Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of Meeting Held

Friday 13th June 2008 at 7.00 pm




Alex MacDonald (Chair)

Bob Smith (Vice Chair)

Gordon Ritchie (Secretary)

Aneris Grant (Treasurer)

Ron Blanchard

Tim Healey

Sam Purvis

Gordon McGregor

Sheila McGregor

Christine Dewar

Morag Douglas

Heather Leuchars


Councillors Susan Leslie & Ron Edwards

Ken Halley Locality Manager from Fife Council.

Bill Davidson - Rotary Rambles

17 members of the public


1. Apologies

These were received from Councillor George Kay, Gillian Lowe and Cheryl Spears


2. Minutes of previous meetings


Item 7 amended to read ‘trail leaflet is now being distributed and the new book has commenced and should be in the shops in 2009’. Sheila McGregor proposed adoption of the minutes as a true and correct record and Tim Hailey seconded.


3. Notification of topics for ‘Any Other Business’: a number of local issues were raised by members of the Public to be discussed later as time permits.


4. Police Report - Sgt Edith Potter


May and early June appeared to quieter in relation to groups of young people loitering although acts of vandalism seem to be ongoing. i.e. High Street planters; windows; doors. There was Two housebreaking occurred and persons apprehended. Two assaults ,one serious, on High Street area and persons have been apprehended and charged with the offences

 In relation to the arrival of Shows there is now a ‘buzz’ around the town although there are no significant increases in incidents to report and police continue their fairground liaison,

A late licence had been granted to the Civic Week Committee for the Civic Week Marquee on the Links.



5. Financial Report –The Treasurer Aneris Grant presented the Council’s draft annual accounts and confirmed they are now complete and ready for the Auditors.


 6. Councillors' Reports


  6.1 Recreation on the Links;


Franchise for 2008 now in place and toilets, shelters & water feature are already in use. Tender for 2009 franchise will be advertised soon following the ‘normal’ tendering process.


6.2 Burntisland High Street;


FC Transportation Dept & Police are continuing to discuss the options for improving the unloading of deliveries to the shop premises. As yet Transportation has not confirmed a meeting of the public group despite this having been stressed a long overdue and urgently required.

The parking bay next to the pedestrian lights is to be converted to a motorbike



6.3 Burgh Chamber Clock


Clock to be fully operational end of month. Wear & tear not originally estimated for resulted in engaging a blacksmith incurring

additional cost of £110.00 (incl vat).


6.4 Cowdenbeath Road


The flooding problem has now been identified and a solution will be designed and put out to tender. No timetable is currently available for this work.


6.5 Burntisland Sports facilities;


An initial meeting with interested parties and groups has been held last month. Some potential sites, funding and options for developing the sports facilities are being considered. A further meeting is to be held later this month on 20th June in the Burgh Chambers at 6.00pm.


7. Core Paths Update


Bill Davidson reported to the meeting that the draft of the Core Paths final plan had been approved. Further comments along with any objections from member of the public are to be made before end September 2008 with a view towards the Final Plan being adopted in early 2009.


8 .Matters arising from minutes not otherwise covered in agenda



8.1 Burntisland Development Trust


Alex MacDonald advised the Council that no further applications for funding can be accepted by the Trust as all funds i.e.£1Million have now been allocated - total value of the projects generated equate to £6 Million.

 It is proposed that the most recent conditional approvals will create 100 jobs locally as follows


 In conjunction with Historic Buildings - Station House refurbished and let out as business units attracting a £90,000 grant (to be completed 2010).

 In conjunction with ‘Fife Harca’

At the Round House location(car park), a new building accommodating Business Units. Grant of £365,000 towards a final cost £3,500,000 Further funds are yet to be obtained for both projects. A Special meeting of the Community Council will be held on 11th July for a presentation from Fife Harca with views of public to be taken into account. [PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS MEETING HAS NOW BEEN CANCELLED.]


8.2 'Eureka' project free energy saving light bulbs for OAP's – 250 ordered and to be distributed to OAP’s starting in August .


8.3 Recreation facilities at East end of links – see Councillors’ report.(6.1)


8.4 Burntisland Common Good. Fife Council are currently carrying out a review of all Common Good assets a process which involves checking all titles and consulting with all community groups where local knowledge is of assistance. A Community Council Meeting has been earmarked for 8th September and set aside specifically for this important topic.


8.5 Meeting with Forth Ports - awaiting details -carried forward


8.6 Formation of joint sports group – see Councillors report( 6.5)


8.7 'Dare to Care' Project

– A donation of £150-00 has been gratefully received from the local Rotary Club to fund the printing of the proposed booklet for young people. Cheryl Spears sent in a report to confirm she had now commenced compiling the first draft .


8.8 Christmas Lights Project- Gillian Lowe sent in a report to confirm she now had all

the information to allow her to go ahead with the organisation ,funding and planning.


8.9 A Plan for Fife’s Culture

-Fife Council has been leading a big ‘conversation’ with over 3000 people at meetings over the past month about how ‘culture’ can help our lives feel richer and more fulfilled. You can still take part in the on-line survey and It is hoped a ‘cultural strategy’ can be created in the Autumn of 2008.


8.10 Appointment of Events Committee representative –

 Morag Douglas was appointed to represent the Council on this committee


9. New Business


 9. 1 Burntisland Bonfire Review Meeting 14.5.08 –

 Ron Blanchard gave a very comprehensive report on this meeting which the Police had requested, following problems with some local youngsters and others last year.


