Minutes of Community Council Meeting held in the

Burgh Chambers on

Friday 14th January 2011 at 7 p.m.


Present:         Alex MacDonald (Chairman)

                        Bob Smith (Vice Chairman)                                

                        Isabel Smith (Secretary)                                     

                        John Russell (Treasurer)

                        Heather Leuchars (Minutes)                                

                        Christine Dewar

                        Peter George

                        Morag Douglas

                        Gordon McGregor

                        Sheila McGregor

                        Tim Hailey

                        Zoè Williamson

                        Cllr Susan Leslie (Part-Time)

                        Cllr Ron Edwards

                        Cllr George Kay


Attending:        Bill Kirkhope (Editor Burgh Buzz);

                        PS Scott Murray

                        Gary Cummins;

                        11 members of the public


Apologies:       Ken Halley (Locality Manager)



1.         Chairman’s Opening Remarks and Apologies for Absence


The Chairman welcomed those present and extended seasons’ greetings to the meeting and apologies for absence were noted as above.


2.         Minutes of Meeting held on 10th December 2010


Minutes to be approved subject to Para 7 being altered as indicted by S McGregor. Motion of Christine Dewar seconded Peter George.

                                                                                    Action: S McGregor/Alex MacDonald


3.         Notification of Community Concerns for A.O.B. – Item 13 (Time Permitting)


            13.1    Burntisland Festival of Word and Spirit – Andrew West

13.2.   Dalgety Players Pantomime (Dick Turpin) on 25 January Sponsored by ExxonMobil – A. MacDonald


4.         Police Report – PS Scott Murray


            PS Murray wished to thank the public for their ongoing support in communicating with the Police resulting in reprimanding offenders.


            He also wanted to raise public awareness of bogus tradesmen possibility coming into the area offering roof repairs, replacing gutters etc.  as this has happened elsewhere in Fife.

            Cllr Edwards pointed out that Fife Council can provide a list of legitimate tradesmen to safeguard the public.


5.         Presentation – The Drug and Alcohol Project Ltd – G Taylor


            Mr Taylor addressed the meeting to introduce the work carried out by DAPL.

            They started in Levenmouth and are funded from various sources currently expanding to cover all areas within Fife.


            They offer one to one confidential support to Clients with Drug and/or Alcohol dependency.  The support is ongoing and carried out at a pace to suit the individual with the ultimate goal of them being weaned off their addiction.


            He was keen for the general public to be made aware of the project and that it is

            a free service available to anyone who has concerns and may require support or advice.  Telephone Number: 01333 433377 Web Site: www.dapl.net


6.         Fife Council Locality Manager’s Report


In the absence of any Locality Manager report a debate ensued as how best to proceed in obtaining updates on issues which require addressing and progress.


Due to the Community Council meetings being held on a monthly basis it was suggested many concerns could be addressed within a shorter timescale by going direct to the local office or contacting a Councillor direct.  


Where it is deemed that no action or update has been received Burntisland Community Council shall then write direct to appropriate Departmental Head requesting response to issues.  This also requires Councillors being kept in the loop that they may also seek response times to problems.


In the absence of an individual to co-ordinate our communications with Fife Council, each topic would be addressed by the relevant person on a case-by-case basis, whether Secretary, Chairman, or a nominated member of the Community Council.


7.         Environment – Peter George 


            7.1.      Dog fouling on Links and High Street.

Action: Public to report offenders to the Police

             and raise such issues when attending

             Community Police meetings

            7.2.      Seats outside the Library and Links area are being refurbished.

Action: Cllr Leslie to pursue

            7.3.      Highland Games – ease of moving equipment.

                                                                     Action: P George contact Highland Games


            7.4.      Question in relation to amount of funding delegated to Fife to repair its roads’

                        At present the Councillors do not have an answer to this question.

            7.5.      Community skips for general clean ups.  Councillors Edwards indicted that spring would be the best time to                         carry out such projects.

            7.6.      Forth Place name plate requires repositioning to direct visitors to High Street.

                                                                                                                Action:  Cllr Leslie

            7.7.      Glebe Place – Rhone pipe loose.                       Action: Cllr Edwards


            7.8.      Chewing Gum on pavements.                                        Action: Cllr Kay

8.         Secretary’s & Treasurer’s Report


The Treasurer circulated an updated report, attached to these Minutes, giving the overall financial position as at January 2011. The current balance stands at £2238.86, of which free funds amount to £2238.86. The updating of signatories on the Community Council’s accounts has now been actioned by the bank.  Thanks was extended to Mrs Higginson for her patience in awaiting payment for monies due to her.  The first payment for Christmas Lights £2083.75.


