Minutes of Community Council Meeting

held in the Burgh Chambers on

Friday, 14 October 2011 at 7 p.m.




PRESENT:                  Alex MacDonald (Chairman)                    

                                      Bob Smith (Vice Chairman)                                  

                                      Isabel Smith (Secretary)

                                      John Russell (Treasurer)

                                      Zoè Williamson (Minute Secretary)

                                  Tim Hailey

                                      Christine Dewar

                                      Peter George

                                      Gary Cummins

                                      Ed Pybus

                                      Cllr Ron Edwards

                                  Cllr George Kay

                                  PC Keith Gibb

                                  Bill Kirkhope (Editor of Burgh Buzz)


ATTENDING:            12 Members of the Public


APOLOGIES:            Martin McDonald

Neil Millsop

Morag Douglas

Cllr Susan Leslie




The Chairman welcomed attendees. He thanked all those involved in organising and distributing flyers for the public meeting.


Apologies were noted as above.


The Minutes of the previous meeting were adopted, proposed by Bob Smith and seconded by Christine Dewar.



11.1    Deveron Homes

11.2    Bonfire Night



PC Gibb stated there were no significant issues to report.


There had been some difficulties with youth disorder in the Kirkgate area. The police are writing an action plan to deal with this particular group. He stressed it is antisocial rather than illegal behaviour. British Transport Police and Plain-Clothes Officers have helped address the issue.


Planning is underway for Bonfire Night.


Speed watch: PC Jennifer Forbes will be in charge of this and will attend the next police community engagement meeting to report.


Leaflets will be distributed as a reminder to be more cautious regarding housebreak-ins in the darker nights.


Tim Hailey asked if police still offer a home assessment. PC Gibb reported that Community Safety Officers would do this, particularly for the elderly. Information is available on the Fife Constabulary Website. It was suggested links to this should be placed on the new BCC Website.


Action: Ed Pybus re Website links


5.1    Isabel Smith reported that she is still waiting to hear from school re Scots Verse competition. A week’s notice will be needed for trophy engraving.

5.2    John Russell stated that Hurd Rolland had been paid. Full report to follow.  [Treasurer's report attached.]



-          Handrail at Haddow Grove is loose. Cllr Edwards advised this had been reported and will chase this up.

-          Grit bins: sites have previously been identified and bins have been ordered. Cllrs Edwards/Kay advised that if bins were requested then they would be provided, if appropriate. These have been requested and should be delivered in the  next few weeks.

-          John Russell  reported complaints about parking near train station outside the flats and asked what parking provision is planned or proposed as a result of the works.

-          Bob Smith asked if it was possible to get compostable recycling facilities, which would help prevent fly- tipping of garden waste. Cllr Edwards advised that this was generally only available at recycling centres.



-          The copy deadline is October 15th.  Expecting a 24 page issue and it will be with printers early next week and distributed by end of month. The BBQ was held and although not well attended it was enjoyed by those who did attend.

-          Ed Pybus explained that the redesigned website will go live at end of month with back issues of the Burgh Buzz available.


8.1    Review of Local Planning Applications

Tim Hailey reported planning application for a listed building and planning consent for a roof light.

He advised that guidelines had been issued re Community Council to be dealt with as Statutory Consultees with a 7 day notification. Cllr Edwards expressed concern about this and will discuss with the Planning Committee.

Action: Cllr Edwards

8.2    Strategic Projects Group

War memorial (Bob Smith): Invoice received and paid from Hurd Rolland for Phase 1 of activities, including preparing of drawings and details for the 3 consents required. These are now submitted for planning, listed building and conservation area consent.


To date only one response has been received to the tender document.  The tender document has been reissued to three further contractors and once a minimum of three responses have been received, a tender assessment report will be completed.


Thanks to Cllr Edwards, Fife Council have agreed that the project can proceed, subject to planning consent, and have committed to take on the long-term maintenance of the site, provided that this will be on an ad hoc basis.  This satisfies a further two conditions of the grant award from the Burntisland Development Trust.


Due to the delay in receiving a minimum of three tender responses, it will not be possible to finalise the cost and select the preferred contractor before the end of the year.

8.3    Floral Enhancement

Bob Smith reported that the baskets were taken down last week. More volunteers are needed to help take down the troughs and up-the- pole planters. Volunteers were requested for Sunday morning - meet on the High Street at 8 a.m.


