Burntisland Community Council                


Minutes of Meeting held in the Burgh Chambers on

Friday 13th November 2009




Present:         A MacDonald (Chair)

                        R Smith (Vice Chair)

                        G Ritchie (Secretary

                        H Leuchars (Minutes)

T Hailey, C Dewar, G Lowe, M Douglas, G McGregor, S McGregor,

G Lowe; Councillor R Edwards, Councillor G Kay; Councillor S Leslie


Bill Kirkhope –Editor ‘Burgh Buzz’

8 Members of public in attendance




1    Apologies for Absence


A Grant; S Purves; R Blanchard and Ken Halley, Locality Manager.



2    Minutes of Previous meeting (9th October 2009)


T Hailey proposed adoption of the minutes as a true and correct record & seconded by B Smith



3    Matters Arising

            Points raised have been incorporated within minutes.


4    Notification of Community Concerns for discussion under ‘Any other Business’ section 11- as detailed



5    Police Report; Due to operational commitments Sergeant Potter was not available and no report was given on her behalf.



6    Fife Council Locality Manager’s Report – Ken Hailey forwarded a comprehensive report and this was circulated and presented to the meeting in his absence as follows and includes issues raised at the October meeting:-


Monks Walk/ Rossend Point

This area has been cut back and a site meeting arranged to discuss possible future work.


Steps, Black Beach to Lammerlaws

The lack of a handrail has been referred to Robbie Blyth, Beaches and Coast Officer for his attention.


‘Palais’ Steps (Thistle Street to Manse Lane)

The steps are not adopted by Transportation therefore I am currently trying to determine ownership/responsibility for installing the missing section of hand rail on the steps.


School Crossing Patrol, High Street

The suggestion that the School Crossing Patrol stance should be relocated to the pedestrian crossing approximately 50 meters along the road has been referred to the Education Service for consideration and I will feedback the outcome in due course.


Pedestrian Barriers, High Street, Burntisland (Outside the Porte Bar)

The suggestion that the pedestrian barriers at this location should be extended, to prevent pedestrians crossing at this point, has been referred to Transportation for consideration and I will feedback the outcome when available.


Rose Street

It is intended to proceed with joining up the double yellow lines in Rose Street and the first stage in this process is to consult the residents in the street through a mail drop before the end of the year.  Assuming a positive response committee approval will be sought in Feb/March next year with the legal process following on thereafter.


Traffic Calming, Kinghorn Road

It is intended to replace the central refuges with narrowing nibs from the footways, the design is underway for this and local residents at the locations of the nibs have been contacted.


Skate Park Lights

At the moment the lights are on a timer which should bring them on at dusk and they should go off at 10pm.  The intention is to install a more sophisticated switch which would bring the lights on at dusk but they would go off approx 2hrs later if the park was not being used.  If it is being used the skaters can press a button which will keep the lights on for another two hours and so on. The lights will still switch off at 10pm.


Footpath, Shepherds Crescent to Rossend Terrace

The shrubbery has been cut back at this location.


High Street Paving Slabs

Bill Liddle, Lead Officer Roads and Street Lighting, and Grant Laycock, Technical Inspector from Transportation met with Councilors Kay and Edwards and two  representatives from the Community Council recently.  They walked the High Street and defects i.e. cracked slabs were noted.  These fall into 2 categories of defects. The first are the defects which we would pick up during our safety inspections i.e. 20mm defects, there weren't many of them. The second are the numerous cracks along the High Street,

most of which remain stable on the ground i.e. not rocking. It is the latter that are of most concern.


Repair of the first type is ongoing and these will continue. Funding would have to be sourced to replace the existing cracked slabs.  I understand that the slabs have already been bought so the cost of labour and plant would have to be found.  The Members in consultation with the Community Council would identify what areas they required to be done.  This would also include work at the Mercat Cross which again is off concern. It has been suggested that the problem may be due to the regular battering it is getting from buses etc and that consideration should may be given to moving it again or keeping that small section of the road coned off to allow the blocks time to settle.


It was noted that the amount of "cracked" slabs is reducing and agreed that there would be a time whereby enough was enough with regards to replacing them.


7    Burgh Buzz – Bill Kirkhope


The ‘Burgh Buzz’ was first published in the early nineties and for many years it was a very popular local community newspaper in Burntisland. It is now over three years since the last hard copy of the Burgh Buzz was distributed within the town and it has been sadly missed.


The Community Council recognizes the value of a good community newspaper and has established a new editorial committee headed up by the Editor Bill Kirkhope who hopes to restore the Burgh Buzz to its former glory.


It is hoped the first issue of the new series will be delivered free to all households in the town at the end of January 2010.  In the meantime, the editorial committee is making every effort to re-establish contact with local organizations and individuals who were regular contributors in the past; also with those who may wish to provide articles in the future.


