(For amendments, please see the minutes of the next meeting when available.) 


Minutes of Community Council Meeting held in the Burgh Chambers on Friday, 13th April 2012 at 7 p.m.



Alex MacDonald (Chair)

Bob Smith (Vice Chair)

Isabel Smith (Secretary)

John Russell (Treasurer)

Zoe Williamson (Minutes Secretary)

Ed Pybus

John Bruce

Gary Cummins

Morag Douglas

Peter George

Tim Hailey

Christine Dewar

Ian McKenzie

Cllr George Kay




25 members of the public

Allan Hobbett



Martin McDonald

Neil Milsop

PS Scott Murray

Cllr Edwards

Cllr Susan Leslie



1.         Chairman’s Opening Remarks and Apologies for Absence

The Chairman welcomed Ian McKenzie to his first meeting as a member of BCC. In light of the upcoming local elections the Chairman wished to give thanks to Cllrs Kay, Edwards and Leslie for their work and attendance over the last few years at BCC meetings. In particular he expressed his thanks to Cllr Edwards who is not seeking re-election.


2.         Minutes of Previous Meeting (9 March 2012)

The minutes were agreed, proposed by Peter George and seconded by Bob Smith.


3.         Notification of Community Concerns for A.O.B. Item 12 (Time Permitting)



4.         Police Report

Apologies were noted from PS Murray, POC Gibb and PC Graves and a brief written update was provided, as follows:


-          Police insurance will cover anyone involved in community speedwatch.

-          Regarding the complaint received at the last meeting re a young male driving erratically – the individual has been identified and has been dealt with accordingly.

-          The last month has been ‘normal’ with regards to crime committed and nothing significant has come to the attention of the police.

-          Community officers have been carrying out extensive foot patrols. targeting areas identified as problematic by members of the public.  

-          A Drugs Search Warrant was executed and illegal substances found. The person has subsequently been reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

-          Next Community Engagement Meeting is at Toll Centre on Wednesday 9th May at 1930hrs.


5.         Presentation – Wind Turbines at Longloch Farm – Alan Hobbett

Alan Hobbett from OYO Scotland gave a full and detailed presentation about the proposals for the possible wind turbine project at Tournament Hill. There is still a lot of site investigation to do and they are at least a year away from submitting any planning application. This is the very early stages of the project development.

He outlined details of proposed size of project and projected energy output, cost and income generated. He also outlined the charitable status of the project and the charities benefiting. The presentation and brief summary notes will be shared on the BCC website and facebook page.

A number of questions were taken form the floor. Questions and discussion focused on issue relating to:

-          Funding of the project, costs and investment from the bank

-          The charities involved in the project and how profits will be shared between charities, profit and local community.

-          Issues relating to residencies in close proximity of development – potential impact on property value, vibrations and visual impact

-          Noise pollution, environmental impact, impact on ground for recreational use.

-          The area has been identified as a sensitive zone and issues were raised re the cumulative effect of wind farm developments across Fife. Concern about proliferation of developments.

-          Operational capacity of the wind turbines

-          Reliability of renewables and the issues with wind power.

-          Connection and feedback to national grid

-          Need to put in a request for a scoping study which will include erecting an anemometer at the site to gather wind data.

ACTION POINTS: Alan Hobbett to email presentation and summary for EP and ZW to publish info on FB and website


6.         Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Reports

Secretary’s Report: nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report: current balance of £818. Treasurer informed the meeting that the hall fees had been paid until June. Report attached [online version - available on request].


7.         Environment – P. George

A number of issues pertaining to the local environment were raised, many of which have either been addressed or raised by the Local Councillors. These included:

-          Huts on the links (Clrr Leslie is dealing with this)

-          Concern re Seagulls. Advice is not to feed them.

-          Mobility Scooter access disrupted with cars parking on the low areas at pavements. Action Point: AM to raise issue with Police

-          Alcan site roundabout – a request made regarding erecting a plaque to commemorate Alcan and those who worked there. It was suggested that the newly established Blooms group take this initiative on. Action Point: Strategic Projects Group to explore erecting a plaque on small roundabout within Alcan site and to seek input from FAB.

-          There is a loose Scottish Water Cover at the Eastend. Action Point: AM to contact Scottish Water re this

-          Access to footpath to the Binn. This is still not open. Action Points: Cllr Kay to follow this up and seek clarification re ownership of footpath.


8.         Burgh Buzz – B. Kirkhope/Paul Brsicoe

            Deadline postponed until weekend to allow something to be written for front page on Wind Turbines project.



9.         Ongoing Business Items

9.1.      Review of Local Planning Applications – T. Hailey

There were a small number of local planning applications raised. Two particular applications were discussed in more detail:

-          change of use and internal alterations at the RBS bank building – to be converted into flats. This is likely to come forward in due course.

-          Grange Garage to become a car wash facility. Some concerns raised re water excess in street and the drainage system. Agreement at the meeting to support application provided relevant caveats were in place to ensure appropriate development.


9.2.      Statutory Objections by Community Councils – T. Hailey

At present BCC, as statutory consultees, have only 10 days to note objections. Given the timescale and time between meetings it was agreed to delegate significant responsibility to Tim regarding dealing with any applications and noting objections.

To ensure this is dealt with appropriately a draft outline proposing a priority list of what we should comment on would be helpful. Action Point: TH to prepare draft summary to be shared at next BCC meeting.



9.3.      Strategic Projects Group: War Memorial/Haugh Road – A. MacDonald/B. Smith

HLF have not been in contact with AM yet.  Action Point: AM to contact HLF re application for funding.

BS reported that the lowest tender has extended their tender until July but this is running out.

Received commitment of £5000 from Common Good fund.


Haugh Road: nothing to report


9.4.      New Primary School Public Meeting/Consultation – A. MacDonald


Proposed Transfer of Land at Toll Park from Widows and Common Good to Fife Council:

AM met with Alasdair Drummond (Asset Manager) re this. District Valuer valued entire site at £49k. The value will be reassessed after planning permission has been confirmed.

It was agreed that clarity was needed re terms and conditions of the transfer of the land. So far there is no progress with this. Questions were raised. These include:

If the school closes would the land be returned to Common Good?

Will the land be exclusively used for Education?

Will there be any penalties for delay to project during building?

Could the land be leased to Fife Council rather than sold? It was noted that Council Officials should advertise in local Press the decision re the transfer of land and that is when people would be able to object. This has not be done as yet.


It was agreed that the BCC should draft a list of possible terms and conditions for inclusion. Action Point: AM to draft this


Survey of Land: no further information confirmed at this point. Now awaiting publication of full technical report/site investigation.


Burgh Buzz article on new school: An article has been written that seeks to clarify any misconceptions re BCC position on new school. AM stated that BCC view is what was conveyed in letter to Fife council after the public meeting which reflected the discussion at BCC and the public meeting.


Meeting with Parent Council: It was agreed that to ensure open communications and try and minimise misconceptions that a meeting between AM and chair of the Parent Council would be helpful. Action point: AM to take steps to set up a meeting.


Communication with public: In light of the potential misunderstandings and in order to ensure the BCC seeks to engage the community as far and widely as possible it was agreed that a strategy is needed to consider ways of improving and developing communication and community engagement with BCC.

It was also agreed that it is helpful to get the minutes out as soon as possible after the meeting.

Action Point: EP & ZW to draft a proposal for the next BCC meeting.



9.5.      Christmas Lights/Christmas Lights Switch-On – E. Pybus/G. Kay


Damaged lights have been collected. No further progress will be made with lights until the local elections have taken place. It has been noted as an agenda item for after the election.



10.       New Business Items

            10.1.    Rossend Castle – A. MacDonald

For sale as a domestic residence with one possible bidder who intends to convert the building into 4 dwellings. Planning application likely to be put forward in coming weeks.

Questions were raised about public access and the relocation/sale of the antiquities in the castle. Action Point: AM to enquire re public access to Rossend Castle and relocation of antiquities.



11.       Awaiting Update

11.1.    Burntisland Sports Group – Gillian Lowe/Cllr R. Edwards

11.2.    Clock Chimes – Cllr R. Edwards/Cllr S. Leslie/B. Smith/J. Russell

11.3.    Links Community Trust/Links Accounts – J. Russell

11.4.    Burgh Chambers Furniture – B. Smith

11.5.    Draft Common Good Fund Property Review Report – A. MacDonald

11.6.    Burntisland Floral Enhancement – E. Pybus/M. Douglas

This group has now been set up and a bank account opened. The group will be independent from BCC.  There is a question re the floral enhancement grant from Fife Council. Action Point: JR to contact Scott Clelland to state that the group has been formed and is supported by BCC and therefore the Floral Enhancement fund should go to them.


            11.7.    Burgh Chambers Clock Tower Repair

11.8.    Community Clean-Ups – G. Cummins

Gary informed the meeting that the Community Clean was organised for April 22nd. Details are on facebook and flyers circulated.


11.9.    High Street Traders Initiative – M. Douglas

            11.10.  Plans for Public Toilet Closures – J. Bruce

Fife Council intends to close all public toilets including those situated on the Links. There is a scheme operating (Comfort Break scheme) to encourage local businesses who open their facilities to the public with some funding offered depending on the facilities.

There are a number of issues for Burntisland including potential impact during Summer months with the shows and increased tourist trade.

Action Point: JB to write a response to Fife Council and raise issues of public holidays, tourist traffic, disabled access, number of comfort break locations likely to be funded and enquire about opening facilities between April-September.


12.       Any Other Business


13.       Date of Next Meeting

            B.C.C. Meeting - Friday, 11 May 2012 at 7 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers