Burntisland CommunityCouncil


Minutes of Community Council Meeting Held in the Burgh Chambers

on Friday 12th March 2010 at 7.00 p.m.




Present:         Bob Smith (Vice Chairman – Chairperson)         Cllr Ron Edwards

                        Alex MacDonald (Chairman Part-Time)              Cllr George Kay

                        Isabel Smith (Secretary)                                      Cllr Susan Leslie

                        Aneris Grant (Treasurer)                                      Ken Halley (Locality Manager)

                        Tim Hailey                                                            Bill Kirkhope (Editor Burgh Buzz)

                        Gordon McGregor

                        Sam Purvis

                        Gordon Ritchie

                        Gillian Lowe

                        Morag Douglas


Attending:        12 Members of the Public


Apologies:       Ron Blanchard, Sheila McGregor, Heather Leuchars,

                        Alex MacDonald (Late Arrival)




1.         Chairman’s Review


The Chairperson welcomed Isabel Smith as the newly elected (by Community Council role at the Previous Meeting, 12 February, 2010).  Full-Voting Member of the Community Council, and she has volunteered to take on the role of Secretary.  A vote of thanks was also given to Gordon Ritchie for previously taking on the role of Secretary from Ron Blanchard.


The Chairperson also intimated that the first meeting of the Strategic Projects Group was held on 19th February, 2010, with Alex MacDonald, Bob Smith, Tim Hailey, Morag Douglas and Cllr George Kay attending.  The output from this plenary meeting will be coming up later in the Agenda.  A significant amount of email traffic has been noted in the past month on topics such as the Paving Repairs at Links Place, the closure of the A921 Burntisland to Aberdour Road and the road surface drainage/safety concerns at the Cowdenbeath Road.


The Community Council have been invited to join the Focus Group for the construction of the new Primary School in Burntisland. Alex MacDonald and Morag Douglas will be the key representatives for the B.C.C., with Tim Hailey as back-up.


The minutes of the Community Council Meeting on 12th February, 2010, were approved on a proposal by Tim Hailey and seconded by Aneris Grant.


Finally, the Chairperson reminded the attendees of the need to observe the meeting etiquette of addressing all comments or issues via the Chair.



2.         Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Ron Blanchard, Sheila McGregor, Heather Leuchars and Alex MacDonald (late arrival for business reasons).


3.         Notification of Community Concerns for Discussions Under ‘A.O.B.’ Item 11


Two issues were added to the Agenda:-


11.1.    A serious assault in Burntisland – Bob Smith.


11.2.    Burntisland’s Environment – Peter George.


4.         Police Report


No representative of Fife Constabulary was present to give a Police Report.


Cllr Kay reminded the meeting that, under the new Community Policing Plan, no Police Representative would attend Community Council Meeting in the future.  The Community Police Officer – PC Keith Gibb would be holding their own Communication Meetings in the Toll Centre.


Cllr Edwards intimated that two such meetings had already taken place in Burntisland and attendance at these was very low (5 people).


It was noted that communication of these events had been poor and that Sergeant Potter should be invited to provide some formal notification of future planning to the Community Council.  The Police Report would be removed from future Agendas.


5.         Locality Managers Report – Ken Halley


Ken Halley presented a comprehensive report updating the Council on issues raised at previous meetings:-


Remedial works had been carried out to the Palais Steps, Back Beach to Lammerlaws Steps, Broomhill Avenue Garage Site and to Damaged Slabs on the High Street.  The broken slabs in Links Place will be replaced once bollards have been installed to prevent lorries from parking on them in future.  The School Crossing Officer location on the High Street has been relocated to the Pedestrian Crossing approximately 50 metres along the street, for safety reasons.


The A921 Burntisland to Aberdour Road essential repair work will commence on Monday, 29 March, 2010, and is expected to be completed by Monday, 21 June, 2010.  The road will be closed completely for up to nine weeks due to the use of an 80 Te Piling Rig for the construction of a Retaining Wall to stabilise the road.  For the remaining three weeks of the works, temporary Traffic Lights will be in operation.   A further short complete closure of approximately two days will be required to re-surface the road.  Traffic into and out of Burntisland will be diverted via the A909 Cowdenbeath Road during this period.


Stagecoach Service 7/7A will operate to a revised temporary timetable during the works period, which was outlined in the report.  Information on this revised service 7/7A Timetable and Taxi Shuttle Service linking Aberdour with the Bus Network in Dalgety Bay will be available via www.fifedirect.org prior to the road closure.  Access for Emergency Services and Residents will be maintained at all times.


Transportation Services have been pursuing Colinswell Land Limited to complete the Kirkton Drive Junction onto Kirkton Road, including a table top traffic calming measure, which was part of the planning permission and roads construction consent granted in 2005.  The roads construction consent expired in June 2008.  Colinswell Land Limited have advised that they intend to recommence works shortly to complete the roundabout and link road through the site and the pedestrian crossing on Kirkton Road.


A speed survey was recently taken at 142 Kinghorn Road over a 7 day period in mid-February, 2010.  The daily volume of traffic was 4,584 and the mean speed was 28.31 mph.


