Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of Meeting held in the Burgh Chambers on

Friday 11th December 2009




Present:         A MacDonald (Chair)

                        G Ritchie (Secretary

                        A Grant (Treasurer)

                        H Leuchars (Minutes)

T Hailey, C Dewar, M Douglas and R Blanchard, Councillor G Kay, Councillor S Leslie

                        R Smith (Vice Chair) attended latter part of meeting


Bill Kirkhope – Editor ‘Burgh Buzz’

6 Members of public in attendance

Ken Halley, Fife Council Locality Manager.


1    Apologies for Absence


G McGregor, S McGregor, G Lowe and S Purvis

 Councillor R Edwards

             Sergeant Potter


2    Minutes of Previous meeting (13th November 2009)


Christine Dewar proposed adoption of the minutes as a true and correct record & seconded by Morag Douglas



3    Notification of Community Concerns see under ‘Any other Business’ section 11- all submissions as detailed


4    Burntisland Events Group Christmas Draw- Morag Douglas


      Winners of the Events Group Christmas Prize Raffle to raise funds for the annual Civic Week and Fireworks Display were drawn at the meeting as follows;- B. Smith; S Oswald; K Harley; Molly; K Brown; C Mackay; Wilkinson; A Morris. A net profit of £362 was raised for the fund.


5    Fife Council Locality Manager’s Report – Ken Halley, Locality Manager


Update on Issues Raised at November Meeting


Palais Steps (Thistle Street to Manse Lane)

An ownership search has been requested via Registers Scotland and still awaiting a response.  Once the ownership is determined arrangements can be made to have the missing section of hand rail installed.


Steps, Back Beach to Lammerlaws

A hand rail at this location is required and being progressed.


School Crossing Patrol (SCP), High Street

As reported last month the concerns about the location of the SCP stance has been referred to Education Service for consideration.  The Head Teacher and the SCP Officer will be consulted as part of that process and the outcome fed back in the New Year.


Pedestrian Barriers outside the Port Bar

Ian Smith, Lead Officer, Traffic Management (Mid Fife) response to the suggestion that these pedestrian barriers be extended was that ‘the presumption is against pedestrian barriers so they are used sparingly’ but he did undertake to get this location checked. 

I am awaiting his feedback.


Burntisland Twinning Association

An open night was held on 25th November 2009 with the aim of generating interest from within the community to joining the Twinning Association. To that end the evening was a success as 7 members of the public attended on the night and all expressed an interest in coming along to another meeting with a view to joining the Association.


Those present had initial discussions on how the twinning links with Flekkefjord could be developed and a number of suggestions were made including:-

·         E-mail links between primary schools

·         Pipe Band/Brass Band and youth organization and team exchanges


Anyone interested in joining the Twinning Association please contact me (Tel. 08451 555555 Ext 461608 or E-mail [deleted from online version - anti-spam measure]) and details will be passed on.


Christmas Opening Arrangements for Local Services Network


5.1. Local Service Centres

All Local Service Centres will be closed over the Christmas/New Year period Friday 25th December 2009 to Friday 1st January 2010 Inclusive. On December 24th business will be confined to the under-noted locations;


St Andrews

County Buildings, Cupar

Carberry House, Leven

Albany House, Glenrothes

Town House, Kirkcaldy

Town House, Cowdenbeath

Walmer Drive, Dunfermline (including registration from City Chambers)

Civic Centre Inverkeithing


5.2. Registration

Dunfermline and Glenrothes registration offices will be open for emergency registration on Tuesday 29th December and Thursday 31st December 2009 from 10am - 3pm.


5.3. Christmas Opening at Contact Centre

The Contact Centre will be open throughout the period dealing with the out of hours number 08451 55 00 99.


A fuller service will be operating from 28th to 31st with messaging put on the lines that are closed.


Lines open during this period will be;


08451 55 00 11 – faults and repairs


08451 55 00 22 – environmental services

08451 55 00 44 – money and payments

08451 55 00 77 – births, deaths and marriages


5.4. Libraries

Some libraries will be open during the ‘closed’ period and this information will be on Fife Direct.



6    Burgh Buzz – Bill Kirkhope


      The first issue of the Community Council’s renewed initiative is planned to be ready for free distribution by the end of January 2010. The local Scouts hope to deliver to all 2740 households in the town however anyone wishing to assist will be made welcome.  At present over thirty local associations and clubs have promised to provide articles and features for the ‘Buzz’ so it looks like there should be lots of interest for everyone.

      The Editor is confident that the first issue will pay for itself with a very good response from local advertisers and he looks forward to producing the next quarterly issue towards the end of April.


Articles:          Bill l Kirkhope,

                                    39 The Wynd,

                                    Dalgety Bay. KY11 9SJ          Tel: 01383 822023

                                    Email:                                      [deleted from online version - anti-spam measure]


Advertisements:Morag Douglas

                                    73 High Street,

                                    Burntisland. KY3 9DB             Tel: 01592 871313

                                    Email:                                      [deleted from online version - anti-spam measure]


7    Review of Local Planning Applications – Tim Hailey


      Taylor Wimpey application to erect sign at Colinswell    



(a)   Secretary’s report


David Henderson has been appointed to serve on the Community Council Support Working Group to represent Burntisland and Kirkcaldy area boundary...


The new Community Council Town Notice Board is due for delivery end December and should be erected in early January.                   


Christmas tree – additional lighting has been erected following local feedback.