The Secretary stated that all correspondence was up to date.  The Community Awards plaque has been recovered for engraving.  Contact has been made with the school to retrieve the Scots Verse Competition Trophies (five received with one still to be returned).  The names of this year’s competition winners have been obtained.


9.         Burgh Buzz – Bill Kirkhope


The deadline for the next issue of 13th January has passed and it is hoped that the next issue will be ready for delivery end January.


10.       Ongoing Business Items


            10.1.    Review of Local Planning Applications – T Hailey


            Nothing to report at this time.


            10.2.    Strategic Projects Group – War Memorial – A MacDonald / R Smith


                                    The Vice Chairman reported Hurd Rolland are refining the drawings and will apply for Planning Permission. No work can commence without all funding in place and currently there is a shortfall.  Estimated cost is currently £120K but with refinements, it is hoped to bring the project in within this budget.  Jim Murphy (QS) will update the current estimate based on the agreed design.


The Chairman reported estimated Funding position: Heritage Lottery Fund circa £50k, subject to the development of an educational programme as an integral part of the project; Fife Environment circa £30K. An application would also be made to the Common Good Fund.

Action: Bob Smith to progress the overall project and obtain updated costs.

Alex MacDonald to continue with funding applications.

Cllr Kay to identify the current status of the Common Good account.

Cllr Leslie and Zoe Williamson to draw up a planned education programme to meet the HLF requirements.


            10.3.    Burntisland Community Council Election – New Members


Chairman Alex MacDonald read out a biography from Gary Cummins with his reasons for wishing to join the Community Council.  He was duly appointed as a member joining Zoe Williamson as very welcome new members.


            10.4.    School Site – A MacDonald


The Chairman will continue to liaise with the Director of Education and keep all avenues of communication open.


            10.5.    Clock Chimes – Morag Douglas / Bob Smith


The demonstration on 30 December 2010 was successful with over 200 people participating.  A vote of thanks was extended to PC Gibb who assisted with traffic control.


A meeting with Fife Council was held on 12 January 2011, chaired by Cllr Leslie and with Cllr Edwards, Cllr Kay attending.  Burntisland Community Council were represented by Bob Smith, Morag Douglas and John Russell.  Fife Council were represented by Ian Matheson (Chief Legal Officer), Linda Turner (Team Leader Public Protection), Danny Cepok (Area Service Manager) and Ken Halley (Area Locality Support Team Leader).


On the basis of a single complaint Fife Council upheld the complaint due to the high decibel count recorded by sound measurement in the bedroom of the complainant.  The basis for this decision was the Environmental Act 1990 whereby if the noise recorded exceeded the background noise by more than 5 to 10 decibels, the noise could be considered a nuisance.  Fife Council advised that the background noise was 19 decibels and with the clock chiming was 54 decibels, so in their opinion, the case was not borderline.


Fife Council subsequently took the decision to remove the chiming mechanism for modification to prevent it chiming between the hours of 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. resulting in the clock not chiming at all whilst the mechanism is being modified.


Fife Council also advised that a previous complaint by the same complainant had been made in September 2008 which had been referred to BCC for consultation and our objection to any change had been minuted.  Fife Council consequently decided not to modify the clock on that occasion and their decision process had been supported when the complainant referred the issue to the Ombudsman.  The same complainant then complained again in March 2010 and the sound measurement investigation referred to above was started. 


Cllr Edwards made reference to the Scottish Government Guidance issued in 2009, which stated that proportionality consultation and mediation should be applied in these cases, none of which happened on the second complaint.  In addition, to the sound measurement action the Guidance required several other factors e.g. whether the nuisance was in fact the cause of sleep disturbance, other measures which could alleviate the problem and the impact of any action on the Community at large.  None of these had been considered by Fife Council in reaching their decision.


BCC commented that it did not accept Fife Council’s process in that no consultation had taken place with BCC or the Community and that these other factors had not been considered.  Also, BCC argued that the action could hardly be considered to be proportional when over 1100 people had signed a petition calling for the chimes to be reinstated as was, against one single person who had made the complaint.


