Minutes of Community Council Meeting

held in the Burgh Chambers on

Friday, 11 November 2011 at 7 p.m.




PRESENT:                  Alex MacDonald (Chairman)                    

                                      Bob Smith (Vice Chairman)                                  

                                      Isabel Smith (Secretary)

                                      John Russell (Treasurer)

                                      Ed Pybus (Minute Secretary)

                                      Morag Douglas

                                      Peter George

                                      Tim Hailey                                                                                             

                                      Cllr Ron Edwards

                                  Cllr George Kay

                                      Cllr Susan Leslie

                                  Bill Kirkhope (Editor of Burgh Buzz)

                                      PS Scott Murray


ATTENDING:            12 Members of the Public


APOLOGIES:            Martin McDonald

Neil Millsop

Zoè Williamson

Christine Dewar

Gary Cummins




1.             Chairman’s Opening Remarks


                 The chair opened the meeting.


2.             Minutes of Previous Meeting


The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted, proposed by Peter George and seconded by Bob Smith.


3.             Notification of Community Concerns for A.O.B. (Item 12)


3.1.          Culverts on the Binn Hill


3.2.          It was noted that the bench outside the library was a bit of a state. Cllr Susan Leslie agreed to action.


4.             Police Report

PS Scott Murray noted that the community engagement meeting on 2nd November 2011 was attended by 12 persons. The two main objectives of the Police were identified as tackling Anti-Social Behaviour and Speeding.

Regarding Anti-Social Behaviour, it was noted that some people had been causing problems on the High Street. Plain-Clothes Police had identified the main culprits, and it was believed that some of the group causing problems were coming from outside the area.

Speeding patrols are continuing and the Community Speed Watch Programme was awaiting funding approval for jackets and signs. Once this is in place, training of volunteers would begin. It was believed that Burntisland and Kinghorn would be one of the first areas in Central Fife to use the system.

There were no major incidents on Bonfire Night. There was a lack of buses to return people to Kirkcaldy after the event. Buses had been promised by Stagecoach but on the night, failed to appear. This meant there were considerable crowds in the Town Centre after the display. This issue would be addressed.

The issue of parking on the pavement in the High Street was raised. It was confirmed that the Drivers were committing an offence, and complaints had been received.

It was noted that PC Keith Gibb is to attend the Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Cenotaph in London, one of only two Scottish Police Officers invited to attend, in recognition of the amount of work he does in the Community.   Alex MacDonald requested that hearty congratulations are passed on to PC Keith Gibb on behalf of Burntisland Community Council.


5.             Deveron Homes Presentation

Deveron Homes had made a previous application to build 40 houses on a site off Grange Road in Burntisland. This previous application had been rejected by Fife Council Planning Department. The Developers believed that one of the reasons for this rejection was the lack of consultation on the plans. Deveron Homes are planning on submitting a new proposal for the site that include proposals for 40 smaller houses. Deveron Homes have undertaken consultation on these plans. This consultation includes submitting detailed plans to Burntisland Community Council, a one day exhibition at the Heritage Centre (which was attended by 72 people), and letters to local residents.

Concern was raised about the number of houses on the site. It was noted than the number of houses submitted in the new proposal was the same as the number of houses in the original proposal, despite the fact that the site has been identified by the Report for the Mid Fife Plans, as possibly only being large enough for 20 houses.

It was also noted that the Distillery Site had also been earmarked for housing development. Concerns were raised regarding traffic flow as the roundabout proposed at the entrance to the site would have four blind corners.


                 Fife Council Transportation had been consulted on the plans, and the road layout for the new proposal had been given to the Developers by Fife Council Transportation.


                 Concern was expressed regarding the survival of several mature chestnut trees on the site.

Representatives from Deveron Homes would return to the Burntisland Community Council on 9 December 2011.


6.             Secretary’s and Treasurer's Report


6.1.          Secretary’s Report


                 Nothing further to report


6.2.          Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer issued a written report, and is appended to the minutes. [Online version - available on request.]


7.             Environment


7.1.          Local Issues

The handrail at Haddow Grove was still in need of repair. Cllr Ron Edwards to action.


7.2.          Grit Bins


                 Where grit bins have been requested, they would be supplied by Fife Council.   As a matter of policy, Grit Bins would not be provided on Priority One Routes, as these were gritted by lorries. It was noted that parked cars on these routes often meant that the parked cars were gritted rather than the pavements.



8.             Burgh Buzz

Bill Kirkhope noted that the new issue was now distributed. The Burgh Buzz now had a new website, and a new addition to the editorial team, which was currently planning the first issue for 2012.


9.             Ongoing Business Items


9.1.          Review of Local Planning Applications


                 Tim Hailey noted two applications for planning of interest:-


·           A parking area had been request at 23 Aberdour Road


·           A renewal for the Grange Park Holiday Park


An original proposal was granted Planning Permission in 2003.  This was renewed in 2008 despite objections from Burntisland Community Council. Under the 2008 Permission, it was detailed what had to be submitted in the Clarification Application – including more details about the site. This current proposal, whilst in nature similar to the original proposal, did vary the number of units on the site (more lodges, but less static caravans and touring caravan pitches), and modified facilities on the site, which would reduce the opportunities for employment. The current permission does not 'expire', but once this Clarification Application is approved, the work must be implemented within two years.  There are further conditions to be met before work can start on the site. 