The Monitoring Form for the 2011 Floral Enhancement Grant has been submitted to Fife Council by Isabel Smith.  The Floral Enhancement Grant Form for 2012 has been received and will be completed by John Russell/Bob Smith.  The Application must be submitted by 30 November 2011.


John Russell/Bob Smith volunteered to remove the summer bedding in the planters at the Burgh Chambers and top of Aberdour Road and to purchase and put in the winter bedding.


Ed Pybus suggested planting of spring bulbs now. John Russell will seek advice on which bulbs to purchase and at what cost.


Thanks to Lee Mahady for the loan of a Trailer for transporting the hanging baskets, troughs and planters to the recycling centre in Kirkcaldy.

8.4    New Primary School

-          Alex MacDonald has started writing a formal submission. There has been lots of correspondence including communications between Cllr Edwards and Fife Council, Cllr Leslie and Fife Council. The scoring matrix was sent to Cllr Leslie who has passed this on.

-          Emails have been received expressing a wide range of views.

-          Deadline for submission is Friday 11th November. It was agreed that the report would be circulated by email and agreement sought electronically to allow us to meet the deadline before the next BCC meeting.

-          Examples of issues raised in report include: the scoring matrix, scores not being changed to reflect view as a result of consultation. Community impact does not appear to have been fully acknowledged. There are anomalies in scoring matrix. No separate column for environmental impact.

-          Officials are still planning as per the last mtg of Education Committee.  Next mtg will take on feedback from Education Scotland.

-          Members of public raised some concerns, including issues of Asbestos. These have also been sent in writing.

-          BS explained that site investigation was still a big issue and concern. Cllr Kay reported that a contract was due imminently re site investigation. Cllr Kay stated a group appointed and will report back if there is a date.

-          BCC have taken steps to ascertain views of community, the draft report will be circulated to BCC members before submission and circulation to wider public.


8.5    Website and Facebook – Ed Pybus & Zoe Williamson

-          Ed Pybus reported that the new BCC website will be hosted at BurntislandCC.org.uk. It will go live at the end of the month.

-          The website should reflect BCC business and share links with and engage the wider community

-          At present only Ed can add content to the site. However permissions can be changed to allow others within the BCC to add content.

-          Zoè Williamson reported that the Facebook site is up and running with a permanent username of BurntislandCC (https://www.facebook.com/BurntislandCC). Flyers to promote the FB site are still to be created.

Action: ZW & EP


9.1    Scottish Water

Cllr Leslie and Morag Douglas attended the Scottish water mtg.  Progress is very slow. Cllr Leslie will report back at the next BCC meeting.

Cllr Edwards reported SEPA have rejected the idea of storm sewer overflow as this could affect the quality of water on the beach.  Haugh Rd flooded very badly as did Seamill pond. There appears to be no progress with Scottish Water.  The pipes are potentially the problem and question was raised whether we should be asking Scottish Water to replace the pipes from Broomhill Junction to pumping station on Haugh Rd. Concern now that the second pipe is becoming blocked.

Seamill pond floods because the tidal flap has not been maintained and allows floodwaters in with tide. Cllr Edwards suggests the BCC and Cllrs insist Scottish Water start addressing these problems. Cllr Kay concerned Scottish Water will not have budgets to deal with this. Therefore we should consider Scottish Govt for funding. Keith brown is current minister responsible.

PC Gibb commented that heavy leakage from the pumping plant appears to be coming in and causing flooding.

Peter George raised the issue of public health and regardless of funding being available or not the issue of public health must be of importance. Cllr Kay commented that priorities were set 15 yrs ago and there are 3 yrs left in current cycle and public sewage flooding was not a priority issue.

Alex MacDonald suggested the need for all 3 Cllrs to act unanimously and contact the Minister once all information has been received from Cllr Leslie.

9.2    Palace Cinema Site

Cllr Kay reported that there were 3 ½-4yrs left on the planning application. Tesco have withdrawn from the site and now working on new principal to take over the shop side of site. A fence has been erected between the properties.

9.3    Burntisland Sports Group

Gillian Lowe – The Synthetic Training Pitch and MUGA will be located at the Beacon Centre.  There is a site meeting on Sunday to review a site for the MUGA.


The Synthetic Training Pitch will be capable of being divided into three smaller pitches.  Proposals are moving forward. Cllr Kay is looking into proposals to fund the training pitch separately, which will be managed by the Beacon Centre. The MUGA will be free access and offer youth diversion activities.


