Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of Meeting Held

Friday 12th September 2008 at 7.00p.m.




Alex MacDonald (Chair)

Bob Smith (Vice Chair)

Gordon Ritchie (Secretary)

Aneris Grant (Treasurer)

Sam Purvis

Gordon McGregor

Sheila McGregor

Morag Douglas

Heather Leuchars (Minutes)


Councillors Susan Leslie and Ron Edwards

Jim McLeish (Fife Council) Andrew McDaniel (Fife HARCA) and Chris Morgan(Project Architect)

16 Members of the public



†††††††† These were received from : Councillor Kay, Ron Blanchard, Tim Hailey, Christine Dewar, Ken Halley (Locality Manager Fife Council)


John McDougall MP - The Chairman expressed the community's deep sorrow at the sad loss of John and paid tribute to the outstanding service he had given to the town. He also expressed our appreciation for all the good work that he had achieved on Fife Council as an elected member for Burntisland.††††††††


†††††††† Gift to the community


Arsenal Football Club presented a crystal football to the town as a††† token of their appreciation for the Community's recognition of David Danskinwho was born in Burntisland and was one of the founders of the football club.It was suggested that this gift be placed in one of the Council Chamberís display cabinets.

†††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

2.Minutes of previous Meeting


†††††††† Gordon McGregor proposed adoption of the minutes as a true and correct †††††††† record and Aneris Grant seconded.


3.†††† Notification of Topics for 'Any Other Business'

: a number of local issues were raised by members of the public and noted to be ††††††† discussed later as time permits.



4.††††† Police Report - Sgt Edith Potter


†††††††† Those members of Police who were on loan to Burntisland have now been †††††††† returned to their base in Kirkcaldy.The full time traffic warden will go ††††††††† part-time from the end of September.


†††††††† Travelling people who were parked within the Forth Port Authority land near the Beacon Centre moved on before an eviction order could be placed on them.Litter at Breakwater still under investigation.


†††††††† Under age drinking at the weekends resulted in numerous bottles and cans of

alcohol being confiscated by the Police and the youths being warned and escorted / taken home.The problem of car racers is being closely monitored.An issue raised by the public was dogs off leash at the Toll Park which might frighten children coming out of school. This is being monitored.



5.††††† Proposed Business Incubator Units at Lammerlaws Road


†††††††† A presentation was made by Andrew McDaniel Fife HARCA (Housing Association Regeneration Community Alliance) Chris Morgan of Locate Architects and Jim McLeish from Fife Council. They outlined the ††††† intended consultation on the design, operation and management of the units on the old Round House site. This is presently a car / lorry park adjacent to the Beacon Leisure Centre on land owned by Fife Council. The intention is to build an ultra-modern and environmentally-friendly building accommodating Business Units.


Proposals for the development are at a stage which means they are ready to be made available for public consultation.


Possible funding (Cost Estimate - £3.3million)

Burntisland Development Trust (£365.000)

Big Lottery Fund

Climate Challenge Fund

Third Sector Fund

European Funding

Private Finance


Proposed local Community Engagement

-Meeting with Community Council

-Public exhibition and leaflet

-Meet the developer open session and discussion

-Planning application - formal stage

-Ongoing updates - may be in the form of briefings to Community Council and††† †††††† other groups, press releases, public meetings etc.


Time frame

-Design proposals - underway

-Funding applications / trawl - underway

-Community engagement - underway

-Planning Application submission - September/October 2008

-Site start proposed2009/10 (subject to funding)


†††††††† The idea is to form working environments for new businesses and hopefully ††††† create jobs.Room has been set aside on site for a further building on site †† should that be a requirement at a future date.


†††††††† Following a lively question and answer session involving the council and the public in attendance, some of the main comments focused on: (a) the location; (b) the external design of the building; (c) internal layout; (d) high cost; (h) conflict with leisure facilities; (j) conflict with overflow parking. It was agreed to ask for sight of a more fully developed business plan and to seek responses to the other questions once the community consultation had been completed.


