Minutes of meeting held in the Burgh Chambers

on Friday 14th December 2007





Present:          Alex MacDonald (Chair)

                        Bob Smith (Vice Chair)

                        Ron Blanchard (Secretary)

                        Tim Hailey

                        Gordon McGregor

                        Christine Dewar

                        Heather Leuchars


                        Councillor Ron Edwards

                        Councillor George Kay

                        Councillor Susan Leslie


Attending:-  11 members of the public


1.         Apologies were received from Gillian Lowe, Aneris Grant, Sam Purvis, Gordon Ritchie, Sheila McGregor, Ramsay Leuchars


2.         Minutes of the previous meeting were approved on a motion by Gordon McGregor and seconded by Tim Hailey.


3.         Topics requested for inclusion in Any Other Business were noted.


4.         Police Report.

Due to no Police officers being able to attend there was no Police report



5.         Combined report from Councillors.


 The combined Councillors reports were presented and discussed – Items of note being:-

Burntisland Library – The re-naming of the Library to include ‘Carnegie’ has been dropped.

Seamill and Castle scheme – Further explanation of the Seamill and Castle scheme delays were for pollution examination. This has now been resolved and the project will now proceed within the next quarter.

Town Clock – estimated cost for the repair of the town clock is £1310 – This work will proceed with Councillors support.


6.         Matters arising from Minutes not otherwise covered in the agenda.


a. Equal Voice – A presentation was made from a new organisation called ‘Equal voice’. This is a citizen advocacy project which is looking to recruit Citizen Advocates to develop voluntary long term partnerships with individuals with learning disabilities. Anyone interested should contact Joanne Roddam on Tel – 01592 223875.


b. The Ecology Centre (Represented by Julie Samuel) outlined a project they plan to make a lottery funding application within the next 6-9 months. It relates to a programme of skill transfer from older (50’s) volunteers to younger people (15+). Anyone interested should contact Julie at the Ecology centre.


c. Parking restrictions – The Chairman summarised the position he had reached in preparing a report to Fife Council re- parking restrictions within Burntisland. After a good discussion he agreed to circulate a draft response for detailed consideration at the next meeting. The point was strongly made that the draft response would focus on Parking Restrictions, not on the physical layout of the High Street.


d. East Dock – After initial progress a meeting between Forth Ports and the Community Council had not materialised. Councillors have had a meeting and agreed to press Forth Ports for a wider consultation.


e. It is likely that the January meeting will have some input from Cala Homes on the proposed West extension of Kirkcaldy. In this event Kinghorn and Auchtertool CC’s will hopefully participate


f. Morag Douglas was unanimously voted on as a new C.C. member.


7.        New Business


  1. Burntisland Primary – Scots Verse Presentation to be held on  Friday 25th January 2008 at 7pm within the Town Hall Burgh Chambers.  Family and friends of the children are invited to attend the presentation with a finger buffet to follow.


  1. Pulling together -  this is ongoing


8.         Planning Applications – no objections raised


9.         Any Other Business


Links Street – small drain cover missing – Fife Council Facilities advised and shall arrange for this to be dealt with


10.       Burntisland Citizen of 2007


Closed meeting to allow Community Coucillors  to vote from a list of nominations on who should be selected for this award.


10,      Date of next meeting - Friday 11th January 2008