It was not considered that additional traffic calming was required based on the results of the survey.


Further speed surveys will be carried out periodically to assess how speed changes over time.


Concern was expressed, however, that from the results presented, it was noted that greater than 30% of the vehicles were driven at speeds in excess of the permitted 30 mph.  Also, it was considered that 142 Kinghorn Road was too far from the 30 mph limit point and that a different result would have been obtained, had the survey been carried out at Linwell Court, where vehicles have frequently been noticed travelling at speeds well in excess of the limit.  The Locality Manager agreed to take these comments back for consideration.


6.         Widows Land Proposal Presentation – Paula Cowie


A presentation was givento the meeting by Paula Cowie, Development Manager of the ‘Sustainable Communities Initiatives’ organisation based at Kinghorn Loch, on their proposal to develop the Widows Land Area of ground (opposite the Burntisland Golf House Club).


The proposed development, which it was stressed is in the very early stages of definition, would include up to 12 Eco Houses, Woodland Walks, an Education Centre and Organic Allotments.


The initial discussions with Fife Council have been positive.  Concern was expressed at the meeting, however, regarding the safety of a proposed water catchment trench, given the topography of the ground in the area, and the potential safety hazard of positioning an entrance to the site off the Kirkcaldy Road.  Also the Housing Area to the south of the Widows Land is a quiet estate with very little traffic flow currently.


Paula Cowie stressed again that the proposal is still very much in it’s infancy, and would seek to update the Community Council on further developments.


7.         Secretary and Treasurers Report


The Secretary reported that all correspondence received during the month had been included in the Agenda for the meeting.  The Treasurer reported that the Burgh Buzz had successfully managed to be self-financing on the last issue.




8.         Burgh Buzz- Bill Kirkhope


Some problems had been encountered with distribution of the last edition of the Burgh Buzz, consequently, plans are being developed to define 12 distribution areas within the town and adult volunteers for each area are being sought to improve distribution.


The meeting was reminded that five weeks remained to the deadline for articles/adverts to be submitted for inclusion in the next edition.


9.         Ongoing Business Items


9.1.      Burntisland Sports Group – Gillian Lowe


The Sports Group have been looking at the Toll Park as the optimum site for a new Sports Centre in Burntisland, which is evidently in conflict with the current development of optional sites for the proposed new Primary School.


The possibility of a Shared – Usage Option is being considered, but may have some conflicts on available usage hours.  The Group were encouraged to make some visits to Shared Facilities in Dundee and Kinross, where such conflicts have been successfully harmonised.


9.2.      Review of Local Planning Applications – Tim Hailey


Three current applications were presented and discussed:-


·         Change of use of ground at St. Serfs Hall to create Allotments – Supported by B.C.C.

·         Erection of 40 Dwelling Houses West of Grange Road – Opposed by B.C.C.

·         Change of use of the Inchview Hotel to 2 Dwelling Houses – Opposed by B.C.C.


9.3.      Strategic Projects Group – Alex MacDonald


The output from the first meeting of the Strategic Projects Group on 19th February, 2010, was presented.  A full listing of known or planned projects in Burntisland was developed and categorised, to focus on projects where it was considered that the Community Council could have the most significant influence.


These were presented as:-


·         Upgrade of the War Memorial

·         Lochies Viewpoint – Review and Extend the Limestone Pier

·         Strengthening of the A921 Burnt island to Aberdour Road

·         Young Square – Landscaping, Car Parking and Re-open the Pend

·         New Primary School – Focus Group Representation

·         Reinstatement of a Traders Association

·         Volunteers Fair – Toll Centre Organisation Days Initiative


9.4.      Review of the Model Scheme for Establishment of Community Councils –

Fife Council Proposal – Bob Smith


Following the original circulation of the proposed scheme for comment by the Community Councils in Fife in March/April 2009 and the subsequent consultation period on the revised proposal during 9th January – 5th March, 2010, the ‘Final Draft’ has been issued for adoption.


It was highlighted that the Final Draft was consistent with B.C.C. comments in a number of significant aspects, and differed only in two aspects:-


·         Dissolution of membership falls below 50%, compared to < 40% previously.  Fife Council would then institute a new formal election process


·         The required Quorum for Meetings/Business is reduced to one third of membership or 3 members, whichever is the greater, compared to 40% of membership currently


The B.C.C. re-election process scheduled for October 2010 will take place as planned.  The Final Draft was silent on additional funding for Community Councils.  No further action required.


9.5.      Kinghorn Road Waiting Restrictions – Alex McDonald


About 18 months ago the Community Council submitted a paper to Fife Council, proposing simplification of the waiting restrictions in Burntisland, covering a wider scope than Kinghorn Road.  This had got lost within Fife Council due to some personnel changes, hence the reason for recirculating the paper now.  In the meantime, Fife Council have issued their own proposals, which did not take account of the B.C.C. proposals, however, 39 Residents of Kinghorn Road have signed and submitted a petition to Fife Council unanimously requesting that the status quo on summer waiting restrictions be maintained (waiting limited 8.30 – 7.30 p.m., 1st  June – 30th September – 30 minutes).  It was agreed not to comment on the views of the Residents on Kinghorn Road.