It was agreed that this was the first consultation and the views of the meeting ††† would be taken seriously into consideration. It was suggested that the library would be a suitable venue for the general public to make their views known.


6.††††† Locality Manager's Report


†††††††† Poor condition of footpath between new housing Dollar Road and ††† Meadowfield††††††††† - This has been referred to Fife Council Transportation Services to take necessary action.Sign at the station directing people along the High Street at †††††† the beach - This should be in place for next year'sblue flag season.


Water Feature on Links - benches to be replaced. Repairs to the seating and rubber edges are being progressed. Community Services Parks & Countryside are responsible for cleaning and ††† maintaining the facility.The franchisee monitors and reports any issues on a daily basis. Disclosure Checks for attendants are the Franchisee's responsibility as the risk is transferred to him.


†††††††† Pedestrian Crossing, Kirkton Road - Transportation advises that as part of the Roads Construction Consent issued to Colinswell Land Ltd there are to be junction improvements at the Haugh Road / Kirkton Road / Broomhill Avenue †††††† junction and various other works for access to the site.The signals were ††††† erected prior to the junction works and as a consequence work is required to change the signals to the new layout.It was envisaged that these works would have been done some time ago and Transportation have been pursuing Colinwell Land Ltd. and their consultant since last summer to have the works done.To date a programme for the completion of all outstanding works has not been received.Additionally information is being compiled to refer the matter to Legal Services to pursue.

Primary School Site - Education Service is at a very early stage in this project.They have had an initial look at sites but no site investigations have been carried out.A detailed options appraisal is planned to be completed by June 2009.A communication / consultation plan will be developed so the community will have every opportunity to put forward views as the project moves forward.Eleven potential sites have been identified, including the existing school site.


The initial indicative appraisal of the sites identifies the order of priority to be:

1.                                             Land west of Seamill

2.                                             East Toll Park

3.                                             Land South of Haugh Road

4.                                             Redevelopment of existing site.

The business case will be progressed and completed by June 2009.This will go into greater detail on the site options including site investigation works.


Seamill Playpark


The contractor, Gilmartins, started on the site on 4th August and work is progressing well.The work carried out around the pond has been inspected by Transportation Services to ensure capacity has not been reduced as this is a SUDS pond.The inspecting officer was satisfied.Footpath foundations and the play equipment foundations have all been spread.


Skate Park


Work on construction of the skate park has been delayed as an electricity cable has to be diverted.Scottish Power has to submit a wayleave application to Fife Council which takes 2-3 weeks to process when received.Once the wayleave has been granted the work will be programmed by Scottish Power.At the moment they are working on an 8 week programme.Accordingly, it will be around end November/early December before the construction gets underway.




The Secretary advised that letters had been received from the following:

                        Fife Council re: Data protection training course 29th October - Secretary to attend.

                        Fife Council re: Recruitment Campaign for Children's Hearings

                        Fife Council re: Allotment management.

                        Rev. J Neil: Thanks for welcoming American team to Burntisland.




The Treasurer reported all accounts are up to date.

Items of Business carried forward from previous meeting


9.1 Maintenance of Core Paths Network

In response to complaints from the public about the condition of the core path network to the west of the town it was noted that the landowner has carried out the necessary trimming of grass and undergrowth.


9.2 Burntisland Public Access Committee - Core Path Summary of Recommendation for approval atthe next BCC meeting on 10.10.08


†††††††† In the absence of Bill Davidson Chairman of BPAC due to another commitment, it was agreed to carry this item over to allow for more detailed explanation of the outstanding issues being considered on the path network around the town.This will give time to consider these and the BPAC summary further before the consultation period ends on 31st October 2008.


9.3 Joint Sports Group

†††††††† In the absence of Councillor Kay the secretary advised that the next meeting of the group will be on Wednesday 1st October at 6.00pm in the Burgh Chambers.It is hoped to extend an invitation to members of the public to join the group and hopefully help form a properly constituted committee in the near future.


