Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of Meeting held in the Burgh Chambers on

Friday14th August 2009




Present:         A MacDonald (Chair)

                        R Smith (Vice Chair)

                        A Grant (Treasurer)

                        G Ritchie (Secretary

                        H Leuchars (Minutes)

                        T Hailey, C Dewar, G Lowe, M Douglas, S, Purves

                        Councillor R Edwards, Councillor G Kay


1    Apologies for Absence

Councillor S Leslie; G McGregor, S McGregor, R Blanchard, Sgt E Potter

                        G Lowe requested to leave 8.30pm


                        8 Members of public


2    Minutes of Previous meeting (12.6.09)

      B Smith proposed adoption on the minutes as a true and correct record & seconded by A Grant.


3    Notification of Community Concerns for discussion under ‘Any other Business’ - as section 9.


4    Police Report; Sgt Potter on annual leave and advised contact for any pressing matters from the meeting otherwise she will submit her report next month.


5    Fife Council Locality Manager’s Report – Ken Hailey also on leave and no report has been submitted this month..     


6   (a) Secretary’s report


       Dates of Guest speakers attending BCC Meetings:-

      11th September Michaela Sullivan  Head of Planning – Forth Ports PLC

       9th October Anne Marie Dewar   Regional Community Manager – Scottish Water.


      Town Notice Board; We have been advised that the decision on our Application to obtain funding from the Common Good Fund to match agreed Sponsorship will be decided at a Fife Council Area meeting on  2nd September.

Planning approval has been granted and quotations are in hand ready for ordering

The board assembly from the manufacturer.


      (b) Treasurer’s report


      Accounts have been submitted to Fife Council showing a balance of £3,553.86.  The free funds are about £2,000 after provision for possible Burgh Buzz printing and floral enhancement costs.



7        Business carried forward


            Burntisland Sports Group – Gillian Lowe


      A meeting is to be held 7pm August 20th at the Fire Station with the aim of recruiting volunteer members of the public to distribute News letters and questionnaire (4,000) throughout the town.  The News letters are requesting the public's views on possible sports facilities and are to be returned on completion to the Post Office on the High Street.


7.2 Review of Community Council Scheme - A MacDonald and B Smith


      The Community Council has been asked to reply with their views on latest proposed l review from Fife Council and A MacDonald and B Smith responded accordingly on behalf of BCC.


a)   Should minimum age be reduced to 16yrs?                                                          Yes

b)   Should elections be four years instead of three?                                                   Yes

c)   If members fall below 50% should Community Council cease? (Agree to 40%)              No

d)      Minimum number of meetings to be 6 previously 4?  (n/a BCC holds 11p.a)       Yes

e)      Complaints between Community Councillors to be referred to Fife Council?       No


7.3 Review of Local Planning Applications – Tim Hailey


Mainly domestic applications made during summer recess. Non-domestic relate to Antenna at Fire Station and Change of use old Co-op building to Dance Studio.

96 High Street: - requires change of use application to be made.

175 High Street: - application relates to restaurant premises.


7.4 Burgh Buzz – Editorial assistance is required and volunteers are urgently required

To help get the very popular publication up and running again.


7.5 Community Council’s Asset Register – Alex MacDonald


Assets of £500 or more are being listed separately with those below that figure being grouped together e.g. total number planters as an entity and total outfit of Christmas lights


7.6 (a) Christmas Lights – Gillian Lowe reported the following in the absence of the convenor Gordon Mc Gregor


Recommendation that 2 lights formally at West end of High Street not be replaced due to brackets not being compatible with the location.  Prices for two new style brackets are to be obtained on a trial basis to ascertain whether they are more suitable.

 The broken icicle lights at the St Andrews Court location are now considered obsolete.


At least 3 tenders to erect lights are being sought from electrical contractors and grant funding applications are in progress.


7.6 (b) Burntisland Blooms – Sheila McGregor report in absence


Beautiful Fife: judging took place 23rd July with a walk/drive through the town pointing out the introduction of 14 hanging baskets in the High Street; skate park development   proposed incubator units at Lammerlaws and old Palace Cinema. Visit also included a visit to the Heritage Centre.

Results will not be revealed until Beautiful Fife Awards Ceremony in Rothes Halls, Glenrothes in mid September.


7.7 Kinghorn Road – Traffic Calming Measures


In the early part of 2009 traffic calming measures were introduced on Kinghorn Road, Burntisland as part of the Area Transportation Works Programme for 2008/09.  The scheme used a system of central refuges (islands) with white hatching to guide traffic and narrow the available carriageway to try to control vehicle speed. There have been widespread complaints from some residents on Kinghorn Road and local car drivers about the measures


An automated speed survey carried out 11/6/09 gave speed results as follows;


0-25mph 38.3%          26-30mph 47.5%        31-35mph 12.3% 

36-40mph 1.5%          41-45mph 0.3%          46-50mph 0.1%


Fife Council Transportation accepts that the current calming measures in place are not popular or effective and they have since arrived at 4 alternative options with item 2 & 3 being their preferences.


