Burntisland Community Council


Minutes of Inaugural Meeting held in Burgh Chambers


7pm Friday 19th October 2007



The main purpose of this meeting was to elect office bearers for the next 3 years.


As elected member of Fife Council Councillor George Kay took the chair until the officer bearers were elected.


Those duly elected Members of Burntisland Community Council for the new session are as follows;


      Present:             Ronald Blanchard, Christine Dewar, Aneris Grant, Timothy Hailey,

                        Heather Leuchars, Ramsay Leuchars, Gillian Lowe, Alex MacDonald,

                        Gordon McGregor, Sheila McGregor


1)   Apologies:             Robert Smith and Councillor Ron Edwards


2)   Elected

      Office Bearers:            a)            Chair                              Alex MacDonald

                                    b)            Vice Chair                Robert Smith

                                    c)            Secretary                   Ron Blanchard

                                    d)            Treasurer                     Aneris Grant


                                    Minutes/Press Releases –             Heather Leuchars


      Elected Member to represent Burntisland Community Council on

      Burntisland Development Trust                             Alex MacDonald.


3)   Burntisland Library ; Dorothy Browse, Services Manager, Fife Council in a communication  to the Community Council requested our views on changing the name from ‘Burntisland Library’ to ‘Carnegie Public Library – Burntisland’.  There seemed to be no real purpose to this and the Community Council will respond requesting the current name remain.  Whilst our request shall be noted it is not guaranteed that our wishes will be complied with, but they were noted by Councillors Kay and Leslie present.


4)   Burntisland Fair review 2007 – To be held on Wednesday 24th October the purpose is for Councillors and representatives within Burntisland to meet with the Showmen.  Various concerns shall be discussed i.e. general cleanliness, parking, perimeter fencing etc. whilst the shows are on site over the summer period.


5)    Any Other Business;  


       Pulling together – The next meeting to be held 31st October 7.30pm, Kinghorn Community Centre.  The purpose is to discuss issues which effect both Kinghorn and Burntisland in relation to Youth disorder and how to improve the situation. Visual audits are carried out by members on foot during the day and evening to note problem areas and report back to the relevant authorities for appropriate action to be taken. The main aim is to work with young people and ‘pull together’ for the mutual benefit of all. Anyone interested in giving time towards this worthwhile cause is invited to attend the meeting.


      Remembrance Parade             11th November 2007 Burntisland Parish Church


      Nominations for Burntisland Community Council


      It is the responsibility of Fife Council to advertise and encourage nominations for Community Council elections. The general consensus of opinion was this was not carried out to best effect on this occasion. 


            Burntisland is currently entitled to have 14 members sitting on its Community Council and, at the moment, we only have 11.  This occurred due to lack in numbers of Nominees and a formal election was therefore not required. Concern was expressed by Community councillors that whilst they had been nominated by the correct procedures as directed by Fife Council, It was regrettable that the townspeople had not been given the opportunity to state their preference.  However this now leaves 3 positions available for any interested party to now stand.  Those interested are invited to make their intentions known to the Secretary by letter at the address below, preferably stating their reason for standing.  Nominees will be made known at the next Community Council meeting.


             Ron Blanchard – Secretary – Burntisland Community Council,

             177, Kinghorn Road,


             KY3 9JP

             Tel – 01592 872309


            Burntisland Community Council Information


            The Community Council shall endeavour to keep the public informed by minutes of meetings and any news by the following means;


            Burntisland News -Fife Free Press

            Notice Board - Town Hall, Rent Office and Beacon Centre

            Minutes – copy available in Library

            Burntisland Community Council Website


            Day of Meetings


Possibility of changing the evening for BCC meeting be considered.  Various reasons were put forward for consideration:  1) Police - Friday is one of their busiest evenings.  2) Friday being a social evening may curtail full attendance of Community Council and general public.  This is to be carried forward to November meeting when a decision shall be taken.


            The next meeting of the Burntisland Community Council is 7pm Friday 9th November 2007.