9.4    104 High Street

Cllr Edwards - proposal for repair of the roof received surveyors report today. Cllr Edwards offered to send these on if we wished to see them. Cllr Kay reported the cost to repair roof was £19k. The questions of who should pay were raised and whether this should come from Common Goods Funds.


9.5    Clock Chimes

          Concern that Fife Council cannot get access to the original property that they took the noise measurements from. The Chimes are set to 55dB (external) allowing for 45dB (internal).  A Noise Verification Test will be undertaken between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. Fife Council is reluctant to use alternative properties. The issue was raised that the Chimes are not loud enough overnight, and not currently sitting at 85% of the previous level.


9.6    Links Community Trust

          Nothing to report.


9.7    Burgh Chambers Furniture

          Bob Smith reported that he contacted Mr Jackson from ESA McIntosh; he is waiting to hear back form him regarding assessing the tables for the job. Joyce will contact Mr Jackson again.  At present still just three quotes, all of which are expensive.


9.8.   Common Good Fund Property Review

          Nothing to report.


9.9    147 Kinghorn Road Lighting Column Replacement

Cllr Kay expressed concern that this was not actually an item for the BCC. 

9.10  Scots Verse Competition

Awaiting dates from the School.


9.11  Christmas Lights Street Party

Ed Pybus stated that this was still to be discussed. Cllr Kay suggested contacting Fife Council re lights as BCC know where they are. Alex MacDonald reported that BCC were not responsible for the lights.

9.12  Remembrance Day Arrangements

John Russell reported that letters have been sent. Fire officer will attend as will representative from Fife Council. Organisations such as Guides, Scouts etc will be sent letters next week. Flags are still to be organised and Cllr Kay will contact Scot Clelland re these. The buffet is still to be organised (JR) and he needs to know how many BCC representatives will attend Church. He requests volunteers to help with the buffet.  Aneris has the wreath. Squadron leader Wallace will act as Head of Parade

Parade form has been completed but question re further insurance. Alex MacDonald suggested there is a straightforward form. John Russell to contact Fife Council to ask and clarify re insurance.

10.       New Business items

10.1    Pressured Area Status

Alex MacDonald reported on PAS and Fife Council proposal re right to buy council housing - Burntisland is not a PAS. It was questioned whether it is appropriate for us to respond. It was agreed that we have no reason to believe we are exceptional.

10.2  Burgh Chambers Clock Request

A member of public has made a request for clock chimes to be sounded on 11/11/11 as a special request. However, given the date and time it was agreed this would not be appropriate. Gary Cummins suggested we reply with a positive response acknowledging the request but stating the inappropriate time.

10.3  Burntisland Development Trust

Alex MacDonald advised that all funds have now been committed. Steps have been taken to wind up trust. If it is not would up then certain legal obligations will need to be met such as auditing of the accounts. There are still 5 projects open and they need receipts etc so money can be paid. Agreed that BDT will transfer responsibility and residual funds to Fife Environment Trust – the process and people are in place to take this on.  It was agreed if any projects do not go ahead then Fife Environment Trust will take responsibility but under original guidelines from Alcan regarding the way money should be spent. Projects still live include war memorial, refurbishment of former railway social club. This information could also be put on new BCC website.

10.4    BCC Membership

Lorraine Simpson has to withdraw from BCC as she is moving away from town.  Two vacancies exist on BCC. This could be advertised on BCC website and Facebook site.


11.    Any Other Business

11.1  Deveron Homes

A meeting was had with person representing Deveron Homes development at Grange Farm. Things have progressed, the site is appropriate for housing but for greatly reduced density. A new application would be submitted but with a consultation before they prepare and propose planning. They would like to come to next community Council mtg. They will put something up in Heritage Centre. They will be looking carefully at density. Tim Hailey noted that Kirkcaldy and Fife local plan specifically states that Grange farm will be limited to 30 houses. There is a concern re the impact on Grange Road.

11.2  Bonfire Night

Cllr Edwards provided an update on arrangements for the Bonfire. Things are underway. It is planned to start at 6.15pm. A laser show is planned, the Pipe band and Summer Queen will be there, as will Radio Lollipop.  There is a new pyrotechnics engineer with fireworks display. 24 stewards are needed, including collectors. Please contact Ron Edwards, Ian Archibald or Morag Douglas if you can volunteer.


12.       Date of Next Meeting


The next meeting will be on Friday 11th November 2011, at 7:00pm in the Burgh Chambers.