Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of Meeting held in the Burgh Chambers

On Friday 12th June 2009




            A MacDonald (Chair)

            R Smith (Vice Chair)

            A Grant (Treasurer)

            G Ritchie (Secretary)

            H Leuchars (minutes)

T Hailey, G McGregor, S McGregor, C Dewar, G Lowe, Cheryl Spears

Councillor S Leslie, Councillor Edwards, Councillor Kay, Ken Halley Locality Manager and Sergeant Edith Potter


            11 Members of the public


1)        Apologies for Absence

           Ron Blanchard, Sam Purves, Morag Douglas


2)        Minutes of Previous meeting (8/5/09)

           A. Grant proposed adoption of the minutes as a true and correct record &          

           Seconded by B. Smith.


3)                Notification of Community Concerns for discussion under 'Any other Business.'  - as given in section 10


4)                Policing Plan 2009/10 – Chief Constable Norma Graham QPM

            The Chair welcomed Chief Constable Graham to the meeting.  She reported on    the Policing Plan for 2009/10 and her vision to meet the ever changing policing   requirements of the 21st century.  Advancement of technology is used as an aid   to tracking criminals worldwide. The current Policing Plan booklet lists             commitment    in covering 4 key areas (a) Tackling crime (b) Being there for the   community (c) Safer neighbourhoods (d) Building on Success. 

            In 2007 Fife had the highest   reduction in crime figures within Scotland and 2008 exceeded that figure.  CC Graham puts great emphasis on the importance of   public forwarding information             and working with Police in crime prevention. The             reporting of e.g. violence, drug abuse, underage drinking and traffic            offences assist in crime solving. With better     road safety measures there    is a       reduction of accidents in Fife. Increase in drugs deaths gives cause for concern.  Throughout Fife £3million of drugs were removed from the streets -       with £76K of cannabis plants being            removed from Burntisland in Apr/May this    year alone.  She is acutely aware that all crime is important to the individual      on the street and that the public look for action to be taken. Officers are       required to act on the priority level of any given situation and are deployed             to deal with situations as they arise. 


            This year is the 60th Anniversary of Fife Constabulary and the aim is to offer          a proficient, professional service listening, understanding and responding to the          public giving a caring service from right at the heart of the community.  A vote          of thanks was extended to Chief Constable Graham for having attended the              meeting.


5)         Police Report –Sergeant Potter reported on the action plan to be put in place    during the summer months with more staff to be deployed in community policing.  This will involve foot patrols and police pedal cyclists.


6)        Fife Council Locality Managers Report – Ken Halley     



            Sign at station directing people along High Street costs being obtained.

            30mph at Golf Club referred to transportation.


            Links Seating

            Lack of seating particularly along railway wall has been referred to Community Services.


            Recreations on the Links


I           the franchise arrangements are going ahead as per last year and no information has been made available to the Community Council regarding the Contract for the lease of the Putting green and the other facilities. at the east end of the Links. Councillor Kay agreed to follow this up.

The Councillors also noted reports of some dogs owned by fairground families are being allowed to freely wander unsupervised on the links.


            Skate Park

            Currently running 2 weeks behind schedule but due to be open to the public in       July with the official opening in August.


            Pelican Crossing Kirkton Road

       Transportation have advised Colinswell Land that if they unable to resolve issues with current contractor then they should appoint another contractor to     complete works.


       Craigkelly Transmitter Station

During a one day period between15-25th June the antenna is to be replaced on the top of the mast by the aid of a helicopter.  As this is weather permitting it a precise date cannot be given for the work to be carried out however, a        temporary restriction to a small section of footpath will be in place during work.


7)        Secretary & Treasurers Report


           7a) Secretary Report

           Scottish Water

Ann Marie Dewar Regional Community Manager has agreed to attend the next meeting on 14th August meeting along with two other colleagues.


Forth Ports – Michaela Sullivan Head of Planning at Forth Ports will be delighted to attend the CC meeting planned for Friday 11th September.


           Community Notice Board – An application has been submitted for grant

Assistance from the Common Good Fund and we await a decision before an order can be placed with the manufacturers.  Permission has been agreed by Fife Council to erect the board on the High Street/Union Street site as a permitted development.        


           7b) Treasurers Report

           Accounts – returned from auditor ready to be forwarded to Fife Council.  Balance £3K+.  Burgh Buzz figure of £1600 to be retained in reserve at present.


8.        Ongoing Business carried forward


           8.1 Burntisland Blooms – Sheila McGregor


      Hanging Baskets for High Street Project 2009:  Funding received from Common Good Fund, Locality Fund, John Cooper of Kingdom Amusements and Andy          Davis of Archway Metals.   12 shopkeepers have agreed to take part.    Kinghorn    Road bus stop:    Fife Council gardeners have planted up 2 flower beds with       summer bedding at either end of the new chicane bus stop area.    Part of this       year’s plan to brighten and tidy up the area around the railway embankment.           Cromwell Road roundabout:   Fife Council is aware of the disappointing condition            of this area.

       8.2 Burntisland Sports Group Report – Gillian Lowe

       Application submitted for grant assist from Common Good funding for print costs to supply 4000 questionnaires for distribution throughout the town.


       8.3 Events Committee update – Councillor Ron Edwards

All plans for the Civic Week Celebrations and Street Party on Saturday 20th June are well underway however;         insurance for stall holders has yet to be resolved.  Starley Hall pupils may be involved with the Summer Queen distribution of fliers around town with info on events.  The Heritage Trust office will be open between 11-4pm as will the Museum of Communication with a Lantern Show.


       8.4 Review of Local Planning Applications – Tim Hailey

       Minor domestic applications only.


       8.5 Burgh Buzz – Staffing & Resources

Ring fence funding to stay in place at present with a view to producing an autumn edition providing further editorial and advertising help and assistance becomes available.    


       8.6 Community Council Asset Register

Entrust who grant assisted the Water Feature; require an asset register to be monitored by BCC to show all assets in BCC own ownership.  The Chairman agreed to draft a standard form which would be appropriate for items such as the Flower planters, water bowser, Coat of Arms, Xmas lights, Notice board and any other items valued at a minimum of £500.


       8.7 Christmas Lights – Planning & Fundraising

Fund raising, grants and organisation was discussed - Gordon Ritchie (Interim Secretary) offered to write the necessary letters to potential sponsors and complete the relevant grant applications as required.


9)         New Business


            9.1 Community Council Insurance Policy Summary

            Policy has been renewed and in place


            9.2 Review of Community Council Scheme – Working Group Report

Introductory meeting has taken place and report will be circulated– future meeting dates and agenda will be made available in due course.


            9.3 Fife Structure Plan 2006-2026

The Scottish Government approved 2006/2026 plan with no significant changes as far as Burntisland is concerned.


            9.4 ‘Choosing Scotland’s Future – Meeting at KHS Kirkcaldy 16/6/09

            Register on-line your interest in attending


            9.5 Civic Week Trophy Sponsorship

BCC agreed to donate £50 towards the renewal of lost/damaged trophies. 


Any other business – to add to August Agenda for updates

Kinghorn Road – New road layout giving cause for concern. Councillors Kay & Edwards to follow this up with FC Transportation and update at August meeting


      War Memorial – leaves and general tidy up required – Ken Halley Locality            Manager noted.


      Archway Rossend Castle – possible hazard due to tree roots – Ken Halley          Locality Manager noted


Date of Next Meeting Friday 14th August 2009 at 7.00pm in the Burgh Chambers