9.4 "Dare to Care"

†††††††† Cheryl Spears reported that the colourful printed leaflets to encourage less fortunate youngsters to attend and become involved in supervised activities and clubs in the Town. These are now available at Balwearie High School and Burntisland Primary School's 6/7 classes as well as the Public Library.


9.5 Christmas Lights

Fife Council has a Locality budget which can match community funds for Christmas lights up to £1.500 and this is being progressed. Gillian Lowe had received two estimates to erect the lights on the High Street. A decision was taken in private and will be announced to the contractors.


9.6 Events Committee

†††††††† Morag Douglas updated the meeting: 5th November Bonfire lit 7.15pm and fireworks at 7.45pm. Extra stewarding volunteers are needed urgently and a 'training' meeting to be arranged nearer the time.A number of issues to be discussed with the Police and Stagecoach and a meeting is being arranged.


9.7'Burntisland Blooms' & 'Best Kept Town'

†††††††† Sheila McGregor reported that Burntisland has won the Best Kept Small Town in Central Fife Campaign for the second year running. The judges commented that the containers in the High Street have been well planted with a combination of annuals and perennials and that this, along with the specimen Lime Trees, had improved the appearance of the town. The efforts of the local school children in planting up the containers with daffodils and bluebells was acknowledged. The open space maintenance was of a high standard and the local authority bedding schemes were particularly colourful. The Plastic Bag Free Initiative being sponsored by a local group was recognised.

The volunteers had identified future projects to improve the town which could only lead to greater achievements. These projects could only be carried out by members of the community volunteering to assist. At the moment, out of a town of approximately 6000 inhabitants, the Blooms Team consisted of 5 dedicated volunteers which was not enough to carry out all future projects. Overall, however, there was an ever-increasing interest in the project with a greater sense of ownership and protection towards the town containers, particularly in the Colinswell area.For the first time, there had been no significant theft or vandalism to the plants, which was encouraging. The Community Council containers will not be fully planted up until the spring although volunteers are now growing on violas, pansies and wallflowers.††††


Anyone interested in assisting in the Blooms Project in any way should contact Sheila McGregor on 01592 874085.


9.8 Environmental Matters

†††††††† Report carried forward to October Meeting as Ron Blanchard sent his apologies.


9.9 Forth Estuary Forum - (No report)


9.10 Planning Applications -

†††††††† In the absence of Tim Hailey the chairman advised these only consisted of domestic applications.


10 New Business


10.1 Chiming of Town Clock

†††††††† It was requested that the clock refrain from chiming during the night.The unanimous view was that as it has always chimed it should continue to do so.


10.2 Scotland's High Streets Meeting

†††††††† Dundee 19.9.08 - As the Council had a special meeting arranged that night the Secretary was instructed to tender apologies.


10.3 'Any Questions?'

†††††††† The chairman provided an opportunity for members of the Council and the public to put forward any questions in advance of the 'Common Good' SpecialMeeting next week on the 19th September - These were duly noted.


10.4 Visits to Mossmorran Plant

†††††††† The Community Council have been invited to visit the plant on Friday 3rd October 2008. Volunteers comprised Gordon Ritchie, Gillian Lowe and Bob Smith. Others available should advise the Chairman as soon as possible.


11.Any other Business

†††††††† The following items were raised by the public attending the meeting and these have been noted for investigation and further remedial action as necessary:


11.1 Dogs off leash at Toll Park posing nuisance to children when leaving school. (See Police report)

11.2Cowdenbeath Road - Bus shelter/bus stop sign removed during resurfacing work.

11.3†† Parking problems on Kinghorn Road (near Porte)

11.4†† Manhole cover Cromwell Road - Sewage leaking.


Next meeting of the Community Council to be held on Friday 19th September 2008 at 7.00p.m.in Burgh Chambers to discuss Common Good Assets/Trust Funds/The Links etc.


Next regular monthly meeting Friday 10th October 2008 at 7.00p.m. in Burgh Chambers