It was suggested that Tim Hailey submits a holding letter, seeking clarification from Fife Council on what influence Burntisland Community Council could now have, and request more time from Fife Council to submit a response. It was suggested that Burntisland Community Council could request more details of the Development, including a 3D Model which would assist in assessing the visual impact of the scheme.


9.2.          Strategic Projects Group – War Memorial

Bob Smith noted that there had been a limited response from Contractors to the Scheme.  There had only been two quotations from six Contractors approached. Both quotations had come back within the estimated Budget, but the Burntisland Development Trust Funding required a minimum of three competitive quotations. Further quotations were being sought.  Bob Smith would contact Burntisland Development Trust and explain the situation, and see if they would accept two quotations.


9.3.          Floral Enhancement

Bob Smith and John Russell, with assistance from Peter George and Gary Cummins, had removed the remaining Baskets, Troughs and Brackets. The Containers outside the Burgh Chambers had been restocked with pansies and other plants.  John Russell confirmed that the application for the Floral Enhancement Grant for 2012 was being prepared for submission.


Fife Council was responsible for the large Street Planters (as part of an agreement when the High Street was upgraded) and the Links Gardens (but would only be providing plants once per season).


It was noted that requests for assistance in the past had fallen on deaf ears, and it was suggested that some kind of meeting/event be organised to get some more people involved with the Floral Enhancement.   Ed Pybus/Morag Douglas to action.


9.4.          New Primary School Public Meeting/Consultation

A report from Burntisland Community Council was sent to Fife Council as part of the consultation. The Education Committee would make a decision regarding the site of the new School in January 2012.


9.5.          Remembrance Day Arrangements


Everything was in place except the flag and PA system which would be organised.


9.6.          Bonfire Night


Over 8,000 people attended. It was commended as an excellent display. There were some problems with the Laser Display. As noted, there were difficulties with buses at the end of the night, with only scheduled services running – and these were compounded by a single decker bus being used for the late night service. There will be an internal review meeting on Tuesday, 15 November 2011 at 7 p.m. and a wash up meeting in due course. Morag Douglas confirmed that a record £1,300 had been collected to fund next year’s event.


10.           Awaiting Updates


10.1.        Scottish Water – Haugh Road Flooding

Morag Douglas and Cllr Susan Leslie attended a meeting at the end of September – it was a launch of the Annual Report rather than a public consultation but Cllr Susan Leslie ensured that the issue was raised, to the embarrassment of the Chairman and Chief Executive.


10.1.        Scottish Water – Haugh Road Flooding (Continued)


Cllr George Kay noted that he had been in touch with Ministers and his complaint had been passed to Alex Neil MSP. It was suggested that Scottish Water is pushed to replace the sewers as this would come from different expenditure. Cllr Ron Edwards suggested a meeting with Scottish Water Engineer to analyse the situation. It was agreed that any further occurrences should be reported. It was confirmed that the flooding in the park was surface water rather than another sewerage discharge. It was suggested that a working group be set up to look into the issue and propose further action.  Alex MacDonald to arrange a meeting of the Strategic Projects Group.


10.2.        Palace Cinema Site

Carried forward.


10.3.        Burntisland Sports Group

Carried forward.


10.4.        104 High Street/Library


Carried forward.


10.5.        Clock Chimes


Carried forward.


10.6.        Links Community Trust


Carried forward.


10.7.        Burgh Chambers Furniture


Carried forward.


10.8.        Draft Common Good Fund Property Review Report


Carried forward.


10.9.        Scots Verse Competition Arrangements


The Competition at the Primary School will take place on 25th November and the Presentation will be made on 2nd December in the Burgh Chambers.


10.10.      Christmas Lights/Street Party


It was confirmed that it was not Fife Council’s responsibility, but Fife Council would fund the work. The current three year contract expires this year and Burntisland would be included in the next contract. Lights were stored at the old Morgue at the Police Station, and the same team as last year would be putting them up. A link person was required – Ed Pybus volunteered.


11.           New Business Items


11.1.        Community Award for 2011


The Community Award winner would be decided at the next Burntisland Community Council meeting.


11.2.        Beautiful Fife Seminar – Kinghorn - 21 November 2011




11.3.        Sixth Review of UK Parliamentary Constituencies


Carried forward.


12.           Any Other Business


12.1.        There have been problems with the Culverts on the Binn Hill. Paddy Hadoke had details of the Culverts and their location. When the Binn Pond overflowed the water should drain down the Culverts – these were now blocked and had caused a path to collapse.

Cllr Ron Edwards to action.


13.           Date of Next Meeting


B.C.C Meeting - Friday 9th December 2011 at 7 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers