Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of Meeting

 7pm Friday, 14th May 2010




 R Smith (Vice Chair)

 I Smith (Secretary)

 A Grant (Treasurer)

 Heather Leuchars (Minutes)

 Tim Healey, Gordon McGregor, Sheila McGregor, Sam Purvis, Morag Douglas Gordon Ritchie


 Cllr George Kay, Cllr Ron Edwards, Bill Kirkhope (Editor Burgh Buzz)


Attending; Mike Small and Associate representing Fife Diet,

 11members of the public


Chairman’s Opening Remarks and Apologies for Absence

R Smith acting Chair in absence of A MacDonald .


Apologies: A MacDonald (Chair) Cllr S Leslie, Gillian Low, Ken Halley Locality Manger


2. Minutes of Previous Meeting (9 April 2010)

 Approved by S McGregor and seconded by A Grant


3. Notification of Community Concerns for A.O.B. refer to Item 10 for details


4. Locality Manager’s Report:- Ken Halley absent


A921 Burntisland /Aberdour Road Closure Update


Works this week have seen the capping beam and front face of both the east and west walls poured, struck and waterproofed. Works are now progressing on the sandstone wall at the west end using stone won from the local Cullaloe Quarry. The stonemasons are working weekends and an additional squad has been brought in to accelerate the works whilst the weather is holding.


The road planer will arrive on site on Monday 17th with planning works taking 2 days. We are preparing for these works by removing any damaged kerbs and raising/lowering the ironwork in the carriageways. Excavation of the damaged section of road at the east end will follow the road planning exercise. This will involve the removal of any soft spots, rolling the surface and then backfilling with competent material. The new kerbs will be laid once these works have taken place to minimise the likelihood of any damage to them.


The road resurfacing shall begin on 25th May with new road markings to follow. It should be noted that resurfacing and lining works are weather dependant so this date may be subject to change during that week.


The road closure will be lifted, as scheduled and advertised, on Sunday 30th May. Any remaining landscaping works can safely be carried out under temporary traffic lights but it is hoped that the duration of these will be minimal if required at all.


Burntisland Christmas Lights


I met with Gordon McGregor and Gillian Lowe on 12th April to discuss the Christmas lights contract. Following this meeting I provided Aaron Andrews from Blachere with the details of the scheme (type of lights, locations, issues etc) and he undertook to contact Gordon to arrange a site visit, have a look at the lights and then provide a price for the remaining two years of the contract. I am awaiting feedback from Aaron and will keep you advised of developments through Gordon and Gillian.


Shop Front Improvement Grant Scheme 2010/2011


Following on from 2 successful years of the shop front improvement scheme in seven areas of Fife, Fife Council has rolled out this scheme to a further three eligible areas, Anstruther, Burntisland and Kinghorn.


The Shop Front Improvement Scheme has been designed, funded and implemented by Fife Council. It aims to improve the shopping environment in Fife’s town centres. Grants are available in 2010 -11 in the town centres of Anstruther, Burntisland and Kinghorn for small-scale improvements to shop fronts such as painting, security, signage and lighting. By improving the environment it is hoped that the scheme will benefit town centre businesses, residents and visitors.


New start and existing businesses located within Anstruther, Burntisland and Kinghorn town centres that are undertaking a shop front enhancement project in the near future are eligible. A wide range of businesses will be considered in these locations as long as there is an identifiable benefit to the local area. Vacant commercial premises are also eligible.


The scheme offers grants of up to 75% of eligible costs, subject to a maximum grant amount of £1,000. Eligible costs are the costs of shop front improvements and any costs directly associated with these (e.g. scaffolding, planning fees) but do not include VAT. The works must follow, as far as is practical, design guidelines which will be provided by Fife Council as part of the application pack for this scheme. It is expected that improvements for which grant funding is available are likely to include:


Exterior cleaning

Painting of shop exterior

Repair of rainwater goods (e.g. gutters and downpipes)

Installation of replacement window shuttering system (solid roller shutters are not eligible; however perforated shutters can be funded)

New signage

Window display lighting


Any businesses that feel they could benefit from this grant and have plans to improve the frontage of their business may apply. Application forms can be found on Fife Council’s website or by contacting Carol Bayne from the Economic Regeneration & Partnerships Team on 08451 55 55 55 (ext 47 18 50)


Area Budget Request


A successful bid has been made to the Area Budget for a contribution of £600 towards the Burntisland Blooms High Street Hanging Baskets Project.


Celebrating Fife 2010


The undernoted Groups have been successful in obtaining various amounts of funding from Celebrating Fife 2010:-


Name of Organisation

Name of Event


Burntisland Heritage Trust

Burntisland’s People

An exhibition of Burntisland’s famous folk.

Fife Diet

Fife Diet Recipe Book

Recipe booklets showcasing recipes contributed by the community with local produce as the main ingredients

Toll Centre

Burntisland big Nite In

An event to celebrate the talents of local young people

Burntisland Community Council

Burntisland Blooms High Street Hanging Basket Project

Introduce hanging baskets into the High Street

Burntisland Events Group

Burntisland Celebrates Music 2010

Festival with a different focus each day

Museum of Communication

Mary Somerville Exhibition

A special exhibition on Mary Somerville

Wednesday Social Club

Recipe Book

A collection of recipes contributed by group members


Somerville Street Parking


Following the last meeting of the Community Council a site meeting has taken place to look at options for improving parking in Somerville Street. There are a couple of options that are being worked up and once the details/costs are available a decision will have to be taken as to whether it is feasible to proceed. A consultation exercise will be undertaken as part of the decision making process.


5. Presentation on The Broomhill Gardens Proposal; Fife Diet - Mike Small


 The ground is owned by Fife Council and they are currently awaiting planning permission to enable them to proceed with project.


 Fife Diet promotes sourcing food locally in Fife and healthy eating. They currently have 4 staff with funding in place for 1 year.


 There are proposed 12 small plots; several larger plots; raised beds; community garden approx 1/3 area of site; fruit trees and perennial crops.


6. Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Reports


 The Secretary had nothing to report.


 The Treasurer reported that the accounts are currently with the Accountant and Financial Audited accounts should now be ready for June meeting of BCC.


7. Burgh Buzz - Bill Kirkhope


 The latest issue of the Burgh Buzz has now been distributed with additional copies available from the Library. The quality of content and presentation of the paper was acknowledged. Anyone interested in submitting an article, or advertising in the next issue, should contact Bill Kirkhope or Morag Douglas. Presently 21 people have volunteered their services for distributing the paper and the team were thanked for their efforts.


8. Ongoing Business Items


8.1 Review of Local Planning Applications - Tim Hailey

 Domestic; 158 Kinghorn Rd; 8 Laburnum Grove; Single wind turbine

 Commercial; Extension to nursery Aberdour Rd

 BCC to take no action on above applications.


8.2 Strategic Projects Group - Alex MacDonald


a)                 War Memorial – 20/20 is winding down and is not to be involved further. It is therefore proposed that Burntisland Community Council proceed to see the project through to its conclusion, with Bob Smith as Project Manager. He will obtain all literature on project to date and continue to liaise with those who have been involved in the past.


b) Traders Association – not a BCC venture


8.3 Burntisland Blooms – Sheila McGregor


 Brackets and plants for High Street Hanging Baskets Project are on schedule for early June. One High Street resident has sponsored a further basket.


8.4/8.5 Aberdour Road closure/Somerville Square

 Included in Locality Managers report


8.6 2020 Vision Fife Community Meeting – Dunfermline 21 May


8.7/8.9 Storm Damage


 Report being finalised by Transportation with 6 areas effected in Fife.


 Councillor Kay has requested meeting take place prior to next scheduled Ward meeting for an update on prioritising the following items;


 Sea Wall Damage Kinghorn Burntisland/Storm Damage Limestone Pier


 Beacon Pool – At present it would appear that the pool shall remain closed until end of June.


 Aberdour/Burntisland coastal path now passable.


8.8/8.12 Esplanade Wall – Proposed refurbishment Cllr Kay


 Wall to be painted


 Burntisland’s Environment – c/fwd next meeting Cllr Kay


 Palace Cinema – developer has until 28/5/10 to complete administration issues with Planning and Building Control.


8.10 Scottish Water – Haugh Road


 Scottish Water has indicated that they do not have funding to progress further with solving the problems of flooding. They are not in a position to fund scheme as previously discussed.


 In response to BCC letter sent to Marilyn Livingstone seeking her assistance in taking this further, she has written to Richard Ackroyd, Chief Executive Officer, Scottish Water and asked he look at our concerns and will keep us informed of outcome.


 It was the view of the BCC that Scottish Water are not taking the concerns of public safety or our Councillor representation seriously. They have been given ample opportunity to remedy the problem and it may be necessary to involve the media.


8.11 Upgrade of Play Area – West Leven Street Cllr Kay


 The area has been cleaned up with trees removed and areas resurfaced. Cllr Kay indicated that Duncanson Drive play park was also being looked at. Parks Department are currently considering one larger play area within the town rather than maintain smaller ones. Concern was raised that this may result in smaller children not being able to play out unsupervised close to home. Assurances that public views will be taken into account was noted.


8.13 Christmas Lights


 Further to the Locality Managers report, Gordon met Aaron Andrews from Blachere to discuss the locations of the lights in the High Street and the problems caused by wind. Gordon recommended that strengthening brackets on the lamp standards were essential as the 2 trial brackets had proved successful. Aaron will produce a) an overall costing for refurbishments of existing lights and any necessary replacements: b) an overall cost for assembling and dismantling the lights for submission to the Locality Manager.


8.14 Civic Pride in your Community Seminar – Falkland 19 May


8.15 Widows Land- Proposed SCI Scotland Cllr Edwards


 BCC members voted in opposition to the selling of the land by Fife Council to accommodate Ecovillage development.


9 New Business Items


 9.1 Fife Housing Partnership – Scenario Planning Day – Kirkcaldy 16 June


 Tim Hailey to attend on behalf of BCC.


 9.2 Angler Debris at Breakwater


 Public to be aware of the dangers of debris within dock area.


 9.3 Removal of Telephony Services and Adoption of Kiosks


 9.4 Use of Public Footpaths for Vehicular Access


 In hand with the Police and parties involved.


 9.5 Fife Access Seminar – Glenrothes 10 June


 9.6 Miscellaneous Works


 Dollar Road – Concerns rose in relation to work on pavements being carried out in conjunction of diversion on Cowdenbeath Road.


 Cowdenbeath Road – Concerns raised since no apparent consideration was given to reducing the speed limit on the Cowdenbeath Road during the diversion period . This oversight poses additional danger to pedestrians crossing to Public Footpath and those using the temporary Bus stop now in operation.


 Inverkeithing Bridge - Works nearing completion ( August) and will benefit those travelling to Airport via public transport.


 9.7 Shell Family Science Day – Aberdour 15 May


 9.8 SES Plan – defer to next meeting


10. Any Other Business


 10.1 Silver Tassie


 Notification The Silver Tassie are to apply to Licence Board for outdoor drinking garden. No action required by BCC.


 10.2 Miscellaneous items from members of pulbic


 Time did not allow for these to be heard at this meeting and public advised to converse with the Cllrs Kay Edwards to see if they could assist in the short term.


11. Date of Next Meeting


Friday, 11 June 2010 at 7 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers.