Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of Meeting Held

Friday 13th March 2009




            A MacDonald (Chair)

            R Smith (Vice Chair)

            G Ritchie (Secretary)

            A Grant (Treasurer)

            H Leuchars (Minutes)

            T Hailey, M Douglas, C Dewar, G Lowe, S Purves

            Councillor S Leslie, Councillor Kay, Sgt E Potter 


            8 Members of the public were in attendance


1)                  Apologies for Absence

            Ron Blanchard, G McGregor, S McGregor, Councillor Edwards


2)                  Minutes of Previous meeting (13/2/09)

         Approved by A Grant & seconded by B Smith


3)                   Matters Arising


            3.1       School Tree Planting Project:

            The Chairman reported that this project would not now go ahead in its original form and at the agreed location. It is understood that the tree-planting project may be conducted elsewhere at a later date.


3.2              Scots Verse The new date for the reception and presentation of prizes to the children has been arranged for the 27th March 2009.


            3.3       Common Good Fund

            The secretary reported that Fife Council were having difficulties co-ordinating the various necessary information in connection with the required updates requested         following our meeting on the 19/9/08.

            Councillor Kay agreed to follow this up on the Community Council’s behalf.


4)         Notification of Community Concerns see under Any Other Business.


5)         Police Report

             Sgt Edith Potter reported vandalism to vehicles along Ferguson Place &    the       Toll area and a special watch is ongoing in those areas.

             Dog fouling – wardens are patrolling the to Speeding vehicles; checks are in         operation on Cowdenbeath Rd, Kirkcaldy Road, Kinghorn Road.

            Police will be available during the Easter school break to security stamp bicycles                                       & mobile phones

             The Chief Constable has indicated that she will be available to attend a      Community Council meeting 12th June 2009.



6)         Treasurers & Secretary’s Report 


 Arrangements are in hand for settlement of invoices for the Christmas lights.


Fife Council sent out a circular to all Community Councils advising that meetings should be held in public and information should be made available on request.


7)         Current Items of Business carried forward


            7.1     Burntisland Blooms – Funding for 10 hanging baskets to be finalised.  At present eight shopkeepers have agreed to have a basket, with one refusal although the shopkeeper gave a donation towards the floral enhancement scheme.  Thanks extended to those willing to participate.


            National Spring Clean; campaign co-ordinated by Keep Scotland Beautiful; aim     to involve as many people as possible to take an interest in cleaning up their            town.  Interested parties can find out more and groups can register on  www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org/springclean 


7.2 Burntisland Sports Group Report


            The Secretary reported that the group intend distributing approximately 3500         leaflets/questionnaires throughout the town    requesting views on which sports       facilities are best for the town. Drafts copies were circulated for approval and     other volunteer groups will be needed to help in the distribution collection during             May and June.


7.3 Proposed Community Noticeboard


            Proposed location is between St Andrews Court and the Vet Surgery on the High Street. To maximise the notice area a three-sided board is the latest proposal                        and may be a possible solution. Funding and estimates to be investigated.


7.4 Planning Applications Review


            Tim Hailey gave an update on the current situation regarding Listing Building          Dovecots renovation; domestic plans; as well as the Palace Cinema and   at the   Lammerlaws Road proposed developments


7.5 Burgh Buzz update – nothing to report regarding the Spring/Early Summer edition on the web.


8)         New Business


            8.1 Licence Application

            Church Parade 5/4/2009 – no objections.

Fife Licensing Board –Applications 9 Premises all renewal


8.2 Scottish Natural Heritage


 Orrock Hill Site


Notification of the protected natural features of the site which is of Special Scientific Interest which includes numerous scarce plants i.e; maiden pink; hairy violet; black spleenwort.


8.3 Conservation area Interpretation Panels


Due to lack of funding Fife Council advised that this is currently on hold.



9)         Any Other Business


9.1   Safety Report - Mossmorran & Braefoot Brae


Safety Record: Braefoot Bay 19 years no lost time injuries.

 Exon Mobil 14 yrs no lost time injuries.

  A monitoring study conducted concluded that there was no evidence to show that maintenance and flaring activities on the Mossmorran site were having a detrimental impact on the quality of air in Lochgelly, Auchtertool or Cuttlehill.

Next year (2010) it is Burntisland senior citizen's turn to be asked to attend Exxon Mobile Burns Supper in January.


9.2 Refuse Domestic Collection


            Trials to be carried out within areas of Fife for domestic refuse being collected     from grey bins on 4 weekly basis. Enquiries to be made regard this trial & a        report   to be included on April Agenda.


9.3 Isa Duncanson

It was noted that Isa will be retiring after 60yrs from position of Secretary of the Highland Games Committee.    


9.4 Rent Office


            Area of stonework reported missing from the corner of building.

            Hours of business sign at rent office should be displayed and made available.


9.5 Kirkton Road – parking concerns noted by Sgt Potter.


9.6 Borehole Kinghorn Loch Rd - I was reported by a member of the public that a red tinted water residue was visible and requires investigation.


9.7 Bernard’s Smithy

Numerous cars had gone off the road and ended up in a nearby field. As this location was not within the Burntisland area and this situation has already been referred to appropriate Councillors.


The Meeting closed at 2130 hours


            Date of next meeting to be held in Burgh Chambers 10th April 2009 at 7pm.



Extra  meeting:


The members discussed a report in a private session after the main meeting

all in conformance with section 9.4 (b) of the Scheme for Community Councils.