            (b)Treasurer’s report

 The Treasurer gave a comprehensive update of the Council’s finances

Some significant outlays have yet to be included such as the installation of the Christmas lights and the purchase of the new Scots Verse Trophies / Medals.



9          Business carried forward



9.1 Burntisland Sports Group


Date yet to be arranged for meeting early in the New Year with Toll Centre management committee to consider forming a joint group to carry forward an action plan for a proposed Sports Hall for the town .Councillor Kay to co-ordinate date of meeting.



9.2 Christmas Lights  


The Christmas lights were installed during high winds 23-24 Nov and unfortunately within a couple of hours as 2 brackets had broken at the west end of the High Street and had to be removed for safety reasons.

 The 2 new trial brackets were fitted and so far the stability of the lights has improved with no further breakage or movement reported.

 The Burgh Chambers lights are currently out due to a faulty program timer which is being renewed.  The light at the bottom of Kirkbank Road (i.e. light No.6) has been isolated by Fife Council due to the overloading of a section of the lights for the High Street.  This cannot be rectified until the end of the light’s season.

 A full survey and report of the condition of the lights will be prepared for next year’s annual maintenance /renewal programme.


9.3 Scots Verse

The new Trophies and medals are currently being engraved with names of Burntisland Primary School Children prize winners’ The Trophies and medals for Primary classes 1 to 6 have been specially commissioned by the Community Council and this will be the first time they have been presented.

It is planned to make the presentation to the children on Friday 22nd January at 7:00pm in the Burgh Chambers, followed by a light buffet for all the winners and their parents as well as representation from the teaching staff.


We would like to retrieve the earlier trophies from the School so that they can be restored and put on permanent display in the Burgh Chambers.


9.4 Summary of Burntisland Links Costs


A breakdown of income and expenditure had been circulated prior to the meeting and was discussed. Compared to the previous year, expenditure was down by £28,000 and income was up by £10,000, leading to a net cost reduction of about £38,000. Some of that was due to the new commercial arrangements for the recreation facilities near to the water feature and some to the impact of one-off maintenance work two years ago. Councillor Kay explained that he was seeking a fuller breakdown to enable identification of the base cost of maintaining the Links as a public open space and the incremental cost or benefit of the fairground, Highland Games and so on, with the aim of ensuring a fair utilisation of Common Good assets. Councillor Leslie explained that the financial impact of recent contractual changes would continue to be monitored in this and future years.



10 New Business.



10.1 Community Gardens & Allotments (land behind St Serf’s Hall)


Funding is in place for 3 years. With 10 allotments and 2 community gardens, it is intended that there be a community shed to accommodate all gardening implements. The rentals will be in line with Fife Council’s standard charges.

A voluntary organization (Burntisland Allotments Group) has been set up to run the community garden and allotment site and they plan to adopt a constitution and rules for operating the site as a whole and some suggested plans for the community garden



10.2 Kirkcaldy Business Improvement District Proposals


After some discussion it was agreed the principle of the initiative was welcomed, which is intended to deliver in Kirkcaldy a significant improvement in the retail and business environment.

It was noted that the business plan does not quantify the impact on consumers or businesses outside the immediate environs of the BID. In particular, it does not evaluate the potential benefit for consumers in Burntisland or the adverse impact of diverting business away from local retailers.

 It may have stimulated BCC into considering how a similar initiative might be proposed for Burntisland.


Whilst we recognise that the current BID proposal is still being refined, we understand that one of the funding options being considered by Fife Council would mean diverting 25% of the Locality Budget which is currently earmarked for Burntisland.


We find it very hard to see how any putative benefit which the BID might have for Burntisland would justify losing such a sum even in a single year, let alone as a continuing drain for the life of the BID project. In the light of our comments above, it would also compromise our ability to launch any kind of similar initiative for the immediate benefit of local consumers and businesses alike.


It was agreed we advise the Kirkcaldy BID organisers and local Fife Councillors we do not agree that it should be part-funded from a Locality Budget which is also intended for communities well beyond Kirkcaldy town Centre



11. Any other Business

John Russell made a written request asking about the High Street repairs carried out to the roadway outside Cameron's Butchers on the evening of 25/11/09 and the cause of the water bubbling from the area of the road which had been damaged on the evening of 24-25/11/09.

The Locality Manager was able to give the assurance that Scottish Water had carried out emergency repairs to one of their supply pipes in this area on that particular evening.


Lothian StreetRossend Castle sign requires to be repositioned.


Links Place – Drain requires attention- unclean water gushing out. Refuse bins obstructing pavement


Local Ambulance – Suggested it would be great if ambulance could be used as 1st response in emergencies to serve Burntisland, Kinghorn and Aberdour. As it is charity funded and run by volunteers this would rely on funding and also finding enough volunteers who would be prepared to give total 24/7 commitment and undertake high standard life saving training.


12. The Chairman closed the last meeting of 2009 at 9.00 pm by wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Next meeting is to be held Friday 8th January 2010 at 7pm in the Burgh Chambers.



13.  Council Meeting (continued in private Session)



13.1 Community Award 2010


Burntisland Community Council held this part of the meeting in private to consider a number of very worthy nominations for the Annual Community Award .After a lengthy discussion a difficult decision was finally reached and the winner of this very special Award for 2010 will be announced on New Years Day.


13.2 Appointment of new Secretary          


No decision was taken and is carried forward to next meeting


13.3 Honoraria


It was agreed to pay honoraria in respect of the year to 31st March 2009 as follows:


Secretary £175

Treasurer £80

Burntisland Blooms Co-ordinator £110