It was agreed that Fife Council would produce a full report considering all the factors required by the Scottish Government Guidance and that this would be the subject of a further consultation meeting on Wednesday, 2 February 2011.

Cllr Edwards advised that it would be beneficial to the cause for having the chimes reinstated if members of the public would write personally to Fife Council expressing their dissatisfaction with Fife Council’s decision.


Action:  Bob Smith/Morag Douglas/John Russell to attend the Meeting    

              on 2 February 2011


            10.6.    Scots Verse Competition Presentation – Alex MacDonald/Isabel Smith


It was proposed that the presentation time be moved from the usual Friday evening to a Sunday afternoon and the school shall be approached with provisional dates of January 30th 2pm or 6th February 2pm.


                                                                                                            Action: Isabel Smith


            10.7.    Fife Council – Community Council Matters


The proposed amendment to the Community Council Grant was rejected on behalf of Burntisland Community Council, as it would result in a reduction in the annual grant.


            10.8.    Floral Enhancement – Sheila McGregor


                  Floral Enhancement Grant of £600.


                  Spring bedding probably in March.   Depends on weather.


                  Cannot develop Burntisland Blooms any further until we have additional  watering team volunteers.


Community Garden:   Progress delayed by weather but the fence and paths are now in place and the plots marked out.  There will be regular meeting throughout the spring to develop the plots and to plant up fruit trees, crops and perennials in the Community Garden area. 


A grant application has been made to the Common Good Fund for staff to organise workdays, events and a community education programme of workshops relating to food growing, horticulture and sustainable gardening      practices. There will be a Grand Opening event at the end of February.  


10.9.    Christmas Lights – G McGregor


                        The lights have now been taken down and stored but have concerns over long term storage in future.


                        Funding for 2011 and beyond will be from the Locality Fund rather than the Common Good Fund.



11.       Awaiting Update


The following topics remain open:


11.1.    Scottish Water – Haugh Road flooding: meeting with Fife Council officials (Cllrs Kay and Edwards)

11.2.    Common Good Fund property review (Tim Hailey)

11.3.    Common Good accounts discrepancy - Rossland Motel, Kinghorn (Cllrs Kay / Edwards / Leslie)

11.4.    Signage to beach (Cllr Leslie)

11.5.    Bicycle parking – site visit (Cllr Kay / Gary Cummins)

11.6.    Outcome of proposed visit to 104 High Street (Cllr Edwards)

11.7.    Links Accounts Latest Figures – J Russell

11.8.    Grit Bin Locations – Cllr Kay


12.       New Business Items – due to lack of time not all topics were covered


            12.1.    Burntisland Common Good Fund Application – Fife Diet


                        Request for £2K from Common Good Fund. 

                        Proposed: Bob Smith – Seconded Morag Douglas


12.2.    Fife Licensing Board - Notice of Application Jaesy Off Licence, 62 Cromwell Road, Burntisland

            No comment since these matters are left to licensing board.


12.3.    Speed Management Strategy – Cllr Kay                                           c/fwd

12.4.    Bus Service Changes – Cllr Kay                                                        c/fwd

12.5.    Fife Coastal Path                                                                                c/fwd

12.6.    Winter Gritting and Snow Clearing Service 2010/2011 Booklet        c/fwd


12.7.    Forth Estuary Forum AGM – 31 January 2011                  Action: Tim Halley


12.8.    Scottish Marine Regions Consultation – 8 February 2011 Action: Tim Halley


12.9.    Survey on New Local Development Plan for Fife                             c/fwd

12.10.  Fife Community Plan for 2011 to 2020 On Line                                c/fwd

            12.11.  Fife Environment Trust Annual Newsletter                                        c/fwd


13.       Any Other Business


            13.1.    Burntisland Festival of Word and Spirit – Andrew West                     c/fwd

13.2.    Dalgety Players Pantomime (Dick Turpin) on 25 January Sponsored by ExxonMobil – Volunteer car drivers Ron Edwards, Isabel & Bob Smith,

            Morag Douglas                                              

                                                                                                Action; Christine Dewar



Date of next Meeting:


Sunday, 30 January 2011 -    Scots Verse Competition Presentation at 2 p.m.

                                                in the Burgh Chambers.


Friday, 4 February 2011 -       Community Award Presentation to Aneris Grant at 7 p.m.

                                                in the Burgh Chambers


Friday, 11 February 2011 –    BCC Meeting at 7 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers.