Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of meeting       7.00 pm  Friday  14 September 2007       


Present :                     A MacDonald                                      Chair

D Plant                                                Vice chair           

R Blanchard                                          Secretary

Mrs A Grant                                               Treasurer

Mrs D Reid                        Mrs C Dewar                        Mrs H Leuchars              

Mrs S MacGregor               G MacGregor                        B Stuart          ......................................................

Councillor Ron Edwards            Councillor  Susan Leslie                              

Joe McGuiness FC                                                           

14 members of the public attended 


Apologies :                 R Leuchars        

Councillor G Kay          Sgt. Johnston


Minutes :                    Minutes of the meeting of 10 August 2007, subject to amendments relating to Mr &

Mrs MacGregor’s reports as noted on file copy,  were proposed for adoption by Mrs A Grant seconded by

Mrs D Reid.


Facilities in Burntisland            Joe McGuiness of Fife Council opened by advising that at the creation of

Fife Council in 1996 the Leisure sections of all the previous councils were amalgamated, a total of 140

units.  Estates management is in the process of surveying each property and preparing a report on its

condition, the current prime concern being the requirements of the Disabled Access legislation.  Some 80

reports have been prepared to date.  There may be closure of underused facilities or those in very poor

structural condition especially where facilities are duplicated or available in schools as an alternative.

No Burntisland facilities are at risk at this time.


Councillors Report :             Per joint typed report. 

Points raised for attention were :

The new speed restriction measure installed on Kinghorn Road is considered dangerous in low sunshine by day and absence of lighting after dark.  Is the proposed installation on Cowdenbeath Road to be similar?  Cllr. Leslie advised that internally lit bollards are to be used. 

Drainage investigations at Links Place are ongoing and it is hoped to have a progress report for the next meeting. 

Why have the post boxes at the sorting office been withdrawn?  Secretary will write to Post Office.

Skateboarders advise that absence of lighting at the proposed park is not a problem but Police are keen that there be lighting.  The structure will be built to incorporate ducting so that installation of lighting at a later date will be straightforward.

There were further complaints about the ineffectiveness of the Library bus shelter, failure to have Kirkton Road restored to its correct width at the crossing and the poor condition of the verges at the Islandbridge roundabout.


Community Council Elections                        The nominations deadline expired yesterday and it appears that no election is required.  The inaugural meeting will be held on Friday 19 October.  This will not be a business meeting.  Chair expressed his thanks to present members for their services over the term of the present council.


Finalised Fife Structure Plan                        This now goes to the Scottish Government for approval. Fife Council has revised its projections and reduced the Burntisland element from 350 to 300 new homes.  There is an exhibition in Town House Kirkcaldy on 24 September and there will be further opportunities over the coming months.


Parking Restrictions                           The process of amendment has many stages!  Proposals have to be approved by Councillors and Police then a Traffic Order is proposed regarding the changes required. If approved by Fife Council the Traffic Order is promoted and if there are no objections comes into force.  The timescale is around 9 months start to completion.


There are presently four restrictions in force in Burntisland  :


                                                (1)                        No waiting and no loading at any time

                                                                        Cowdenbeath Road at Toll Park


(2)       Limited to 60 minutes Monday to Saturday

The three new parking bays in High Street


(3)       No waiting Double yellow lines at various locations


(4)       Limited to 30 minutes 7 days per week May to September


Chair will summarise and copy maps with a view to full discussion at a later meeting.


Grange Holiday Village                        Secretary wrote with a “holding” objection citing :

                                                                        (1)                        Alcan development impact             

(2)               Future housing proposals

(3)               Further Burntisland Community Council review desired

A reply has been received stating that a copy of the updated plans will follow soon.


Burntisland Blooms                                   Mrs MacGregor reported that two new helpers, Mrs Leuchars and Mrs Kay, were helping maintain the containers.  A donation of £50 has been received and applied to the purchase of bulbs and Mrs Kay is liasing with the Primary School to involve children in the planting.  Theft from the containers is lessening but it is estimated that some £200 worth of plants were taken.  All funds have now been spent.  A medal, certificate and sign are to be collected from an awards ceremony in Pittencrieff Park


Waterwatch                            This is the national complaints handling body which has issued an invitation to an open day City Hotel Dunfermline 2pm 20 September.  Cllr Edwards is likely to attend.


Pulling Together                        Chair summarised the good work carried out by this Police liaison initiative.  Community art work is being presented on moveable panels.  There will be an open day for all youth organisations in Burntisland and Kinghorn probably in January 2008.  The next meeting of Pulling Together is in Kinghorn Community Centre 7.30pm 31 October.


Exxon Flaring                         A letter has been received advising that flaring will take place next week due to phased start up work after the annual maintenance operation.


Forth Crossing                                 Mrs Leuchars, who attended the recent public meeting, reported that a cable stayed bridge seemed to be the preferred option and brought a brochure for inspection .


Planning                                  There were no objections.


Burntisland Walkabout                        D Murdoch presented a schedule of matters which he considered in need of attention


Mary Sisku                        The new locality manager was introduced


Next Meeting                        19 October 2007                         Inaugural Meeting of new Community Council.

                                                                                                Members only. Not a business meeting


                        9 November                        Ordinary business meeting                         Burgh Chambers 7pm