9.6.      A921 Burntisland to Aberdour Road Closure


See Locality Managers Report – Minute 5.0.


9.7.      High Street Repairs


See Locality Managers Report – Minute 5.0.


9.8.      Community Council Support Working Group – Cllr Ron Edwards


Cllr Edwards presented a report from David Henderson – the Community Council Representative on the Working Group.  The main topic on the Agenda for the Meeting held on 11th March, 2010 was Fife Councils Final Draft of the Model Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils in Fife.


Screeds for comments had been received on this subject from Community Councils during the Consultation Period.  A significant amount of comment had been received on Planning Issues, but no Planners were present at the meeting to respond to these comments  The Group considered that guidance was “short of information” including on pre-application notifications and consultations.  There was a lot of opposition to reducing the age for eligibility to 16, however, Fife Council are promoting this reduction.


It was accepted that the 4 Year Term would not apply at this time.


The recommendations will go to Fife Council P.F.A.M. Committee in April or May, 2010, followed by further public consultation prior to adoption.


9.9.      Links Accounts – Alex MacDonald


The latest Links Financial Accounts were presented at the meeting.  On comparing the accounts with previous versions, the key change noted was that Property Costs, specifically the Burntisland Reinstatement Works”, have been reduced, giving a “final” net cost of £11,715 for running the Links.


Cllr Kay reported that he was still not satisfied with the quality of financial information provided, since the accounts had been produced by a Parks Superintendent not an Accountant.


Cllr Kay has requested that a further revision to the accounts be presented, this time by an Accountant, but that this would probably not be available for presentation until June 2010.


Specifically John Russell at the meeting held the view that the accounts were unsatisfactory, and that the real profit from the Burntisland Links should go to the Common Good Fund, not to subsidising the running of Beveridge and Ravenscraig Parks in Kirkcaldy.  This will be discussed again when the revised accounts are available via Cllr Kay.


9.10.    Burntisland Blooms


No report submitted.


10.       New Business Items


10.1.    Organisation Day – Toll Centre


The Toll Centre is proposing to hold an “Organisation Day” for organisations based in Burntisland or for the use of people in Burntisland on 29th May, 2010.


A planning meeting will be held in the Toll Centre on Monday, 29th March at 7 p.m.  Jane Hoggins – Toll Centre Supervisor is the contact person [email address removed - anti-spam precaution].  Gordon Ritchie will attend to represent the Community Council.


10.2.    Action on Plastic Waste


A note from Alex Falconer of Kingseat Community Council was read out highlighting a discussion on the amount of plastic waste that cannot be recycled at their last meeting.


The conclusion was that Government and Large Retailers should ensure that all packaged goods maximise the amount of plastic packaging that can be recycled.  The question was asked whether B.C.C. shared this view, which was received positively.


10.3.    Instilling Civic Pride in Your Community – Seminar, Falkland


A notice was read out advising of seminar to be held in the Falkland Community Hall, Falkland on Wednesday, 19th May, 2010 on behalf of Falkland in Bloom.


The seminar is aimed, particularly at ‘Bloom Groups’ and Tenants Associations with the objective of encouraging communities to embrace environmental improvement.


There will be no charge for attendance at the seminar.  Ron and Sheila McGregor will attend on behalf of B.C.C.


10.4.    2020 Vision – Fife Community Plan Gathering


A notice was read out inviting attendance at a Gathering in The Vine Venue, 131 Garvock Hill, Dunfermline at 9.15 a.m. – 4.30 p.m., Wednesday, 21st April, 2010, aimed at the development of Fife’s new Community Plan for 2010-2020.


Cllr George Kay encouraged the Community Council to attend this Gathering, as one of the most significant events in managing Fife’s future over the next decade. Tim Hailey will represent B.C.C. at the Gathering.


10.5.    Wall at Esplanade, Burntisland – Painting


Cllr George Kay advised that he has been liaising with Community Pay Back to have the wall and fencing along the beach area in Burntisland.  Cost of material is estimated at £500.  The Community Council were requested to sponsor an application to the Common Good Fund for approximately one third of the cost.  The Community council agreed to sponsor the application.


11.       Any Other Business


11.1.    Serious Assault in Burntisland


The chairperson advised the meeting of a serious assault that took place in Burntisland in February, 2010.  Michael Floyd, a young resident of Burntisland was attacked by two men and beaten badly with a baseball bat in the Under Passage between the Alcan Housing Estate and the Red Pond Area.  He is recovering from serious injuries as a result of this vicious attack, but wishes the meeting to be advised of this incident and to encourage others to take care around this particular location.


11.2.    Burntisland’s Environment – Peter George


Time did not permit discussion on this item.  It will be carried forward to the next meeting.


12.       Date of Next Meeting


Friday, 9th April, 2010 at 7 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers.




Bob Smith