In conjunction with the Police & Stagecoach measures are to be taken to ensure a larger police presence and that sufficient bus transport will be laid on for those visiting the town. Parking restrictions will be enforced on Kinghorn Road and cars diverted to specific areas to relieve congestion.


All the necessary funding is in place for this years event. Due to the inability of Fife Council to provide a work force a local volunteer workforce will need to be recruited

 to erect security fencing./marshalled


 etc. Anyone interested in offering their services please get in touch with Ron on 872309 or any member of the Community Council.


9.2 'Waste Aware' Campaign –The chairman drew attention to the unwanted mail

campaign is running through June and July. For detail log on to Fife Council’s ‘waste aware’ website now for further information


9.3 Plastic Bag Initiative - request for BCC to write to local organisers confirming the Council’s support for the campaign on reducing the use of plastic carrier bags in Burntisland.


9.4 The Council confirmed their prior support for the Civic Week Committee’s CG Grant Application approval.


9.5 Civic Reception for visiting USA group – ‘Sonshine’ Praise Puppet Team

Burntisland Community Council agreed to welcome the visitors from Pennsylvania to the Town by inviting them all along to the Burgh Chambers to receive some light refreshments on Monday 11th August.


9.6 War Memorials Trust – A grant of up to 50% is available to upgrade the War Memorial and surrounding area –Burntisland 20/20 and Hurd Rolland are currently producing landscape layouts of proposed improvements for public approval.


9.7 Commonwealth Games 2014 Glasgow –The Scottish Government is currently organising a series of meetings throughout the country to discuss the potential lasting legacy from these games for the whole of Scotland www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Sport/Commonwealth-Games [webpage no longer available] to view website


9.8 'Burntisland Blooms' and Best Kept Town Campaign(BKTC)- Sheila McGregor advised that three new hanging baskets had been purchased to brighten up the Kinghorn Road town entry .The Preliminary judging for the BKTC is Monday 23rd June. Theft and vandalism of plants and containers are already causing problems.

Anyone witnessing such acts should report them to the Police who already have full details of all previous incidents. Telephone Police on 0845 600 2009


9.9 Future Training Seminars for Community Councillors

 The Secretary gave details of proposed seminars to be organised in the Autumn

 facilitating networking sessions for Office bearers, New Members and one on

 data protection.-advise Sec if interested by end July 08


9.10 The list of recommended Local Holidays 2009 is now available.


9.11 Consumption of Alcoholic Liquor in public places – amendments to the local byelaws are being processed to make it an offence to be found in possession of an open alcoholic container in a designated area, including the Links with the result that it is no longer a requirement for enforcement purposes that ‘consumption’ is witnessed by the police..


9.12 Review of Common Good Grant Application Procedures

 In conjunction with local Councillors for the area BCC unanimously approved of the a suggestion that it will be consulted in the approval process grant amounts up to £5,000 from the Common Good Fund to help streamline assistance more quickly to the communities’ voluntary organisations.


9.13 National Consultation on Community Councils –

The Chairman circulated a useful document (having thankfully distilled the original 50 page consultation papers into 2 pages) to BCC members to allow consultation on proposals for a common framework for all community councils. We are invited to submit views not later than 1st August 2008

9.14 Association of Scottish Community Councils – Tim Healey attended a Community Council Seminar in Perth recently and recommended BCC should

renew its membership and outlined some of the advantages .This was unanimously agreed by the Council.


9.15 On-line Survey of Library Services

A review of the Libraries and Museums provisions in Fife is underway to consider existing services, customer and potential customer expectations for the future. Questionnaires will be made available soon and you can also comment on line at www.fifedirect.org.uk/mandiconsultation and will take only 10 to 15 minutes to complete


9.16 Piper’s Trail

Scottish Transport Regiment have applied for a license to hold a procession (approx 20 persons) from Kirkcaldy via Burntisland(around 12 noon) to Dunfermline on 8th July 2008. No objection was raised to this event taking place.



10. Planning Applications

Tim Hailey advised of the following applications for approval this month:


10.1 Listed Building Consent for erection of boundary fence at

 225 High St.


10.2 Extension to front of house, 26 Cotburn Crescent.


10.3 Illuminated sign at 239 High St. (Lloyds Pharmacy)


10.4 Replacement Windows 127 Kinghorn Road


10.5 Extension to rear, 15 Greenmount Road North


10.6 Single story extension 118 Dick Crescent


10.7 Single story extension 120 Dick Crescent


10.8 Erection of garage block North East of Kilmundy Steadings


10.9 A number of letters have been received objecting to a proposed housing development by Better Building Ltd. at Landale Place. I was agreed this to be discussed in the normal way after planning permission has been applied for.


 11 Any Other Business


Points raised by members of the public requesting Councillors to take action :-


11.1 Water Feature – Maintenance required to edges of path and missing seats require to be replaced. asap


11.2 Pavements-Cowdenbeath Road near roundabout/new flats requires urgent attention


11.3 Crossing Kirkton Road – this requires attention/investigation asap to avert accident potential


11.4 Signage – Direction to Beacon Centre still requires attention




12. Date of next meeting.


Friday 11th July 2008 at 7.00 pm - Open Meeting to discuss the proposed business incubator units at Lammerlaws Road.(car park)