Minutes of Community Council Meeting [Final amended version]

held in the Burgh Chambers on

Friday, 13 May 2011 at 7 p.m.



                        PRESENT:        Bob Smith (Vice Chairman)

                                                 Isabel Smith (Secretary)

                                                 John Russell (Treasurer)

                                                 Brian Partridge (Minute Secretary)

                                                 Christine Dewar

                                                 Peter George

                                                 Morag Douglas

                                                 Neil Millsop

                                                 Zoe Williamson

                                                 Cllr Ron Edwards

                                                 Cllr Susan Leslie

                                                 Cllr George Kay

                                                 PC Scott Murray

                                                 Bill Kirkhope (Editor of Burgh Buzz)


                            ATTENDING:        14 Members of the Public


                            APOLOGIES:        Alex MacDonald

                                                         Tim Hailey

                                                         Lorraine Simpson






        The Acting Chairman welcomed the attendees and remarked on the full agenda.  He thanked Isabel and Morag for the production of the minutes of the previous meeting.


        Apologies were reported as noted above.





        The Minutes of the previous meeting were adopted, proposed by Christine Dewar and seconded by Peter George.





        12.1  New Primary School Consultation

        12.2  Fife Taxi Study Consultation

        12.3. Fife Fairtrade Forum




        PS Murray reported disappointing attendance at the latest (4 May 2011) Police Community Meeting.


         PS Murray highlighted two priorities:


        Road Safety - Speeding at the “New Estate” roundabout which he felt was more about inappropriate driving than out and out speeding. He suggested Engineering as a possible solution.


        He also informed the BCC that there was likely to be a reduction in Traffic Wardens for Kinghorn & Burntisland in the summer months.


        Anti-Social Behaviour – Dog Fouling - With the retirement of the Dog Warden a new appointment has been made and is currently in training.


        A complaint against youths playing football at the West end of the High Street led to an innovative solution, the donation of nets, which led to the youths moving to the Seamill area.  Sadly, one of the nets has been stolen   A police investigation is underway.


        There has been an increase in thefts from gardens.


        Bogus Metal Merchants are operating in the area.


        Summer Gala and Games meetings are in progress.


        Issues highlighted to PC Murray:


        Dog fouling in the Toll Park in addition to the Links.


        Speeding on the Kirkcaldy Road between Burntisland and Kinghorn.


         Parking on the Aberdour Road opposite the Jubilee Tavern restricting line of sight.





         Gillian reported on the history of Burntisland Sports Group, highlighting £125k match funding approved by Community Services for outdoor pitches at the Beacon Centre.  The project has been severely delayed as a result of Fife Council’s proposal to develop Business Incubator Units on the Roundhouse Carpark site.  Consultation with the Community in 2008 highlighted Tennis and 5-a-Side Football as the most popular choices for new sports facilities.  Deliberations on the site of the “New Build” option for the Primary School prevented any decision on a site for Ball Courts to be finalised. 

The question of possible competition between community use of the Sports Facilities at the proposed new school site on the Toll Park and the Facilities proposed at the Beacon Centre was raised.  Cllr Edwards commented that there was no intended community use of the facilities proposed for the new school, therefore, competition was not an issue.  Gillian Lowe also expressed the opinion that the Toll Centre was not interested in managing community use of the facilities proposed for the new school.


        The option to use land at the Beacon Centre has once more become a possibility with the proposal for the Incubator Units now dropped. 


        The Sports Group is now able to take its project forward and have decided to proceed with an Outdoor All-Weather Ball Court, giving two 5-a-Side equivalent Courts at the Beacon Leisure Centre.  The original match funding of £125k is still in place, confirmed by David Maiden of Fife Council.  The Sports Group have prepared a Planning Application ready for submission.


        The courts will operate through a booking system managed by the Beacon Leisure Centre and it is expected that opening times will mirror those of the Leisure Centre.


         Sports Scotland has indicated that the project would attract funding support. 


        The Group now seek the approval and support of Burntisland Community Council to take the project forward.


         The question was also raised as to whether any agreement with the Leisure Centre to manage the facilities had been finalised.  Gillian Lowe confirmed that no agreement had as yet been established.


        The Community Council,  therefore, although in theory were in favour of the provision of the new facilities, could not formally commit it’s support until the Sports Group could confirm agreement with the Beacon Leisure Centre Management to manage the new facilities.


        Action:  Gillian Lowe





    Items addressed:-


·       Thanks to Cllr Leslie for the successful deployment of seats on the links.

·       The Sign for the car park is in place.

·       Fife Council policy on poorly maintained Gardens. Cllr Edwards/Kay responded with how Fife Council deals with such issues.

·       Comment on Kinghorn’s great floral display.  Councillors responded that the work was carried out mainly by volunteers.

·       Comment on work being carried out at the Toll Park footpath. Cllr Kay responded that the work was carried out by the Community Payback Scheme.

·       Question of the work at Dick Crescent was confirmed as repair work.

·       Litter bins Broomhill Avenue.  Dealt with directly with Sam Purvis.

