Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of Meeting

7pm Friday, 13th August 2010




 A MacDonald (Chair)

 R Smith (Vice Chair)

 I Smith (Secretary)

 A Grant (Treasurer)

 Heather Leuchars (Minutes)

 Tim Healey, Gordon McGregor, Sheila McGregor,

 Sam Purvis, Morag Douglas, Christine Dewar

 Cllr S Leslie, Cllr Ron Edwards

 Bill Kirkhope (Editor Burgh Buzz)


 Attending; 11members of the public


1.             Chairman’s Opening Remarks and Apologies for Absence


 The Chair welcomed Sgt Scot Murray on his first attendance to a Burntisland Community Council Meeting. Sgt Murray has taken over policing duties in and around Burntisland from Sgt Edith Potter.


 Sgt Murray introduced himself as having been in charge of the Burntisland Station for the past 2 months since the retirement of Sgt Potter. He has 14 years Police service behind him, 14 months at rank of Police Sergeant.

 He wanted to express how impressed he has been on seeing how public approach the Police and good relationship they have and is keen for this to continue.


 Apologies: Cllr George Kay, Gordon Ritchie, Gillian Low, Ron Blanchard

 Ken Halley Locality Manager



2.                  Minutes of Previous Meeting (11 June 2010)

 Approved; Bob Smith seconded; Aneris Grant


3. Notification of Community Concerns for A.O.B. Item 10 (Time Permitting)


4. Fife Council Locality Manager’s Report - Ken Halley

 No report submitted.


5. Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Reports


 Secretary had nothing to report.


 Treasurer; Accounts paid to date with Burgh Buzz in hand. In receipt of £1300 grant from Fife Council.


6. Burgh Buzz - Bill Kirkhope


 The latest issue was printed later than expected due to waiting for input from the Highland Games and photography competition. Contained within the latest issue were the results of the school site survey. The paper has paid for itself and received excellent reviews from the public.


7. Ongoing Business Items


7.1. Review of Local Planning Applications - Tim Hailey

 Domestic applications: Proposed disabled access to Railway station - Secretary will write to Planning to offer BCC support for application.


7.2. Fife Housing Partnership Planning Day – 16 June 2010 – Tim Hailey

 No strategic direction offered and no conclusion was reached.


7.3. Strategic Projects Group – War Memorial – Alex MacDonald/Bob Smith


 War Memorial: Hurd Rolland (Architects) to design and then obtain costs. Plan will then go for public consultation. Outline plan to be ready for BCC September meeting. Ongoing maintenance list passed to Ken Halley.


7.4. Scottish Water – Haugh Road Flooding – Alex MacDonald/Cllr Edwards/ Cllr Kay


 From correspondence received it would appear that currently Scottish Water only prioritise flooding from sewage when it actually enters private dwellings. This relates to a decision which was made 2004 when in a one month period there was indeed severe flooding throughout Scotland with many houses being affected. Scottish Water along with Councillors and representative from BCC are to meet to ascertain where this leaves the problems currently within Burntisland.


7.5. Common Good Fund - Alex MacDonald


At the request of BCC, Fife Council have produced a map and listing of items which are in their opinion an accurate indication of the heritable and moveable assets within the Common Good Fund.


 BCC are to produce a copy of the map etc to be displayed in the library to enable the public to bring forward local knowledge as to the accuracy of information contained


 Fliers will be displayed in shop windows and on Public Notice Board indicating when map will be available to view.


 Moveable items include Chains of Office and regalia along with all items contained within the town Hall.


7.6. Common Good Fund - Events/Civic Week Committee Funding Application – Alex MacDonald


 Events and Civic Week Committee applied for £500. The application came in after the money had already been committed but not yet spent. It has been suggested that all applications for funding must be with Fife Council at least one month prior to committing to area of expenditure.


7.7. SSSI Classification – Orrock Quarry – Alex MacDonald


 Correspondence received form SNH confirmed that whilst SSSI was originally notified for its geological interest this feature was later removed as better examples of that particular feature were found elsewhere in Fife. As a result the SSSI was reduced in area and re-notified with grassland features instead. The original geological feature is now outwith the current SSSI boundary so no way could the notification be modified to include it. The grassland features are of poor quality and it is proposed to de-notify the entire site.


7.8. SES Plan Consultation – Main Issues Report – Tim Hailey


 No mention has been made in relation to Burntisland or its coastline.



8. New Business Items


 8.1. Burntisland’s Big Day Out – 28th August Toll Centre


 Anyone interested in participating are to contact Jane Hoggins at the Toll Centre.


 Burntisland Community Council were invited to have a stand on site, but whilst that is not possible on this occasion it was suggested that application forms be made available to those members of the public who may be interested in putting their name forward to stand at the forthcoming BCC elections in October.


 8.2. Exiles Reception


 Fife Council did not fund the exiles reception this year however a generous donation of £300 from the Links Showmen covered all expenses and they were extended a vote of thanks.


 The day went off without a hitch with visiting exiles from near and far being welcomed by members of BCC before signing the visitors’ book They were then offered light refreshment before joining the Summer Queen and Pipe Band to parade along the High Street to the Links for the official opening of Burntisland Highland Games.


 2011 funding for this event will be required.


 8.3. Application for Licence Variation - Golf Tavern


 BCC members objected by a majority vote that the variation to licence mainly in relation to protecting children and extended opening hours.


 The Licencing board were to meet 9th August and no conclusion was available prior to BCC meeting.


8.4. Remembrance Day


 Although the Remembrance Day parade takes place in November planning for the event must start as soon as possible. It has therefore been decided that the current BCC Committee start the planning and the newly elected BCC members from the October elections shall conclude arrangements.


8.5. ASCC Area Representative Elections


 Due to the forthcoming October elections it has been agreed that R Smith shall temporarily represent BCC until new Members are in situ.


8.6. Art Group – Fife Council Charges for use of the Upper Library Hall


 The use and fees for the Upper Library hall require investigation prior to next year’s exhibition.


8.7. Links Accounts


 Carried forward to the next meeting, but a soft copy of the latest accounts will be circulated prior to the meeting.


8.8. Common Good Property – Outstanding Fife Council Maintenance Work.


 Cllr Edwards will follow up reports of windows having been left open although problem has been reported to the Council office.


8.9. Forth Estuary Forum Membership


 BCC have been invited to obtain membership of the Forth Estuary Forum clarification on costs to be obtained.


9. Any Other Business


 9.1. Burntisland Cemetery Works - Cllr Edwards to follow up.


9.2. Toll Park – Cllr Edwards to follow up.


9.3 Bus route alterations – Cllr Edwards to follow up.


9.4 Housing Allocations – BCC does not comment on this matter.


9.5 Kinghorn Road Parking – Sgt Murray to follow up.


10. Date of Next Meeting


Friday, 10th September 2010 at 7 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers.


Presentation – Drug and Alcohol Project – Graham Taylor