Minutes of meeting held in the Burgh Chambers on Friday 12 January 2007/

PRESENT:     Mr. D.Plant                    Vice Chair

                         Mr.R.Blanchard              Secretary

                         Mrs.A.Grant                    Treasurer.

                   C.Dewar, R.Smith, B.Stuart, H.Leuchars  R.Leuchars.

                    Councillors R.Edwards and G.Kay      Police rep. PC.Donnelly.


1.      Apologies for absence: A.MacDonald, Mrs.D.Reid and Sgt.S.Johnston.


2.      Minutes of meeting held on 8 December 2006. Approved  C.Dewar, seconded H.Leuchars.

3        Notification of topics for any other business:

High Street/Lothian Street re-cycling, Alcan money, temporary closure of drop-in centre etc.

4.   Police report:  PC.Donnelly reported that there had been 48 crimes over the Festive period,

      25 of which related to Burntisland (4) assaults being reported and dealt with, and overall had

      been a relatively quiet period.  There had been no apparent increase in crime during the period

      the Christmas Lights had been out.

      Missing Persons:    the case of Mr.J. Ewan was now closed, that of Mr.Tibbert continued.

       There had been 3 incidents in five weeks when vehicles were leaving parking bays; two

       cases where cars were struck and driver failed to  stop.

4a. It was agreed that the Chief Constable be invited to attend a future meeting of the Community

      Council, as offered in letter received by the Secretary.


5.  Councillors reports:   all information as attached and available at meeting.

     The Councillors then responded to question:

      Explanation given on business start-up incubators at roundhouse site.

      Re-cycling issues causing much concern on this matter with difficulties explained to

      Councillors, a report was awaited when the system has been reviewed.  Councillors

      agreed to report back on tonnages and costs related to landfill etc.


      High Street area – to be re-surfaced where required, problems had been experienced

      with specification.

      Pedestrian crossing – out to tender should be in place by March 2007.

      Crossing at Kirkton/Jubilee, and at Kirkton road now being addressed and reports awaited.

      Roundhouse car park – the size of this area was queried, 54 car bays should be available,

      Bus parking to be looked into.

      Disabled parking bays would be available on High Street, and other bays clearly marked.  

      Incubator unit funding – Scottish Enterprise, Burntisland Development Trust, Scottish

      Executive etc. involved.


6.  Matters arising: not otherwise covered in Agenda:

     A. Rent Office – The Secretary stated that after correspondence with Fife Council himself

     and Mrs.Grant would meet with the Localities Manager on Monday 15/01/07.

     b. Limestone Pier: circulated correspondence had still not been returned efforts to obtain

         another copy.


7, New Business:  

       a, Community Council – Scottish Executive discussion paper:

           This was considerable report of 69 pages on how Community Councils were fulfilling

           their roles, if appropriate copies will be available at a later date.


      b. Dog fouling:  considerable discussion took place, and information that number of

          dog wardens had been increased, and it was hoped that this could be closely monitored.


     c. Invitation to visit Royal School of Veterinary studies –Mr.R.Soutar

         Anyone interested in this school started by a local resident – contact the Secretary.


     d. Rules for Burntisland Fair:  Meeting had taken place between Fife Council and members

       of the Showmen’s representative. Considerable concern was expressed that no Councillor

        or member of the Community Council had been asked to attend  a meeting which was so

        relevant to Burntisland. It was noted that 5 stewards would now attend to Fair-sub-letting

        would be restricted, tighter control of  leaving and entering site.   Secretary to write Fife

        Council expressing concern re lack of consultation, and information on outcome.Also

        Query position of children’s work permits.(this matter Councillor G.Kay).


    e. Community Council Seminar in Rothes Halls –Saturday 10/02/07;

        H.Leuchars and R.Leuchars will attend.


    f. Funding and Monitoring Team for Projects-passed to Treasurer.


    g. Local Traders – reduction in rates:    there is no legal obligation for this, but Secretary

        had visited all traders with address where they might write to regarding effect of High

       Street work on business – i.e.70% reduction in some cases.


h.       Minutes of meetings on Burntisland Website –this would be done after approval of



i.         Citizen of the Year – Mr.A.Whitton – presentation would take place in the Burgh

Chambers at 7 p.m. on Friday 16 February 2007.


    8. Planning applications: five applications had been received and no objections lodged.

        Councillor Edwards reported on new planning legislation.


     9., Any Other Business:

         a. Rubbish bin outside Royal Bank causing problems when parking; residents parking

            queried – but parking time notices were now in place. type of litter bins did not

            carry ash trays: for cigarette ends;

            Street cleaning not satisfactory and requires upgrading.

            Drop kerbs required in other areas – i.e. West Leven Street, West Broomhill Road

             (Councillors will take these matters on board.


        b. Burntisland Development Trust (Alcan)  could distributions of monies be published

            perhaps in Burgh Buzz.  Clarification was given that requests has to be made for

            specific projects.


        c. Cowdenbeath Road drainage  Councillor  Kay agreed to take this matter up.


        d. Temporary closure on drop- in- centre:    This was due to lack of heating, but it was

            pointed out that there was a Grant available to rectify this matter.


e.       Vandalised seat – Lothian Street- remitted to Councillor Kay.

f.        It was suggested that perhaps a 20mile speed limit was required on Lothian

Street as now that there was no parking, speeds had increased.


   Date of next meeting – Friday 9th February – Normal business

                                           Friday 16 February 2007 – Presentation.