·       Half Moon overgrown and debris.  Cllr Kay reported that the Community Payback Scheme have begun work which will continue later in the year, showing a great improvement.


        New Item:-


·       A litter bin required for dog fouling at top of Grange Road/Piper Crescent.


Action:  Councillors





        7.1.  Secretary Report


        Nothing further to report.


        7.2.  Treasurer’s Report


        The Treasurer issued a written report highlighting a balance of £4,177.29 in the account to 12 May 2011, but with current commitments outstanding, the balance available to the Community Council is £1,325.17.


        The Treasurer also commented that the accounts are now with the auditor who will produce a set of audited accounts. On receipt of these accounts BCC will be able to apply for the Annual Grant 2011-2012.


        The Treasurer proposed that BCC challenge Fife Council re the increase in Burgh Chambers charges.


        Action:  J. Russell/Alex MacDonald





        Bill Kirkhope reported that the next issue is complete and has increased to 28 pages.  Copies will be distributed the weekend 14/15 May.  This is later than planned due to holidays in April.  The next issue will be July 2011.


         Bill was asked to provide copies of invoices to the Treasurer.


        Action:  Bill Kirkhope





         9.1.    Review of Local Planning Applications


Tim Hailey had submitted a written report detailing the following items:-


·     Single storey extension to rear and two storeys to side at 7 Russell Grove – Domestic Application – No Comment.

·     Single storey extension to rear at 2a Ramsey Crescent – Domestic Application – No Comment.

·     Change of use of public pavement to outside seating area at Potter About 253a High Street – No Objection.

·     Morrison Supermarket at the B&Q Site, West End of Esplanade, Kirkcaldy.  The Acting Chairman reported that a discussion of the proposal with Fife Council will be held in The Adam Smith Centre 20 May at 10.30 a.m.


        9.2.  War Memorial


        The Acting Chairman advised that the Heritage Lottery had confirmed that the project would be eligible for funding now that the educational content has been included, but the environmental aspects of the project would not attract funding.


        The Acting Chairman reminded the Councillors that two conditions of the Burntisland Development Trust Grant, requiring input from Fife Council, were still outstanding:-


1.     Confirmation that Fife Council agree to the project progressing.

2.     Confirmation that Fife Council would commit to future maintenance of the site.


        Action: A. MacDonald/B. Smith-Strategic Project Group Meeting to focus

                         on Funding Applications 23 May in the Heritage Centre at 7 p.m.


        9.3.  Clock Chimes


        The Acting chairman reported that the proposed compromise to have the chimes reinstated i.e. to have the chimes operating as before between the hours of 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and to have a recording of the chimes operating within the EPA Nuisance Level between the hours of 11 p.m. to 7 am was approved at the Public Meeting on 26 April.  Fife Council is now proceeding to modify the mechanism for reinstatement, but will take approximately three months to implement.


        Morag Douglas made a proposal to organise a street party to celebrate the reinstatement of the chimes.  The proposal was supported by the Community Council.  Date to be confirmed.


        Action:  M. Douglas/B. Smith


         9.4. Links Community Trust


                John Russell is preparing a draft business plan to form a Scottish Charitable Trust to manage the Common Good Assets in Burntisland.


        Action:  J. Russell


         9.5. Burgh Chambers Furniture


        The Acting Chairman reported that two quotations for refurbishment of the Burgh Chambers furniture have been obtained.  A third quotation is awaited.  Neil Millsop suggested that he has contacts that could assist in the evaluation of the quotations when all have been received.


        Action:  B. Smith


9.6.     Spring Bedding


                No response on the previous meeting action to find out how the application for Common Good Fund support for Spring Bedding had been modified without the knowledge or consent of the applicant.   This action to be carried over to the next meeting.


                Action:  Cllr Kay


        Response on Fife Council detail plans for the provision of bedding in 2012 still to be determined.


                Action:  Cllr Kay


        9.7.  Burntisland Floral Enhancement


        The Secretary reported that contact had been made with the Ecology Centre, Fife Diet and Jim Knight – Garden Maintenance to ascertain possible interest in taking over the floral enhancement of the town this summer.  The Ecology Centre was not able to undertake this work due to lack of resources, and Fife Diet had proposed to fill the containers with edible plants.  Fife Diet had been invited to attend the meeting to explain in detail their proposal but no representative turned up.  Discussions are ongoing with Jim Knight - Garden Maintenance to determine the cost of providing this year’s summer floral enhancement.  If required, a meeting will be arranged with Sheila and Gordon McGregor to provide Jim Knight with full details of the floral enhancement activities.


                Action:  J.I.M. Smith



9.8.  Community Council Elections


         Applications had been received from two candidates – Martin McDonald and Lorraine Simpson.  Co-option of these applicants had been deferred at the previous meeting due to potential conflict between the Model Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils in Fife and the  A.S.C.C. Guidelines. 


        After discussion on this issue, the Acting Chairman proposed to take a vote on co-option with the Community Council Members present.  Co-option of these applicants was approved.  The Secretary will advise the applicants accordingly.