It is the aim of the Community Council that the paper should be financially self sufficient. To this end, Morag and her team are actively seeking advertisements from local businesses, traders etc. as well as sponsorship from local companies. Given the wide distribution and the reasonable advertising costs, this will represent extremely good value.


The deadline for submission of articles or advertising art work for the January issue will be Wednesday 15th January 2010. The relevant contacts on the editorial committee are as follows:-


Articles:          Bill l Kirkhope,

                                    39 The Wynd,

                                    Dalgety Bay. KY11 9SJ          Tel: 01383 822023

                                    Email:              [deleted from online version - anti-spam measure]


Advertisements:          Morag Douglas

                                    73 High Street,

                                    Burntisland. KY3 9DB Tel: 01592 871313

                                    Email:              [deleted from online version - anti-spam measure]                                                                                                               


8   (a) Secretary’s report


The Triple sided Town Notice Board is due for delivery end December and should be erected in early January at where we consider to be, the ideal location on the High Street i.e. the area between St Andrews Court and the Veterinary Surgery.


We have drawn up a suggested set of display guidelines as follows:-


Our Community notice boards aim to provide:

1. Information for local people from our Community Council, Fife Council and the local Police

2. Opportunities to local organisations to publicise and promote local activities.




As space is limited the display of posters and other information is based on the following five priorities (1 being the highest and 5 the lowest priority):

1.  LOCAL community organised events and general information.

2.  Burntisland Community Council, Fife Council and Local policing information and activities (for example Local councillors contact details, community council events, police neighbourhood notices.

3. Details of community organisations, activities and meetings.

4. Fife Council statutory information (for example electoral register notices, notice of elections)

5. Local commercially organised events where there is deemed to be an over riding benefit to the local community and where the aims coincide with those of Burntisland Community Council.




We welcome posters with:-

1. Tidy and uncluttered layout, A4 size or smaller.

2. A clear title and legible text.

3. The contact details of the person/organisation responsible for mounting it clearly displayed.

4. A "display until" date (we suggest a three week maximum although notices may be removed earlier if there is pressure for space)

5. Lawful and morally inoffensive content which adheres to commonsense standards of taste and decency.




While every attempt will be made to accommodate requests to display information, we reserve the right not to display a leaflet or poster which falls outside of these guidelines.


(b)Treasurer’s report


The assets already noted as being owned by Burntisland Community Council are the Coat of Arms, Christmas Lights, Notice board, Bowser.


The Heritage Trust’s listing of Burgh Chambers Common Good moveable assets is nearing completion. It will then be necessary to ascertain the whereabouts of any items which have been removed.



9          Business carried forward


9.1 Burntisland Sports Group – Gillian Lowe


Gillian reported that the group had met on the 12th November to discuss the impact that the preferred location for the new school would have on the sports group project. Meetings are to be arranged with the Toll centre committee and with Fife council community and education personnel to discuss how we move things forward.



9.2 Review of Local Planning Applications – Tim Hailey


Kinghorn Rd erection of 2 flats possible cause for concern due to location of path which is possibly a right of way and protection of mature tree. Concern that premises at former Present Time, High Street may be turned into a take away rather than a restaurant. There is to be a consultation in the New Year from SCI regards possible sighting of eco housing at Widows Land.


9.3 Christmas Lights – Gillian Lowe & Gordon McGregor


 Funding is in place for the Christmas lights from the Common Good Fund and Locality Fund. Lights are to be erected w/c Monday 23/11/09.  This season two new brackets are being used on a trial basis to hopefully reduce breakages of lights because of high winds. A Christmas tree will also be erected at entrance to the Links.


9.4 Scots Verse


The six new trophies are now ready and only require engraving with titles.  After deliberation it was unanimously agreed that they shall be named memorial trophies in respect of the following people: Douglas Kerr; Margaret Gilbertson & family; Jock Marshall; Margaret Macdonald; Derek Horn; John MacDougall.

The Secretary confirmed he will make the necessary arrangements with the School regarding the presentation to be held in the Burgh Chambers in early January 2010.                                                                   


9.5 Burntisland Blooms – Sheila McGregor


Full Floral Enhancement Grant of £750 for 2010 applied for.  New Community Garden:   plans for the layout have been submitted to Fife Council.   Consultations with contractors and possible funding options are ongoing.    Aim is to have the garden ready for the spring but is dependent on planning application approval and getting all the necessary services in place.    There is a waiting list for plots.   Organisers keen to involve people interested in a community garden.    For further info, contact Elly Kinross by e-mail on [deleted from online version - anti-spam measure].   Bulb Planting: Ten children from the Primary School planted 100 bulbs sponsored by the community council at the entrance to the Links Car Park with the help of the town gardeners. Town judging:  After lengthy discussions, the community council decided that Burntisland shall no longer participate in the Beautiful Fife Campaign as the Blooms Team is fully stretched due to ongoing projects.    Any town resident who would like to take this campaign forward should contact Sheila McGregor.


