Burntisland Community Council Meeting

Friday 12th December 2008




            A MacDonald (Chair)

            R Smith (Vice Chair)

            A Grant (Treasurer)

            R Blanchard (acting Secretary in absence of G Ritchie)

            C Dewar, T Hailey, M Douglas, S McGregor, G McGregor, H Leuchars

            C. Spears, Councillor S Leslie, Sgt E Potter, 11 Members of the public


1)     Apologies for Absence

            Sam Purves, Gordon Ritchie, Gillian Lowe


2)     Minutes of Previous meeting (14.11.08)

         Approved by R Smith & seconded by S McGregor (with the addition of       apologies from H Leuchars)


3)     Notification of community concerns for discussion referred to

      Under Item 10


4)       Police Report – Sgt Potter reported since the last meeting mirror assaults had occurred all detected and known to victims. Break-in at St Joseph’s house during early hours of morning, enquiries ongoing. Five vehicles damaged in James Park Lane during the night. Speeding issues were raised at November meeting yet nothing has been reported and will remain under review.  Across Scotland 8Dec - 4Jan Safety Stop points are to be set up and more people will be breathalysed and driving ability checked for drink and drugs.  New Community Council Policing Policy – new Chief Constable to be invited to a Community Council meeting in the New Year.


5)       Fife Council Locality Managers Report


            Ken Halley - apologies for not attending meeting but had sent a report by email, however, this had not been received by commencement of meeting.

            Content to be made available at next meeting.


6)       Current Items of Business Carried Forward


            6.1 Christmas Lighting


            The problem of the lights’ movement in strong winds and general   breakage       will be referred back to the manufacturer for advice. The            failed lights at St. Andrews Court are now obsolete and thus cannot be         replaced.    A funding allocation should be made if it is decided to   replace the strand lighting with new     lights.  Responsibility for the         removal of the wires over the High Street is Fife Council’s as it is           believed that they erected them. - – passed to Locality Manager. 


6.2   Burntisland Blooms


            Full Floral Enhancement Grant of £750 has been applied for.   In 2009, the          Fife     Council sponsored Best Kept Small Town and Village Campaign       will be replaced        by the Beautiful Fife Campaign.  The Floral        Enhancement Project for 2009 will          focus on tidying up the railway             embankment area on the Kinghorn Road as     recommended by the          Beautiful Scotland judges during this year’s town judging.              Applications are invited from town residents interested in project managing     proposed enhancements to the town entries on the Cowdenbeath Road   and             Kirkcaldy Roads.   Any proposals or designs would be welcomed.   The Blooms Team has lost a volunteer, Sharon King, who maintained the    2 containers at the   nursery.   Heartfelt thanks to Sharon for all her       support.  


            6.3 Docks Clean-up


            The clean up was not successful as Forth Ports did not support the            scheme and prevented it from going ahead.  Councillors are asked to work     along with Forth Ports to see what can be achieved in clearing g the area     of rubbish.


7)       New Business


            7.1 Christmas performanceLochgelly Centre – supported by Exxon      Mobil. Sixty people attended from Erskine Church/Parish Church/St         Joseph’s and Toll Centre.  Tickets for Dalgety Bay panto available but no        transport will be made available on by Exxon.


            7.2 Fife Environment Trust Newsletter – copies available in Town Office


            7.3 ASCC Conference – Annual National Conference held at the Scottish           Parliament Building         Holyrood, Edinburgh - attended by R Smith & T Hailey


            Report from R Smith. – Topics covered; The Governments Manifesto on    Community Councils: Community Policing; How to influence the Decision   Makers through press and media; Empower yourself – engage with local          elected representatives and local authorities’ Planning Appeals – Climate          Challenge Fund; Economic Downturn; Common Good Assets:  Full          breakdown of content available as appendix.


            7.4 Mossmorran  


            Shell and ExxonMobil each donated £100 towards Christmas lights.          Donations which are £50-£75 shall be in the form of vouchers.  Higher        value donations shall remain as cash rewards.


            SEPA reported that they were undertaking a nationwide review of gas tank           design, of which 9 were in Scotland.  Early assessments indicated that            ExxonMobil were ‘way ahead’ in terms of safety features.


            7.5 Energy Saving Project


            Grants are available for loft insulation etc. and those on benefits may be   eligible to obtain grants of 100% or significantly reduced costs.


            7.6 Incubator Units


            Summary of overall consultations:


a)     changes in design of building

b)     colour changed to reflect surrounding buildings

c)      roof height lowered

d)      addition of protruding elevation

e)     mature tree planting on north elevation


                        Plans will be put in library for public display.


8)       Planning


            Structure plan finalised draft of local plan of 31 October 208 no changes   apparent – however will refer to Councillor Leslie at next meeting to report        that this is indeed the case.


            Site at Cowdenbeath Road (Binn Hill) planning application renewed for a             further 5 years.  Concerns were raised that this was not brought before           BCC but as there are no changes to plan from prior application this was      not required.  BCC point out that in this timescale the town itself has             changed drastically and the planning should take this into consideration.


            Cinema site High Street – objections can be taken up in relation to plans.


9)       Any Other Business


a)     Sewage – update for next meeting

       Cromwell Road – Sewage coming from drain.  Scottish Water to be            written to by both Councillor Leslie & BCC.

       Links Car Park – Sewage smells – action as above.

b)     Pavements - update for next meeting

Un-gritted pavements throughout the town during this last cold spell. 

       Pavements cracked outside old Cinema – being pursued.

c)      Common Good Fund update – Agenda Item for next meeting

d)     Craig Court Wall- included in Locality Managers Report

e)     Core Path – Walk up hill to Binn Pond from Public Footpath Cowdenbeath Road (West) – spikes protrude out from ground    which could cause injury.  This has been mentioned before and nothing has been done – carry forward as this needs addressed.  Councillor Leslie took note.


10.         Date of next meeting Friday 9th January 2009 at 7pm. In the Burgh Chambers


            The Chair closed the meeting by expressing Seasons Best Wishes to        all those present.