1)      Remove the central refuges (islands) and the hatching and replace them with kerbed build outs to extend each footway into the road so that traffic in each direction is adjacent to the centre of the road.

2)      As (1) but with the addition of sets of speed cushions on the road at the location of the kerbed build -outs.

3)      Remove the central refuges (islands) and hatching and replace them with sets of speed cushions.

4)      Leave the current measures unchanged.


Burntisland Community Council agree that the current layout is not suitable although acknowledge the requirement to slow traffic.  As Transportation are the experts in this field it was agreed the decision should be left with them, however, it was also felt that the speed limit be looked at with a view to reducing it to 20mph and that there be no intrusion on the road from kerbed build outs.


7.8 Common Good Progress Report – progress as at August 2009


Note: This status report was extracted from information supplied by Fife Council following discussion with Burntisland Community Council and is highly condensed. The originals have been previously circulated.


Information about asset management plans; lease reviews and revaluations are scheduled to be made available in mid-November and there will be further discussion at that time.


Other factual information provided so far is summarized as follows.


(a) Ownership


Property at 96 High Street is confirmed as Common Good. The pend adjoining the Co-op is not owned by the Common Good Fund but the Young Hall has a right of access.


Other properties identified in discussion are not part of the Common Good Fund, e.g. land beside Young Hall; North View; flats above Unity Hall; Stenhouse Reservoir; field near to Livingstone Drive; field opposite the Golf Clubhouse.


(b) Revenue and Balance Sheet as at 31st March 2008


The revenue surplus for the year was £164.20 on income of £16,611, after adding a revaluation reserve of £6,200. Most income was from rents (£8,760) and interest (£7,453). 


Most expenditure was on revaluation and depreciation (£17,218). , followed by donations (£4,648). Expenditure on property costs was £612.


The total fund is valued at £386,435, of which £251,580 was property and £69,725 was investments.


The Burgh Chambers site, including 2-4 Kirkgate and 102-106-108 High Street, was valued at £166,283. The valuation of 96 High Street was £25,000.

The Links was valued at £2,000. The Young Hall was valued at £3,000.


(c) Links Income and Expenditure as at 31st March 2008


Total income was £76,448. Total expenditure was £110,509. Income from the summer fair was £58,459. Income from commercial concessions was £9,250.


Expenditure on grounds maintenance was £28,048; recreation attendants £17,754; Highland Games £14,131; and building works £5,579. Advertising of the fair was £9,233; bedding plants was £5,054. Miscellaneous work on tunnels, walkways, pageant and bonfire was £9,522.


8 New Business       


8.1 Camilla Loch Site – Scottish Natural Heritage


Camilla Loch is a site of specific scientific interest (SSSI) and Scottish Natural Heritage has reviewed the site notification documents for the above SSSI and is required to notify relevant interested parties with copies of the reviewed documents. 


The reviewed citation describes the protected natural features of the area, list of operations requiring consent from SNH (the ORC list), site management statement and boundary map.  Copy of the documents may be obtained from Scottish Natural Heritage by contacting Keith Dalgleish 01334 650438.


8.2 Street Cleaning Services Improvements


Information received from the Cleansing Officer in relation to new local Resident Street orderlies being allocated and responsible for specific areas.  Should it become necessary for extra staff being required to deal with specifics then they will be deployed locally with labour from other areas as required.


8.3 Local Holidays 2010 Onwards


Monday’s 5th April, 5th May, 19th July, 18th October, and 19th November.


8.4 Common Good Grant Application SCI at Kinghorn Loch


Application not supported as there was not sufficient benefit to Burntisland.


8.5 Craigencalt Ecology Centre Fun Day on 30th August


The meeting was notified of the pending Fun day and leaflets were circulated to those present. A Free shuttle bus will operate to and from the event from The Port at 12.30pm & 1.30pm.


8.6 Natalie Lowrie – Kinghorn Teenager Appeal


A fund raising concert is to be held at Pettycur Bay Caravan Park Sunday 23rd October 7.20 featuring Lion Spirit Music from Mauritius and the USA will perform.  Lion Spirit Music has been invited by the Chairman to attend the September Community Council Meeting to give a brief talk and a sample of their music.


8.7 Burntisland Medal Walks Scheme-Ramblers Scotland


Leaflets are available showing 3 walking routes all starting and finishing at the links car park i.e. silver route - 15 mins around links and promenade, bronze route – 30mins, Gold route 60mins. There was considerable interest and support for this ‘GET Burntisland FIT’ scheme


8.8 Fife Doors Open Days


All Fife Council buildings/museums/exhibitions free on these dates. (East Fife) Sundays 6th, (Central Fife) 13th and (West Fife) 20th September



9    Any Other Business


9.1 Town Clock – request the chime sound be investigated and mechanism repaired


9.2 Young Hall Paintwork – application to be submitted for September meeting requesting funding from Common Good Fund to carry out necessary Painter work.

 This was agreed in principle by BCC.


9.3 Library Roof – Completed date of works requested to allow Art Club to set date for exhibition.


9.4 Remembrance Day – arrangements are in hand for 8th November 2009


10 Date of Next Meeting 11th September 2009 at 7.00 pm in the Town Chambers