Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of Meeting held in the Burgh Chambers

On Friday 13th February 2009 at 7.00 PM




A MacDonald (Chair)

R Smith (Vice Chair)

A Grant (Treasurer)

G Ritchie (Secretary)

T Hailey, M Douglas, G McGregor, S McGregor,

           H Leuchars, S Purvis and T Hailey

Councillor S Leslie, Councillor Edwards, Councillor Kay


6 Members of the public


1)                  Apologies for Absence

C Dewar, Ron Blanchard and Sgt E Potter,


2)                  Minutes of Previous meeting (09/1/09)

R Smith proposed adoption of the minutes as a true and correct record &

Seconded by A Grant


3)                   Notification of Community Concerns for discussion under 'AOB'

As listed under Agenda item 10


4)                  Police Report – Apologies received from Sgt Potter –a quiet month within the town was reported


5)                  Presentation by Chief Fire Officer – Jimmy Campbell


During the presentation Mr. Campbell and his colleagues Andy and Lee, with the aid of a PowerPoint presentation gave an insight to the varied roles the modern Fire and Rescue Teams play along with other emergency services within the community. These ranged from the most familiar situations i.e. house fires and assisting at roadside vehicle accidents to the more unusual cliff side rescues.

The team's visit proved extremely worthwhile and was so interesting that on request they gave a longer and fuller insight to the diverse working roll of the modern Fire and Rescue service than originally planned.

Local people who hold down full time occupations whilst at the same time giving commitment to operating a 24hrs 365 days a year emergency service to the town and surrounding area man the Burntisland station.

On request they are prepared to visit local homes to give free advice on fire protection within the home

The Chair on behalf of those present extended a vote of thanks to Mr Campbell and his team.


6)         Fife Council Locality Managers Report

– In answer to those issues raised at Meeting of 9th January 2008,

14th November and 12th December 2008


Palace Picture House Site – Damaged slabs to be replaced.


High Street/ Kirkgate pavements and walkways – Slabs to be replaced as required.


Grit Bins - Transportation will be considering the effectiveness of the existing locations and redistributing the bins according to need. Not all the bins are used, some are continually being vandalised and others subject of complaint etc.


Kirkton Road – Pedestrian Crossing


Colinswell Land Ltd are in contact with Stewart Milne Homes, who were carrying out the infrastructure works at the Alcan site on their behalf, to complete remedial and outstanding works at Kirkton Rd, Aberdour Rd and within the site.


7.         Current Items of Business carried forward


7.1       Burntisland Blooms – -Organiser -Sheila McGregor


Full Floral Enhancement grant of £750 has been received. Three new volunteers have joined the team: Jinti Wight Boycott will look after the 2 window boxes at the nursery railings and Audrey Williamson will care for the 2 containers at Colinswell. Stuart Miller will assist with the bowser watering when required. This now brings the Blooms Team total to eight


7.2                                        Docks clean-up – Organiser - Ron Blanchard


Forth Post Authority has turned down the offer of help with a clean up of the dock area due to insurance problems covering members of the public whilst within dock areas.


7.3       Burntisland Primary (P5) Tree planting


The Community Council has been requested to give its support for a tree-planting project to be carried out by P 5. On the Binn Hill and to ensure that there is local awareness of the event.

Class P5 are looking for volunteers on the 29th March to prepare for the planting and it would be helpful if some of the parents and adults were to clear the area for the planting, loosen the soil and carry up the tree- shelters etc.

On Thursday 2nd April, there will also be need for at least 15 adults to help in the background (so that it is clearly the children’s operation) to help by hammering in the stakes for the tree-shelters and any hard digging.

It was generally agreed the Community Council should support this worthwhile project providing the CC are satisfied the School have a carried out proper risk assessment and we have assurances we are not liable for any costs including 3rd party claims etc, etc.


7.4       Community award


The community Council has received a letter of thanks from Ann Murray and pupils of Starley Hall for the welcome they received on the evening of presentation of prizes.


7.5                                         Common Good Fund


It is hoped Fife Council will have an up to date report for the March meeting.


7.5 Scots verse winners – presentation


The date has now been set for Friday 27th February [subsequently deferred] for presentation of prizes.


8 New Business


8.1       Gordon Ritchie has now returned from holiday and will resume the role as Secretary taking over once again from Ron Blanchard who resumes his extended leave until September 2009.


9 Planning


9.1       Incubator units – plans for the proposed Incubator Units will be on view within the Library until 27th February. Tim Hailey to apply for an extention to the closing date for objections. The Community Council also agreed to register their view that the design of the building was not appropriate for the site and that there would be an adverse impact on seasonal parking and possible future sports development projects.


10. Any other business


a) Public Notice Board – It has been suggested that a notice board be erected within the High Street for all local events to be displayed. Cost and possible locations to be investigated.


b) Scottish Gas – Since October 2006 over 28,000 homes have benefited from the heating systems installed and administered by Scottish Gas on behalf of the Scottish Government to the over 60’s and those most vulnerable. The current programme draws to a close in March and is now replaced by new enhanced scheme to provide more central heating systems to those at risk of living in fuel poverty. For details of the Central Heating or Warm Deal Programmes telephone Freephone 0800 316 6009


c) Common Good Grant Application Procedures - Notification from Fife Council confirmed that arrangements are now in place for the for a more streamlined method of decision making on agreeing an award and amount of grant involving the Community Council(s) within the area covered by the relevant Common Good Fund.


11. The meeting closed at 9.30 pm with a vote of thanks to the Chairman


Date of Next Meeting- Friday 13th March 2009 at 7.00pm in the Burgh Chambers.