(For amendments, please see the minutes of the next meeting when available.)


Minutes of Community Council Meeting

held in the Burgh Chambers on

Friday, 13th January at 7 p.m.



PRESENT:                  Alex MacDonald (Chair)                

                                      Bob Smith (Vice Chair)                             

                                      Isabel Smith (Secretary)

                                      John Russell (Treasurer)

                                      Ed Pybus (minutes secretary)

                                      John Bruce

                                      Gary Cummins

                                      Christine Dewar

                                      Morag Douglas

                                      Peter George

                                      Neil Milsop                                      

                                      Zoe Williamson


                                      Cllr Ron Edwards

                                      Cllr George Kay

                                      Cllr Susan Leslie

                                      Bill Kirkhope (Editor of Burgh Buzz)

                                      PC Keith Gibb


ATTENDING:            8 Members of the Public


APOLOGIES:              Tim Hailey





1.             Chair’s Opening Remarks


The chair opened the meeting and welcomed John Bruce to his first meeting as a new member of the Community Council.


2.             Minutes of Previous Meeting


The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted, proposed by Bob Smith and seconded by Peter George.


3.             Notification of Community Concerns for A.O.B. (Item 12)




4.             Police Report

PC Keith Gibb presented the last 2 months crime figures – 21 violent crimes had been reported resulting in 15 detections, there had been 8 acts of vandalism reported. These figures were in line with expectations.

                 It was noted that 2 cars had been broken into on St James Park – this was currently being investigated.

                 PC Gibb also asked that it be publicised that a home visit from community safety officer Mark Anderson can be arranged. Anyone wishing to arrange a visit should contact Burntisland Police Station.

                 PC Gibb confirmed that funding for the community speed watch had been applied for and they hoped training would start in March 2012


5.             Community Award 2012

A.M. confirmed that Iain Archibald would be the recipient of the 2012 Community Award. The presentation would be 3rd February and the presentation would be open to members of the Community Council, plus the elected members of Fife Council together with the winner’s guests.



6.             Secretary’s and Treasurer's Report


6.1.          Secretary’s Report


                 I.S. noted that Ken Halley had been in touch to request feedback on an application to the common good fund by Burntisland and Kinghorn Parish Churches to fund a trip to Malawi. The original information was sent in November but hadn't been received by BCC. FC needed a response by 25th January. IS would circulate details to BCC members for comment.

                 I.S. Noted that the agendas for the forthcoming meetings should be circulated at least 7 days prior to the meeting so asked that any items to be included, and copies of the minutes, are sent to her in good time.


6.2.          Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer issued a written report, and this is appended to the minutes. [Available on request.]

                 The current outstanding balance is £1670.

                 It was noted that there would be an additional charge from the contractors to cover the cost of the additional call out that was made (see 9.4) which may be in excess of the contingency already budgeted for.

                 Other committed costs were for the ongoing room hire and the costs of the Community Award ceremony.

                 BCC had made a request for £750 for the floral enhancement of the town. They had been awarded £614 – a similar amount to last year include a small increase in line with inflation.


7.             Environment


7.1.          Local Issues:

                 P.G expressed concern that the gate to Kirkton Burn is no longer attached. This poses a danger to children and others. G.K. to investigate.

                 The telephone box on Aberdour Rd is in a pour state of repair. A.M. to contact BT.

                 The wall at the Palais Steps is in danger of falling down due to trees leaning against it. Depending on ownership either FC will do the repairs or contact the owner. G.K. to action.

                 It would be useful if there was a handrail on the Lonsdale Crescent steps. S.L. To investigate but pointed out that it would depend on ownership of the walls and feasibility.


8.             Burgh Buzz

                 BK confirmed that the finishing touches were currently being put to the buzz and it would then be sent to the printers at the start of next week. B.K. is away during Feb and March and the next issue would be edited by Paul Briscoe.



9.             Ongoing Business Items


9.1.          Review of Local Planning Applications:

                 T.H. sent a written report.

                 There were three planning application of note

                 1 – There was a proposal by Brett homes to slightly vary their planning with a substitution of house types and to add two additional houses. The BCC had no objection.

                 2 – There had been a change of use application to convert a  dwelling into an office at 15 Cromwell Road. T.H. noted that there may be car parking issues but aside for that the BCC should support the application.

3 – Deveron Homes had submitted a planning application for 37 homes on the Grange Farm site. BCC agreed to the recommendation from TH not to object to as the alterations made to the plans addressed the major concerns raised.



9.2.          Strategic Projects Group – War Memorial

                 It was noted that the original estimate for the work was £120K. £7200 has now been spent on a feasibility study. The new estimate of the work, including a 5% contingency is £91K. Funding of £22800 has been allocated from the Burntisland Development Trust and applications for £44000 will be made to the National Lottery Heritage Fund and £5000 from the common good fund. If these applications are successful there will be a further of £19K required to complete the project. The Fife Environment Trust was indicated as a potential source of funds. B.S. noted that in his experience a contingency of 10-15% would be more realistic. The various funding applications are being prepared and submitted. We should know the position by May/June regarding the funding. It was agreed that AM should prepare funding proposals, to include a contingency of 5-8% over and above the quoted costs.

                 B.S. noted that the 3rd monitoring report had been submitted and early funding claim forms for the consultation work had also been submitted.


                 Strategic Projects Group – Haugh Road

                 The strategic projects group decided upon a PR strategy as the best response to lack of action so far from Scottish Water. However it was noted that an PR campaign must be carefully targeted so as not to damage Burntisland’s reputation during the holiday season. It was decided that the first step would be an information gathering campaign during February and March. A form to record information would be distributed to members of the public to record sewerage leaks, smells, etc. A.M. would contact Anne Marie Dewar at Scottish Water to request information that Scottish Water held about previous complaints. The combined information would provide a record of incidents to present to Scottish Water and could form the basis of a publicity campaign to put pressure on Scottish Water to resolve the issue. S.L. to invite the Scottish Water chair to attend a meeting of the Strategic Projects Group.

9.3                        New Primary School

                        A.M. reported that Fife Council had published a report on the proposal to build the new school on the Toll Park. It was noted that, despite being a legal requirement, neither the Community Council nor other respondents had been notified of the publication of the report. The proposal to build on the Toll Park was unanimously approved by the Fife Council Education committee. GK advised that there was no right of referral to the Scottish Government as it didn't involve a school closure.  After discussion, it was agreed that the Community Council had no reason to change its view that the Toll Park was an inappropriate site.  A.M. to draft letter to Director of Education, for prior circulation and approval by the members.

9.4                        Christmas Lights

Storm damage to the Christmas Lights was noted, with 6 having been taken down by the contractor or by Fife Council or by the Fife Fire & Rescue Service. G.K. pointed out that from next year Fife Council would take responsibility for the lights, by leasing, as happens across much of Fife. E.P. to liaise with Ken Halley at Fife Council over suitable types of lights for the future. A sub-group of the entertainments group was proposed to look at organising a Christmas Event. E.P., G.C., Z.W. all expressed an interest in getting involved. A meeting of the group is to be convened.

10.1 Burntisland Sports Group

The cost of the 2 5-a-side pitches and 1 MUGA pitch was £300k – an increase of £60k as more work will need to be done to make the site suitable. There is currently £125k funding agree and options are being explored to find the rest of the funding. The £125K is currently secure but this funding may be at risk if all the funding can't be found.

10.2 104 High Street

It was noted that 104 High Street had been damaged in the bad weather. The site was being looked at by Mike McArdle of Fife Council.

10.3  Clock Chimes

Nothing to report


10.4  Links Community Trust

Nothing to report


10.5 Burgh Chambers Furniture

Esa McIntosh have been contacted and we are awaiting a response.


10.6  Draft Common Good Fund Property Review Report

Nothing to report


10.7  BCC Membership

Nothing to report


10.8 Burntisland Floral Enhancement

It was agreed to hold a coffee morning to raise funds and attract volunteers for the Burntisland in Blooms. M.D. had contacted the Guides and they had agreed to assist and had decided to make a donation of £100 towards the fund.


11.       New Business Items

11.1.   Forth Estuary Forum AGM

The Forth Estuary AGM will be held Thursday 19th Jan.


12.       Any Other Business

Nothing to report