9.6 Fife Community Seminar


The views of Sheila and Gordon McGregor, who recently attended this seminar, were that the two workshops on the Planning (Scotland) Act 2006 and on Community Services were well organised and most informative.   Over 60 delegates attended from community councils across Fife which gave an ideal opportunity for networking and listening to the views of others on a wide range of topics.


9.7 New Primary School – Proposed Preferred Site Option


Presentations and meetings to discuss possible new Primary School to be held early in the New Year.

Two 2 sites which have scored most favorably against the chosen criteria and merit further investigation is, as follows:

1. East Toll Park (preferred option)

2. South of Haugh Road (reserve option)

These options can only be delivered after a period of further investigation, consultation and negotiation...  That exercise will go into greater detail on the finally selected site, including carrying out site investigations and will typically comprise the following options:


1.  Status Quo

2.  Refurbish and Extend Existing School

3   Build proposed New School.


9.8 Update on Archaeological Site at West Broom Hill


The following is a very brief note summarising the recent Burntisland archaeological project. 


In short, the team didn't find what we were looking for, but they did find abundant evidence of 17th century activity.


They can also now be sure about where the wall isn't! And confirming this has helped to narrow down exactly where it should be. So hopefully, if the team get a chance to go back, we will be able to finally characterise the nature, form and extent of what could potentially be the best-preserved example of a Scottish Civil War period linear defensive system (there was a lot more than a wall on that hill).


A detailed archaeological report on this project will be produced in due course.



9.9 Scottish Water Meeting 9/10- update


We wish to record the long-standing concerns over the effectiveness of drainage and effluent pumping in the vicinity of Haugh Road and Cromwell Road. No such problems were experienced before the substantial drainage and pumping works carried out some years ago by the then East of Scotland Water. Whilst we recognise that Scottish Water is a different corporate entity, it nevertheless inherited the responsibilities of ESW. We therefore expect that the relevant works should be remediated urgently in order to restore an acceptable outcome.


In addition, it appears that temporary remedial work by at Haugh Road has simply diverted the problem onto land which is not owned by Scottish Water. The result is an uncontrolled discharge which may compromise recent and significant investment by the local authority and other bodies.

We recognise that there are budgetary procedures to be undertaken and we would like to receive early confirmation that the resources required will be committed early in the next financial year.



 10 New Business.


10.1 Mid Fife Local Plan Modifications etc FC Report


FC Report – pre examination & modifications are now available on the Council’s web site until 4th December or at the Development Services Offices and Libraries within the Local Plan area.


10.2 Forth Bridge New Construction-Tim Hailey

Scottish Transport Group indicates a start date of 2011 completion 2016 yet not all funding has as yet been found.


10.4 Community Award 2010


Burntisland Community Council now request nominations from the public of persons that they deem worthy of receiving this award for 2010.  The Secretary confirmed he would arrange the necessary press releases.


10.5 Burntisland –Flekkefjord Town Twinning – Councillor Kay


Burntisland has been twinned with Flekkefjord in South Norway since 1946 which makes it one of the oldest twinning links in Europe.  Through the then Burntisland Town Twinning Committee there were regular exchange visits organized between the towns.  These exchange visits took place annually and involved young persons from each town; however these stopped some years ago.  Some work placements have also taken place in the past but these also stopped in 2006.


The exchange activities have stopped over recent years due to key members of the Twinning Association being unable to continue with their roles and the lack of people interested in replacing them on the Association.  The remaining members of the Twinning Association have a strong desire to maintain the historic links that exist with Flekkefjord.


It was agreed that every effort should be made to attract new members and to that end an open night will take place in the Inchview Hotel, Burntisland on Wednesday 25th November 2009 at 7.30 pm to celebrate the achievements of the historic link between Burntisland and Flekkefjord, promote the good work of the Twinning Association over the years and hopefully generate interest from within the community in joining the Twinning Association  with the aim of reinstating the link and look at opportunities for developing these links further.


10.6 Appointment of New Secretary


We will require a replacement Secretary for the Community Council to take over within the next 2 or 3 months as the present Secretary only took the job on as a   very short term stand-in and that was nearly 18 months ago.


In Gordon’s words “the job is fairly easy these days as electronic mail is used virtually all of the time for most of the business (in total probably no more than 2 Hours per week are normally required) and some good experienced back-up is usually available from the other office bearers on the Council.”


It is hoped someone in the town will be interested in carrying on this important and worthwhile job , for example, somebody who has recently retired from work and who maybe has a bit of extra time on their hands to do an important  bit of work on  behalf of our community.


11 Any Other Business


War Memorial – require update on what degree of work and costs and timescale involved giving the memorial and walls etc a facelift.

Due to time limitations it was agreed that some other minor items of business be left over until the next meeting


12   Next Meeting- Friday 11th December 2009 at 7.00 pm in Burgh Chambers.