Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of meeting held in the Burgh Chambers

On Friday 14th March 2008



                        Bob Smith (Vice Chair) (Chair)          Gordon Ritchie

                        Ron Blanchard (Secretary)                 Sam Purvis

                        Aneris Grant (Treasurer)                 

                        Tim Hailey

                        Morag Douglas


                        Councillor George Kay                   Councillor Susan Leslie


Attending: - 12 members of the public


      1.   Apologies were received from Councillor Edwards, Alex McDonald, Gordon McGregor, Sheila McGregor and Gillian Lowe


      2.   Minutes of the previous meeting – Held in reserve to be amended [NB - the copy of the minutes of the meeting of 8 February 2008 on this website is now the final approved version.]


      3.   Topics requested for inclusion in Any Other Business were noted.


4. Police report - Sgt Scott Johnston – This was the last appearance by Sgt. Johnston in his capacity as Senior Officer Burntisland. The meeting expressed its thanks for his commitment to the town and its people and wished him well in his new position.

       The Police report covered a number of incidents and the actions  taken where appropriate. It was noted the success of the deployment of mobile CCTV in the Burntisland district.

                 The concerns over High Street parking were to be raised at the Police Committee meeting on 21st March – There will be a report back at the next Community Council meeting.


5. Combined Councillors reports – The Ward 10 Councillors report was presented by Councillor Susan Leslie. It was agreed that the proposed Skate Board Park would be reserved for the next meeting when it was hoped Councillor Edwards would be in attendance.

Concerns were voiced regarding ‘The Common Good Fund’ this also would be considered at the next meeting.


6. The Kinghorn Ecology Centre made a presentation on its present activities to mark 10 years of operations.


7. a.   Recreations on the Links – After much discussion, it was proposed a meeting should take place between our three elected councillors, Mr Brian Shand of Fife Council and members of the Community council. After which, a full report would be made to the cc.

b. Fife’s Local Landscape Designation Review – Report by Tim Hailey held over till next meeting.

c. Exxon Mobil Challenge – Gordon Ritchie reported on the meeting he attended and will keep in touch with any progress made on this matter.


8. a. Fife Council Criminal Justice Services – Councillor Kay outlined the facilities that could be made available to the Community Council. A detailed report from the Criminal Justice Service is still awaited – Gordon Ritchie agreed to participate as appropriate.

b. New procedures for planning applications are now in force.

c. Population estimates for Fife’s towns and villages were made available to those present.

d. Sea Environmental Report Consultation – First edition of the report now in the course of distribution.

e. SEPA’s Thermal treatment Criteria – Presentation in Perth 1st April – Volunteers required to attend.

f. Talk to your MSP’s meeting Saturday 10th May in Perth – Anyone wishing to attend – Names to Sec asap please.

g. Burntisland Fancy dress parade – 21st June (Civic week) Approval sought for parade.

h. Proposed Burntisland – Granton Ferry – Still awaiting information from Bob McLellan (Fife Council)

j. Christmas lights co-ordinator required – Anyone interested contact Gordon McGregor.


9. Planning applications – These were duly noted with no objections.


10. Any other business – The Councillors were requested to seek clarification from Stagecoach as to the reasoning behind some buses proceeding to the West end of the High Street whilst others did not, thus causing confusion to the public.


11. Next meeting to be held on Friday 11th April 2008 7.00pm – Burgh Chambers.