        Action:  J.I.M. Smith





        10.1. Haugh Road Flooding/Cromwell Road Smell


        Cllr Edwards reported that a number of areas have been pumped out and reduction of the foul smell at Cromwell Road noted, but this is an ongoing problem that requires a permanent solution.


        The main issue is the inadequacy of the gravity drainage from Cromwell Road to the outfall to the sea beyond the Haugh Road during periods of high rainfall.  Despite repeated requests Scottish Water have so far failed to make any long-term remedial proposals.


        A meeting has been arranged with Fife Council and Scottish Water for 27 May 2011.


        Action:  Cllr Edwards


        10.2.  Common Good Fund Property Review


        The Acting Chairman requested an update from the Councillors on the status of the Common Good Fund Property Review being carried out by Fife Council.


        Cllr Kay responded that a report on this review would be available at our next meeting in June, and would include and inventory of the physical and moveable assets of the Common Good Fund.


        Action:  Cllr Kay


        10.3.  Proposed Visit to 104 High Street/Library


        Still no access to date. Cllr Edwards to arrange a meeting that includes access to the premises to assess the property’s condition for possible future use.


        Action:  Cllr Edwards


        10.4.  Litter Pick and Clean-Up


        Cllr Edwards reported that litter had been cleared at Monks Walk and Seamill.


         Community Payback has also cut back overgrown trees twice in the last three years, but this is still an issue requiring further action.


        Action:  Cllr Edwards


10.5   Pathway at 147 Kinghorn Road


        The Secretary reported that the necessary forms to establish the path as a Right of Way had been received. However, Cllr Kay informed the meeting that no action was now necessary as the pathway has been acknowledged as a right of way by Fife Council.  Formal confirmation of this was requested and Cllr Kay will request this via Jim Birrell of Development Services.


        Action:  Cllr Kay


        10.6.  Palace Cinema Site


        Cllr Kay has inspected the premises and its impact on the adjoining property and agreed that the site is a mess requiring action.  Contact with the owner to ascertain his intention for the site is being pursued, but in parallel reactivation of a Compulsory Purchase Order has been initiated by Fife Council.


                  Action: Cllr Kay


         10.7. Erosion of Footpaths


        The blockages to the overflow from the Binn Hill Pond have been removed by Transportation resulting in a significant reduction in the level of the pond to prevent further erosion of the footpath.


         The issue of flooding at Cowdenbeath Road remains an ongoing problem.


        Action:  Cllr Edwards


        10.8.  Local Community Planning Consultation Document


        Awaiting further information.


        Action:  T. Hailey


        10.9.  Fife Direct Website – Your Town Update


        This action has been completed.





11.1.     ACoRP Community Rail Awards 2011 – Gary Cummins


Gary Cummins proposed to nominate Ruth Wyse, Station Manager at Burntisland for a Scot Rail Community Rail Award.

Gary was requested to draft the nomination letter and forward this to the Secretary for submission on behalf of the Community Council.


Action: G. Cummins


                  11.2. Fife Council Local Plan Additional Sites for House Building –

                        B. Smith/T. Hailey


        Two additional Brownfield Sites for future housing development have been proposed for incorporation in the Fife Council Local Plan.  Fife Council have requested the views of the Community Council on this proposal


        The Acting Chairman suggested that our response would be deferred until after a meeting which has been requested by Deveron Homes (a potential developer of one of these sites) and arranged for 23 May 2011.


                  A. MacDonald, B. Smith

        , T. Hailey and N. Millsop will attend.



12.   Any Other business


        12.1   New Primary School Consultation


Cllr Edwards had circulated a Fife Council Business Case Report calling for the approval of the New Build Option for the New Primary School on the East Toll Park.


BCC felt aggrieved with Fife Council lack of consultation over the matter especially given that the Parent Council Group were the only members of the community who had been consulted on the proposal.


        Cllr Kay expressed his view around the due process being followed and the benefits of the project.


         It was confirmed by the Councillors that the recommendation will be put forward at a meeting Thursday, 19 May and then wider consultation will take place.


        The Acting Chairman expressed his disappointment that once again Fife Council‘s process was to consult with the wider community after the decision has been taken.


        BCC will respond to the Business Case Report.


        Action:  A. MacDonald

         12.2. Fife Taxi Study Consultation


         The Acting Chairman reported that Fife Council have commissioned Halcrow to carry out an independent review of the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Operations across Fife.  BCC have been invited to provide our views on the current taxi service in Fife.  Comments have been requested by 3 June 2011.


        Action:  B. Smith


12.3.  Fife Fairtrade Forum


        The Acting Chairman advised the meeting of an invitation from the Fife Fairtrade Forum at Kirkcaldy Town House on Thursday, 26 May 2011, 7.30 to 9.00 p.m. to celebrate their declaration of Fairtrade Status for Fife.





        BCC Meeting – Friday 10 June 2011 at 7 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers.





Treasurers Report – 12 May 2011 [available on request]