Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of meeting       7.00 pm  Friday  13 April 2007       


Present :                       A MacDonald                                               Chair

D Plant                                                   Vice chair

Mrs A Grant                                         Treasurer                                                           

R Blanchard                                                 Secretary

Mrs D Reid                                                    Mr G McGregor             

A Smart                                                       T Hailey    


                                             Councillor Ron Edwards                          Councillor George Kay

                                    17 members of the public attended 


Apologies :                      R Smith                         Mrs S McGregor           Mrs C Dewar

           Sgt. Johnston


Minutes :                     Minutes of meeting  9 March 2007 approved, adoption proposed by Mrs A Grant seconded by Tim Hailey. 


Correspondence :        Letter received from Alex Whitton thanking BCC for award, presentation and reception.

Letter received from Ken Stickings, Scouts Parents Committee, thanking BCC for donation.

Letter received from Alan Easson thanking BCC for Scots Verse awards, presentation and reception.

Chair also wished his thanks conveyed to all those who assisted with catering and clear-up of both events.


Councillors Reports :

Councillor Edwards    Per typed report plus reported on closure of Beacon Centre to carry out essential repairs to tiling.  High Street resurfacing is to commence on 27 April 2007.  There will be some 4 to 6 weeks delay in installing the pedestrian crossing due to lack of an electricity supply.  Planning applications can now be viewed on line. An engineer’s report has been received on the town clock and it was reported to have been working again from 30 March. This was countered by a member of the public stating that it was still not working.  The engineer’s report states that one face has jammed and parts are being sought.  Some delay due to locality manager having failed to forward previous repair request.  Await completion of work which depends on parts being sourced.  Complaints were made by members of the public regarding double parking in the High Street.

Cllr. Kay                          Per typed report plus serious sustained vandalism problems reported relating to temporary lighting and generator on Links and Promenade areas.  The footpath behind Dick Crescent  has been closed due to a collapsed privately owned wall behind Aberdour Road houses.  More complaints were voiced by members of the public regarding youth disorder and drinking.  Secretary to write to Police seeking answers.


A vote of thanks was made to both Councillors in recognition of their efforts during the present term of office.


Railtrack Radio Mast               Secretary reported his letter to Railtrack and the response received which was practically the same as the letter issued to the public.   The mast is considered essential to rail safety and there is no local authority control over Railtrack land.  The secretary’s original letter was copied to Marilyn Livingston MSP otherwise it is unlikely that Railtrack would have responded.


Spring Clean Weekend            This Saturday and Sunday 10am to 3pm.  All hands welcome. Equipment and refreshments provided.


Litter at Fort Ports and Railtrack land          Both areas are very bad. 

Forth Ports is unwilling to undertake any remedial action. 

Railtrack is organising a cleanup of the areas adjacent to the station as this is within “mainline” track.

Their remaining areas will be cleaned around mid summer.


96 High Street              At a recent 20-20 meeting, John Burnett director was tasked to seek out interested users as the JRD Trust has now removed to YMCA Kirkcaldy.  20-20 will take a decision in June as to whether to continue or end lease.


Wind Energy Planning             2 documents received from Fife Council which seeks comments by 21 May 2007.  Tim Hailey and Ron Blanchard will review and comment.  Particular regard will be had to the classification of local land areas.


David Danskin               Ian Archibald of Burntisland Heritage Trust has been approached by the Scottish Arsenal Football Supporters Club to pinpoint the place of birth of David Danskin who was one of ten Scots who founded the Arsenal Football Club.   A plaque is to be erected, probably late July 2007 at the flats at 11b/13b Kirkgate being the nearest proximity to long demolished buildings.


Postwatch Scotland    This pressure group, which has no actual power over the Post Office, is to consult areas affected by Post Office closures.  Ron Blanchard is to be our contact person. 


Insurance                         Fife Council has renewed the Community Council’s insurance and provided a current certificate.


Floral Enhancement   A donation of £200 has been received from Briggs Marine, the Fife Council grant of £750 has now been received and a donation of £300 has been promised soon by Rotary.


Links to Promenade : Disabled Access          It has been suggested that if BCC becomes the sponsor of the project then funds are likely to become available to meet the costs currently estimated as £2,250 for drainage and £14,267 for ramps.  These costs may reduce if the project can be turned into a training scheme.  It was agreed in principle that BCC should adopt the scheme but further information is to be sought before formalising the matter.


Charity Law Seminar               This takes place at the Rothes Halls 2 to 4.30 pm or 6.30 to 9.30 pm on Tuesday 24 April 2007.  As BCC is not a registered Charity the information is for interested individuals. 


New Planning Bill        Friends of the Earth (Scotland) offer free training on the new consultation process by way of a three hour course which will be held in five areas.  Secretary will respond.


Elections and Community Councillors            A circular has been received from Fife Council Law & Admin advising that Community Councillors should not hold office if acting as an election agent for prospective local authority councillors, nor should one act in support of candidates or parties.



Palace Cinema              Representations have been received from The Cinema Theatre Association opposing the demolition of the Palace Cinema building as it is considered that the façade should be retained as should fixtures and fittings including stained glass art work.  The Fife Council CPO favours retention of the façade.

The revised plans provide for a 460 square metre retail area.  There was strong criticism of the proposed new façade which was considered wholly inappropriate for the High Street setting.  BCC to object to the planning application on grounds that retention of original façade is required and that the appearance of the present proposal is not in keeping with the surroundings or general aesthetics of the High Street area.

Newbigging                     Need to deviate public footpath to maintain privacy. Letters from Bill Davidson and Andy Wight-Boycott.  Fife Council to be asked to ensure that adjustments to the right of way are formally agreed and adopted prior to grant of planning consent.


AOCB                              Members of the public raised the following issues  :

Links Place Toilets     Admission charge increased from 20p to 30p per person although receipt tickets still being issued showing 20p.  Increase considered excessive and a penalty on family visitors to the town.  The increase is believed to be part of  Fife Council’s package to counteract the restricted Council Tax increase for the current year.

High Street      The new surfaces are reported to appear to be porous as they are becoming stained with chewing gum, vomit and urination.  Dirt is gathering in the dips in the pavements.  Bins are badly positioned for vehicle parking.

Grasscutting   Contractors are not clearing up after cutting the small grassed areas around town adjoining pavements and paths.  This gives potential for accidents where cuttings spill onto pavements.

Broken Glass  Many streets suffer from broken glass. Street sweeping is neither swift nor effective.

Drains                Still problems with water on Cowdenbeath Road. 

Smell, overspill and drain cover problems on High Street.

Seagulls and Pigeons                 Reported as causing nuisance


Meeting closed 21.10


Next Meeting                                              Friday 11 May 2007 Burgh Chambers 7pm.