots and communal gardening. There were no objections raised to the overall proposal. Another meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 22nd September at 7.30 pm in St Serf's Church Hall and I am meeting with Elly Kinross on Tuesday 15th September to discuss the way forward and how the Council can support the group.




7   a) Secretary’s report


      The grant from the Common Good Fund towards the proposed town notice board has now been approved and this now means that with the Briggs sponsorship we are now in a position to approve one of the four supplier’s quotations to allow manufacture of the necessary design drawings of the notice board assembly to commence.


      (b) Treasurer’s report


      The Council’s Accounts for 2008 have now been accepted by Fife Council as approved.





8.  Natalie Lowrie Appeal – A presentation by   Anita Williamson, Pat Hanson & Mike Delaitre of Lion Spirit Music 


The purpose of the presentation was to highlight the and promote fundraising within the Kinghorn/Burntisalnd community for Natalie Lowrie who, after contracting meningitis and undergoing surgery has been left paralysed with her only means of communication by moving her eyes and mouth.

The music at forthcoming concert being held at Pettycur Bay 23rd October will feature music from Mauritius, Indian Ocean and local groups, and bands. Posters and advertising will be prominently displayed throughout the town.


9.1 Burntisland Sport Group


, 4,000 Leaflets have been printed and are being distributed to houses throughout the Town.  The completed forms/questionnaires are to be returned to the Post Office and the response so far has been encouraging. Next meeting will be on the 1st October at the Fire Station and any new members welcome.


9.2 Review of Local Planning Applications – Tim Hailey unavailable and no report received this month. It is understood there are no significant local developments in the pipeline.


9.3 Community Council’s Asset Register – Alex MacDonald


Report progressing although not yet completed.


9.4, Christmas Lights


Application submitted for Common Good Grant. One Electrical contractor has submitted quote to erect lights but a further two quotes are still required. Fife Council will look into the repair of lights.


9.5 Scots Verse


It was agreed that new trophy’s be obtained for next year with the possibility of the Community Council ‘Crest’ being engraved upon them.  Prices to be obtained by Alex Mac Donald for next meeting.


9.6 Burntisland Blooms – Sheila McGregor no report in her absence


10.1 Allotments Proposal –also refer Locality Manager’s  report


A Meeting was held on 14th July with approx. 20 persons attending. Notification has been received of the next meeting to be held on 22nd September in St Serf’s Church Hall.


10.2 Children’s Panel – Recruitment Campaign 2009


Any Interested parties may call 01592 583125.or contact the CC Secretary


11. Any Other Business


a)      Concession Facilities on Links (Bouncy castle /Crazy Golf – carry forward to October meeting.

b)      Water Feature – water overflowing late at night – Ron Edwards noted.       

c)      Town Clock- Gong for chimes has been replaced.

d)      Parking – Parking issues to be discussed with Sergeant Potter.

e)      Links – Councillors to have on- site meeting 2nd October with Showmen’s Guild representatives.



The members of the CC held a brief private session to discuss the following items-


 It was agreed that Leander Architectural’s quotation be accepted for the supply and delivery of the Town Notice board assembly. This was decided on a competitive tender basis from the short list of 4 quotes which complied with the specification requirements.


It was agreed to donate £100 to the appeal fund for Natalie Lowrie.



Next meeting will be on the 9th October 2009 at 7pm in the Burgh Chambers when it is hoped the guest speaker will be Anne Marie Dewar –Scottish Water.

 Advance notice of any proposed questions will be appreciated.