FRIDAY, 12th August 2011, 7 P.M., BURGH CHAMBERS




                            PRESENT:       Alex MacDonald (Chairman)

                                                        Bob Smith (Vice Chairman) 

                                                        Isabel Smith (Secretary)

                                                        John Russell (Treasurer)

                                                         Morag Douglas

                                                         Peter George

                                                         Brian Partridge

                                                        Christine Dewar

                                                        Tim Hailey

                                                         Martin McDonald

                                                         Cllr Ron Edwards (FC)

                                                         Cllr Susan Leslie (FC)

                                                         Cllr George Kay (FC)

                                                          PC Keith Gibb

                                                          Bill Kirkhope (Editor of Burgh Buzz)


                            ATTENDING:      17 Members of the Public


                            APOLOGIES:      Gary Cummins

                                                           Neil Millsop

                                                           Zoe Williamson

                                                           Lorraine Simpson                                                             





          The Chairman welcomed the attendees and remarked that we had a busy agenda and a few members would have to leave early. He also remarked on the success of the Exile reunion and thanked Christine, Gary, Isabel, John and Lorraine who had all supported the day in one way or another.


          Apologies were reported as noted above.




          An amendment to the minutes was noted and The Minutes of the previous meeting were adopted, proposed by Bob Smith & seconded by John Russell.




          None were notified.


4.      POLICE REPORT – PC Keith Gibb


          PC Gibb highlighted a relatively quite period for antisocial behaviour considering the number of people in the town.


         Youth trouble was much less than expected due to high visibility of the police.

         He commented on a forthcoming competition at the skate-park, which he planned to attend.


         He highlighted there had been, however, a number of speeding tickets issued. This led to a discussion about community speed watch, with more information to be available in due course.


5.      SCI Widow’s Land development update report – Ed Pybus/SCI Member


         Copies of the report to build sustainable living were handed out:-


·     Ed Pybus talked about the consultation process including feedback and challenges put forward by the community. In particular he discussed Time scale, conservation & viability (highlighted p.6-7 of the report)

·      Ownership of the land was discussed as well as rock-fall

·      Local Residents reported concerns about the potential impact on wildlife and were encouraged to put their concerns directly as described on page 8 of the report.


The immediate next steps include information being given to every household in Burntisland, together with a consultation event in the Toll Centre.


6.      Environment – Peter George


          6.1.   Broomhill Avenue Waste Bin


                   Broomhill Avenue waste bin was removed soon after placement due to complaints from residents.


         Peter George read out a letter, from an individual, highlighting various issues of maintenance around the town. The Chairman offered to pass the concerns to Ken Halley, for forwarding to appropriate officials.


          Action: Peter George to forward the letter to the Chairman.


         Sewage at Broomhill Avenue / Haugh Road, Fence at Starleyburn, Traffic Wardens and Crossing at Braehead were all discussed and responses given by Cllrs Leslie, Edwards and Kay.


        There was a discussion around a disabled parking space at Fairfax court and whether Transport or Property was responsible. Cllr Kay advised that concerns relating to the private affairs of an individual should be routed directly to the relevant officials and not discussed in an open forum. He undertook to follow through outside the meeting.


          Action Cllr Kay




          7.1.   Secretary Report


          Nothing further to report.


          7.2.   Treasurer’s Report


          The Treasurer issued a written report (See Appendix 1) highlighting a balance of £2,000 In the account to 12th August 2011, but with current commitments outstanding, the balance available to the Community Council is £1,113.


          The Treasurer Commented on the fact that BCC paid a substantially increased rent for hire of the hall for meetings and felt this was not fair. The chairman has written to the council on the matter.


        A vote of thanks was recorded for John’s work as Treasurer.


8.      BURGH BUZZ


          Bill Kirkhope reported that the latest issue is printed and in progress of being distributed.


        He reported funds were available to hold a reception for the “helpers” of the Burgh Buzz.




          9.1.   Review of Local Planning Applications


                   Tim Hailey reported that there were only a few standard applications: Street lamp posts, a conservatory and a parking space


          9.2.   Strategic Projects Group - War Memorial


          The Chairman reported that the group had prioritised the list, copies of which had been circulated and no comments received. Four of the top five priorities were on the agenda for this meeting.


         The War memorial project was split into two sections 1. Design/Cost and 2. Execution.  It was reported that £7,200 had been released by Burntisland Development Trust for the feasibility study and phase 1 has begun with £6,150 committed to date


9.3.   Clock Chimes


          It was reported that the Council had approved an extension of the Links Shows and that the showmen would fund the Fun Day. The Community Council commended the Showmen for their generosity.


         There was a long discussion around the lack of consultation by the Community Council on the application to extend the fairground, and on the decision by a Fife Council official to agree to the request - again without consultation. It also emerged that not all of the showmen knew of the arrangements. It was agreed that lessons should be learnt.


          9.4.   Links Community Trust


                    John Russell commented that an update had been sent by e-mail to BCC and discussed his vision.


          Cllr Leslie informed the meeting that she is attending a meeting with regard to the Library and will give feedback


          Action:  Cllr Leslie


          9.5.   Burgh Chambers Furnishing


          Bob Smith has obtained three quotes that will be forwarded to Neil Millsop for review by a professional colleague.


          Action:  B. Smith & Neil Millsop


          9.6.   Floral Enhancement


          Bob Smith reported on the ongoing watering. The high cost of plant replacements was discussed and the possibility of using perennial plants.


         Ed Pybus offered to assist


          9.7.   New Primary School Consultation Document


         Alex MacDonald gave feedback from a stakeholder group meeting he had attended. He commented that each group would have 2 people attending and as yet no minutes had been distributed. Fife Council’s original proposal was to have the plans on public display for only 1 day. However, they appear to have agreed to extend that to one week. He had seen and responded to a draft proposal for consultation and advised the officials that the wording of the proposed question would be interpreted as “take it or leave it”. 


        He also commented on the tight timescale for consultation and that the next meeting of the stakeholder group would take place 24th August 2011.           


          9.8.   Draft Common Good Fund Property review report


         John Russell referred to his email regarding discrepancies in lists of rents and properties. He will find when last the rents were reviewed and their current cost


         Action:  J. Russell


          9.9.   Visit to 104 High Street / library


         Visit took place 4th July most of the flat was watertight. One area needed attention and a survey would be required


        Action:  J. Russell/Cllr Edwards


          9.10.   Exiles reception


         John Russell commented on lack of involvement from members of the Community Council, particularly new members, and whether these types of event should continue. It was agreed that the Chairman should review the various events hosted by the Community Council and encourage more active involvement.


        Action: A. MacDonald to advise members on the options for supporting CC activities.


          9.11. Community Council Elections


        The Chairman explained that Ed Pybus had expressed interested in filling the remaining position on the Community Council and read out a brief biography. Ed provided additional detail. It was agreed to co-opt Ed as a member of the Community Council.


          9.12.   World Challenge Project


        The Community Council met in private and agreed to make an award to an individual.




Due to lack of time, it was agreed that the remaining items on the agenda would be carried forward to the next meeting or actioned by the office bearers as appropriate.


The Chairman advised that consultation on the Service Delivery Plan for the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership would end on 9th September.




           Friday, 9th September 2011 at 7 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers.



Appendix 1 (Treasurer's Report) - available on request.